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4 erthygl ar y dudalen hon


Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

FOOTBALL NOTES. [BY THE DRUID]. I am commissioned to contribute weekly a few notes on football and athletics in general to the pages of the Soittli, Star. I shall have two main objects in view first, to furnish information which will be reliable and acceptable to my readers and. secondly, to do justice to the clubs and individuals to whom my notes will refer. The great centre cf interest in the local football world on Saturday last was the new enclosure at Penarth, where the Seasiders were engaged in friendly conflict with the wearers of the Black and Blue." Xeather team was fully represented, yet a grand contest was witnessed, and the game was neither won nor lost until the toot of the referee's whistle announced trmjw-1 fvyit. Both teams adopted the open, passing game, which is so popular with spectators and had it not been for a little fumbling at the critical moments, both sides must have scored three or four times. The combination of the home backs was decidedly superior to that of Cardiff, while the home forwards hardly came up to expectation, especially when we remember that Cardiffs pack consisted only of seven men for the greater part of the game. I am sorry to hear that Arman's collar bone was broken. On Saturday next Penarth journey to Neath to play Dr. Peggo's brigade and. judging from the results of the last few matches, a c'ose game may be expected. Both teams are just now in fine form and as the last match between them re- sulted in a win. by a dropped goal to nil, I believe, for Neath. I must admit that my fancies are with the doctor's boys. Should Penarth take a full team down—well. I will not predict; when teams are so evenly matched it is a dangerous practice. Barry and CadoEton District Club easily disposed of the Heath Rovers, but the place kicking Just fancy, 15 points were lost for want of a good place kickUnder the new system," a try counts two points, but its conversion into a goal in- creases its value to five points. The District Club sadly need a couple of good backs, and they must really play the heeling out and passing game if they hope to come to the front. Pontypridd journeyed to Uanelly, where they met the Scarlet Runners," and. although defeated by 4 goals (one dropped) andl try to 1 try. yet they were not disgraeed. In fact, they played a hard, plucky game right up to" time." As a young team, they could scarcely expect to defeat the Tin-platers yet. ere long, I feel confident that the boys from Pontypridd will make a name for themselves. 1; Rome was not build in a day neither do football teams, as a rule. take a front rank position during their first season. Combina- tion and training will work wonders, and if Ponty- pridd do not ere long startle some of the big 'uns," I shall be greatly surprised. The Maritime Team had a stiff encounter with that vastly improved organization from Aberavon. Forward, both teams were about equal but the Maritime backs outshone their opponents, not by their combination, but by splendid individual play. If the Maritime Team hope to improve on their excellent record of last season, they'must show better accommodation" behind." The halves should play together. and should remember that their first and chief duty is to feed their three- quarters. Neath played a fine game at Swansea in fact, the match was spoken of as one of the best con- tested games seen on the Swansea field for many a day. The heavy home pack held the advantage in the light scrums, but in the loose rushes Neath was superior to the whites." At half. the Jameses played a fine game, and were just a trifle too good for Thomas and Cross. The visiting three-quarters were, however, a little ^head of the hpme quartette. Broskham at back was safer, and kicked better than did Oldham for Swansea. I am pleased to note that Mr. W. E. Rees, the popu- lar hon. secretary of the Xeath Club, has again been given a seat on the Welsh committee. Mr. Rees was nlso nominated for the position of secre- tary of the Welsh Union. As Mr. Mullock, how- ever, showed a strong desire to hold on," Mr. Rees withdrew. The Bridgend Club opened their season by play- ing a match with the Ogmore Vale Team. The match was played at Bridgend, and, after a splendid fight, Emery's men won by 2 tries to 1. The visitors made a plucky