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CULLERS °1 Barry Dock Hotel IS WW OPEiNr FOR THE RECEPTION OF VISITORS. SPACIOUS COFFEE ROOM, RESTAURANT, SMOKING AND BILLIARD ROOMS. FAMILY WINE AND SPIRIT STORES ADJOINING THE HOTEL. CARDIFF CATERING ESTABLISHMENTS The Exchange Restaurant, CARDIFF DOCKS. The Philharmonic Restaurant, ST. MARY STREET. CARDIFF. R. P. CULLEY & CO., THF EXCHANGE, CARDIFF. DAVIESS TEMPERANCE ROOMS, HOLTON-ROAD (NEXT VICTORIA HOTEL), BARRY DOCK. COFFEE AND COMMERCIAL ROOMS. Accommodation for Visitors. PROPRIETOR :—D. P. DAVIES. HOLTON PORK SHOP. jQ A Y I D 0 OK 2s WELL* pORK DUTCHER, 10, HOLTON ROAD. BARRY DOCK. 'W' AXD GLEBE STREET, PENARTH. ALL GOODS -.OF THE VERY BEST. (TRY THE QUALITY. PIANOS, MORGANS, PIANOS. CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE TRADE. Pianos from 10s. 6d. Monthly, Organs from 5s. ■ Monthly. The Public are invited to inspect R. J. HEATH & SONS' STOCIe OF PIANOS, ORGANS, &C., As pounds will be saved by placing their orders with them. Every Instrument Guaranteed and Kept in Tune One Year Free of Charge; LARGE DISCOUNT FOR CASE. HEATH & SONS, PIANOFORTE AND ORGAN MERCHANTS, TUNERS AND REPAIRERS, 51, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, AND .34, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. BECHSTEIN PIANOS. Heath and Sons offer these magnificent Pianos on the Three Years' System and for Cash at most advantageous prices and terms. T. M. WILLIAMS. COURT HOUSE. 35, VERE STREET. CADOXTON. fTIKE CHEAPEST HorSE in the District for t HATS. CAPS. TIES. SHIRTS. COLLARS. DUNGAREE JACKETS and OVERALLS. Ready-made Clothing of every description. Bespoke Tailoring. Gentlemen's Garments made to measure. First-class London Style- Fit and Work guaranteed. Note the Address :— T. M. WILLIAMS. COURT HOUSE. 35. VERE STREET, CADOXTON. E R A Y, GROCER, TEA DEALER, FLOUR AND PROVISION FACTOR, MAINDY HOUSE, VERE STREET, CADOXTON. PCRE HOIIE-MADE BREAD. n_ USE ONLY FOTHER&IIL'S TOBACCO AID CIGARS. 4, STUART HALL, HAYES, CARDIFF. H. W. KEEY, PRACTICAL WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER, -i- JEWELLER AND OPTICIAN, MAIN STREET, CADOXTON. SPECTACLES TO SUIT ALL SIGHTS. WEEKLY PAYMENTS TAKEN. E. DAVID, FAMILY BUTCHER, AnDREss VERE STREET. CADOXTON, WISIIES to thank his numerous Customers for ▼ their patronage in the past, and hopes, bv continuing to supply them with the Best Goods, to merit their continued support. D. J ONES~~&~CO^ FAMILY BUTCHERS, 95, HIGH-STREET. BARRY. A\D AT HOLTON- ROAD. BARRY DOCK. FAMILIES WAITED V DAILY. PURVEYORS OF BEST GOODS ONLY. Pickled Tongues and Salt Beef. Home Cured Hams and Bacon. WILLIAMS, XT^HOLESALE AND RETAIL PORK f BUTCHERS. 43, VERE-STREET. CADOXTON. FRESH SAUSAGE'C DAILY. Terms—Cash. CALL AT 104, HIGH-STREET, FOR BUTTER, EGGS, &c. DIRECT FROM THE FARM. A Choice Selection of pure Confectionery alway in stock. FURNISH ON OUR NEW HIRE SYSTEM. HOUSES OR APARTMENTS Completely Furnished on a New System A DOPTED solely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, and enquiries usually made by other companies are dispensed with. WE HAVE AN IMMENSE STOCK OF HOUSEHOLD FURNIURE OF CHEAP AND SUPERIOR QUALITY. All