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o THE JSHABITANTS OF QARDIFF AND DISTRICT. ITSOSE who appreciate a. highly-finirhed Artispic Portrait, we, in confidence of giving entire tisfactioa, beg to solicit of them the favour of eir Patronage. The Photographic Art is no ipchanioal process many seem to think it is adding from the price they pay), until experience is taught th>m tliat it is not profitable after all, uuteven cheap UNSATISFACTORY Photo- phs in the fire tw) or three times before resolv- V to *et a good on<. A Genuine Photograph is a ork of Art, and requires an Artist of Ability, ith large experiencs, together with a variety ot odern Studio Accessories, ere an Artistic Portrait n be executed. In this respect we can truth- lllv eav that w<3 haie endeavoured to procure the est of Appliances, r card less of expense, in order at we might secur a Perfect Portrait in Style d Finish. But (Viat is more important still) ix ?Qrtr;ut? are execited from the Best of Photo- •aphic Materials. Eren our Mounts are special y ade for us, and miis; be guaranteed chemically ire with real gold staiping, and bevelled edge, ras it will be seen, *ery precaution is taken by to ensure their Ibttter permanenoy. leal* by ar we have continud to increase our Business, d this year we have been obliged to open large emise8 in Pontypridt for our country Patronage, order to avoid th( overcrowding and incon- nience experienced during the past year at ike-street Studio, arl also to bring' about the icker dispatch of olera entrusted to us. We ote our Prices fearlesly. knowing that they are e lowest that can be (msistcnt with Photographs ORTHY OF THE NUiIE. Yours respectally, A. IAWRENCE, Managing- Partner br Cardiff and District. pro A. s G. TAYLOR. Duke-street, Cardiff md Market-square, Ponty- idd Studios open daily9 till 6. CA.BNETS, Per |»-'dax. £ -doz. s. d. 8. d. s. d. Fioures 15 0 10 0 7 6 19nevteli. 18 0 12 » 8 6 bildren 18 0 °n I roup of 2 17 0 11 0 8 j o. 3 OT more. 18 0 12 6 8 6 CARTES- M-VISITE. Per doz. |-doz. t*-doz. s. d. a. d. s. d. IfigitreS 1 o o n ignettes 70 In on tiildren 7 0 4 6 3 0 nmpofS 7 0 4 6 3 0 o. 3. or more 8 0 8 0 g vnir APJT.V j v } -■ '<TT» S r/Tb U'i'fili- ABU ttiiiiiAuiUiHl, COFFEE, Q-RILL, AND DINING-ROOMS. Every Acconmodation for fitters AT 10DERATI CHARGES. CLOiS TO Sairy Dock md Railway Station. [247 THE JEW J ]pj UMUNy ACCORDION. A. New Instrument, wit Two Draw Stops, one Imitating the luman Yoice. Momey returned if ot approved, of. ice, carriage free, 128. ti. Send P.O.O. to the EATH -J^j-USICAL urPLY STORES, WINDSOR-ROA), NEATH. G. BMACEY, Manager. A Large Assotment of REGANS, jp IAN 0(3, ^JANGLES, S lNG. M\CHINES, For Sale on our New HirePurchase System, 28. 6d. Monhly. [48'. 'A Large Sbck, of IE1 AND SEGORD GUNS, CUZZLE LOADERS from 15s. BREECHLOADERS J\ ,,308. SENT ON APPROVAL. Write fr- Partictilers ,to— H. FREEDMAN & KONS, (Cor&er of College & Waterloo-streets), SWANSEA. Jotham & Sons, 26 & 2.7, ST. MART STREET, CARDIFF. JL JL -L JOTHAM & SONS. Autumn and Winter Clothing. JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. The largest Stock JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. And best value ever JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. Produced. JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. Separate Rooms on Ground Floor JOTHAM & SONS. ¡ JOTHAM & SONS. For Juvenile department.. JOTHAM & SONS. I JOTHAM & SONS, Over 14,000, fourteen tlwusand square feet of JOTHAM & SONS. Show Rooms. Woollen Merchants, Ratters, Hosiers, and General Outfitters, 26 & 27, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. ———— [187 Established 1838 (88 years.) ■ Public Interest is Excited. ALL PARTIES AGREE, EVEN MR. GLAIDSTO-NE AND ■;] IJORD SALISBURY, Along with their Popular Supporters, agree that the Best Protection for the Nation during the Winter Months are HEPWOETHS RENOWNED TOP COATS. THEY'RE STYLISH! X' V rpxy^: '■ -X?