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BARRY DISTRICT NEWS. BARRY. PLCXLC OX THE ISLAND.—The members of the Llanilough i'.aptist Chapel choir, about 40 in number, held their annual picnic on Saturday on the island. Lunch and tea were provided for them at the Marine Hotel, and the day was spent in a most enjoyable manner, returning home wi<h the 6.52 train. PRESENTATION.—A smoking concert, under the auspices of the Barry Branch of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants, was held on Saturday evening last at the Barry Hotel, East Barry. Up- wards of 150 members and friends attended, and the .chairman was Mr. J. Thomas, goods foreman. Barry Dock. In the course of the proceedings Bro. Woolley presented Mr. A. A. Sawyer, on behalf of the mem- bers, with a magnificent mahogany brass mounted double writing desk, bearing the following inscription —"Presented to Mr. A. A. Sawyer, by the Barry Branch of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants, July, 1332." Mr. H. Burgess also presented Mr. Henry Davics with an oak-framed emblem of the Sojiety. Both presentations were made as a token of nearty appreciation for services rendered, the former ior the energetic manner in wkich he filled the duties of treasurer prior to and during the mil waymen's strike, and the latter for the efficiency with which he acted as chairman for upwards of twelve months after the strike terminated. Both recipients appropriately returned thanks. INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL.—A meeting of the Inter- mediate School Committee was held at Market Cham- bers. Barry, on Friday night, Mr. J. Lowdon in the chair. There were also present Captain Murrell, Captain Davies, Dr. Edwards, Messrs. D. Roberts, J. A. Hughes, J. J. Moon. J. C. Meggitt, and E. F. Black- more. Most of the business was of a private character, the chief business being the choosing of three plans for recommendation to the County Council.—It was stated that £681 had been promised in subscriptions, but that much of it would not now be paid owing to the state of trade. About £650 is needed for the ground, the County Council granting £2,000 towards the building. ENGLISH BAPTIST SUNDAY SCHOOL.—Anni- versary services in connection with the above were held on Sunday last. In the afternoon at 2.30, and in the evening at 6.33, the Rev. Isaac O. Stalberg, of Penxrtn, preached in the Welsh Congregational Chapel (Public-hall), High-street, kindly lent for the occasion. Suitable hymns were sung, and recitations given by the scholars. Collections were taken in aid of Sunday School funds. THE TONDU DISASTER.—Captain Davies, the Barry Dockmaster, has forwarded on behalf of the Presbyterian Church, Barry, the sum of £ 2 10s. 6c1. towards the fund for the relief for the sufferers by the Tondu disaster. CONGREGATIONAL BIBLE CLASS.—The members of the Men's Bible Class of the Barry Congregational Church held a social tea on Wednesday week. There -were about 40 present, among them being the Rev. J. Stowell and the deacons of the Church. Several very -important matters were discussed, and a most enjoy- able evening was spent by all present. I.O.G.T.—The Star of Barry held an open lodge meeting on Tuesday night last, Bro. M'Eachram in the chair. The meeting was unusually large, and the room was packed to excess. The addresses delivered during the evening were of a. most interesting character, and, as a. result, several persons have given in their names to become members. After the evening's business had been disposed of, a most excellent programme was gone through, several items eliciting great applause, and some of the songs were encored. DRUM AND FIFE .BAND—There will be a prac- tice for the Wesleyan Sunday School drum and fife band on Saturday evening, at 6.30, at Tuck's Tempe- rance Bar, Barry. PRIMROSE LEAGUE PICNIC.—The Dames of the Docks Habitation, Cardiff, drove down to Barry Island on Wednesday afternoon, and there held their annual picnic. The party numbered about 28, and after luncheon at the Marine Hotel, dancing and other games were indulged in. The return journey was com- menced at 8 p.m., all having had a most pleasant afternoon. GRAND CONCERT.