Goods sold on the Hire System at READY-MONEY PRICES. WE MAKE NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR CREDIT, AND ALL GOODS SENT HOME IN A PRIVATE VAN FREE OF CHARGE. No Stamp or Agreement Charges made no Bill of Sale everything private. Arrangements com- pleted without delay, and being Manufacturers, WE GUARANTEE QUALITY, And will undertake to supply Furniture, etc., At 10 per cent. less tlian any price list issued by any firm in Cardiff. ELEVEN SHOW BOOMS. I Call and inspect our IMMENSE STOCK, and com- pare Prices before purchasing elsewhere. I WE SUPPLY £6 WORTH FOR 2S' 0D. WEEKLY. £10 Vr°RTH FOR 4S' WEEKLY. WORTH FOR 5S' WEEKLY. £20 W0RTH FOR 68. WEELKY. And so on in proportion. Special terms for larger quantities. No objectionable agreements used. PLEASE XOTE THE ADDRESS South Wales Furbishing Co., 31, CASTLE STREET (Opposite the Castle), I CARDIFF. THE GENERAL ELECTION is the subject that JL some people are studying just now, whether we shall have a Liberal or Conservative Govern- ment next time but what interests G. BISHOP Most of all is how he can best supply the people of HOLTON AND BARRY DOCK DISTRICT With good substantial gOOTS SHOES. CLIPPERS. L EGGIXGS &c., at a reasonable price, so as to suit the pockets of everyone. LOOK OUT FOR BARGAINS. CLEARANCE SALE. commencing September 19th, and will con- tinue for 21 days, to make room for Winter Goods. Note a few leading lines :— Men's Nailed Derby and Navvy Boots from 4/11 Men's Balmoral Elastic Sides and Derby Lace from 4/11 Women's Lace. Elastic, and Button from 4/11 Men's Oxford and Derby Shoes from 4,11 Women's Kid Lace and Button Oxford Shoes from311 Children's Lace, Elastic, and Button Boots from Is. Strap Shoes lO^d. N.B.—This Sale is Genuine, and everyone in search of Bargains will do well to patronise it. Special attention given to the Measure Depart- ment and Repairs of every description. Our Hand-sewn Boots defy competition both for Quality and Price. Note the Address :— Gr B 1 s n 0 p PRACTICAL BOOTMAKER AND REPAIRER. HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. Come early and secure the best Bargains. ESTABLISHED 1840. SHOOTING SEASON. GUNS! GUNS! GUNS! ALL KINDS. ALL PRICES. LOUIS BARNETT & SON. PAWNBROKERS AND OUTFITTERS, MAIN-STREET, BARRY DOCK TOWN ALSO AT 6 AND 7, CAROLINE-STREET, A^D 19, AND 49, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, Have always a Large Stock of MEN S AND WOMEN'S CLOTHING, NEW AND SECOND HAND WATCHES, JEWELLERY, GUNS, BOOTS, BLANKETS, SHEETS, QUILTS, &c,. At the LowestiPossible Prices. SEAMEN'S ADVANCE NOTES CASHED. Most Money lent on all descriptions of Valuable Property, at 4d. per £ per month. WATERLOO HOUSE, HIGH STREET, BARRY. STATIONERY OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. WELSH AND OTHER BOOKS IN STOCK. I DRAPERY & FANCY GOODS WOOLS AND YARNS. I TRY THE WATERLOO YARN. LA CARD.] MR. J. CLARK FAIRBAIRN, ARTIST, 55, VERE STREET, CADOXTON. LONDON. CARDIFF, and SWAISEA, REGULAR STEAM COMMUNICATION. THE LONDON and BRISTOL CHANNEL JL COMPANY'S First Class, Full Powered STEAMERS are intended to sail (casualities ex- cepted, and as per conditions on Company's sailing bills) From LONDON, Pickle