fight, and are a fine set of fellows. They are well-built, fast, and show fair combination. Their forwards showed to good advantage—dribbling and following up well; but the Bridgend backs were superior to the Ogmore quartette. Emery and Gregory were always rn endenc. and, in fact, were the mainstay of the home backs. Penygraig easily disposed of the Treorky lot by 2 goals and 4 tries to nil. Although defeated by such a heavy score, the Treorky Team played a fairly good game in fact. their pack was little, if any, inferior to that of Penygraig. But" Moses Jenkins' boys" behind the scrum had matters pretty well their own way. Moggie Rees, Stoddart, and Tudor Foster" played fiO with the Treorky men pretty much as a cat plays with a mouse. Rees, who is playing three-quarters this season, is showing good form, and has, I am pleased to hear, quite recovered from the accident he met with last season. Just a word about the charge of professionalism brought by the Cardiff Club against Penygraig. For some time it has been openly whispered that Penygraig would be re- ported. Many people could not understand how this club managed to get so many teams to visit them on Mabon's Days. It is to be hoped that Mr. Jenkins will insist upon Mr. D. W. Evans, of Cardiff, who made the charge, giving his authority for the statement, and also proving the serious charge. I know for a fact that Penygraig paid the expenses of teams, and also gave them a feed" for visiting the hills" on Mabon's Day3 but this, I think, does not infringe the rules. It must be proved that money, or its equivalent, have been paid or offered, or that work (.') has been offered. If it is true that money has been offered men to take a team to Penygraig, then I am afraid the charge of professionalism can easily be proved. I should also like to remind, not only Penygraig, but other teams, that it is not legal to pay men who would lose a day's work." The latter sense, which. it will be noticed, is a quotation, has more lying under it than I think advisable to bring to light at present. I may have more to say on this subject at a future time. The Cogan club journeyd to Pontypridd and defeated the" A" team there by 2 tries to nil. The Cogan backs are playing a very good passing" game this year, and as they are fast men, 1 quite expect to hear of them doing some big things. S. Wright, their new half, seems to have the make of a i; clinker." On Monday last Penygraig played their first big match at home, their opponents being the newly- formed team from Morriston. Although not fully represented the homesters played a fine game, and made a draw with their newly-fledged oppo- nents. Bancroft, Meredith, and T. Williams, late of Swansea fame, play for Morriston, and no doubt the team is already well up in football circles and I quite expect they will rank as a first-class organisation ere many months are passed. On the same day—Monday last—Maritime easily overcame a team from Grangetown. SEASON 1891-92. Results up to, and including, Saturday. 3rd Oct. 1891, of the inter-club matches between first-class Welsh teams :— 23 3 OS as • «- H = 3 fc > 't H 3 NAME OF CLUB p > o « o 33 3 s 't* ? ° i'Cardiff 2 2 0 0 4 100 1< Swansea 2 2 0 0 4 100 (Newport 1 1 0 G 2 100 f Penarth 1 0 1 0 2< Llanelly 1 Oil 0 j ( Penygraig. 1 0 • 1 0 3 Ne&th2 0 2 0 This list includes simply the inter-club matches of first-class Weigh teams. Two points are given for a win 1 for a draw. The percentage of points" shows the real position of a team, and is the only true standard from which to judge (on paper form. of course), as the above-named teams have not all secured matches with eaoh other. The 'Quins will be included in the list when they have met ono of the above-named teams. I know ] some people will object to this "table," but I maintain that it will be the truest method of measuring a team and at a glance we can see who are the premiers." Results of chief mathes played by Welsh teams on Saturday, October 3rd, 1891 BCOHK. TEAMS. WIXNKK. I 1.'oIL BÖOIŒ.AUAIK8T. iiliMAKKS, Kolt. AGAINST. u. .1 T. (' T. Penartli v. Cardiff Cardiff 1 — — — The losers had hard lines. Penartli v. Cardiff Cardiff 1 — The losers had hard lines. Newport v. Wellington Newport 4 3 Monk (iold played for Newport. 