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JJICYCLES, 1.. 0 JGLCYCLE BELLS, JJICYCLK LAMPS, JJICYCLE OIL, AND ALL ACCESSOBH5S KEPT IN STOCK. Agent? for the Premier, Singer"' Rudgf. Quadrant, Ormonde. Swifts, and-ftl! Best Makers. Repairs neatly, cheaply, and promptly executed. Cycles Re-enamelled. Good Discount, for I ash, or on the easy payment system. BROWN & CRAGOE, BRIDGEND. ESTABLISHED 1872. 7— N 0 i, T ON ST U 1) I 0, I BRIDGEND. I PORTRAITS PRODCCKD KQTJAL TO I • -•••. ANY IN SOUTH WALES. OPEN ALL SEASONS AND HOLIDAYS. j GROUPS AND OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY I AT SHORTEST NOTICE. t EDWIN 'LOTT, I ARTIST AND PHOTOGRAPHER. ft. & E. F. BLACKMORE, PRACTICAL TAILORS. GENERAL OUT- 1 FITTERS, and BOOTMAKERS. 90. HIGH STREET. BARRY. New Stock m all Departments now ready for Inspection. f -• K-J-. -w — TEA. rpHEY say that TEA comes from I i India. China and an Island calhd Ceylon, but my MOTHER I savs the BEST TEA SHE EVER BOUGHT comes from I J. W. ROBERTS, TEA MERCHANTS, BRIDGEND, W. J. LEWIS, LINEN AND WOOLLEN DHAPEH. AND GENTLEMEN'S OUTFITTER, LONDON HOUSE, MUDGKND. VICTORIA DINING ROOMS, HOLTON ROAD. BARRY DOCK. ¡ HOT DINNERS nA.1LY. I Accommodation for Visitor?. Well-aired Beds. PROPRIETOR—C. F. ROSSER. WATERLOO HOFSE. II HIGH STREET, BARRY. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST HOUSE FOR DRAPERY & FANCY GOODS I IN THE DISTRICT. WOOLS AND YARNS. THY THE WATERLOO YARN. Veterinary Establishment, Barry. i RESIDENCE -WINDSOR ROAD. QEO. H. SIMPSON, M.R.C.Y.S. HORSES, CATTLE, AND DOGS I ATTENDED. I Horses examined as to Soundness previous to purchase. Operations j»er formed under the most approved and scientific principle. Horses. Cattle, and Do" Medicine in every variety. CHARGES MODERATE. VICTORIA HOTEL, BARRY DOCKS, I NEAR CARDIFF GOOD ACCOMMODATION FOR CAPTAINS. &c. AN ORDINARY, 12.30 TO 1.30. 1 Wines and Spirits of the Best Quality. Cigars of the Choicest Brands. I GOOD STABLING. E WILLIAMS, Proprietor. | THE IITCHELL I PEL, I BARRY-ROAD, CADOXTON. I BILLIARDS. j PBOPEIETON:— j II PROPRIETOR B. HODDINOTT t WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WINE ANIUSPIRlf, ALE. AND PORTER ¡ I f MERCHANT. I' CONVEYANCES LET ON HIRE. ROYAL HOTEL, CORNER OF BARRY-ROAD AXD MAIN-STREET, CADOXTON-JTJXTA-BARRY. JjUMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL, j I ¡ CENTRAL. AND PLEASANTLY SITUATED. ) GOOD STABLING. J. J. WILLIAMS, i PROPRIETOR. i WILLIAM THE FOURTH HOTEL (The Old-Established House). CADOXTON-JUXTA-BARRY (Near the Railway Station). >: GOOD STABLING. 1'TIX un" LH'FRR-<HMMFOF NIL HINRFX (lit THE SHORTRXT yo'iu-e. lit 1('1'. BOWLING SALOON. PROPRIETOR J M C G I L L M.U.O. & R.A.O. -4- 96, HIGH-STREET, BARRY. S rur. Who Lives Hero'! Wliv. .J OHN BECK WORTH, FAMILY GROCER AND PROVISION MERCHANT, \Wherc you can always? depend upon JR V Prime Wiltshire Bacon, ^vV^resh Eggs, and the Finest Car- marthen Butter, at Lowest. Mar- m, P"r« Dealer in Hiirh- 1 INN Kl)\ Xclass Provisions. Beach's ^"VVWholfi Fruit, Jams and MEATS, V*y> TJottlcd Fruits, Hunt- N s ,tnd Palmer's FISH, & (, \'p Mackenzie and) ^Mackenzie's Bis- j OF THE FINEST \>^s \emts and Cakes.. BRANDS V A All Goods Sold at Store v Prii vs for Cash. ? AH Orders will receive prompt and N. careful attention. N. S II P P I X <! ,S CPPLIEP \K Estimates Given, LOXTON & CO., HIGH STREET, THE BARRY BOOTMAKERS, Are showing a Splendid Assortment of SPRING GOODS. Give a call ti i(I compare the Prices. ——- Send your Repairs tc. I.OXTON. No matter where P.ought. BEST LEATHER. FIRST-CLASS WORKMANSHIP, And LOWEST PRICES. CHAS. JENKINS & SON, Timber, Deal, & Slate Merchants, ¡ STEAM SAWING, PLANING, & MOULDING MILLS. Aberthaw Blue Lias Works. BRIDGEND. v- y 9 All Kinds of Bricks, Brain Pipes, Paving, &c., in Stock. i> Estimates given for HOT BED FRAMES & GREENHOUSES complete. .