Herring Tier and or Gun and Shot Wharf, EVERY SATURDAY. From CARDIFF, East Bute Dock Basin. fur London (ria Swansea), EVERY WEDNESDAY. Continental and through rates arranged. L0w rates hrougii from London to Pontypridd, Aberdarc, and Merthyr, per Steamer and Glamorgan Canal. For Particulars apply to Messrs. Matthews and LufI, 102, Fenchurch-street, London, E.G.; Mr. F. H. Tucker, 13, Adelaide-street. Swansea or to WM. COLLINGS, Jex., & Co., 104, Bute-street, Cardiff. EDW. GOULD & CO. Drapers, .J BARRY, ARE NOW SHOWING AUTUMN NOVELTIES. A LARGE AND SELECT ASSORTMENT OF LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S Waterproofs, Mantles, Jackets, Capes, Ulsters IN ENGLISH & GERMAN MANUFACTURE. Tqe Cheapest and Largest Selection in the District. THE NEWEST DESIGNS AND COLOURS IN Wool Sliawls, Eryri Wraps, Snowdon Wraps, Tennis Wraps. MANTLES & JACKETS MADE TO ORDER. FIT GUARANTEED. YOUR INSPECTION is SOLICITED. V 93, HIGH-STREET, BARRY. STOP. Who Lives Here ? Why, JOHN BECXWORTH, FAMILY GROCER AND PROVISION MERCHANT, Where you can always depend upon getting Prime Wiltshire Bacon, A I'roi:i Sjg*. anl the Finest Car- marthen Butter, at Lowest Mar- \ket Price. Dealer in High- f\\class Provisions. Beach's 1\TTT A TQ v1* Xlev's and Palmer's iVliiijAlO, -j\Val Mackenzie and TTTOXT P s* x.Mackenzie's Bis- X1 lioXl, CxC., .Xcu its and Cakes OF THE FIX EST BRANDS. ——— All Goods Sold at Store for Cash. All Orders receiye prompt t'1:1 careful attention. ———— SHIPPING- STTPRLTED. FRESH POULTRY EVERY FRIDAY. Estimates Given. ALWAYS GO TO jyjOLYNEUX & Co., JJOOT MANUFACTURERS. HOLTON ROAD POST OFFICE, BARRY DOCK, For the Latest Designs and the best value in the trade. SEEDS! SEEDS! SEEDS! A SPLENDID SELECTION of VEGETABLE and FLOWER SEEDS, direct from Messrs. Cooper, Taber, and Company, the largest Seed Growers in Europe. Please apply for Catalogues. and compare with Cardiff prices. VY, R. HOPKINS PHARMACEUTICAL AND DISPENSING CHEMIST (by Exam.), HIGH-STREET. BARRY. VERE-STREET, CADOXTON. FREDERICK C. MILNER, POST-OFFICE BARRY, STATIONER, NEWSAGENT BOOKSELLER. AND CIRCULATING LIBRARY. London and other daily papers supplied. Periodicals, Magazines, etc. JOHN DAVIES, rjiAILOR AND OUTFITTER, PARTS HOUSE, HIGH-STREET, BARRY. SUITS MADE TO ORDER AT THE SHORTEST NOTICE. WOODHAM AND SON, HIGH-STREET, BARRY, GREENGROCERS AND POTATO MERCHANTS. All Kinds of Fish Daily when in Season. GENERAL HAULIERS. A Brake for Picnic Parties for the Summer Season. Dog-cart on Hire. 4 i THE ROYAL STORES IN THE HAYES, CARDIFF. FORMOZA TEA AT PER 1 s. 8D. LB. THE BEST AND MOST LUXURIOUS IN ENGLAND AT THE PRICE. f .1; This is what they say of it! READ IT! From a lady at Neath to a Friend at Cardiff. My dear M-, I cannot write you a long letter to-day but will do so very shortly. I want you to ask Mr. Griffith if he will kindly send us a Small Caddy of Tea, about 10 or 12 lbs, the same Tea as we had at your house. I think you told me it was only Is. 8d. per lb. I cannot enjoy any Tea since I tasted that. "With fondest love to all from us all, "Believe me, Ever lovingly yours, 9? the ROYAL STORES IN THE HAYES, CARDIFF



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