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GREAT BARGAINS. FOLLICK, PAWNBROKER AND JEWELLER, CORNER OF Barry-road & lain-st,, Cadoxton, Also 40 and 41, BRIDGE STREET, CARDIFF, HAS FOR SALE THE UNDERMENTIONED BARGAINS :— Splendid Patterns GOLD ALBERT, French make, Splendid Design, cost £9 10s to be sold at a great Sacrifice 75s. GOLD CURB ALBERT AXD LOCKET, every Link Stamped, could not be bought New for three times the price only 70s. LONG SILVER GUARD, Double Link, Fancy Pattern, orginally cost 30s. Price asked now only 12s. 6d. A Splendid Set of GOLD BROOCH AND EARRINGS, in case, Handsome Pattern, very Neat and Splendidly Finished, a Bargain, only 19s. A Large Assortment of Gold Wedding Rings, Keepers, Dress Rings, and Signet Rings for Sale. 0 0 Silver Alberts (Ladies and Gents') in Variety. Watches of all Kinds. New and Second-hand Clothing always in Stock. NOTE OUR OLD-ESTABLISHED ADDRESSES FOLLICK, Corner of Barry-road and Main-street, CADOXTON. Also 40 and 41, Bridge street, Cardiff. First Display of Autumn Fashions. i. v B. Evans & Company Have the pleasure to inform their Customers and the public generally that they are now holding a GRAND SHOW OF AUTUMN FASHIONS 1: On this oceassion they will be prepared to exhibit THE LATEST NOVELTIES IN Costumes, Mantles, Jackets, Cloaks, Capers, Juvenile Dress, Millinery, Feathers, Flowers, Dress Materials, Yel vets, Silks, Plushes, and Fancy Goods Generally. All the other Branches of this Business are largely stocked, and afford a choice and extensive collection of Goods, specially produced for the present Season. TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA. OCTOBER. 1891. o" W. H. GIBBY, 85, High Street, BARRY, EUMISHIM AND GEIEML IROMOMER, TRAVELLIXG TPUNKS FIRE IR0XS, ry COAL VASES, IX VARIETY. AND -G BEDDIxG OF EVERY BEST L-N-NTP ',)I,. DESCRIPTION. CARPENTERS' & JOINERS' TOOLS. SUPERIOR TABLE & POCKET CUTLERY. Sole Agent for the ALBO CARBON LIGHT. The Brighest, Steadiest, and Most Economical of Gaslights BENJAMIN LEWIS, GROCER, BAKER AND PROVISION MERCHANT, PALMERSTOWN AND BARRY ROAD, < CADOXTON-BARRY. ( Try our High-Class Provisions at Low Prices. 1 SPECIALITIES IN TEAS :-GOOD FAMILY, Is. GL SPLENDID BLEND, 2s. 11 AND FINEST GOWN, 2s. Ul. ( Lewi? s Bread is the oread of the day, Lewis's Bread defies competition, Lewis s Bread is the best. people say Lewis's Bread withstands opposition Lewis s Bread is the bread for the young, Lewis's Bread is both wholesome and pure, Lewis s Bread for the weak and che strong Lewis's Bread will jusb suit you, I'm sure. Lewis's Bread for the navvy is best, Lewis's Bread for workmen to carry, Lewis s Bread is the bread to digest; Lewis's Bread is known down in Barry Lewbs Bread for the Welsh Bard, Lewis's Bread hr.s a very wide fame, LewL- s Bre'ad for all men who work hard. Lewis's Bread bears B. Lewis's name. N.B.—Tea Meetings Supplied on Reasonable Terms. x THE CADOXIOf COAGII AND WHEEL WORKS, l1 ADJOINING BANK BUILDINGS, CADOXTON, BARRY. MR. A. B. LEWIS T> 2GS to call the attention of the public generally that he is now prepared to EXECUTE ALL JJ3 KINDS of ..L 1.l -1. >. C CARRIAGES,' TRAPS, &c., In the most modern styles. ESTIMATES FnEE. EXPERIENCED WORKMEN EMPLOYED. CARRIAGE PAINTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. —— bpaL SMITIIY AND REPAIRING WORK EXECUTED ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. p T beo-s to r3fer the public to his most recent