'Quins v. Bristol 'Quins 2 11 —^ Bristol showed great improvement. Swansea v. Neath Swansea 2 2 1 1 A splendidly contested game. Llanelly v. Pontypridd Llanelly 4 1 — 1 Losers played a plucky game. Penygraig v. Treorky Penygraig 2 4 — Home Lacks played grandly. Cardiff A v. Llaiidaif Llandaff 3 lladley played well for winners. St. David's v. Dowlais St. David's 1 2 St. David's have not lost a match for two seasons. Maritime v. Aberavon Pontypridd 3 1 Jones dropped a goal for Aberavon. Bridgend v. Ogmore Bridgend 2 1 Ogmore showed splendid form. Whitchurch v. Crangetown (irangetown 1 A well-contested game. Barry District v. Heath Rovers. Harry District. 5 First win for the District team. Cogan" A" y, Ulmth Itoath. 4 1 An easy win for lloath. Aberavon A" v. Maritime "A" Maritime 1 2 Splendidly contested match. Pontypridd A v. Oogan Cogan. 2 — Cogan backs played well. I C Pontyinister v. Caerphilly Pontymister 3 4 — Home team in splendid form. Barry v. Cardilf Star Star 5 1 — Home team completely over matched. Barry A v. Cardiff Star A Star 1 3 Easy win for the Stars. In each case the match was played on the ground of the first-mentioned team. <*» BARRY AND CADOXTON DISTRICT v. HEATH ROVERS (CARDIFF). These teams tried conclusions at the Witchell Athletic Grounds, Cadoxton, the visitors being easily defeated by five tries and four minors to one minor. The tries were obtained by Hurlow (2), H. Waters, Eckers, and W. Prothero. Lewis, for the visitors, experienced decidedly hard lines in not scoring on one occasion, a brilliant run down the ground being only stopped by Roberts, the home back. The homesters' place kicking was very feeble, not a major point being secured, though nearly all the tries were made at pretty convenient angles. The play of the district men, though rather faulty at times, was deserving of the warmest praise. The whole team played with well sustained spirit, and very rarely permitted their opponents to pen them in their own terri- tory. The homesters had the best of a rattling good game, from start to finish. Morgan, as a wing three-quarter, was tried for the first time this season, and during the game put in some good work. On one occasion he took the ball right to the line, when he was floored, but a clever pass to Waters enabled the latter to score a try. Probably Morgan's most noteworthy fault was his habit during the first half of punting when the visitors were defending their line on two or three occa- sions was this done, touch-downs merely resulting and chances of scoring completely spoilt. "Taff Prothero played better than'I have ever seen him do before: he was lucky enough on several occa- sions to secure the oval, and very rarely did he fail to make good headway. I note with satisfaction that he has got rid of that habit of running back which was usually characteristic of him when, in the matches in the olden days," he got hold of the ball. I had never seen Washbourne, the cap- tain, play before, but I had heard a deal about him. Probably he was a bit off colour last Satur- day. and, again, it would not be fair to criticise his form on casual acquaintance only. One, however, could not fail to notice that on several occasions he fielded the ball atrociously. Undoubtedly, the best half-back on the field was Hurlow, who I was very pleased to see donning the jersey for the Barryites. He has done yeoman service for many a Cardiff club in recent years, and his tricky play last Saturday fully maintained a very creditable reputation. His ludicrous place kick at goal, how- ever, I will pass over probably he was not alto- gether to blame, as the ball didn't appear to have been very well placed. Roberts, the full back, kicked and tackled well, and is to be congratulated on the prompt manner in which he prevented Lewis from getting across. The forwards all appeared to work well, no scrum shirk- ing being apparent, as far as I could see. There are several new men whom I should like to have given a word of praise to, but I don't know their names. Harry Waters and W. H. Jones were, I noticed, in the thick of it as of yore. By the way, an old friend whose departure from Cadoxton lately was so much regretted, Fred Boys, played like a Trojan for the visitors. A brother of his played at full back, and although he was kept pretty busy he appeared to be a very safe man. I was favourably impressed with the visitors, for they seemed a very gentlemanly lot of fellows, and notwithstanding that try after try cl was scored against them, they returned to the fray with undiminished energy, played their