Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

22 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



ROUND THE TOWN. Mr. Ware, in senttncing a couple of lads for stealing knives at Penarth on Monday, said if they did aot alter they would come to the gallows. Mr. Belcher was in form last Monday at Penarth. He asked a witness. who said she knew that de- fendant had committed a ec-.ain oSftnce because she identified her by her voice, whether her voice was a rich harmonious warble, a harsh dis- cordant roar. A little later he asked the Bench to take the evidence of the prosecutor with a very considerable grain of salt. What size that giain The Barry Orchestral Society is to be established. Mr. H. L. Rogers, solicitor, is to be the secretary, in the room of Mr. G. F. Willet resigned. Rev. E. Morris, rector of Cadoxton. and Mrs. Morris returned to the township from a vist to Paris on Friday last. Lloyds Banking Co. have been appointed bankers to the Cadcxtoa promoter" of the new colliories at Coedcae. The books of the Barry Branch of the Star- Bo-.vkett Society were audited on Monday b. •■- by Mr. G. F. Willett. Local Board Omces. and Mr. A. E. Willey. Nat'onai Provincial Bank or Wales. Cadox COT1. High-street. Barry, i- a bad place to train horses at. especial!v when tiiero are plate-glass windows about. The antics of a local butcher's "cob nearly landed the owner 1:1 tor a substantial sum last Monday. The whisktrs of Inspector King. Penarth. are the handsomest in the force. The i'. ihlr,contains a four-column description of Lord Yi indsor's new mansion at TIewell Grange. which was begun in 1334, and which is rapidly approaching completion. Excel- lent illustrations are added, including a good portrait of his lordship. Mr. Richard Evans, general manager of the Barry IHihvuy Company, is to be a purchaser of one of the large villas now in course ot erection at Porthkerry-road. Barry, by Mr. Heed. Major Jones made a curious slip when ho was down at Barrv. lie spoke oi our talented; foiiovr- countryman. Mr. H. A. Jones. The oiiiy thing Welsh about this successful dramatist is his name. He know.; of no Welsh descent, and is a native ot Buckinghamshire. Henry Irving also has a V* elsh name—Henry Brodrib—but whether lie is a Y\ eh-nnian >vmains yet to be cleared up. Are we to see the apotheosis of the Kelt.' The la«t to declare his Welsh origin is no less a per- sonage than Lord SalVoury. Cecil is the English form of the old family name Syssyllt. The transition from Syssyllt to Essyllt is very natural. That gives ns the native place of our irreat Welsh bard, Bewi Wyn o Essyllt, whose loss we mourned about a year ago. Same of Dewi Wyn s relatives are resident ID our d->tiict. A niece of his is Mrs. Jeffreys. of the Uuioniats Club. Kolton. There seems to be a lull in the letting ot con- tractsforprivateiinprovementsat Barry. The fact 0" the mat-or is that our Local Board is temporarily "hard UP." A-* scon as they can I hope they will improve a p^rc of Thompson-street. hat is to prevent their iinishing it from Holton-road end to G-ueret-screet. Now. Mr. Surveyor, that would mike a nice little batch—Wood-street. Gueret- street. and part of Thcmpson-street. As it is. Ilolton is cut off from the outer world, as people can't very well get to the station along Thompson-street. It is in a terrible condition. I see the Barry Company is putting down a proper kerbed footpath from Barry Dock Station to the road hear the Hotel. I hope there will be some show of impartiality, and that a little gravel be thrown on those primitive steps which muddily lead to Station-street. Sir William Thomas Lewis once id that it- cost •C5 a minute to get the Barry Bill through Parlia- ment. People are wondering what the terra carta urns in front of the new Hoiton Schools are for. There are seven of them. Someone suggested that they may be destined to contain the cremated remains of the Schoai Board members. Rev. I>r. Jttorgan, Llanelly. is a native of Llan- eunvg. on the Newport-road. Cardiff. Hence his usual bardic name—Lleuvwg. On the 2nd of December the Welsh Congrega- tionaiists of Hoiton intend holding a concert at Barry. Miss Kate Morgan and most of the Swan- sea eisteddfod prize winners, including Miss Ceinweii Jones, are expected. Ever since the Pulio Library meeting Mr. W. Saunders has not been much in evidence. Now. however, our good friend comes forth as a betting man. It seems that some unkind people have been saying that his manager at the shoeing smithy on the Moors is not a first-class man. Mr. Saunders knows he is. and is willing to back his opinion to the tune of RIO. that he can beat all- comers in shoeing horses. Forty years ago Cardiff had a population some- where about our present number in the Barry Dock district. Full particulars the opening services of the English Caivinistic Methodists of Cadoxton. will be found on the large yellow posters. They com- mence on the 25th inst. At Croesyparc Chapel special