accomplishments for several of the leading A- Davies (Barrv Hotel.) and tradesmen of the district, including Dr. O'Dcnne: cr r\ f T V v il-' • '11*->-»•*• V Mr. J. J- Williams, B. E. Iloddiuotc. MALT HOUSE FARM, BETAS POWIS, ARDIFF. SALE OF FARMING STOCK MESSRS. STEPHENSON and ALEXANDER arc instructed by 3Ir. John Gretrex, who is giving up farming, to SELL by AUCTION, with- out reserve, at the Malt House Farm,. Dynas Powis. on TUESDAY, the 20th of October next at 2.30 p.m., the whole of his very useful FARMING STOCK, Comprising 50 Head of SHEEP, including Breeding Ewes. Wethers, and Lambs. 7 MILCH COWS. in and with Calf, 2 two- year-old HEIFERS and 2 YEARLINGS. 3 very useful Cart and other HORSES, 2 Store Pigs, amli The whole of the AGRICULTURAL IMPLE- MENTS. the DAIRY UTENSILS, and a portion of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Immediately after the sale of the above will also be Sold-3 MILCH COWS. one with Calf and-two in Calf: CALF. five months old 2 PIGS, small Mow of MEADOW HAY, &c., the property of the late Mrs. Ann Jones, Dynas Powis. Three Months' Credit on the whole, subject to the usual conditions. [478 MALT HOUSE FARM, DINAS POWIS, NEAR CARDIFF. LETTING OF PASTURE LAND. MESSRS. STEPHENSON AND ALEXANDER are instructed to LET by AUCTION (im- mediately-after the Sale of Stock, &c.,at this Farm) on TUESDAY, the 20th October next, object to conditions to be then prcduced. the Excellent Pasture Lairds now in the occupation of Mr. John Greatrex, and knowa as the Malt House Lands, conjtaining alto- gether 16 acres, or thereabouts. The Land will be Let in convenient Lots, the tenancies to commence Lorn the 2nd February next. Mr. Gratrex, the Malt House Farm, will show the Lands, and it is suggested that intending pur- chasers should inspect the lots before the day of sale. [485 Fontigary Farm, Penmark, near Barry SALE OF VALUABLE FARMING STOCK, CROPS, IMPLEMENTS, &c. MESSRS. STEPHENSON and ALEZANDER will SELL by AUCTION, without reserve, on THURSDAY. October 22nd, 1891. at this Farm, the property of Mr. Thomas Matthews, who is el leaving, 170 PRIME COTSWOLD SHEEP, 32 HEAD OF EXCELLENT CATTLE. 8 CART HORSES, AND 3 CDLTS, SEVERAL PIGS, the AGRICULTURAL IMPLE- MENTS, and the whole of the WELL-HARVESTED CROPS, Comprising :—Mow of clover hay, 1889 two mows of clover hay, 1889 three large mows of excellent wheat five capital mows black Tartarian oats, and a large mow of wheat Straw. Luncheon by ticket at Twelve o'clock. Sale at One o'clock punctually. Four months' credit will be given, subject to the usual conditions. Catalogues, giving full particulars, may be obtained upon appMcation to the Auctioneers. 5, High-street, Cardiff. [479 WYNDHAM FARM, BRIDG-END. MESSRS. STEPHEXSOX AND ALEXANDER are instructed by Mr. William Hislop. who is giving up this Farm, to SELL by AUCTION, without reserve, on MONDAY, 19th of October next, the whole of the Stock, Crops, and Effects upon tirs Farm, comprising 90 SHEEP, namely—60 prime Fat Cheviot wethers, and 30 ditto lambs. 15 very excellent FAT CATTLE. 6 two-year-old HEIFERS IN CALF. 33 two and three-year-old STEERS. Two-year-old HEREFORD BULL. Pedigree BULL CALF, from Sir Joseph Spear- man's celebrated herd. 2 excellent AYRSHIRE MILCH COWS, in full milk and 2 HEREFORD COWS in Calf. 2 CART HORSES, and useful HACKNEY MARE and FOAL, by Melbourne." 