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GREAT BRYNHILL, MERTHYRDOVEN. MERTHYRDOYEN. i LAKD TO BE IJET. ,t LÄ" U FOlt VV/.U, fVH BUILDING PURPOSES. At from 50/- to K7 an acre, in Plots of from 2 acres p to 5 acacii. For conditions apply to Mr. W. DASH WO 01) CAPLE, Architect and Surveyor, 8, Queen Street. CARDIFF. TO BUILDERS. u_ rpENDERS INVITED for the ERECTION of 30 COTTAGES, For the COMMERCIAL ROAD BUILDING CLUB. Plans and specifications may be seen at the Secretary's Olhce. Sealed Tenders to be delivered to me on or before TUESDAY, MARCH 31st, 1831, endorsed 30 Cottages." The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. W. THOMAS, Secretary. 7, Vcre Street, Cadoxton. J. & C. SAN KEY, I JPAMILY GROCERS, BRIDGEl\D. TEA IN TINS AT WHOLESALE PRICES. IOHis. ot 1 4 Tea at 1 8 [n-r lb. — 12.6.. tiii — 63 j iniba. of 1/8 Toa at 1 '6 jw* Hi. 15 Mb tin — 7,6 lORw of 2/- Tea at 1 lo 1*1-li>. 18/4 51b tin 9,2 101b:of 2 '4 Tea at 2 2 i*t 1!i. 213 51b till -10 10 lOlbs. of 2 0 Tea at 2 6. |wr lb. 25. W, tin 12 6 lOlbs of 3,- Tea at 2. Cl jut lb. 27 u bil) tiii —133 lOlbs best 3.4 Tea at 3 j«-r lo. 30- 51b tin — 15 GOOD TEA, 1/- PER LB.; CEYLON, 110 i: 2/- I Oaniage Puid for Cash. IMPORTANT TO AGRICULTURALISTS. NEW 8 E E I) 8 SEASON, 1891. WHY PAY FANCY PRICES: Buy vour SEEDS in'the CHEAPEST MARKET. SEEDS in'the CHEAPEST MARKET. rilOROUGHLY RELIABLE QUALITY. EVERY SAMPLE TESTED. WM. POWELL invites the special attention of Farmers to this Season Stock of all kinds of AGRICULTURAL SEEDS. SEED OATS (White and Black), SEED BARLEY, SEED VETCHES. ,c.. Quoted at most reasonable price. Sy For those who lmvc not yet favoured me with their Orders in this Department ili may he a satisfaction for them to know that the whole of the Seeds and Grain eiit out by me last season turned out most favourable. W. POWELL, SEED AND CORN STORES. ROTUNDA BUILDINGS, BMDGENI). W H. GOULD, IHON AND 13RASSFOUNDEUS BARRY FOUNDRY, (Between No. 4 and 5 Tips.) BARRY DOCK. Estimates for all kinds of Iron and Brass Casting: Old Cast Iron and Metal Bought. „pf1 „ c- *3 S Oldest Established of the Trade in the District. J\Lv -/V^l Denlera in Plate Glass, British ami Foreign Sheet and Ornamental Window Glass, and Head ^2 T|< • | i Lights, White Lead, Oils, Colours, and Varnishes, Sheet Lead, Lead Pipe, Plumbers' Brass Work, cr* ^Address r,. CD and all kinds of Sanitary Ware. Largest and most varied Stock of Wall Papers (Pattern Books £ v> £ J|* !)CC01*cl't0rS l* jF"? j- sent free on application. The Stock of (Jus Fittings, comprising Chandeliers, Hall Lamps, "■» | XI "V j Pendants, Brackets, Glol)es, &c., has been most carefullv selected. Special attention gi verb, to ST O j pi •„ ml'\Ai>6k »—* O I -a >—> r- — ~3: JT LlUliUtl S$7-? Dccorativo Work. Experienced Workmen sent to all parts of the Country. g <*» w £ > «*i- •:t a i) •* 'i\v w. 1 Cadoxtoii, -r Aa\U r- w-1 £ »• ■-« • t—'»i 7 t- -S; ESTIMATES GIVION.. S T> T\ 1 i ixaMittciH. c: « c: Barry Dock. ,X5 t LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! If You Want Good Value for your Mon^y. Go to the WENVOE BAZAAR, 6,VERE STREET, CADOXTON. (Two minutes" walk from Cadoxton Station). rIMIE Best. House in the whole District for an 1 kinds of CHINA. EARTHENWARE, and FANCY GOODS. London, Birmingham. Sheffield, and Staffordshire. Also WELSH FLANNEL. Shirtiii- Shawls. Blankets, Stockings, «kc., dec., from the Best Weavers. All Goods Purchased Direct from the Manu- facturers. Motto. Qu; Return., and Small Profits." • i 1 "TXT I THE 13AHRY GRAVING DOCK t .1" ( a.. ¡ ';&JftJ1 »H v<?ii ENGINEERING COMPANY (LTD). J I. *1 >< ail t .