level best, and took their defeat like men. They appeared to be very dissatisfled with the ground, which is not the most suitable. Mr. Lewis, late of the Chepstow Football Team, acted as referee. Of course he did not please everybody-what referee ever did ? — but he appeared to carry out his duties in a conscientious manner. That well-known friend of sport, Mr. R. G. Morris (Cadoxton Grammar School) was umpire for the home side. BRIDGEND v. OGMORE VALE. The football season at Bridgend was opened on Saturday last, when the above match was played at the Five Bells Field. The team representing the homesters contained several of the last year's second team. besides a new player, named W. S. Fell, and although comparatively light in weight, there is every reason to expect a good combination this season, considering that the team is under so able a captain as Mr. E. Emery. Ogmore on the other hand proved more than strong enough forward, but the only superiority of the Bridgend team was observed at three-quarter, who com- pletely out-paced the opposing quartette. Ogmore returned the kick out, and immediately showed their strength by succeeding scrums. Morgans kicking down denied Bridgend the considerable ad- vantage gained by Emery. Mahoney was slow in returning a long kick, but the forwards sweeping down sent it over, the home back being only present in the nick of time to save. Brice kicked into touch near the equatorial line, and T. Emery lost a good chance by erratic passing. Loose play, however, ensued, and Brown Gregory being well up in the dribble, secured the first try of the season amidst cheers. The home captain failed to improve upon the point, but some of the visitors disputing the decision of the referee, showed bad grace, and were threatening to walk off the field. The game was resumed after a time. and through a bungle by Mahoney the visitors' forwards swept down near the line. Fell relieved to the 25 flag where from a line out, T. Davies secured, and skirting the line dived over at th5 coroner. E. Davies failed to convert. With the half-time score of equal, Morgans kicked off, and Fell made good attempts to get away. A fierce onslaught was made by the visiting '• up?," and the game was hardly contested for a little time in Bridgend quarters. Harry Thomas broke through and Jim Richards, Ivor James, and T. Francis each in turn toed the leather, which through Emery following up was sent against the bar. The latter watching for its rebound romped in an easy position. E. Davies failed at goal. Shortly afterwards Emery was again called back after crossing at the coroner, but the ultimate score of each side was—Bridg- end, 2 tries Ogmore Vale, 1 try and 1 minor. TOXDU v. CYMMER (M AESTEG). The opening of the Tondu season was witnessed on Saturday last under favourable auspices. Cymmer were the team against whom they were pitted, and the enthusiasts of the winter game were very large in their attendance on the Tondu ground. The turn of the coin being against the homesters, the Cymmer captain set the ball rolling, the return falling to W. T. Jones. The forwards, squally fast, prevented a reply, and fought hard with their opponents in their own quarters. A series of scrums followed, and J. Hopkin ultimately got over, but for a breach of the off-side rule the point wa3 (lisallowed. However, the tide of play was not stemmed, and the same player allowed Stafford an opportunity, the latter dropping a beautiful goal. Tondu again commenced the attack, and J. Hopkins, dexterously picking up, evaded all his opponents, and romped in the easiest of fashion. The cheers of the spectators were renewed when W. T. Jones guided the ball over the bar from a difficult angle. Half-time found Tondu 2 goals (1 dropped) and 7 minors ahead. T. Rees, the new skipper, pent the ball along again, and. keeping pace with it, prevented a return. J. Hopkin. securing from the succeeding scrum, passed to Sullivan, the latter transferring to Stafford, who again essayed a shot at goal, but without success. J. Hopkins, however, after a very short time, scored a try, which W. T. Jones failed to convert from the corner post. Final score Tondu, 2 goals (one dropped), 1 try, and 14 minors Cymmer, nil. The home full back dis- played excellent form; his superb running and kicking being features of great admiration. Murphy and Stafford were the pick of the three- quarters, H. Thomas being a. bit