- L LI B.K;YlA LB EliVATlYES (HOME RULERS and TRADES' UNION I. ISTS) all declare that Hepworth's Bill,for a gocd rig-out is the Most Acceptable ever placed before the British Public. NOTE THE ADDRESS- J. pPIOpf AND SON, LIMITED, ST. MARY-STREET, (Right Opposite the Town Hall) CARDIFF. -VIOLIN, TDOW, AND CASE, v EXTRA. SET OF STRINGS. AND PITCH PIPE, vor 218.. THE BEST VALUE EVER OFFERED. SEND FOR AND TRY IT! JOHN DAVIES, MUSIC WAREHOUSE, [83 11, TREDEGAR PLACE, NEWPORT. The Cadoxton and Barry BILI-POSTIIGr AND ADVERTISING ¡ COMPANY (LIMITED) BEG- to announce that they CONTRACT for BILL-POSTING- and ADVERTISING in all Parts of the United Kingdom. ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Offices 15, BARRY DOCK-ROAD. BARRY, and 39, HARVEY-STREET. CADOXTON. [479 J. PHILLIPS & CO., IRONMONGERS, e? <9 ,y- w § « mill II a w H b If Mulii s 3 «•> ma h o !q itmxdX' p R .t .0' LARGE STOCKS TO SELECT FR)AT. [471 I THE BON MARCHE FOB CHINA, GLASS, & EARTHENWARE, 111, QUEEN-STREET (Next door to the Queen-street Post-office-),. CARDIFF. The Cheapest and Best House for USEFUL AND FASOY CHINA AND GLASS. {291 -.6. FOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE." c ^LOOD PURIFIER! mbAWd restorer! For cleansing and clearing the blo«d from all im- purities, it cannot be too highly recommended. For Scrofula, Scurvy, Eczema, Pimples, Skin and £ lood Diseases, j and Sores of all Mads, it is a never-failing j and permanent cure. It Cures Old Sores. Cures Ulcerated Sores on tho Neck. • Cures Ulcerated Sore Legs. Cures Blackheada, or Pimples on the F&csw Cures Scurvy Sores. Curew Cancerous Uleers. Curea Blood and Skin Diseases. Cures Glandular Swellings. Clears the Blood from all impure mattep, From whatever cause arising. It is a real specific for Gout and Rheumatic pains. It removes the cause from the Blood and Bones. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and war- ranted free from anything injurious to the most -delicate constitution of either sex, the Proprietors solicit sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS From all Parts of the World. Sold in Bottles 2s. 9d., and in cases, containing six times the quantity, lis. each — sufficient to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of long'standing cases. BY ALL CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDICINE VENDORS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, or sent for S3 or 133 stamps by the Proprietors, THB LINCOLN AWD MIIOLAIRO COUNTIES DBUS COMPANY, Lincoln. CAU TION.—Ask for Clarke's Blood Mixture and do not be pessu&dod to take an imitation. KITT & Co.'s Rapid Cure. PACKAGES (with MIXTURE, PILLS, and LOTION) 4a. 6d. Cures in a few days all DISOIIARGES, either Constitutioiial or Acquired, Kidney Troubles, Paint in the Back. CONTAINS NO MERCURY. KITT & CO., MEDIOATj HALL 39, BIUTE-ST., CARDIFF. Where they may he consulted from 8 a..ra. to 10 p.m. daily. Entrance also at 40, side-door. [479 ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS warranted to oure all discharges from the Urinary Organs,, In either sex (acquired or constitutional), Gravel, and Pains to the Back. Guaranteed, free from Mercury. Bold in Boxes, 4s. 6d. ouch, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors fekraugbcttt the World, or sent to Br.,y address for sixty BTORAPS by the Makers, THE LINCOMI A»J> MIDLAND COUNTIKB Dmvo Co«PAjrr, Lincoln. WholesoJe Agents, I&BOL^Y & Am Zottdaa. amd tJl the Whole sale Booses. ADELIN Å" Pianofortes. ill ct- có Ü L'0 rn 00 0 (D Cj P) (j1 00 () -+-J p) Edward B. BRADER, 5, Church Street, Cardiff. FOR GOOD AND CHEAP PIANOS AND ORGANS. ^peeiaiite 22 Guiiiea Piano, f — tuning and Repairs of all Instruments carefully undertaken. 