^HMlUTOd » •i JOHN LOWDON. MANAGER. t I ■,»*; i'i r .t 1 :n: Y GRA VIl\G DOCK, In BAlmy DocK. caivilik: of accommodating the ,d, Largest Steamers afloat. x ji". .t 1: ,tl.:i. '.1. t A K G E 0 R K FT II O V S. Compk-tely Fitted with the NEfftsT and Mo^t PowtAtFUL Maouixekv. II f Every Faoiuiy for Rapid Docking and T ndotkin^. and for Executing Repairs of all Kinds with Greatest Possible Despatch. Postal Address BARRY. CARDIFF. Telegraphic Address BARDOCK." CARDIFF. I < u J. W. EVSKDALE, I^YXESIDE J>RAOS AND (X)1TER \yroRKs, BARRY DOCK. Jp.NGINEER. COPPERSMITH. PLUMBER-. BLACKSMITH, SHIPWRIGHT. BOILERMAKER AXD | GEXERAL SHIP REPAIRER. Manuiacturer of every description of Bras s Castings, Ship's Ventilators. Tanks. &c.. made to ( Order. GENERAL BUILDER a.\D BRICK MERCHANT. ———— TtLi/;KAMc: ESKDALE, BARRY DOCK. >3.1 A • • ? .-? ?. ? i GRIFFITHS' B. G. LIVER PILLS. Why do you suffer from Indigestion Why do you suffer from Bile Why do you suffer from Depros-.ion of Spirit., Why ùo yon suffer from Pains betwern the bhou!<k-i Bla-les. Wind in the Stomach, Na»ty Taste in your Mouth in the Morning. Constipation. Biiiotu- Headaches, Loss of Appetite, and Nervous AffectÏPll" ? The whole of the above symptoms arc catucd by a sluggish and torpid liver, and as a very large number of adults suffer to a more or less extent-Iroiu a sluggish liver, it becomes to the public generally a matter yf great that we should know of some medicine which, by removing the cause, will also rcmov. the effects prodnccd by a slow .r torjiid liver, it would be necessary that such a medicine would have the jxiwer of gently stimulating the liver, ojieuing its clogged piissages. and promoting the secretion of her.lthy bile ;\1, those properties are to be found in GRIFFITHS' H. (i. LiygH PILLS, which are prejiaivd from j''iiely vegetiible ingredients'. They will gently regulate the lxiwels, stimulate the liver, strengthen the sLumaeh.and give tone and vigour to the Jigestive organs. The following is one of numerous 'JVstiinonialo tbiit the I'ropii'etor has received as to their efficacy from Mr. W Williams, Boot Manufacturer. Griffiths T"wJJ Pontypool:- Dear Sir.—Having suftered from the ettect of duggi>i liver for many years with pain:, between the ohouldei blades, bile, drowsiness, and indigestion, and having tried several doctors and many difteient- kimls of meOieine without avail. I was at last persuaded to take some of your H. G. LIYEn Pi 1.1 .s and alii happy to say that they have done me more good than ;tny- thing I have yet taken. I have had great pleasure in recommending then; to several of my friends wh have suffered from the same complaints, and 7hey have found them t" b" almost invaluable.—I beg to remain, deai sir, yours sincerely. W. WILijiAMS." On account of their mild, aperient, and yet »noi,t effectual action, they are found to make a wonderfully successful Famiiy Pill. PllEPAUED UXLY BY B GRIFFITHS, CHEMIST, BllIDGEND AND PONTYCYMMER, GLAM Prices: Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. per Box. If your Chemist has not got them the Proprietor will send them. Post Free, for above prices.


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