20 BERKSHIRE PIGS. 20 BERKSHIRE PIGS. Also about 100 tons of well-harvested clover and meadow hay in excellent condition, to be sold in convenient lots. Large mow of oats, crop of ten acres. Crop of ten acres of very excellent swedes, mangolds, and potatoes, and also the whole of the agricultural implements which include wagons and c.rts by the Bristol Wagon Works Company, and which are all nearly new. Four months' credit wiil be given upon the usual conditions. Purchasers will please nssemblc at the Wyndham Arms Hotel. Bridgend, at 12 o'clock, where lunch will be provided by ticket, and conveyances will, after lunch, convey intending purchasers to the farm. which is about one mile out of the town of Bridgend, where the sale will take place at One o'clock. Catalogues may be obtained upon application to the Auctioneers. 5, High-street, Cardiff. [490 AUCTION MART, MAIN-STREET, CADOXTON. MP. A. A. WESTON has received instructions to SELL bv AUCTION, at the p.bove Rooms, on FRIDAY, SATU RDAY, an 1 MONDAY, the 16th, 17th, and 19th inst., a Large Quantity of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Unredeemed Pledges, consisting of Clothing and Jewellery. Sale to commence each evening at 7 p.m. [471 MR. A. A. WESTON, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, oL- ESTATE AGENT, AUCTION MART, MAIN-STREET, CADOXTON. N.B.— HOUSEHOLD FUHNITURH and TRADES- MEN'S STOCKS Sold at the above Rooms Weekly on Commission. Good. intended for Friday's Sale should be sent in not later than Wednesday each week. [472 PONTYPRIDD LOCAL BOARD. TENDERS FOR ROAD WIDENING. THE above Board is prewired to receive TEN- DERS for the WIDENING and FENCING, s:c-. of thE MAIN ROAD within the district. Plans and Specifications can be seen, and Form )f Application obtained on application to the Sur- veyor. Tenders to be sent to H. LI. Grovcr. Esq., Clerk :o the Board, not later than THURSDAY. Novem- ber 4th. 1891. endorsed, "Tenders for Widening and Fencing Main Road." .:> The lowest or any Tender not necessarily ac- lepted. By Order, E. REES, Surveyor. 14th October, 1891. [483 \TTANTED by the COITY HIGHER SCHOOL V BOARD a SCHOOL ATTENDANCE OfSTCER. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE OFFICER. Salary £ 9 a year. Applications to be sent in to ne by the 31st instant. 13 v Order. R. IIARMAR COX. "Jridgend, October 8th, 1831. [483 Tand c:i Ih'ook's Farm, Cadozton, -.l. IJ U TO LET J'or Garden and A;rH- ;1 l '-t. J ( (; ..L f *ultural Purposes. Applicants to send in their names to Mess i. ARD and THOMAS, Queen's Chambers, ."a'-diff, who will appoint a day to meet them at Jadoxton. Q A D O X T O N O T E L CADOXTON, UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. jvjR Torms. apply to the Manager, Mr. H. P. •A. W ARBUIirON, who solicits the assistance of Twelve Gentlemen to form an Elocution Class ..i.d Dramatic Club at the above premises. Barrjr and Cadoxton locat Board. TO GARDENERS AND OTHERS. THE above Board are preparecTI to receive L TENDERS for the PROVIDING aract PLANT- ING of SfO WESTERN PLANE, LIME, or other suitable TREES along the Court-road and the Holton and Weston-road. Furtherrparticulars may be obtainediao applica- tion to the- Surveyor, Local Board Offices, Vere- street, Cadexton. Tenders- to be sent in to the undersigned on or before Noon, TUESDAY, 27th October, 1891, endorsed :tTender for Trees, &c." The Board do not bind themselves to aaeeept the lowest or any Tender. By Order, J. C. PARDOE, Ssanreyor. Cadoxton, Mth October, 1891. [489 Barry and Cadoxton Local