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■SHOOTING SEASON. SMOKELESS QARTRIDGES, 10s. per 100. T> R E E C H LOADING U N S, .B From 70s. to £ 50. Our own make. FOOTBALL SEASON SEND FOR PRICE LIST. -JERSEYS IX ALL COLOURS. rp pAGE-tyrOD AND CO., (Opposite the Castle) CARDIFF. r yi -lie 01 t L e w i T & Vn es (FOR AIR PUMPS). CHEAPEST AND MOST DURABLE IN THE MARKET. CURRIERS, LEATHER DRESSERS, AND MANUFACTURERS OF LEATHER AID COTTON BELTING-, LEATHER HOSES, kc.:PATENT PACKING, ASBESTOS, AND GENERAL ENGINE-ROOM STORES.. For further Particulars apply to the South Wales B/thlser Co., 32, WEST BTJTE-STEEET, CABiiilFF. f211 .MONEY IMMEDIATELY LENT. FROM Yio TFT) £ 5.000 AT LIOWEE, INTEREST THAN OTHERS. r fT^O Ladies .ar./l Gentlemen, Clergymen, | Schoolmasters, Clerks. Officers, Gentlemen's 'Servants, -and fr-hers in good sitviai»otis, Farmers, Gardeners, Carriers, Tradesmen, Q;,¡,iJ Proprietors, Shopkeepers, Lod^-ng-house Keepers, Private Hottse- holders, and otbais, on their own security, without f bondsmen, on 2voi«- of Hand aioiw? rQg:yment.s ar- ranged to suit bo.nwers' own couvenieM: all com- munications stiieuiy private and confidential • genuine application refused, and h«sn<sp: able aod straightforward actiyiis guaranteed.—•lutein ling bcr- rowers are invitc(i, applying else L to call -or iliite to actual leiulur, MR. B. EDWARDS, 7, UNION-STREET, HEREFORD C- I'S IM- •TIIWSX. or country: dis.cince no object. Le^trrsim- medially attended tv. -fctablished 1864. q ,j" A n to be ADVANCED on MORTGAGE Ji/a?OUU of (coinplewd) Sh<y>s in Canton, /Barry jQask, and Barry..—Apply to Rogers & Rr^irs, solicitors,-5, Vere-street, on. •»- f\ divided inta Sums of not less'tiiakn awOU ^VUU £ 1,000, tobvsdvanced on Mo^i .-Apply, -G. Alexander, Penwiaryn, Cardiff. MOOHSEED i 6% BITTERS. ONLY CURE FOR CONSUMPTION. Marvellous Testimonials. Miraculous Cures. ONLY EFFECTUAL MEDICINE For. Bronchitis, Hooping, and every other form of Cough; L Paralysis, Epilepsy, Convulsions, Cramp, and Spasms; Cancers, and every other Skin and Blood Disease; AND IS THE Safest and lost Certain Liver and Indigestion Cure on the Earth. AGENTS: Mr. W, R. HOPKINS, Pharmaceutical Chemist, High-street. Barrv, and Vere-s reet, Cadoxton. Mr. J. E. JONES, Chemist, Holton-road, Barry Dock. 2s. 9d. and 4s. Gd. per Bottle; or, post tree, 3s. and 4s. Get. from the Wholesale & Retail Agent— D. ARNOTT, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, (From Savory and Mooie. Chemists to the Queen), PONTY-PRIDI). GREAT BRVNHILL, MERTHYRDOVAN. LAND TO BE LET FOR I BIJILDIM PURPOSES. At from 50/ to £ 7 an acre, in Plots of from 2 acres to 5 acaes. For conditions apply to Jlr. W, DASHWOOD CAPLE, Architect and Surveyor, g, <^u§en Street CARDIFF. Cadoiton Theatre, rnnESLEIG H-STREET. (Five Minutes' Walk from Cadoxton Station.) Lessee & Manager MR. JAMES ELPHIKSTOXE. Assistant Manager. MR. C. J. WELCH. Monday, Nov. 30, 1891 MR. LAWRENCE DALEY'S COMPANY IN BELLS OF FATE, A New and Original Four