off," while Birley, one of the latest arrivals, proved to be a complete frost." Hopkins and Sullivan knew each other's tactics, and we shall expect much from their display of smart combination, while they never forgot to feed those at their backs. The ups were to a man a good lot, T. Jones (the skipper) to the forefront always, W. W. Rees. T. Power, and C. Mahoney at his heels. The runs of the club realised the profit of excellent play, and it is to be hoped they will improve proportionately. The Tondu team was composed as follows :—Back, W. T. Jones three-quarter backs, C. Birley, T. Stafford, J. Murphy, and H. Thomas half-backs, J. Hopkin and J. Sullivan; forwards, T. Rees (captain), W. Rees, R. Williams, W. Thomas, C. Mahoney, T. Power, T. Carey, and J. John. Referee, Mr. E. Hopkin. ABERAVON v. MARITIME. This match was played at the Maritime field, Pontypridd, on Saturday last, before a large number of spectators. Aberavon kicked off, and after some rough play on neutral ground the leather sailed away in the direction of the visitors' goal-line, and the Avonites were obliged to touch down in self-defence. Play being resumed, the visitors were conceded a free kick, and the home team were put on the defensive for some time. However, the home forwards, by good dribbling. brought the oval into close proximity to the visi- tors' post, where scrimmage took place. The ball was picked up by Sullivan, who passed to Vickers, who, in his turn, scored a try amid loud cheering. The visitors, for a while, looked dangerous, but Murray, securing the ball by a good sprint, in- vaded Aberavon ground, and passed to Vickers, who picked between the posts. Aberavon again pressed their opponents, and were on the point of scoring when the ball was kicked into touch, and soon afterwards they scored a minor. Half-time was now called, and the score stood as follows :— Maritime, 1 try, 2 minors; Abjravon, 1 minor. Breathing time over, Devereux soon placed the ball within the visitors' lines, and Murray scored a try, which, however, the homesters failed to con- vert, and soon afterwards Evan Jones, for the Avonites, scored a drop goal amid loud and con- tinued cheering. This brought the scoring equal, and some good play was witnessed for the next ten minutes. The Maritime forwards for a while looked dadgerous, when Vickers, by a splendid run, placed the ball between the posts, but the try was disallowed owing to his having run into touch, Play took place for some time on the visitors' ground, when Murray, securing the ball, scored a try, but Sullivan failed to convert. From this point until the end of the game the visitors were hard pressed, and failed to push back their opponents from their ground. The scoring, when the whistle blew, was as follows :—Maritime, 3 tries, 4 minors Aberavon, 1 dropped goal, 1 nfinors. COGAN v. PONTYPRIDD A." This match took place on Saturday on the Taff Vale Grounds, Pontypridd. Soon after the kick off the Coganites secured a minor, pressed their opponents hard and kept the ball wit! in the line. The two Maplesons after a while secured tries for the visitors, but failed to convert either. Some good play was afterwards witnessed on neutral ground when Harry Oliver by a good kick sent the ball right into the hands of the visitors full back, who returned into the centre of the field. The Coganites by some excellent passing soon brought play into the home 25, and B. Howells by a good kick scored another minor for the visitors. On resumption of play Harris made a capital run and looked very much like scoring, but Evans collared him, and a scrimmage followed and the ball was again brought into z, no man's land. Pontypridd now pressed their opponents, and invaded their territory, but before they could score time was called, the result being—Cogan, 2 tries and 2 minors Pontypridd, nil. The following are the teams :—Pontypridd—Back, W. D. Evans three- quarters, Gus Rowlands. W. Howells, H. Oliver, and R. Richards half-backs, Moses Hughes and J. Davies forwards, R. F. Davies, T. Evans, Bowen, H. Davies, Walter Lewis, Dai Hunt, and W. John. Cogan Back, B. Howells: three- quarter backs, H. Mapleson, A. Mapleson, and W, Harris; half-backs, C. Holt and S. Wright; for- wards, T. Morris (captain), D. Morris, J. Thomas, C. Spencer, S. Morgan, T. Roddy, and S. Bryant (a substitute) umpire, Mr. J. H. Hall. LLANTWIT-MAJOR v. BRYNCETHIN. The Llantwit Team played