Board. TO IRONMONGERS, &c. THE a9ove Board are prepared to' receive TENDERS for the SUPPLY of 3SG Light Wrought Jron TREE-GUARDS, to be delivered free at Cadoxton or Barry Station as required. Designs to-accompany Tenders. Tenders^to tre sent-in to the undersigned on or before Noon, TUESDAY, 27th October, 1S91, endorsed Tenders for Tree-Guards." The Board do not bind themselves to aeeept the lowest or-any tender. By Order, J. C. PARDOE, Sarveyor. Cadoxton, October 14th, 1891. [487 BARRY & CADOXTON LOCAL BOARD TO CONTRACTORS. TUE above Board are njTiredl to receive TENDERS for the C VS' 1UCMOX of the following ROADS :— Portion of Church Road, CadoxfaHv and Proposed Road between Court Road and Barry Road, Cadoxton. Plans, sections, and specifications may be seen, and forms of Tender obtained, at tlte, Local Board Office, Vere Street, Cadoxton. Tenders to be sjnt in to me. tie undersigned, on or before TUESDAY", mid-day,, the 27th day of October. 1891, endorsed Tender-for Roads." The Board do jiot bind theunselYes to accept the lowest or any tender. By order, J. C. PARDOE, Surveyor. Cadoxton, October 14th, 1891. [488 TO CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. rpHE Barry and Cadoxton Local Board are pre- pared to receive TENDERS for PRIVATE IMPROVEMENT WORKS in the following streets, viz. Davics-street, vl Llewellyn-street. Plans, Sactionsj, and Specifications may be seen, and Forms of Tender obtained at the Offices of the Board. Vere-street, Cadoxton. upon application to the undersigned, from whom all further particu- lars can be obtained. Sealed Tenders, endorsed Private Improve- ment Work- to be sent in to the undersigned not later than TUESDAY, mid-day, the 27th day of October, 1891. The Board reserve to themselves the right of letting the work in sections, and do not bind them- selves to accept the lowest or any Tender. Dated this 14th day of October, 1891. 4871 J. C. PARDOE, Surveyor. Park Hall, Cardiff. SATURDAY POPULAR CONCERTS, SEASON 1891-2, Commencing OCTOBER 24th, 1891, ?dth MRS. ALICE SHAW (La Belle Siffieuse), and THE SWANSEA PRIZE WIIANERS. Ticket Books for the Season now ready. Accompanist: Mrs CLARA NO YELLOBA YIES. Conductor: Mr. JACOB DA YIES. [481 PRESBYTERIAN CHAPEL, BARRY. "To be, Or not to be B(arried ? THAT IS THE QUESTION." A Lecture on the above subject will be delivered by the popular London Minister, the REV. THOMAS EVANS, (VICTORIA PARK,) OX TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20TH, 1891, CHAIRMAN II. RADCLIFFE, ESQ., PEXAETH. Doors open at 7.45, to commence at 8 sharp. Proceeds in aid of Building Fund. TICKETS 6d. & Is. [467. THEBAZAAR OR FANCY FAIR IN AID OF THE FUNDS FOR THE NEW CHURCH AT EAST BARRY. FIXAL ABKAXGEMEXTS. THE-FANCY FAIR WILL (D.V.) TAKE PLACE IX THE MARKET-HALL, EAST BARRY, Oil Wednesday a4d Thursday OCTOBER 28TH AND 29TH, 1891, AT 12 O'CLOCK EACH DAY. TATROXS: The Lord Bishop of Llandaff and Mrs. Lewis. Lord and Lady Windsor. Lord and Lady Aberclare. Lord Tredegar. Lady E. Romily. Canon Allen and Mrs. Allen. S. Romily, Esq., J.P., and Lady A. Romily. Mrs. Jenner. Miss Jenner. MissTaIbot. Sir George Walker. Bart. Sir Morgan and Lady Morgan. Major-General Lee. J.P. R. Forrest, Esq., J.P., and Mrs. Forrest. J. Cory, Esq., and Mrs. Cory. J. Ware, Esq., J.P., and Mrs. Ware. T. Evans, Esq. (Glvneelyn). O. II. Jones, Esq., J.P. J. Robinson, Esq., and Mrs. Robinson. The LORD BISHOP of the DTOC-:SE h-,s kindly consented