+- -0_ WENVOE ARMS HOTEL, OPPOSITE CADOXTON RAILWAY STATION, CADOXTON. .o-4.=.c-=-c.c: :"="=00'.0:.==. Famil v and Commercial Hotel. t/ EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATION FOR TRAVELLERS ■ AND VISITORS. 3 GOOD STABLING, &c. JIUOPR-IETOII HENRY CHAPPELL. t T— BARRY DOCK STATION. v Breakfast, Luncheon, Dining, and Refreshment Rooms, ON THE RAILWAY PLATFORM. WINES, SPIRITS, & LIQUEURS OF THE FINEST QUALITY. THE NEW HOTEL, CLOSE TO BARRY DOCK STATION. WILL SHORTLY BE OPENED. R. P. CULLEY & Co., Proprietors. AL;O AT THE EXCHANGE RESTAURANT, THE DOCKS, CARDIFF. J. CUTTER'S PROVISIONS. _n_ SPI RI/R//IF CUNIPOXRD l}!/ S. JJAJLOX-JOYES. J. CUTTER'S Provisions are noted to fame. C elebrated is Cutter's, the truth I proclaim. (J liequalled, unrivalled, and well-blended Tea, '1' rue value, test it, and delighted you'll oe T hese Teas are well blended, the best of the best, E xtraordinarv value, put these to the test. Xv are are these Teas, and of qualities rare, Select and superior beyond all compare. :1 I* lease <jive him a call, if you want a good treat, R emarkable value, the I)est you will meet 0 1(^-r a sample, put these to the test, \7 alue for money, and all of the best. :j i) tact, his fresh Butters are the best ever known, b weel and fresh always, as his patrons will own I nspeet his supply of mild Bacon and Cheese, O bserve what I say, they are sure to please. < Noted are all, please bear this in mind, b uperior, yet dwapness and goodness combined. J. CUTTER, Grocer and Provision Merchant, CADOXTON. TAYLOR & CO.. R.C.P. (Registered by the Worshipful Company of Plumbers. London), PRACTICAL PLUMBERS AND: HOrSE DECORATORS, 1U, HIGH-STREET, BARRY. ALL W 0 R K s G U A R AXTEE D. i Estimates Given Free. A Trial Respectfully Solicited, Cheapest Place in Barry for Wall Papers. ALL KINDS OF GLASS CUT TO ORDER. N.B.—T. and CO. employ rry'txter-d plumbers. CHEAP PAPERHANGINGS. MESSRS. dan DO & SONS. Plumbers, Painters, de.. Near the Wenvoe Hotel. CADOXTON, lias nov.- in Stork ove: 20,000 PIECES OF PAPERHANGINGS. Which they are dUposino- of at GREATLY REDUCED Pi!ICES. Splendid Patterns from 2d. iKr Piece of 12 Yards. All kinds of Brushes. Paints. Colours. Stains. Varnishes. \*c.. in Stock. Messrs. D. A; S. Invites an Inspection of their Lirge Assortment of Ga> Fittings. Estimates Given. DAXDO SONS CADOXTON. PJOI^TE^S'S" GLYCEHIXE C(H'GH ELIXIR. THE GREAT LUNG TUXIC. A Marvellous Cure for COUGHS. BRONCHITIS. COLDS. raid ASTHMA. Relief from pain in a few minutes. Quinine & Gtaipn Mixture. As prescribed by tin-, late Dr. PALFREY, and many eminent Physicians and Dentists. tor Xeu- ralgia. Toothrciu "c. j PREPARED BY J..TONES, DISPENSING CHEMIST, AND STATIONER, HOLTON ROAD &- THOMPSON STREET. I HARRY DOCK. PIANOS. | ORGANS. PIANOsJ ) I CHEAPEST HOt-SE IN THE TRADE. Pianus from 10s. art. Monthly. Org-an- from 5s. Monthly. The Public arc invited to inspect R. J. HEATH & N S STOCK OF PIANOS, 01«UNS, 1 As pounds will b., saved by placing their orders with them. j Every Instrument Guaranteed and Kept in Tune Ono Year Free of Charge. LAKGE DISCOUNT FOR CA:-H. | J" HEATH & SONS, PIANOFORTE AND ORGAN MERCHANTS. TUNERS AND REPAIRERS. 