—On Wednesday evening the first grand concert of the season was given at the Pres- bytenan-hall, Barry. The hall was filled by a large and appreciative audience, over which Captain Davis, dockmaster, presided. The programme was a very comprehensive one, including songs and glees which have not been heard in the neighbourhood before. The whole of the performers were from Cardiff, and they were conducted by Mr. G. Bull, principal of the St. Andrew's Academy, Cardiff. The glees were sung in good time and tune, the concluding one, The Village Bells," affording much delight to the audience. The duet, Flow, gentle Deva," by Messrs. Lewis and Williams, was undoubtedly the best- rendered piece of the evening, and the audience showed their appreciation by encoring it in a. very de- termined style. Messrs. D. W. Lewis and T. Williams are the possessors of voices of good calibre, and they showed an intelligent conception of the spirit of the composers of the various songs they sang. We must accord a word of praise to the other singers for the pleasing rendering of their songs, -everyone of them being possessed of voices of average compass. The compilers of the programme showed much wisdom in not plentifully interlarding the pro- gramme with instrumental pieces. Mr. Bull's two well-performed pianoforte solos were much appre- ciated, but the piano was certainly not lit for the performance of pieces such as Mr. Bull delights his audience with. In an interval in the programme, the chairman. Captain Davies. made a few observations. It was the duty, he said, of the various chapels and churches to make known every concert as early as possible, so as to give the other churches who might -have arranged concerts an opportunity to select other evenings. They should arrange matters so as not to have two concerts the same evening, as, although Barry could manage to gather a good audience for one concert, it was impossible to gather two audiences in one evening without external help. They all felt very grateful to Mr. Bull and his friends for coming from Cardiff and giving their services gratuitously. (Applause.) The Rev. W. Daniel ex- pressed the great pleasure it afforded him to propose a vote of thanks to Mr. Bull and the other performers for their kindness that evening. He hoped the -coming concerts at Barry would be as successful as this one was. (Applause.)—Mr. Williams seconded the vote of thanks, which was carried unani- mously. The following was the programme:— Glee,The Lord is His Holy Temple," Glee Party; song, "Friends" (with violin obligate), Mr. T. G. Dew; -song, "Alone on the raft," Miss E. Dew; solo piano, Home. sweet home," Mr. G. Bull; song, "The Holy City," Mr. D. W. Lewis; song, "New Kingdom," Miss. L. Baker; trio, "0, memory," Misses P. James, E. Dew, and Mr. D. W. Lewis song, Better Land," Mrs. J. Lewis song, "Storm fiend,Mr. Williams; glee, "Sweet and low," Glee Party song, My Queen," Mr. D. W. Lewis; solo piano, Polonaise in A flat, No. 8 op. 53, Mr. G. Bull song, "Sunshine and rain," Miss Polly James duett, Flow gentle Deva," Messrs. Lewis and Wil- liams song, In old Madrid," Miss L. Baker; song, Bedouin love song," Mr. T. G. Dew duett (in cannon), Friendship," Mrs. J. Lewis and Miss E. Dew song, Longshoreman," Mr. T. Williams glee, Village Bells," glee party. A very successful concert was brought to a conclusion by the singing of the Daxology. The proceeds will be devoted to the building fund of the Presbyterian Church. WELSH CALVINISTIC CHAPEL.-This place of worship on Monday evening was visited by the Rev. Thomas Hughes, Machenlleth, who is on a preaching tour through South Wales. The rev. gentleman chose his text from the 1st Thessalonians iv. 18, and despite his old age (90 years), preached most eloquently. He was, in his younger days, one of the most notable preachers of his connexion, and even now the traces of his once famous style of preaching is to be seen and felt. WHY do you continue to suffer from sick headaches, bihousne.