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PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS. DRINK GALORE IRISH WHISKY. Sold at the Principal Bars in the Town.. War- ranted Pure and Wholesome Spirit, a Blend of the Finest Dublin Whiskies. Vide Analytical report. SOLE PROPRIETORS: QAREY AND. (JO., ( QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. ALSO SOLE AGENTS FOR- DEUTZ & GELDERMANN. ERNEST IRROY AND RUIN ART'S CHAMPAGNE. BOTTLERS OF BASS'S ALES ok GUINNESS STOUT. Telephone iS3. Telegraphic Address, Galore.[207 G.H.B. GOLDEN HOp/4y BITTER /Jj/ f i J I i i i T DIN"I>TErL ALE_)/ j is. PER GALLON,. /4§/ /$/ M/ 'ft-' ■ /§/ /A, /4V ,) t.b J f\¡ /Q-O SUPEETOTi vOV PALE ALB- Y Is. 2d. Per Gallon I A MILD ALES— .J A lad. Per GaJlen. A; 7 STOUT l3'2d"Per Gillisn" S^J IN 4.V GALLON CASKS <sS/ ;■ AND TIP WARDS. [235 A OITEE-A TUMBLE DISCOVERY. What Bared his Life. OPINION OF WELL-KNOWN MEN. Mr. 18AAC EVANS, Neath, Miners' Agent, says :— T; T HARE M]œn the • Coltsfoot' for severe Colds and .hoarsaness. AND have fetiml it to be undoubtedly of very gre¡:ttben.efi b." a tke Rev. R. D. ROBERTS, Baptist Minister. Carhuan, Lbvynhendy. Dear Sir.-I caught a vcr., severe Gold, and WAS in consequence FOR a lengthof time in A most nndesiivible ftRtt painful ci-mdition.- Ithei. obtained A BOTTLE of Coltsfoot, which soon restored illP to my usual health. From my experience of it, I heartily recommend it te the notice • £ my truly. Mr. Morgan W. James. Rev. R. D. ROBEiSTS. COLTSFOOT, .-L THE GREAT CHEST HEALER AND PROTECTOR, la a. compound liquid extract made from the active medicinal principles of the" Coltsfoot" Plant, in combination with other highlv recognised remedies. ITS SUCCASS IS REMARKABLE. BULL OF HEALING VIRTUES. A speedy AND certain cure for. Coughs. Colds, Iniinenza, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Asthma, Spitting of BLOWS, and •Id-standing Chest Affections, commonly oalied Consumption. Put u,.I in Kettles, Is. Ik! 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6 si. each. Ask lor Coltsfoot, and see that you SET it. Sold by aU Chemists everywhere, ■ or Post Free. Great smving b.1J purchasing larger sizes. Prepared ONLY by MORGAN W. JAMES, Manufacturing Chemist, Llanelly, South Wales. [251 EDWARD REES, AUCTIONEER, Accountant & Auditor. (ESTABLISHED 1877.) MORTGAGE & FINANCE BROKER. HOUSE, LAND & ESTATE AGENT. GENERAL BUSINESS # TRANSFER BROKER & VALUER. Acront for all the best Insurance Offices-Fire, Life, General Accident, Plate Glass, Employers' Liability, Boiler, Engine, and Steam Power, Farm- ing Stocks, Cattle and Horses, and Guarantee Fidelity Offices. VALUATIONS FOR PRORATE, &c., kC., &c. Over 20 Years Experience in the Management of Large and Small Estates. 5, Travis-street, Thompson-street, BARRY DOCK, AND 45, Yere-street, Cadoxton. u Barry Dock, Barry, Cadoxton and District Pro- perties Let and Sold. Rents Collected and Pro- perty Managed. Personal attention given. Prompt j Settlements. Highest References given. Several Splendid Shops and Premises, suitable for any business, to be Let and for Sale, in best positions in. either district; also Villas and Cot- bITes. N.B.—Parties desirous of, Letting or Selling their Business Premises, Villas or Cottages, or wishinsr to dispose of their business either by auc- iion or as going concerns, should send particulars to E. REEF, at 5, Travis-street, Thompson-street. Barry Dock. r 457 FOR SALE. "j ¥SW WARDROBE, 8ft. high, 5ft. 2in. wide, 2rt XL Sin. deep, with large drawers on castors and three smaller ones; plate glass panel. door. Also KITCHEN TABLE.