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We are requested to state that a concert on a grand scale will be hfeld at the Guild-hall, on Good Friday evening next Further particulars will shortly appear. < WE are given to understand that the places of business in the town will be closed at 1 o clock on St. David's Day. FOOTBALL MATCH.—Another football match was played on the Netpool ground, on Wednesday last, between the Cardigan 2nd Eleven and the Collegiate School team. The match resulted in favour of the former. THE DISTRESS IN SOUTH WALES.—A collec- tion of £ 5 6s. 9d. was made at the Tabernacle Chapel, in this town, on Sunday last, towards re- lieving the distress in Monmouthshire. "HANDEL."—On Wednesday evening last, a very able and interesting lecture on "Handel" was delivered at Bethania Chapel, in this town, by the Rev. W. Harries, Aberdare. In the absence of Asa J. Evans, Esq., the chair was taken by the Rev. T. Phillips, Verwig. The lecturer treated upon his subject in a masterly manner, the lecture besides being edifying, was characterised with considerable ability of composition. There was a very fair audience, the proceeds being towards the new Baptist Chapel, at Cilfowyr. THE GAS COMPANY.—An adjourned annual meeting of this Company was held at the Guild- hall, on Monday last, Mr. Thomas Davies in the chair. The profits on the working for the last year realised jE224, out of which a dividend of 5 per cent. was declared, the remainder being carried over to the reserve fund, which now amounts to £ 161. Messrs. T. Davies, D. James, and T. Par- ker were re-elected directors; and Mr. R. M. Roberts was re-elected auditor. The customary votes of thanks to the chairman and directors were also passed, and the business then terminated. MARRIAGE PRESENTS.—On the marriage of Mr. Thomas, Printer, Swansea, to Miss Rees, College- row, of this town, on Thursday last, the numerous friends of the bride took advantage of the occasion to present her with a large number of choice and costly presents, as a memento of their respect and good wishes towards her on entering matrimonial life. ST. DAVID'S DAY.—As briefly announced in our last issue, a committee meeting to consider the preliminary arrangements for the dinner, &c., on the above aay, was held on Monday evening last. The following resolutions were agreed to:—1. That a dinner be provided, and the members of the Car- digan Rifle Volunteers be invited free of charge, the dinner to take place at the Guild-hall, at 6'p.m. 2. Previous to the dinner, a procession of civilians and volunteers to be formed, headed by a brass band, when the principal parts of the town will be visited. The dinner, which is to be of the most recherche character, will be provided by Mr. Jacob Trollip, at the charge of 2s. 6d. per head, tickets for which may be had of Mr. Clougher. No special invitations will be issued except to the members of the Rifle Corps, but the committee hope to be fa. voured with the presence of the gentry and trades- men of the town and neighbourhood. A subscrip- tion list was opened in the room, in aid of the Vol- unteers' dinner, and the sum of fl2 was obtained. The committee will meet again on Monday eve- ning next, to complete the arrangements. I VACCINATION REWARD.—We are pleased find that Dr. Phillips, of this town, medical officer for No 2 district of the Cardigan Union, has been awarded a grant of JE12 10s. by the Government, on the recommendation of their vaccination offi- cers, for the efficient manner in which he has dis- charged his duties as vaccinator in his district. This sum is given in addition to his ordinary tees under his contract as public vaccinator. CARDIGAN TOWN COUNCIL. An adjourned Quarterley Meeting of the Town Council was held on Monday last, presided over by the Mayor. There were also present Aldermen Davies and Edwards, Councillors Asa J. Evans, J. Lewis, S. Davies, L. James, Rev. W. Jones, and Dr. Phillips. THE WATER WORKS. The Mayor said that Mr. Szlumper had accepted the offer of JE5 for examining the water scheme and giving his opinion thereon. THE LOWER MARKET. Alderman Davies: In accordance with a resolu. tion passed at a previous meeting, a committee met to oonsider the proposed alterations in the upper and lower markets. After due consideration, they had decided to abandon the proposed alterations, as the Act forbade them to divert the building from its primary object. Besides, if the proposed alter- ations were carried out, the structure would be injured; and should the lower portion be required again for market purposes, as we hope it will when we have the railway, it would be difficult to restore it. They recommend that sheds be erected in the yard, which would answer the purpose. Sugges- tions were also made that an anteroom be added to the Guild-hall, which