-s," liver and nervous disorders, when such a specific for these ailrnwnts as Gwilym Evans's Quinine Bitters may be so readily obtained. See advt. page. C14 IS YOUR WATCH WRONG ? IF SO, and you wish it put in. reliable order, why go to town when you can get any class of Watch, repairs done equally well at Barry by W. COOMBS, Market Hall Buildings, late with Mr J Hettich 60, Queen-street, Cardiff, [301 BARRY DOCK. FOUND DROWNED.—On Friday afternoon Mr. E. B. Reece held an inquest on the body of a sailor, named Daniel Cole, who was brought in by the ss. Macedonia. Mr. Rees Howells was chosen fore- man of the jury.—Philip Chambers, cousin of the deceased, of Wibbinghull, Essex, identified the body, and said the deceased was a seaman, 39 years of age, and his home was at 6, Park-terrace, Wibbinghull, Essex.—Mr. John Leist, West Hartlepool, master of the Macedonia, said deceased was the cook of the Macedonia. He fell overboard on the 6th September, in the English Channel off Portland, at 2,10, whilst thev were on the way for Barry. Witness was below, when the alarm was given of a man overboard, and he went on deck at once. The engines were stopped, and a boat lowered and put astern to see if they could see anything of him. After about 25 minutes the boat came back with deceased. The body was lai.d on deck, and efforts were made to restore animation. Restora- tives were applied for over an hour, and when they arrived at Barry Roads the case was reported, and the body taken to the hospital. He was first discovered to be overboard by some of the ere w hearing shouts, and noticing he was gone from the deck. Witness could not account for his getting overboard. Deceased was a sober man, and as far as he knew was in his usual state of mind at the time of the occurrence.— The Coroner said it seemed rather extraordinary that a man should get overboard on a fine calm day.—Win. Pittuck, steward of the Macedonia, said he had known deceased from childhood. Deceased had dinner in his cabin about one o'clock. He (witness) was asleep, and did not notice deceased leave the room. He went into the boat which went to recover de- ceased, and found him about half a mile astern. The body was floating with the head in the water. He caught hold of him, pulled him in by his braces, and rowed back to the ship, where every effort was made to restore him. Deceased was not low-spirited, and seemed all right. He could not account for his falling overboard. The crew at the time were down in the hold, cleaning it out, and the only ones on deck were the first mate and the man at the wheel. The mate's wife gave him the alarm first. Wm. Millingam, who was at the wheel at the time of the accident, said he saw the deceased walking along the bridge of the ship. The wheel was on the upper bridge, and deceased whs on the lower bridge, walking aft. The mate and his wife were on the upper bridge, and he saw no one else. H<e heard a cry from over- board. He looked around, and could see nothing, but the mate cried out, "Man overboard." The engines were stopped and a boat lowered.—In answer to ques- tions, the captain said the vessel was too far away to throw out a lifebuoy.—The Coroner said it was very extraordinary how the man came overboard, and he thought they could only return an open verdict of Found drowned."—After consideration, the jury re- turned a verdict in accordance with the coroner's suggestion. SILVER WEDDING.—Superintendent Wake, Deputy- Chief Constable of tfee Glamorgan constabulary, and Mrs. Wake celebrated their silver wedding on Satur- day, when a large pafty drove to Llantwit Major and were entertained at the Town-hall to dinner and tea. During the afternoon the party visited the beach and church. The evening was spent in an enjoyable manner. The Hall was chastely decorated for the occasion, and the .catering was successfully carried out by Mr. Cullen, of Cardiff. THE TONDU DISASTER.—Mr. W. Westacott has forwarded, on behalf of the Engiish Baptist Church, Barry Dock, a sum of f2 12s. 8d. towards the Tonchi Relief Fund. NATIONAL LEAGUE.—A meeting of the John Mandeville branch was held on Sunday last, Dr. O'Donnell, president, in the chair. The usual business was transacted, and the new members enrolled at the last meeting received their cards of membership. ACCIDENT AT THE DOCK.