1 ESTABLISHED 1840. 5171 f U-fcwSJii THOilPiSUDI'S PiuLa wiHabsoluKy prevent^ n.S Guusuidpnoii it oaken early and coacinueu with UIlt. tti- constitnUon is tiiorougly restored. Thousands of young vfomen die annually by neglecting this simple, yet the most rt-m&rkabie, of medicines. The bleod becomes impaired, hence dK IT of t/iie lany-ji and other organs naturally follow. 4JUK.SE j'iiOMPSON'S PILL8 are specially suited for all it.l ladies, regardless of aje. I'he tukmar ot tho«« metiicmea 1'i;ívertllif,l for the cure of disorders of both lmre produced the most alarming results thertiforf, NUBSB THOMPSOK'S VILLS shouhl be every lady's madicinefor all purposes iNote from a correspoadeiit :—"I must thank yon, and con- -g^atulate my (laughter, aged 25. uoon a marvellous improve- ahpt in btxlily health and peIsonaJ appearancu. Pive month" Mp her condition was such r»s to excite not only pity, but alarm, amongst those interested in lier welfare. We gave .Mpse Thompson's Pills a fair trial, and, from a girl of feeble strength and sickly complexion, she has developed into a rosy- feped \T9U-dsYok>p«I youug wr¡nmn." above is an extract of thousands of similar letters re,- ceived by us. JIKY THEM for Head-Ache, Pains in the Back or Limbs, Faintness, Sickness, Giddiness, Languor; Constipation, Flush- irCsjs of Heat, Palpitation, Indigestion, CUtinge of Life, Swollen limbs, and all other IRRRGUL ARITIB8. [258 BUILDING SOCIETY ESTABLISHED 1861. INCORPORATED 1874. ,) v DIRECTORS :— Mr. WM. GRIFFITHS, Park House Cardiff, Chairman. Mr. J. MORGAN. Llantrisant, Vice-chairman. Mr. DANIEL WILLIAMS. Glasfryn, Pontypridd. Mr. JAMES RICHARDS, Treforest. Mr. RICHARD ROGERS, Pontypridd. Mr. RICHARD LEWIS, C.C., Boot Depot, Tony- pandy. REV, WM. PARRY, Taff-street., Pontypridd. Sn^nton—Messrs. SPICKETT & SONS, Court House, Pontypridd. Surveyor—Mr. T. ROWLAND, Pontypridd. Advances made on Mortgage in sums Tarying from £ 100 to:91,000, repayable in monthly or quarterly instalments. MORTGAGE AND SURVEY FEES PAID BY THE SOCIETY. Advances made on the Shortest Notice. For further particulars apply to the Secreta.ry, MR. H. S. DA VIES, I. TOWN HALL CHAMBERS, 75] PONTYPRIDD PRINTING of all kinds, LETTERPRESS and JL LITHOGRAPHIC, done promptly at the "STAR" OFFICE, VERE-STHEET, CADOXTON.—The Parcels Post affording great facilities for cheap and rapid, transmission of Parcels, the Management will henceforth avail themselves of it to forward small parcels of circulars, &c., to their many country custom- ers. Ordamexecuted by return of post when lie required. Masters & Co.'s GRAND EXHIBITION OF WINTER FASHIONS MASTERS & CO. have again Come to the Front with their Exceptionally Choice Overcoats and Suits for Gentlemen Youths, and Boys. QUALITY, WEAR, STYLE, and VALUE ARE SPECIAL FEATURES OF MASTERS and CO.'S MATCHLESS- OVERCOATS & WINTER CLOTHIM. LATEST NOVELTIES. ? MASTERS & CO., 29 and 30, St. Mary Street, ) 292, Bute-street, > CARDIFF. 