would be found very conve- nient for concerts, public meetings, &c. Mr. J. Lewis: I am for improvement, and hope something will be done without delay. Alderman Davies: The sooner the better the lower portion is let. Mr. J. Lewis: I should like to know how it is to be let, as a difficulty exists. Alderman Davies: Let it concurrent with the upper market. Mr. Asa J. Evans suggested that it be let, and the lessee be allowed to íix anything he may deem necessary to protect his property. On the motion of Alderman Davies, seconded by Mr. S. Davies, -the Mayor was authorised to treat with Messrs. Davies Brothers with respect to the letting of the lower market as a warehouse. Alderman Davies suggested that the sheds re- commended by the committee be erected forthwith; the matter of having an anteroom might be defer- red for a time. Mr. J. Lewis suggested that the sheds be com- pled before entertaining the anteroom question. Mr. L. James Doing both together would be cheaper. Mr. Asa J. Evans suggested that a plan and specification for the whole scheme be had, so as to enable them arrive at the cost. Alderman Davies concurred with Mr. Evans. The question having been discussed at some length, on the motion of the Mayor, seconded by Mr. Asa J. Evans, it was resolved that Mr. Wood. ward be asked to prepare separate plans and speci- fications of the proposed improvements. A GOOD SUGGESTION. The Mayor referred to the crowded state of the Reading-room, and that it was necessary to move in the matter, so as to encourage the youths of the town in their literary pusuits. Dr. Phillips Cannot the proposed anteroom be constructed in such a manner so as to serve as a Council Chamber, and the present Chamber be added to the Reading-room! This would do away with the necessity of building a new Me- chanic Institute, and the rent will compensate for the outlay on the anteroom. Alderman Davies: There is something in Dr. Phillips' suggestion, and I think it can be turned to good account. THE RATE CASE. In answer to a question Mr. Asa J. Evans said that the draft copy as amended is now in my hands and will finish with it in a few days. THE CORPORATE PROPERTY. In answer to a question by Alderman Davies, the Town Clerk said that the draft had been forward- ed to the Commissioners for approval. THE NEW CLAY PITS. Mr. J. Lewis informed the Council that the new clay pits were ready, and that the quality of the clay was very superior. A committee was selected to superintend the working, and appoint a person to take sole charge. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The usual fortnightly meeting of this Board was held at the Workhouse, on Wednesday laøt, pre- sided over by Mr. J. T. W. James. The following members were also present—Messrs. T. H. Brench- ley, W. O. Brigstocke, B. Rees, J. Lewis, Wm. Mathias, D. Thomas, S. Jenkins, W. George, L. Davies, D. Jones, T. Williams, T. Llewellyn, O. Thomas, J. Hughes, and T. Jenkins. MAINTENANCE OF PAUPERS. Mr. W. O. Brigstocke, in accordance with a notice of motion, moved that the Clerk be directed to make a return, shewing the cost per head for the maintenance of each pauper within the Union, as well as those within the neighbouring Unions, taking as basis Mr. Bircham's return. He was of opinion that his (Mr. Bircham's) figures were fal- lacious. Mr. O. Thomas seconded the motion, which, after some further remarks, was carried. COUNTY BOARDS. Mr. B. Rees called attention to the Bill now in Parliament, having for its object the formation of County Boards, and the desirability of appointing a committee to consider its provisions. This proposition caused a considerable debate. Ultimately it was resolved that five ex-officio and five elected guardians should form a committee to examine the Bill, and report thereon. A WEALTHY PAUPER. It transpired that an old man, named David Morris, had been removed into the Workhouse, and had died lately, having jE20 in the Brecon Old Bank. It was resolved that the Clerk send a bill to the bank for the pauper's maintenance, &c. RETURN OF SCHOOL FEES. Mr. Thomas Williams moved That the Clerk be requested to write to the various schoolmasters for a list of their respective school fees." Some had refused to furnish the School Attendance Committee with the same. I am of opinion that this Board can compel them to furnish them. Mr. Brenchley No. If they are meant for the guidance of the Board, I agree with you.; but if for the purpose of assimilating the school fees, I object to it. Mr. J. Lewis seconded the motion, and it was carried. LIST OF PAUPERS. Mr. Brenchley moved, seconded by Mr. J. Lewis, That a list of all the paupers in the Union, to- gether with the amount received, be printed, and posted up at all the churches and chapels," and it was carried.

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