—On Friday night last about 9.30 while a string of wagons was being shunted into No. 1 tip the coupling snapped off, and the wagons ran down the incline at full speed crashing into the shoot. The Endeavour was being loaded at the time, and was caused considerable delay by this accident, but luckily no serious damage was done. ODDFELLOWSHIP.—Tbe annual District meeting of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows was held at the Loyal Prid* of Cardiff Lodge," Three Horse Shoes, High-street, on Thursday evening, the following District officers being present:—Bro. W. Webb, D.M., Bro. S. O. Williams, D.D.M., Bro. J. Williams, D.T., Bro. E. Possart, District Auditor; Bro. M. Lewis, District Auditor Bro. W. Royle, District Trustee; and Bro. W. H. Owens, District Secretary, together with 28 delegates from the various lodges in the district. Business commenced by calling the roll and marking I attendance. Forty-five new members were accepted into the District, and t72 was paid away in funeral claims during the past four months. The auditors re- ported everything very satisfactory. The election of officers then took place. Bro. S. O. Williams, D.D.M., was unanimously elected District Master. Bro. Evan Lewis, of the Loyal Barry Dock Lodge," Deputy- District Master, and Bro. J. Williams, District Treasurer, were re-elected E. and Relieving officers. Bro. W. H. Owens wa.s re-elected District Secretary, and. Bro. E. Possart elected Junior Auditor. For the election of two delegates to the next B.M.C. meeting to be held at Shrewsbury seven candidates offered them- selves..Bro. W. H. Owens, D.S., and Bro. J. Williams, D.T., were appointed. It was decided to hold the District meetings quarterly, instead of four monthly; also to invite the next B.M.C. to meet at Cardiff. It was unanimously resolved to have an annual day for sports or gala, as may be- decided upon. A presentation emblem was given to Bro. W. Webb, D.M., on his retirement from office, -And the new officers having been installed, a very successful meeting was brought to a close by a toast to the new District Master, which was received with musical honours. PRESENTATION.—On Saturday morning at ten o'clock, in the Dockmaster's office, the Barry license-I pilots presented Mr. W. B. Williams, the popular Dockmaster's clerk, with a massive black mantel clock and two dozen knives, on the occasion of his marriage. Mr. Thomas Jones was in the chair, and made the presentation on behalf of the pilots. In doing so he alluded to the uniform kindness and conrtesy shown by Mr. Williams towards the pilots. Mr. W. Paterson followed and spoke of Mr. Williams' ever ready kindness. After a few suitable word? of thanks from Mr. Williams, the proceedings terminated. COLLISION IN THE DOCKS.—On Tuesday morn- ing while the Rockabil was going up the dock, by some accident she ran into the Charles Goddard, which was taking in coal under No. 2 tip. The collision caused considerable damage to the latter, knocking out several plates on her starboard side, and will probably delay her some time. THE TONDU DISASTER.—Collections were taken at the Holton-road Mission Church on Sunday last in aid of the fund for the relief of the sufferers from the recent Park Slip disaster. WOUNDING.—During a fracas which occurred at 4, Evan-street, on Monday night, a woman named Mrs. Evans was so seriously wounded by a blow in the forehead as to necessitate it being stitched. THE RECENT BICYCLE ACCIDENT.—It is very gratifying ta know that Mr. J. H. Edwards is rapidly recovering from the effects of his accident. He is able to attend business, but his leg is still very painful. WILFUL BOYS.—Henry Widget and Henry Hobbs, both of F ryat-street, Barry Dock, were taken into custody on Monday morning for breaking open the tool-room at Barry Dock, and doing considerable damage to the place. A flag and other things are missing. Dock-constable Meylad made the arrest. THE RAILWAY MISSION.