Act Romantic and Sensational Drama, By EDWARD DARBEY, Esq. Author of Tempest Tossed," Brought to Light," Hearts of Gold i; ITand-in-Hand," &c. "King Destiny, on Bells of Fate, for some rings forth [a merry strain, Betok'ning Power and High Estate for some harsh [sounds, fortelling pain; Some Joyous Life for others Sorrow — What will the chimes proclaim to-morrow. FIRST CLASS COMPANY OF 'I L ri EXCELLENT ARTISTES. SPECIAL SCENERY. fILLUMINATED SET, &c. X,B.-A special feature of this Play is that, although the plot is very powerful and exciting, and the situations stirring, yet certain incidents frequently employed ill drtvmatie work are carefully avoided. PRICKS <7F ADMISSION.—Stalls, 2s. (Half-price at 9) ChaL^. Is. (Half-price at H) Pit, <>d. (Ilalt- price at S) Cailery. 4<1. (No Il&lf-prioe). [4<f< MARKET HALL, CADOXTON. THE HAPPY EVENINGS FOR THE PEOPLE ARE POSTPONED UNTIL JANUARY t ASK FOR THE gOUTH "yyALES CELEBRATED JAMS AND MARMALADES. SOUTH ALES JAM AND MAR- MALAM? COJJPAKY (LIMITED), CANTON, CARDIFF. Jotham & Sons, 26 & 27, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. JOTHAM & SONS. Spring and Summer Clothing. JOTIIAM & SONS. ¡ JOTHAM & S0IS. The largest Stock JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. And best value ever JOTHAM & SONS. I JOTHAM & SONS. Produced. JOTHAN & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. Separate Rooms on Ground Floor JOTEAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. For Juvenile Department. JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. Over 14,000, fourteen thousand square feet of JOTHAM & SONS. Show Rooms. Woollen Merchants, Hatters, Hosiers, and General Outfitters, 26 & 27, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. Established 1838 (33 years.) W. BUCKLEY AND CO., WHOLESALE & RETAIL GENERAL IR0II0M1RS, ADARE AND COITY STREETS, BRIDGEND. RANGES, REGISTER GRATES. MARBLE AND ENAMELLED MANTLEPIECES, HURDLES, CONTINUOUS FENCING, WIRE NETTING, &c. Sole Agent for Bridgend and District for Portway's Celebrated Tortoise Stoves for Heating 11 Churches, Chapels, Schoolrooms, &c. Estimates Given for Supplying and Fitting Complete all kinds of Baths. Lavatories. Electric and Pneumatic Bells also for Hot Water and General Smiths' Work. All ork Guaranteed. Competent Workmen for all Branches always on the Premises. '1 H if I I 11 \1 -II Ii 1 fl;. 0' i-nooÍiÈ" I SURREY CAR, NEW DESIGN. EASY, COMFORTABLE, AND STYLISH. I FULLER BIRTILL AND COMPANY CARRIAGE BUILDERS, CARDIFF. I TELEGRAMS—CARRIAGES, CARDIFF, Largest-Stock of'NEW AND SECOND-HAND CARRIAGES of every Description in the Principality. 'Estimates given for Repairs, free. Inspection. Invited. Carriages taken in Exchange, or Sold on 'Commission. "Tis not in mortals to command success but we will dc more, we will deserve it. LLOYD AND COMPANY, The Largest Distributors of MEN'S, YOUTHS5, .