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FUNERAL OF COLONEL TURBERVILL. SYMPATHETIC REFERENCES. The funeral of this deeply-lamented gentleman took plaoe on Friday last, when the mortal re- mains, which had hitherto encased so generous a nature, and swayed so mighty an influence in the county, were interred in the private burial ground of the ancient Turbervill family, adjacent to the parish church. In accordance with the expressed wish of the colonel, the funeral was of II. simple and almoet private character, and his desire in this respect was reverently followed. However, when the knoll of the ancient church bell began to toix, proclaiming that the hour was fast approacning when the grave would claim as its own another gallant master of the house of Turberville, there was a fairly representative, gathering at the front of the Abbev. Shortly afterwards the solemn -;rt. moved slowly through the vardway to- wards the front entrance of the church. The coffin was borne by the following ten persons, who. as old tenants and trades- men on the estate, had previously been notified: Evan Lawrence. John Thomas, Evan David nygars). D. Thomas, Llewellyn Yorath (Ty'nycaia), William Hopkins, William Cooke (Marcross). Thomas Thomas (Ewenny), and Matthew Griffiths. Following immediately after the remains were the chief mourners, Mrs. Turber- vill, supported by Mrs. Brogden and Miss Dixon Colonel Warlow. Mrs. and the Misses Warlow. Sir. Harry Connop. Mr. James Brogden, Major-General Gaedstone (brother-in-law of the deceased). Mr. Neville Connop. Mr. Henry Connop, Mr. Ernest Connop. Sir James Fitzmayer, General Taylor, Maior Newhmd. Mr. Picton Evans, and Mr. E;1.ton Evans. The members of the household were pre- ceded by the clergy, and in the rear followed the general public. Among others present were the Lord Bishop of Llandalf. Revs. D. T. Bevan, vicar of Ewenny John Jones (the former vicar of the parish), C. R. Knight. F. W. Edmondes, C. LI. Llewellin, D. Davies, vicar of Newcastle J. P. Hughes, vicar of Llantrisant Z. P. Williamson, Marram J. C. Evanson, G-. Jenkins, Llanvihangel Bees' Morris, Coitv Misses Edwards (2), Cardigan- shire Mr. A. J. Williams. M.P.. Mr. William Llewellvn, Court Colman Mr. R. K. Prichard, Mr. Edwin Price, Mr. T. T. Lewis. Dr. Naunton Davies, Mr S. H. Stockwood, Mr. W. R. Raudall, Mr. John Randall, Mr. John Garsed, Mr. E. J. Knight, Tre- groes tenantry of the Ewenny Estate. Mr. Mont- ford (agent), household servants. Mr. William Williams. Bridgend and Mr. J. P. WTilliams, Mr. Evan David, Ty'nygarn Mr. William Thorne, Mr. Beba. Mr. George Bevan, Mr. C. W. Scott, Mr. J. Hemming, Mr. G. F. Lambert, Superintendent Thomas Bridgend, kc. The church was well filled, and the general respect in which the deceased was held was made manifest during the imnrpssivelv solemn servise, which was con- ducted by the Vicar. The cort.'f/e then made its way through the private doorway to the Abbey grounds, in the corner of which was the private burial ground. The Rev. John Jones (late vicar of Ewenny) here read the burial service of the Church of England, and the Bishop concluded by pronouncing the Benediction. The coffin bore the following inscription :— Thomas Picton Turber- vill, born 8th October, 1827 married 29th August, 1857: died November 23rd.1891." Wreaths were placed on the grave, having been sent by the following :—Mrs. Turbervill (wreath and cross), Miss Turbervill. Mr. and Mrs. Newell Connop, Mrs. Broaden. Mrs. W. Prichard, Mr. and Mrs. Birt St. A. Jenner Mr. R. K. Prichard. Sir J. Fitzmayer, Colonel Colomb. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Williams, Miss Manby Diioti (cross), Mrs. Fitze, Mr. and Mrs. Neville, Mrs. Nicholl (The Ham), Mr. and Urs. Pranklen Evans. Mrs. Collins Prichard, Mr. W. 1H. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Hanford, Mrs. II. Thomp- son. Mr. and Mrsl Saunders Davies (cross and wreath), Mr. Frimby Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Tam- tilin Lewis (cross), household servants, Supt. Thomas and Constabulary, Miss Grover (Cardiff), 3Ir. and Mrs. Hawkins (Ewenny). TOUCHING REFERENCE BY MR. A. J. WILLIAMS, M.P. At the annual dinner of the Bridgend Fat Stock Society, held on Thursday in last week, Mr. A. J. Williams. M.P. for South Glamorgan, in responding to the toast of the donors .said he was glad of the opportunity of responding, because it enabled him to say a word upon a. matter which had, he was sure. affected them as it had affected him. They had lost a donor—a donor by the side of whom he fslt ashamed to «tand for any little thing he may have done for this society, or ior anything that contributed to ,ihe happiness and prosperity of the town and 1 district. He could assure them that since he had come into the county, nothing had affected him ¡I more than the loss they had had during the last few days. There was no man he ventured to say —there was no man who had such a broad sense of what he owed to both his wealth and position as Col. Turbervill. (Hear, hear.) He was a sin- cere and consistent friend, and a man who, as he I had said, always possessed a keen sense of duty, and who constantly in season and out of season discharged that duty. The hon. member con- cluded with these words, To me there is no loss I. which has come home to my heart more than the death of Col. Turbervill."