—Barry Dock Public- hall, Thompson-street, has been taken by Mr. Protheroe for mission work, and he will preach the Gospol there next Sunday at 11 a.m.,3 p.m., and 6.30 p.m. The mission is not sectarian, and all are heartily invited to attend. Sankey's hymns will be sung. ORDER OF THE SONS OF TEMPERANCE.—HOPE OF BARRY DIVISION.—The anniversary of this division will be celebrated on Saturday, the 24th inst., by a public demonstration, to be followed by a tea and entertainment in the Barry Dock Wesleyan Chapel. The procession will start from the Wesleyan Chapel, Barry Dock, at 2.30 p.m., headed by the Wesleyan School Band, and will wend its way through the main thoroughfares of Cadoxton, Barry, and Holton. The chair will be occupied at the evening's entertainment bo Mr. E. R. Moxev, J.P. ROBBERY.—On Saturday night last some person or persons broke into the Roman Catholic School, Barry Dock, and on Sunday morning the caretaker found tho school books, clock. a brush and comb, and other things abstracted. Father Hyland has decided not to prose- cute, though the names of the boys are known to him. CADOXTON. SAD ACCIDENT. — On Friday afternoon Mr. E. B. Reece, district coroner, held an in- quest on the body of Mrs. Brock, who met with her death in the manner already detailed in the SOUTH WALES STAR. Mr. D. Howells was foreman of the jury.—John Brock, husband of the deceased, of 5, Fairford-street, Cadoxton, engine-diiver, said deceased was 40 years of age. He had only got home the pre- vious day, and was not home when deceased died. Deceased had complained of pains in her head and arms.—Mary Brown, 4, Fairford-street, said she was with deceased in the house on the Wednesday night. She went to the house to sit with an invalid sister, and went upstairs to her sister about nine o'clock. Deceased followed her upstairs about 15 minutes after- wards. She sat on the door-step at the top of the stairs, and stayed talking for some time. Suddenly Mrs. Brock drew a deep breath and fell downstairs with the baby in her arms. Witness rushed down to deceased at once. She breathed and moved after she fell. Her husband came across when she succumbed, and went for Dr. O'Donnell. She ran for water and bathed her face with it. Dr: O'Donnell came soon after.-Dr. O'Donnell said he was sent for about 9.30 on Wednes- day to go to Mrs. Brock. He was told she had fallen downstairs. and he went at once. He found her lying on her back in the hall with her head towards the front door and her feet towards the stairs. She was dead, and froth was coming from her mouth. He examined the body, and found a bruise on the eye and a scratch on the nose. No bones were broken. Death was due, in his opinion to concussion of the brain. He had attended her several times, and she was suffering trom a weak heart, chronic asthma, and bronchitis, The weak heart might have caused the fall.-The jury returned a verdict of Accidental death," caused by the fall downstairs. FOOTBALL.—A meeting of the Barry District Football Club was held at the Witchill Hotel on Friday night last, Dr. O'Donnell, president, in the chair. A letter was read from the Clerk of the Local Board granting them she use of the field between Court-road and Barry-road. It was decided not to form a second fifteen this year, and it was also decided to commence practice at once. DIOCESAN EXTENSION SOCIETY.—The Llandaff Diocesan Extension Society of which General Lee is treasurer, at their quarterly meeting on Friday last voted a sum of X40 for a Welsh curate at Cadoxton. This is a timely aid to a weak cause, for latterly the Welsh Church has been without the services of a. regular curate or layreader. ACCIDENT — On Sunday afternoon, about one o'clock, a boy named Protheroe, living in Commercial- street, met with an accident while playing with one of the sewer grates in Barry-road. The grate fell on his fingers, cutting off his thumb and index finger. When Dr. O'Donnell was called in the boy was found to be in an exhausted condition, but he is now progressing satisfactorily. VISIT OF BANK DIRECTORS.