preaching meetings were held on Tuesday evening last, and all day Wednesday. This does not look as if the Chapel is about being closed, as a local contemporary stated. Croesyparc is one of the oldest Bapti^ .Churches in the Principality—I think third oldest in Glamor- ganshire. From it have sprung most of the sur- rounding chapels—even Tabernacle, Cardiff. On the edge of Cadoxton Common is a pound. If all the animals that are to be seen straying about our public streets were only impounded, it would have to be enlarged to the dimensions of the Cadoxton market. Sheep in droves, goats, and. strange to say. an abundance of donkeys seem to ramble and roam quite oblivous of police and pounds. The Home Reading Union has added a short list of Welsh books whijh may be read by the various circles. They are Islwyn," Llyfr Tri Aderyn." H Tro yn yr Eidal." Cymru Fu," Oriau'r J £ ore," and "Goronwy Owain." It is intended to form a reading class here in connection with our local Cymmrodorion. Last week we stated that a hansom cab met the trains at Cadoxton station. Mr. Hoddinott's good example has been followed by Mr. Davies. the Barry Hotel, whose well-appointed hansom might be seen outside Barry station at the arrival of any train. Three extra Barry Dock policemen are to be appointed, thus bringing the number up to nine the men work in watches of eight hours each, there will be consequently three always on duty. Canon Allen, M.A., Porthkerry, was unable to preach at Barry Parish Church last Sunday owing to ill health. The Barry representative of the Wrxtmi, )[tiU made a complete hash of the sad drowning case at Barry Dock. The two men who were saved were recorded as having been drowned, while the two unfortunate fellows who lost their lives were announced as having been rescued. Barry shipments were very low last week, the total only reaching 48,992 tons 2 cwt. There is accommodation for the shipment of 100.000 tons weekly. The Barry Local Board must hurry up with that temporary mortuary. The body of the poor fellow who committed suicide at Barry Dock on Monday had to be placed in a stable at the Barry Dock Hotel pending the inquest, which did not take place until Wednesday afternoon. Movements in the marriage market at Barry is about undergoing an upward tendency. At the meeting of the Barry Burial Board on Tuesday it was stated that Mr. Charles Morgan. Castle Farm, one of-the members, had not attended for upwards of two years. Mr. Morgan sees. apparently, no attraction in public affairs since he was defeated at the Local Board election a couple of years ago. The popular ballad. Maid of Athens/' was given the name oi Mr. Etuiyn 5 vans as the com- poser in the Cadoxton Welsh Church concert pro- gramme on Wednesday. Needles to say. this was an error. Neither of the bodies of the three unfortunate victims of the lamentable drowning incident at Barry have been recovered, although the two punts have. A concert in aid of the wives will be held at Holton on Thursday next. The popular Judge of Miskin met with an acci- dent that nearly ended fatally whilst out hunting the other day. His horse, in trying to leap over a brosk, stumbled, and fell backwards into the water, with the Judge undermost. His Honour, however, luckily escaped bodily injury, bui^ failed to extricate himself. Between the Judge and the horse the river was dammed, and the water rose rapidly, so that the Judge was already •• gar«-lino- when his friends arrived on the scene and" saved him. On Saturday evening last another of the Cardiff pops was given at the Park Hall. There was a large attendance. Mr. Jacob Davies at the outset announced that Miss Kats Morgan. Dowlais. was unable to be present, and tiiat Miss Annie Davies had kindly promised to act a-* a substitute, which she did in a praisevorthy ma&Jier. He also men- tioned that several members of his choir was laid up with influenza. The Glee Society rendered some very interesting glees, and were greatly appreciated by the audience. The chief attraction was Miss Nellie Asher, to whom Dr. Turpin pro- phesied a brilliant future when she came off successful in the soprano solo at the Bridgend Eisteddfod. I am pleased to state that Miss Asher the recipient oi a handsome present, presented, I on br-half of the Cardiff Choral Lmon. by Madame Clara S. Davits, on her leaving for London. Her songs were loudly applauded, and was obliged to give an encore each time she appeared. Messrs. R. W. Evans and A. H. Perkins acquitted themselves in a very creditable manner. Messrs, Arthur and Percy Anglo s selection 011 the violin and cello were well received. Madame L Clara -Tovello Davies accompanied the singers with her usual taste. Next Satin day the chief artiste will be Signor Foli, and I feel quite confident that a rich treat is in store again. I should not omit to state that Messrs. Thompson and Shackell supplied the grand Briiismcad pianoforte.














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