to Open t'te j; All the above-named distiii^m, ed company are also be in:; invited for the Opening Day, viz., WEDNES- PAY, October 23. at 12 o'e:o>k. snae:ons Hall wid be elaborately fitted and ;iec,o""tT.i for n. ;m 1 t/'e Shops will be found store.! vvli a i. ^x'iou (, £ all kiuds of useful ;n 1 cl.oice good: The Musical Arrangemenets, &c., are receiving special attention. Admission:—Opening Day, at 12 o'clock, Is.; after 6 p.m., 6d. Second Day, 6d. Tickets may now be obtained of the Secretaries, or any of the workers. SECRETARIES MRS. R. S. ROBINSON, East Barry. MRS. J. POWELL, East Barry. [463 J SOUTH WALES UNION BANK, LIMITED. A BWl OF THIS BANK WILL BE 0PEMED AT BARRY ON MONDAY NEXT. 492] LEWIS W. JONES, MANAGER. MARKET HALL, CADOXTON. A GRAND EVENING CONCERT (Under the Distinguished Patronage of Sir MORGAN MORGAN and J. CORY, ESQ.), Will be given at the above place ON WEDNESDAY NEXT, the 21ST INST., When the following artistes will appea.r:- Soprano-L L I NOS: DAR. Contralto—MADAME POLLX JENKINS, R-A.M. (Swansea,). Tenor—EOS MOBLAIS. Bass-ME" GWILYM THOMAS. Accompanist—Mrs. E. MOEjRIS, The Rectory. Admission Reserved Seats (Limited) 2s. Front Seats, ls..6ch and Second Seats, Is. Poors open at 7; concert to commence at 7.30. Proceeds towarda-the Building Fund of Bryn Sion Welsh Congregational Chapel, Cadoxton. [491 LOST. LOST, a SILVER WATCH and CHAIN, on Saturday KijOt, October lOtn, between Aber- kenfig and Brynmemn.—Finder rewarded by return- ing it to William Thomas, River-row, Brynmenin.[p4(l -r- WANTED. OFFICES WANTED.—TWO ROOMS, smsable OFFICES, wanted in Pontypridd.—State- rent required, with particulars, to L. Lewis, Barry Dock Chambers, Cadoxton. Tp38 OFFIC'K BOY, to run errands and make himself generally useful. Apply, with a specimen of handwriting, XIV., Star Office, Cadoxton. [fOO DRAPERY. — WANTED, A YOUTH AND YOUNG LADY as APPRENTICES.—Thos. Edwards, Draper, Bridgend. [29 BOOKBINDER'S LAYING ""PRESS, Sewing Frame, and a few various Finishing Tools. For Cash.-Apply T., Star Office. [fOl BAKERS.—An experienced YOUNG MAN seeks Employment, practical bread baker and a fair, knowledge of small goods » total abstainer.—Addrec-s, W. Easterbrook, 38, Vere-street, Cadoxton, Barry. [p31 WANTED, A GENERAL SERVANT; Welsh preferred.—-Apply Box 92, Star Office, Cadox- ton. DO you want your FINGER BILLS, Handbills and Circulars conscientiously Distributed in town and country ?—Apply X. X. X., Star Office, Cadoxton. WANTED, respectable BOYS to sell the South Wales Star.—Good commission to suitable lads. Apnly Manager, Star Printing Works, Vere Street, Cadoxton. WRITERS WANTED at their homes, evenings; good pay. —See the PEOPLE'S FIRESIDE JOURNAL. All Newsagents and Smith's Stalls. Id.; post free. 2d.. from 59, Newman Street, London, W. TO LET. TO be LET or SOLD, HILLSIDE VILLAS, Porthkerry-road, Barry, containing drawing and dining-rooms, kitchen, scullery, outhouses, five bed- rooms, bath-room, w.c., hot and cold water through- out, large garden front and back. Price £ 450.—Apply Mr. Richards, senior, builder, Porthkerry-road, Barry. TTS BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENTS inserted in the B SOUTH WALES STAR, the most widely-read newspaper in South and Mid-Glamorgan, at compara- tively low terms, for periods ranging from three to twelve months. RPO LET. — COTTAGES in Arthur-street, Mount 1 Pleasant, Cadoxton; painted and papered throughout; water laid on; 7s. per week. J. A. Hughes, Solicitor, Cadoxton. FOR SALE. FOR SALE 10 FAT PIGS, between 10 and 15 score weight each. — Apply, Evan Matthews, jun., Watertown Mill, Bridgend. [p39 FOR SALE, AMERICAN ORGAN, seven stops, Jf two knee swells a bargain, £ 3.