34. TAFF-STREET. PONTYPRIDD. BECHSTEIN PIANOS. Heath and Sons offer these magnificent Pianos on the Three Years' System and for Cash at mast advantageous prices and terms, WATCHES!! JKWKLLKliY T7PrIlY Go to Cardiff it you can buy equally T » Good and 'heap in your own Town by going' to F. J. GREENER, UNDER PUBLIC-HALL. VERE-sTREEf. CADOXTON. Who keeps in Stock a good S««lection of Clocks and Watches of all kinds and prices. Gold and Silver Jewellery of newest style. E. P. Spoons and Forks. Wedding Rings. Keeiwr-, Dress and Gents' Signet Rings, at Special Low Prices. Best Place to Go !or All Kinus of REPAIRS. Especially Wntehee of All Descriptions \BERNETHYS COMPOUND COUGH BALSAM.—A sate and effectual remedy for Fpughs Colds. Difficult Breathing, and all complaints of Chest and Lungs.—Prepared by T. ARBBXETHY. Medical Hall. High-street. Cadoston. Barry. E. DAVID. T FA M L Y JiUTC II E U, Ar/OKESs? VERE STREET. CADOXTON. ISHE- to thank his numerous Customers for T T their patronage in the past, and hopes, by continuing to supply them with the Best Goods, to merit their continued support. u- I). JONES & CO., FAMILY BUTCHERS, 95, HIGH-STREET. BARRY AXD at HOLTON- ROAD, BARRY DOCK. "FAMILIES WAITED UPON DAILY PURVEYORS OF REST GOODS ONLY Pickled Tongues and Salt Beef. Home Curei Hams and Bacon. WILLIAMS, TiniOLESALE AND RETAIL PORK H BUTCHERS. 40. VERE-STREET. CADOXTOX FRESH SAUSAGES DAILY. Terms—Cash. MARTIN'S DRAPERY AM) MILLIXEliY ESTABLISHMENT, MAIN-STREET. ( ADOXTOX. Having ENLARGED their SHOP and SHOW- ROOM. and returned from London with a WELL-SELECTED STOCK OF SPRING GOODS. Including the NOVELTIES of the SEASOX. Thank the Public fort lie very liberal support they have received during the last five years, and will do their best to merit a continuance! oi the same. MARTINS DRAPERY AND MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT MAIN-STREET. CADOXTOX-BARRY. FOIL GOOD CORN. &<•„ AT LOW PRICES, GO TO EVANS & PHILLIPS, WHOLESALE AXD RETAIL HAY. STRAW AND CORN MERCHANTS. VERE-STJ?EET. CADOXTON. oLDEST ESTABLISHMENT IN THE WHOLE DISTRICT. I-Á L, THOMAS, ('LDEST ESTABLISHED TOBACCONIST AND CIGAR DEALER, MAIN-STREET. "ADOXTON. ALSO TOBACCONIST AND HAIRDRESSER. 102. HIGH-STREET. BARRY. E. (). EVAXS- IRONMONGER. ^111P CHANDLER. CHINA. EAETHEXWARE, ANJ> GI. \SS MERCHANT. Adpke.<SI:S :-NOS. 17 A NJ) 50. MAIN-STREET. CADOXTON, Axi) AT BARRY DOCK. (Close to Shipping Office). I>. W. THOMAS, Cabinet Maker, Undertaker, &c., 4. VERE STREET. CADOXTON HOUSEHOLD T V RXITURE in Great Variety for < a-h on EASY TERMS, Frxi;K.;i;S Co.Mi'LETEl.Y Ft I:XISHKK UFA US}; SIIR.LUI, 'N:U>. <7 MO! I, JSA ( HV.X TO OIL]) !'H'. (i KOCEHIKS & PHOYISrOXH CnEAPEH THAN EVEJI. VLL good Housekeep<'rs study economy, and to follow such a noble precept to perfection, the lowest price Market is not always the cheapest. Keen observers will note especially, quality hefore comparing prices. I do not advert i-e Tons of Bacon. Butter. Cheese, ,vo.. but re.;Ikl,tuliy invite all call and give me one trial. The proof of the pudding they say, is in the eating. Call early and invite your friends to do likewise. Note the Addaes- — B. S U M M E R S 3C, VERE STREET also at the NEW MARKET. W. TOWNSEND, NEWSAGENT & STATIONER, BARRY RUAD. CADOXTON (BARRY., CLEA" WASTE PAPER at 10 per Cwt. SPRING CLEANING SPRING CLEANING ISAAC THOMAS CO.. WHOLESALE AXD RETA5I. 1 BURNISHING ic GENERAL IRONMONGERS. r CUTLERS. OIL. PAINT X COLOm MERCHANTS. !VK1:K STREET, CADOXTON, J'.J I.. ,1. \l', BARRY DOCK. Agents lor T. HARE'S WOOD STAINS, and PICKEHL\'G'S BRASt. A-c FCKNITUKE PonHi.