-Several of the directors of the Metropolitan, Birmingham, and South Wales Bank, Limited, who have branches at Cadoxton, Barry Dock, and Barrry, paid a visit to Barry on Friday last, and were conducted over the district by Mr. L. W. Jones, the 'local manager. The directors present were Sir Thomas Lea, Bart., M.P. (chairman of the company), Mr. J. T. Collins, Mr. Robert Forrest, J.P (St. Pagan's), Sir John Jones Jenkins. Knight, and Mr. A. C. Rowlinson, together with Mr. J. Leigh, general manager. The directors of this important bank have determined to erect branch premises, for the Barry Dock district, either in Holton-road or Thompson-street. THE RECENT ASSAULT OX THE POLICE.—At a meeting of the Standing Joint Committee of the County Council at Cardiff on Monday, Alderman Meggitt drew attention to the fact tha.t Acting-Sergeant Ben Davies was still suffering 'from the efiect of a serious assault committed on him in the vicinity of Cadoxton Railway Station. This was the second time within the past six months that this officer had been severely handled while in the execution of his duty. He thought the committee might make some recog- nition of the officer's services, and he moved that the sum of 30s. be paid him and his doctor's bill. The motion was agreed to. MOUNT PLEASANT CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOUR CLASS.—A weekly meeting of the above class was hold on Saturday evening last, at the Mount Pleasant Chapel. Mr. Daniel Smith presided, and Mr. Thomas Gilbert introduced the subject for the evening's dis- cussion-" The Duty and Privilege of Attending Early Prayer on Sunday Mornings." An interesting discussion followed, at the conclusion of which votes of thanks were passed to the chairman, and essayist. The subject for next Saturday is a paper by the Superintendent of the Sunday School, Mr. Charles Cable, on "How to Increase the Attendance at our Sunday Schools." OPEN-AIR MEETING.—On Saturday evening the usual open-air meeting in connection with the Mount Pleasant Church was held. Addresses were delivered by the Rev. Ton Evans, Messrs. Denman, Chas. Cook, Wotton, Gilbert, and others, and the speakers were listened to with much attention by those present. On Sunday afternoon another successful open-air meeting was held. THK REV. TON EVANS preached on Sunday even- ing at the Stanwell-street Baptist Chapel, Penarth. Mr. Green, of Canton, occupied the pulpit at the Mount Pleasant Chapel.. DEATH FROM BRAIN IRRITATION.—An inquest was held on Tuesday last at the house of Mr. Lewis Lewis, estate agent, Cadoxton, upon the death of his son, Edwin Thomas Lewis, aged nine months, who died on Saturday last.-Catherine Stuckey, Mrs. Lewis' servant, said that on the 8th August she took the child out in the garden into the summer-house, and put him to sit in a low nursery chair, the seat of which was about a foot high, and while she was play- ing with the other children the little boy started out of his chair and fell on his forehead, causing a slight bruise, which appeared to be nothing serious, and the child did not cry much from the effects of his fall. She told her mistress of what had happened.—Mr. Lewis said that five weeks ago he sent for Dr. O'Donnell to attend the child, who was seized with convulsions. Afterwards Dr. Gore attended the child, and in a few days he seemed to have recovered, but within a week the convulsions returned, and continued up to the 10th inst., when the child died.-Dr. Gore said he attended the case some weeks ago, and after a few days' medical treatment the convulsions left the child, but about a week afterwards he was again sent for to attend the little boy, who was affected with convulsions on the right side. He noticed a slight bruise on left side of the brain, which, he stated, was the cause of the con- vulsions. He called Mrs. Lewis' attention to this, and was informed of the accident which had happened to the child. The convulsions continued up to the 10th inst., and the little boy died.—In answer to the Coroner, he stated that the convulsions were, undoubt- edly,ithe result of brain irritation, caused by the bruise on the left temple which could been caused by a fall but had not the child been affected at the time by teething, which caused the brain considerable irrita- tion, the convulsions would not be so serious. The Coroner said the falling out of the chair was purely an accident, and advised the jury to base their verdict upon the medical evidence. A verdict of Accidental death was returned. CADOXTON BARRY HISTRIONIC SOCIETY.