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PENARTH POLICE COURT. MONDAY.—Before Messrs. James Ware (in the chair), Lewellen Wood, and Major Thornley. OCCASIONAL LICENCE.—Mr. Clarke (Windsor Hotel. Penarth. was granted an occasional license for the Sully Coursing Club meeting, the follow ing Wednesday and Thursday. -NAUGHTY NIPPERS."—George Nipper and Ernest Nipper, two small boys, were charged with stealing twenty-three pocket-knives, belonging to Mr. J. Phillips, ironmonger. Main-street. Cadoxton. —Prosecutor said he missed the knives from a case in the doorway of his shop on the previous Thurs- day night. He gavo information to the polic next morning. One of the defendants had been to the shop on the evening in question for some straw. The eight knives produced were some of those he had lost, and their value would be about 10s. Two of the knives witness received from the defendants' sister.—Acting-Sergeant Davies said on Friday morning the prosecutor brought Ernest Nipper #into his custody on a charge of stealing the knives, and handed witness two knives he had received from the sister. The boy said." If you'll come to the house I'll show you where thare arc four more that's all I had. I took two from the case, and the other four my brother George gave me." Av itness accompanied him to his house in Harvey-street, and in a box in a room upstairs he showed witness the four knives (produced), and said that was all he had. The same evening George was brought to the station on the same charge, to which he replied, '• I only took three one I gave to a boy named Long, another to a boy named Chapman, and the other I gave to a man on the Docks whom I don't know." Witness afterwards received the knives produced from the boys Chapman and Long. —Mr. Ware said the defendants were beginning life very badly, and if they didn't alter they would come to the gallows. They would each have to receive six strokes with a birch rod. and he hoped it would be a lesson to them. The Bench were of opinion that the knives ought to be kept inside the shop. They thought it was a great shame for tradesmen to tempt people to steal in that way. j and they would not allow prosecutor any expensos. SECOND COURT,—Before Mr. J. S. Corbott (chair- man), Mr, J. Ware, and Mr. Lewellen Wood. SMASHING WINDOWS*—Kate S. Lewis, Llan- dough, was charged with breaking three window panes, value 9s- belonging to her next door neigh- bour, Thomas Barnotk—Mr. Belcher defended.— IThere is an old fond between the parties, and they 1 have before figured at the l'enarth court.—It was alleged by the prosecutor that in the previous ,71 Monday night, at eleven o'clock, the windows were hoard to be broken, and prosecutor and his wife on rushing to the bedroom window saw a woman, whom they alleged was the defendant, hurrying from the garden and go in to defendant's house.— A number of witnesses were called on either side. —Mr. Belcher argued that the ease had been got up in a vindictive spirit, and that the evidence of the prosecutor and his wife was false.—The Bench fined defendant 5s. and costs. MAINTENANCE.—Win. Gander was summoned for not contributing to the maintenance of his son in an industrial school. He offered to pay Is. per week, and the Bench agreed to this. LETTING OPE FIREWORKS.—Edward Watkins. painter, Penarth, was lined 10s. for letting off fireworks at Giebe-streot on the 5tli of November. —.John Williams and Thomas Jones were charged with a similar offence.—They were fined Is. each. IRK EG ULAR ATTENDANCE. — Several school attendance cases were disposed of. DRUNK AND DIS, IL^EULY. — Thomas Sully, board.iig-home keeper, was ch.rged wiah being drunk and disorderly at Glebe-street. Peuarth, tho previous day.-lIe hall been previously fined for similar offence, and he was now fined £1 in- cluding costs.—Polico-eons table 259 pi-oved the case. YAGUANOY.—Catherine Fritch lord w;w3 charged with vagrancy by sleeping in all empty house at Cadoxton the previous n'ght. — Police-sergeant Ben Davies said she had k-eu in tile.locality for over a week, and it was impossible to get rid of her. She said she was looking for her husband, and she appeared to be very simple.— Defendant said her husband had deserted her from Newport, and she knew he was working at Barry.—A young man in court said the husband had told him at Barry Dock that his wife was looking for hint.— The Beach thanked him, and ordered defendant to be detained at the Workhouse until the Union authorities found hor husband.

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