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FOOTBALL. [NOTES BY FREE KICK."] Reports for this column must be received not later than Wednesday afternoon to appear in the current week's issue. Secretaries of local clubs wishing to have their list of fixtures inserted under the Football head- ing are requested to forward me one of their fixture cards. The members of the Cadoxton District Club showed what they were made of in the trial match held on the Local Board Recreation Ground on Saturday afternoon. The sides were respectively captained by the skipper and his viee. and from the style of play shown, the former will not find it; a hard trial to pick a good representative team to meet Whitchureh next Saturday. The weakness suffered by the club last year through the want of a good full-back will not this season be experienced, judging from W. Powell's capital playing in this position. His picking up and quick returns proved that he will make a, most efficient and capital addition to the club. The dropped goal of his from the division line was an eye opener. At three-quarter T. Williams played a good game, whilst Hopkins, R. Lewis, and Davies were to the fore, and will improve as time goes on. The latter can use his feet well, and brought off some capital runs. It is rumoured that this was his first appearance upon the fodball field. but after di- gesting the new rules will turn out a fine man on the wing. Chamberlain on the will.- was a little too nervous. Morgan and Lane out-rivalled their opponents at half, although Paulett played a sterling game for a. .1 youngster. Of the forwards Wadrup, Tobin. Ekers, and Waters tickled my fancy, whilst Hopkins and Prothcroe did yeaman service for their respective sides, The committee on Tuesday picked out a good. team to meet Whitchurch to-morrow (Saturday). The names of those composing the team will be found below. It is satisfactory to learn that the members of the now defunct Star Football Club has thought it a wise plan to amalgamate with the Cadoxton District Club. The latter is now enabled to form a good second team. The following team has been chosen, to do justice for the Cadoxton District Football Club against those representing Whitchurch Back, W.Powell: three-quarters, M. Hopkins. T. Wil- liams, R. Lewis, F. Thomas half-backs, T. Morgan (captain) and C. Lane forwards, J. Wadrup, J: Tobin, Ekers. Wakeham, Protheroe, W. Walters, T. Hopkins, and E. Howell. The above are requested to assemble at the Station at 2.45 p.m. sharp. The following have been selected for the. Cadox- ton Seconds to engage in the tussle with the Dynas Powis Seconds :—Back, J. E/ans three-quarters, G. Ridler, J. A. Phillips. J. Venning, and T. Chamber- lain half-backs, P. Ryan, and A. John forwards, P. Trigg, W. Kathrens, S. Hussey, J. White, E. Howell, D. James. W. Simpson, and H. Williams. It is requested that all playing members should don the club's jersey, and not appear on the ground in all the colours of Joseph's coat." The Seasiders on Saturday scored a decisive victory over the- Cardiff 'Quins by four points to, nil. Well done,. Penarth You have commenced your season well, and may it end in a similar fashion. The 'Quins are making the best of their defeat by concocting such a. yarn as to the poor team they had on the field. This is nothing to do with it; for if this excuse is to be taken into considera- tion. how about the homesters when they were minus two of their best men on the wing in Joe í Williams and the sprinter—Kirby ? If the 'Quins could not put on. a bettor team it was tbeir fault. Penarth chose to play the best team that could be pat before them, by the visitors; and not to lament over the non-appearance of their opponents best team. Footballers, and those interested in the grand national game, will notice under the new rules adopted at the Angel Hotel, Cardiff, en Saturday night last by the Welsh Union, that a try will henceforth equal three points, and not two- as heretofore. Also that the referee is em- powered to grant a penalty kick to the players* opposing team who prevents an opponent getting up," or wilfully puts the ball unfairly into a scrummage." Captains will also note that after the registering of a try it is the duty of the defending side to see that the ball is taken out straight for the place kick. The ball is to be considered dead if a player when running with the ball should touch the referee." The Llantwit-?vl"aj or football team played their first match this season on Saturday last. on their own ground. Their opponents were the Porth- cawl team. A very evenly and pleasantly con- tested game resulted in a win for the home team by three points, 1 goal 2 tries to 3 tries. The home team were handicapped by losing the services of their captain, A. R. Price, who- was indisposed. This made it necessary to take Jenkins from the forwards to place him on the wing, where he played a hard game, but want of ex- perience in the third line made itself felt. Forward the visitors held a decided lead, being much heavier in the scrum and rather more clever with their feet. At half they were fairly matched. George, the new half-back for Llantwit. showing promise of developing into a good man. Howells, on the left wing, was as good as yore, but was too well looked cfter to become very dangerous. Goulden saved well, while Whapham covered himself with glory. One of his tries was a regular eye-opener. Stealing a pass in his own 25, he worked his way through a host of his opponents* and fairly ran away from them. For the visitors Cox was a host in himself, while the captain, Mr. Vivian, played a grand game. but it would be invidious to select names for prefe- rence in the visiting team, where all worked so hard for victory. Notwithstanding the keen manner in which the game was fought, no un- pleasant incident took place, which proves that even football can be contested in a gentlemanly way. BARRY 2XD V. COGAX 2XD. Played on the Buttrill's Ground, near Barry, on Saturday, the draw ending in favour of Cogan by 3 minors to 2 minors. The game was evenly con- tested throughout. COGA X V. HAnRY, Played at Cogan. and resulted as follows :— Cogan, 1 disputed try, 1 minor Barry. 1 disputed try. Mr. F. John, ex-secretarv of the Barry Club, acted as referee. For Cogan D. Morgan got over and grounded the ball, but the above gentleman ordered a scrummage five yards out. The try which Barry claimed was scored by kicking the ball on to the top of a hedge behind the goal, the referee being of the opinion that a try would have been got if a Cogan man had not kicked out of bounds. As it was, tjie ball was not touched by a Barry man; at all. Cogan."therefore, claimed the match as a win by 1 goal, 1 minor, to 1 minor. FIXTURES FOR THE EXSTTIXG WEEK. Matches to be played on the ground of the first mentioned team- Saturday,Oct. 1st. Whitchurch v. Cadoxton District, „ Dynas Powis v. Cadoxton District 2nd. emit in nation of font bo II sec J)at/c 8).