& BOYS' CLOTHING iii the District, RESPECTFULLY INVITO AN INSPKCTIOX OF XKEIR IMMENSE STOCK OF FASHIONABLE CLOTHING, Made to Measuse or Ready for Im mediate Wear. Mali's Suits.. Complete, 12/6, 14/11, 16/9, lS/û, 19/11, 21/6, 25/276, SO/ to 45/ Ikn'a Tweed and CashineretTroiisers, 3/11. 4$.l, 5/11, 6 11. 7/8, 8/6, tü 15/11. Yoi'.ths' Twee<L Suits. 7/6, 7j1; 8/6, 8ill, 2,16. 14/6, 16/6, to 30/ Eton and Rugby Suits, 6/11, 7/11, 8/6, G, 10/9, 11/3, 12/3, 13/11: to 19/8. E'tn*- '-Sailor, Jersey, Brightas;, and Norfolk jt'iicker Suitn. 1/11, 2/8, 2/11, 3/6., 6411, 4/6, 4JU, 5/11, 6/9, 7/5, to 16/6 Men's, youths', and .Boys' Underclothing of Every Description in Endless Variety, at Popular Prices. I-IAT AND CAP DEPAIITMENT. Gentlem$ii's Flexible Hats ( Shares), in Black. /Brown, Drab. Slate, Tan, &e. at 1/6,1/13,2/6, 2/11, to 5/11. ,SIen's ajjui iBoyf?' Fancy H weeds, Cloth g id Velvet Caps, in Moat Approved Shapes, 2id., 4.Jd., 8i<l., to 3/6d. 2 2 2 IL j DEPARTMENT. Ii; C bmjW't'ritPf Tons, olrrhe Best aud /Most Reliable JVIakes in Cord and Mole fpsausers. Cord and Mole ${«jx;ts, Duck, §>.mgaree, Dra^ette, Drill, aa^ Serge Jackets andTrousces., &c., &c. o. V £ RTLTI:&L IS -SURFLOIENT TS PROVE TH £ SUPERIORITY OF O:'(:TS..cLø-rmNG; T\ VB' ADI'«FC.-SS LLOYD & COMPANY, ^THBT LEADING CELOTHIERS AND TAILORS, MAIN-STBEET, CADOXTON. FOR High-class1 Confectionery, ? P'- Melton Mowtoay Pies, Palethorpe's Sausages, Sweets, &c., GO TO PAGETT'S, 50, VERE STREET, (Xext door to £ Ir. Hopkins', Chemist,) CADOXTON. CLEANLINESS AND CIVILIlY A SPECIALITY. Note the Address— 50, YEBE-ST., CADQXi'ON. D R. PARRY'S NATIONAL TUNE BOOK. Novr- .ready, Parts 1, 2, 3, aud 4. O.N., Is. eaaji part. S.F., 5d. e:1ch part. !<ONTAININ<; ALTOGETHETI 67 '.fI:ES 4 CHANTS, AXD 5 ANVHEMS. SPECIAL TERMS TO CHAPEL CHOIRS, And when used as a Cymanfa Proj-Tainme. 100 COPIES AND UPWARDS AT lll\F PRICE, "JOSEPH" A New. Easy Dramatic Cantata, SUITABLE FOR PERFORMANCES AT CHRISTMAS, a,X.. Is. 64. S.F., Sd. Book of Words, 2d. A4<Jress all orders (prepaid) to D, M. PARRY, Music PUBLISHER, P/^ARTH. SOUTH WALES. Or to Agents of the South ]fWc-* Ptur throughout the Couatry, VICTORIA HOTEL, BAR R Y DOCKS, NEAR CARDIFF. GOOD ACCOMMODATION FOR CAPTAINS, kc. AN ORDINARY, 12.30 TO 1.30. Wines and Spirits of the Bost Quality. Cigars of the Choicest Brands. I GOOD STABLING.' I E. WILLIAMS, Proprietor. T TA E -1 WiTCpLL Tlr t% i a HOTEL, BARRY-POAD. CADOXTON. BILLIARDS. PROPRIETOR :— B. HODDINOTT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WINE AND SPIRIT, ALE, AXD PORTER MERCHANT. CONVEYANCES LET OX HIRE. RO YA L HOTEL, CORNER OF BARRY-ROAD AND MAIN-STREET, CADOXTON-JUXTA-BARRY. JjYAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL. r CENTRAL, AND PLEASANTLY SITUATED. GOOD STADLIXG. J. J. WILLIAMS, PROPRIETOR. WILLIAM THE FOURTH ? HOTEL (The Old-Established House), CAD O X T O X-J U XT A-B AR R Y (Near the Railway Station). GOOD STABLING. Teas and Refresh merits of all lit nth on the Shortest Xotu'w SPACIOUS ROOM FOR PARTIES. PROPRIETOR :—J M c G I L L M.U.O. & R.A.O. OLD POST I N/N BONVILSTONE. THE FAVOURITE POSTING HOUSE