their first match this season, on the home ground, on Saturday, their opponents being the Bryncethin Team. A good game resulted in a victory for the home team by 8 goals (2 dropped) 2 minors to nil. Sides :—Bryn- cethin back. J. Green; three-quarters, G. Oncit, J. Williams, W. Carey, and J. Jones half-backs, T. Bailey and S. Adams; forwards, C. Croft, T. Jacobs. C. Matthews (capt.). N. Richards, A. G. Hibbs, Wm. Bowen, H. Trotty. and T. C. Bird. Llantwit-Major back, H. Hopkin half-backs, A. Piice and D. Thomas three-quarters, Andrew R. Price (capt.), Wm. Goulden, Wm. Howell, and A. Wapham forwards. H. George, H. Price, R. Jenkins. Wm, George, A. Symmonds, Lewis Rees, T. Howells, and Alfred Chatterton. ———— MARITIME (PONTYPRIDD) V. GRANGETOWN DISTRICT.—This match was played on Mabon's Day, on the ground of the Maritime Club, Ponty- pridd, before a fairly large field. At the finish the scores stood :—Maritime, 4 goals (one dropped), 3 tries, 2 minors Grangetown, 2 minors. FERXDALE V. WINDSOR STARS. — Played on Saturday at the Cricket Field, and a fast game, resulting in a win for the home team by a tries and 9 minors to 1 minor. Tries were got by H. Thompson, W. Turner, and A. Cook (captain). The home men rushed the leather like Trojans, especially when the home citadel was besieged. CADOXTOX JUNIORS V. BARRY STARS. — This match was played at Brocks Field on Saturday last, and resulted in a draw in favour of Cadoxton. Scores :—Cadoxton, 6 minors Barry, 1 minor. For Cadoxton. Weaver, Hoddinott, W. Davies, Edwards, and the full-back played well. Cadox- ton team :—Back, E. Llewellin (captain) three- quarters, D. Edwards, W. Davies, W. Hussey, O. Hodge (vice-captain) half-back, J. H. Weaver, and A. Hoddinott forwards, A. Park, A. Davies, D. Friggs, D. Griffiths, E. Evans, W. Meikle, and O. Mooney. MARDY, RHONDDA VALLEY V. BLAINA.—These Association teams met on Saturday for the first time this season on the groond of the latter, when some hundreds of spectators witnessed a very fast, and at times an exciting game. However, the visitors proved too strong, and eventually won a grand game by three goals to nil. The goals were kicked by E. R. Jones, Lewis Jones, and J. R. Jones. YNYSYBWL WINDSOR STARS V. TEEHERBERT. —Played at Treherbert, resulting in a win for the visitors by a goal to a try. FERNDALE JUNIORS V. PONTYPRIDD JUNIORS. —Played at Ferndalc Cricket Field, resulting in a win for the home team by 1 (penalty) goal and 1 try to 2 tries. W. J. Jenkins (captain) scored the try. and J. Oriffiths kicked the (penalty) goal. PONTYPRIDD CRUSADERS V. PENTRE JUNIORS. —Played on the ground of the Juniors, resulting in a win for Pentre Juniors by 1 try to nil. TONDU FOOTBALL CLUB FIXTURES. Oct. 10 Bryncethin Hoine 17 Ogmore Home „ 24 Barry Away 31 Maritme Home Nov. 7.Swansea "A" .Home „ 14 Ogmore Away „ 21 Pontyclown Home „ 28.Bryncethin.Home Dec. 5 Morriston Away „ 12 Llantwit Major.Home „ 19 Pontyclown .Away „ 26 Barry Home Jan. 2.Pontyclown Home 9.Swansea A Away „ 18 Skewen Home „ 23 Maritime Away „ 30.Skewen Away Feb. 6.Scotland v. Wales Swansea „ 13 „ 20 Llantwit Major Away „ 27 Llanelly A Home Mar. 5 „ 12.Cymmer .Home „ 19 Morriston Home 26 Llanelly A Away April 2 Pontyclown.. Away COGAN FOOTBALL FIXTURES. FIRST TEAM. Oct. 10 Whitchurch Home „ 17.Ystrad Excelsior .Home „ 24 Knowle Park, Bristol Away Nov. 7.Cathays .Home „ 14 Caerphilly Home „ 21 Newport Y.M.F.S.Away „ 28.Splott Rovers .Home Dec. 5 St. Andrews Home „ 12 Whitchurch Away „ 19.Cadoxton and Barry District Home „ 26 Bridgwater .Away „ 26 Ystrad Excelsior .Away Jan. 2 Newport Harriers .Home „ 9.Pontypridd Home „ 16.St. Andrews Away „ 23 Cadoxton and Barry District Away 30 Barry Away Feb. 6 Newport Y.M.F.S.Home „ 13.Pontypridd Crusaders.Away „ 20 Caerphilly Away 27 Cathays Away Mar. 5 Knowle Park. Bristol Home 19 Newport Harriers Away „ 2o Splott Rovers .Away April 9 Pontypridd Crusaders Away „ 15 Brixham ) „ 18 Trcquoy ^Tou^ „ 18 Newton Abbott I SECOND TEAM. Oct. 10 Penarth Albion.Away 17.Riverside Away „ 24 Cardiff Albion .Home 31.Penarth Albion Home Nov. 7.Cathays 2nd Away „ 14 Caerphilly 2nd Away „ 21 Penarth Albion Home „ 28 Roath Windsors Away Dec. 5.St. Germans Away „ 12 Riverside .Home „ 19 Cardiff Albion Away Jan. 16.St. Germans .Home „ 23.Cadoxton& By. District 2nd Home 30.Barry 2nd Home Feb. 6 Penarth Albion Away „ 13.Canton Harlequins .Away •> 20 Caerphilly 2nd.Home 27.Cathays 2nd .Home