1, St. John's Square, ) [485 CARDIFF. CARDIFF. I R RE31STERED TRACE MARoA. JOHN JAMES & CO.'S GREAT SALE OF General Drapery, Jh. Jb, E-" y I AT LESSENED PRICES, THIS DAY, JANUARY 6TH, 1893, AND THROUGHOUT THE MONTH." SYSTEM OF BUSINESS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE. The whole St'fck marked in Plain Figures, the Sitl@ Prici in Rod Ink benaath the original, showing at a. [flame the Reduction on each artiele. We offer our Regular Stock. All Fr«*h G-o^d# bought for this S«a«ra's Na Rubbish specially bought for the occasion. No Goods sent on Approbation during the Sale. Auy article bought not approved 6if Exchanged, or 1oh. Montr rtturned. REAL SEAL JACKETS NEW SHAPES PERFECT FIT. SALE PRICE. "USUAL PRICK. Lot 1 9 Guinaae 12 Guinaas. ,» 2 !2 18 „ 3 15 „ 21 „ 4 21 29 „ 5 25 „ 32 PLAIN MUSQUASH THREE-QUART3R MANTLE. SALE Pities. UOUAL PniCE 1 79 11 5 Guises.#. „ 2 £ 5 19s. 6(3 7 LONG BLACK CLOTH, SQUIRREL-LINED MANTLES, VERY C.&OICE fllGH-CASS GOODS SALK PKICB. USUAL PRICB. Lot 1 53/11 79/11 V 2 69/11 89/11 The whole of our Magniticent Stock of High-class Mantlet, Jackets, and Cloaks, Txtant Models, from 1511 to 10 Guineas. Reductions tq bit seen on Tickets. Ladies Cloth Jackets in all the Newest Shapes. Great Bargains, from 3/11 to 3 Guineas. Children's and Maid's Jackets, Mantles; Ulsters. Capet, Mxcintoshet, Jsc., in enormous variety at Sale- Prices. Real Sable. Beaver, Skunk, and Bear Capes. All Redaced. Fur Boas, Muits, Collarettes, Ac., Special Bargains. I FRENCH AND ENGLISH MILLINERY, TRIMMED AND DSTRIMMED. THE LARGEsT .,k\-D CHOICEST ASSORTMENT OUT OF LONDON, as usual at Half-trie- LADIES NATURAL WOOL UNDERCLOTHING, FULL RANG B AT REDUCED PITICES. Our Celebrated Irish Hand-made Cotton Underclothing made from Horrocks's Pure Calicoes all Rednoei OUR POPULAR DRESS DEPARTMENT..ESrery Piece throughout marked at Clearing Prices. PLAIN DRAPERY DEPARTMENT. tell RE-BUILDING OF 23, HIGH STREET. We shall offer the whole of our Stock of Heavy Drapery Goods at a great sacrifice to make room for Building Operations. The Stock will be removed for this Sale to our New Saloons at the rear of 28, High-street. Entrance daring rebuilding from 29. HIGH-STREET, and also the CASTLE ARCADE. The Best Makes in Eiderdown Quilts guaranteed, purified 8/11 to 89/11. Great Reductions BLANKETS, QUILTS, COUNTERPANES, RUGS, REAL WELSH FLANNEL. IMITATION DITTO All Reduced. We shall ofTer some very Choice Designs in Real Witton Carpets at 3,illl4, regular value 5/6-|- per yard. Ditto Real 5-frame Brussel'a Carpet, at 2/9f, regular value, 3/11$per yard. 11 Tapestry, Axminster, Wiiton. Brnssel's, and Seanalem Tapestry Squares. These will be all reduced and are weil worthy of our Customers attention. Antique Kyber, Tanjorc, and Smyrna Rugs, New Designs, from 5/llf to 29/11. All Reduced. JOHN JAMES & CO., 28, 29, and 30, High-street, and 30, 32 and 34, Castle Arcade, CARDIFF. RENOWNED FOR FASHIONABLE GOODS. THE BEST ARTICLE AT THE LOWEST PRICE. r 287 OH, YES." WILLIAM MUNI) AY, | ORIGINAL TOWN CRIER AND BILL DISTRIBUTOR, 1, IDDESLEIGH-S CREST, CADOXTON (Established 3 Years.) All Orders Guaranteed to be worked thoroughly on the Shortest Notice. REFERENCES GIVE N. God Save tfie Queen. [2 E. JT ROBERTS, PLUMBER, GASFITTES. SIGN-WRITER, IIO USE-DECORATOR. &c., 81, HIGH STREET, BARRY, Established 1885. Thousands of Pieces of Pa par from 2d. per Piece and upwards always in Stock. Largest Establishment for PAPER f HANGINGS FITTINGS in the Diatrict.Enu^ BUR 3LARY INSURANCE G-ENEFL fJ ACCIDENT ASSURANCE ORPORATION (LTD). CAPITAL, .£100,000. Chief Offices- Yictmia Buildings, Perth 4. Abchurch Ya.rd, London, E.C. Manager—F. Norie Miller. BURGLARY DEPARTMENT. AH Householders should cover this risk. Country Mansion Houae 8s. perils Town Residences 5s. per Shops and Warehouses 7/Q )w All loss is covered up to the amoum. of aiice without reference to the value of n, mehausc. Damage to goods ar eovered. The Corporation also transact Fidelity Guarantee, Third P- Accident and Emp!n"»jV Tial Prospectuses ments free r OfBcz. ?"