—Apply 2, Angel- street, Bridgend. [p40 SAFETY BIC1CLE; light roadster a bargain; £ 6.—-Apply 21, Iddesleigh-strect, Cadoxton. [p33 PRINTING ORDERS of Every Description at p the Office of this Paper. LIVE STOCK. TRADE MARK. SQUIRE GILES' PIG POWDERS leniimr "I Cooling and Fattening. Best for Store Pigs. Id. per packet. V\TV) SQUIRE GILES' WORM POW- M DERS OR WORM PILLS FOR DOGS. Purely herbal and harm- less. Certain cure. 6d. per packet -yV/ of ail Chemists, Seedsmen, and Grocers, or of Squire Giles & Co., Cardiff. MEDICAL. FEMALE Corrective Mixture succeeds after all others have failed not a quack medicine.— Pearson and Co., Chemists, 10, Caroline-street, Cardiff. ITCHINGS (unbearable). Pimples, Nasty Sores or Ulchers, Blood and Skin Diseases (from what- ever cause).—Apply now for advice, free of charge, to Pearson and Co., Chemists, 10, Caroline-street, Cardiff, where immediate relief may be had and sure cure guaranteed at a trifling cost. MISCELLANEOUS. PLOUGHS, HORSEHOES, HORSE GEARS, CHAFFCUTTERS, CAKE BREAKERS, &c., CARTS, WAGGONS, TROLLIES, TRAPS AND C ATIB.T AGES of all kinds. Agents for the Bristol Wagon Works Company. Lists free. HIBBERT & SONS, 10 and 11, Castle-street. Cardiff. PEARCE & CO., 61, QUEEN STREET, CAR DIPF. Soft Band Trusses, Artificial Legs Arms and Eyes, Leg Irons, Spine-supports, Belts Elastic Stockings. RLTPTURES, HERNIA. How can it be cured, Consult ALLEN PEAR.CE. Private rooms, 13. THE PARADE. CARDIFF. Home 10 to 4. OWEN'S HAIR DRESSING.—A Specific for Nourishing and Preserving the Ilair. Renews the Hair in cases of Baldness. Stays the Falling Off. Restores the Hair to its Natural Colour. Produces luxuriant Whiskers and Moustaches. Sold in Bottles at 2 3 and 1- each by OWEX. 27, EDWAUD-PTREET, QUEEX-STKEET, CARDIFF; 151, Cardiff New Market H<< Local Agents—J. Jones, Chemist, Kolton-road, Barry Dock; W.R.Hopkins, Chemist, High-street, Barry; W. R. Hopkins, Chemist, Vere-street, Cadoxton; W. H. Key, Chemist, Taff- street, Pontypridd, and all Chemists. | JONES rpHOMAS & CO., UNDERTAKERS & COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS. EVERY REQUISITE FOR FUNERALS OF ALL | CLASSES. j The only Proprietors of Hearses, Shcllibiers, &c. in I the district. I Op„,rpy < HOLTOX-UOAD, BARRY DOCK, j VERE-STREET, CADOXTOX. VERE-STREET, CADOXTOX. I F J jjoopbr & SON, 0 CERTIFIED UNDERTAKERS AND COM PLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS. Tho Best and Chcanerst in the District for all ii JKWMJS of Funeral Cars, Hearses, Shellibiers, iV-urning Coaches, at Mayne, Hooper & Co., Ilii'i-street, Barry; and at 30, Windsor-road! Penarth. -=c- ALSOP, BROADIEAD, BRISTOL. ^5 GO c:.c> >- <1.2' ■I V* Ml' ■ *< liH > .< im» f S -rf" S co •& £ f t 8 I §_ I Barry Agent: fcu0. Green. Itesr Dealer. PALE #i» ALES, ¡ \f( £ ) /—\y ■^■RlSTO'i- IN 4J GALLON CASKS FROM 10D PER G^LTON PORTER AND STOUT FROM Is. PER GALLON. CARDIFF ST0EES: 9, WORKINGr-STEEET Cadozton Agents: South Wales Provision Stores. SPECIAL AMOUftCEMEIT. THE SOUTH WALiiiS STAR is now PulDlisliecl every Thursday Afternoon. Correspondents wiU oblige by sealing all Communications 0 by Wednesday-at latest. -r-



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