—A committee meeting of the above society was held at the Shaftesbury Hotel on Monday last, and there were also present Mr. B. G. Davies (chairman), Messrs. Treharne Rees (secretary), Stewart, Wallace Davies, Evans, and De Boer. Mr. Willett was unable to be present through illness. A letter was read from Major- General Lee, J.P., who has kindly consented to be president of the society. The first reading of the two pieces selected for the first entertainment will take place next Monday evening, and the rehearsals pro- ceeded with. PLOUGHING MATCH.-The adjourned ploughing match at St. Nicholas will take place on Thursday, the 13th prox., to be held at the Nantbrane Farm, St. Nicholas. Very substantial prizes are offered in the five classes for ploughing, and also in the three classes for the best show of horses. CONCERT.—A concert, promoted by the Bryn Zion Church, will be held on the 26th October, at the Market-hall, Cadoxton. For full particulars see our next issue. WENVOE. PRIMROSE LEAGUE DEMONSTRATION.—A de- monstration in connection with the Ely Habitation of the Primrose League was held at The Grange, Wenvoe, on Thursday. Amongst those present were Mrs. Jenner (Wenvoe Castle), Mr. and Mrs. Nell and Mrs. Edwards, the Rev. G. H. Jenner and family (The Grange), Canon and Mrs. Edwards, the Rev. G. H. Jenner and family, the Rev. Jos. Johns, and Messrs. J. T. Duncan, J. P. Poole, D. R. Williams, and T. Evans. During the afternoon the G.W.R. Band rendered several selections. Tea was provided, and in the evening a meeting was held in the marquee. Mr, W. W. Nell presided, introducing Mr. T. Pettifer, who delivered an interesting address on current politics. PENMARK. TRAP ACCIDENT.—On Tuesday evening the land- lord of the Kuron Inn and his wife were going down Kuron Hill in a trap. The wheel sank into a culvert, which caved in as they passed over it. The trap was upset, and the occupants thrown heavily upon the ground, causing them some slight injury. SULLY. POLICE CHANGES. — Police constable Leyshon Williams, of Sully, is about to removed to Miskin, near Mountain Ash, and Police-constable Boulton, now of Barry Dock, will probably succeed Police-constable Williams at Sully. Police-constable Williams is re- moving to a more important and largely-populated district, and judging from his excellent conduct during hispeiiid at Sully, he will, no doubt, meet with the success which his thorough discharge of duty deserves. PORTHCAWL. MABSANT.—The annual Friendly Society feast was held on Saturday last, the Ancient Briton Friendly Society turning out in strong force. A procession, headed by a band, went the round of the place, and at three o'clock the members returned to the Jolly Sailor Inn, Newton, where a good dinner was provided by Hostess Jenkins. Round-about horses, shooting galleries, &c. overe in strong evidence, and the little village of Newton presented a very lively appearance in the evening. Dancing was also indulged in to the accompaniment of a harp. LLANTWIT-MAJOR. THE TOXDU EXPLOSION FUND.—On Sunday next collections will he made at the several chapels in aid of the above fund. We trust that such a worthy object will be well supported. FUNERAL OF MRS. BROCK.-On Saturday last the remains of Mrs. Brock, who was killed at Barry by falling down the stairs in a fit, was buried in the grave- yard adjoining the Bethel Baptist Chapel in this town. Mrs. Brock was a daughter of the late Mr. D. Thomas, of this town, and the funeral was largely attended. The pastor, the Rev. Owen Davies, officiated. Much sympathy is felt for Mr. Brock and the family. MARRIAGE.—On August the 17th, at St. Matthew's Church, Toronto, Canada, Mr. Frederick Chatterton, son of the late Mr. Richard Chatterton, builder, of this town, was married to Miss Francess Theresa Groves, only daughter of the late Captain Groves, of this town. The marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. M. Blacklea, the pastor.