BETWEEN CARDIFF AND COWBRIDGE. EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATION. DINNERS & TEAS ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. WINES and CIGARS of the Choicest Brands. L. ROBERTS, Proprietor. GLOBE INN, LLANTWIT-MAJOR, NOW VXDEB NEW MANAGEMENT. \T7INE8 AND SPIRITS OF THE BEoT VV QUALITY CIGARS OF THE CHOICEST BRAND. THE NOTED LLANTWXT BEER. PICNIC PARTIES CATERED FOR ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. GOOD STABLING. T. SMITH, PROPRIETOR. JONES'S JOINING AXD REFRESHMENT ROOMS, Tj .9.9, HIGH-STREET, BARRY. —— 0 WELL-AIRED BEDS. HOT DINNERS DAILY FROM 2 to 12. BARRY DOCK REFRESHMENT ROOMS. (Open Day and Night.) NEAR N Q. 12 TIP, BARRY DOCK. CRQET SMITHY MOORS, CADOXTON. MOST .CONVENIENT .AND LARGEST SHOEING FORGE IN THE DISTRICT. r SUPERINTENDED BY A CERTIFICATED FARRIER. W. SAUNDERS, PROPRIETOR. Manufacturer pf Brands Name, and Trade Mark luaQb^s, &< OVERCOATS ¡ ',¡. L'. 1.. OVERCOATS! OVERCOATS For Men, For Youths. For Boys. u ENORMOUS STOCK OF NEW GOODB. USSEST STYLES. _u- Men's Chesterfield Overcoats, Black and Colored, 15/11. 18/6, 21/6, 25/6, 29/9, 35/6, 42/ 45/ 49/6. Men's Caped Overcoats, with and without Sleeves, '29/9. Special. Men's Winter Covert Coats, in all the newest Shades, 21/6, 25/6, 28/9, 35/6, 42/ 45/- Bovs' Caped Overcoats, 3/11,5/11, 7/11, 9/11, 11/11, 13/11, 15/11,17/11. Boys' lavy Seefers, special line,, t i. Youths' Caped Overcoats, from 10/6. Masters & Company, 7 29 and 30. St, Mary Street, j 292, Bute Street, ( A R I )J PF. 1, St. John's Square (Corner of Queen St.), J > W E N Y O E ARMS HOTEL, OPPOSITE CADOXTON RAILWAY STATION. CADOXTON. FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL. ,IV 'i< EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATION FoR TRAVELLERS AND VISITORS, OO'jJj STARLING, -c. Proprietor :—HEXRY CHAPPELL. THE SHIP HOTE L, BARRY, FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL. FIVE MINUTES' WALK FROM BARRY RAILWAY STATION. 00 H A 2 HAYING BEEN EXTIRELY REBUILT IS NOW OPENED FOR VISITORS. CA SPECIAL TERMS FOR PRiVATf APARTMENTS FOR CAPTAINS AND FAMILIES A. M. LEICESTER, Proprietress. =- IF YOC WANT A GOOD Piano, Harmonium, or American Organ, At a /MODERATE PRICE on the HIRE SYST.:<Œ, FROM 1,1, -3..1. Pi::l\ Jl')XTlI. TRY L HIITCHIISOif'S, 21, HOLT J.N 2-OAL, BARRT A TRIAL WILL SURPASS ALL OTHER DEALERS, FOR QUALITY OF TONE TOTV rr PP.I(,E. WL(-H. AND ALL INSTRUMENTS ARE WARRANTED FOR TEN/ YEAR*. IF NOT CAN BE EXCHANGED. A^ CONCERTINAS, MELODIAXS, BAXJOES, VIOLINS And all other small Goods always in Stock. FINEST SELECTION OF MUSIC. PIANOFORTES TAUGHT il Is. PER OUARTER PIANOS ON HIRE FOR CONCERTS. i:c. T SIXGLE TUNINGS, 5s. YEARLY COATRACTS. 14, TESTIMONIAL. '•We have great pleasure in recomemnding HITCHINSONV as thoroughly competent Pnxmv-r TUNEKS AND REPAIRERS. -JOHN BRINSMEAD A SONS. P:anolorte Makers, Louden"" HUTCHINSON'S PRACTICAL PIAKOFOBTE MAKERS. 21, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK AND AT NEWPORT,