—To view, apply, Sirs. Saunders T. ChurchiH-tprrace, Moors, Cadoxton. TO LET. OFFICES TO LET in Holton-road. First class position.—Apply, Morgan Bros., plumbers and decorators, Cadoxton. -Æ! WANTED. WANTED, a BOY to SELL NEWSPAPERS.— Apply, Beddingfield, Barry Dock-road, Barry EDUCATIONAL. THE COURT SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, CADOXTON. PKIXCITAL MISS SMALL. AGISTED by Trained and Certificated English and 'FOREIGN Governesses, and visiting Professors. PTnsnectns on application to the Principal. Private Lessons given in Drawing, Painting, Music, French, and German. 1;' Puoila nrenarod for the Local Examination*. Class for Little Roys. I 423 Next Terra kegiiis JANUARY 1-Gth. 1833. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS. ( ARTISTIC RUIINTTTB.E MTTEACTURERS. TEIPNELL"AID GANE, « THE BEST AND MOST ECONOMICAL HOUSE FURNISHER'S IN THE WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES. A RTISTIO JPURNITURE. ECONOMIC FURNITURE. "^TELL-MADE JPURNITURE. JNEXPENSIVE JPURNITURE. SHOW ROOMS FOR WALES: 88 & 41, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, JOINING-ROOM JpURNITURE. JgEDROOM ■^US.NITUEE. jr .JD' J^RAWING-ROOM JTURNITURE. jgOUBOIB 'pURNITURE. jgREAKFAST-ROOM F U. NT I T U R E. JglLLIARB-EOOM JpURNITURE. P" ITCH EN pTJRNITL'RE. JJOTEL Jj^URNITURE, OUR MUCH RENOWNED COTTAGE FURNITURE DEPARTMENT, 38, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. TRAPNELL & GAJSTE, Complete House Furnishers, Carpet and Linoleum Warehousemen, 31 & 41, QUEEN EET, CARDI ALSO AT COLLEGE GREEN, BRISTOL j-F COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPOR CATALOGUES FREE. ESTIMATES FREE. ALL GOODS CARRIAGE RAID BAE1T DOCK ASSEMBLY ifioiS.l J:J li..LD J.1 IA COMPANY lias been formed for the Bur- pose of nUYIXG the PREMISES low- known as the 1 BiRPJ BOOK PUBLIC HALi, and converting them to ff A THEATlE AND MUSIC IIALC^ in accordance with the Limited Liability Com- pany's Acts. The under portion of the premises have been let at a rental to cover three per cent. on the full amount of the capital required. Consequently allowing' for the profits on the Theatre and Music Hall there will, the directors are advised, be suffi- cient TO PAY A DIVIDEND of NINE PER CENT. A prospectus will be issued in a day or two. A further announcement will appear next week. Any applications for Shares should be made to the Secretary, NtH. J. JEFFERIES, 23, ARCOT STREET, PENARTH. Barry Congregational j Church. SUNDAY NEXT, JANUARY 15th, 1893, KEY. J. HOATEY, WILL PREACH AT 11 A.M. AND 6.30 P.M. Subject for Morning -T THE ADOPTION OF SONS." Subject for Evening :— GOD'S WAY OF DEALING WITH PENITENT SINNERS." All Seats free Hymn Books provided. CIYIL SERVICE APPOINTMENTS. Age 15 to 25 ladies under 20. Salaries ranging from £ 30 to £ 400. Candidates wanted for Higher and Lower Divisions, Customs, Excise, Telepraph Learners,&o.. Preparation by Correspondence conducted by a staff of 20 tutors. Over 11,000 Successes in 7 years. Unexcelled. Reduced Fees to Students joining Classes now. Prospectus Free from che Secretary, British Correspondence College, Queen's Road, New Cross Gate, London, S.E. E ^/rAUG'HAN A Ni) CO- STS AM-POWER DYERS, FRENCH CLEANERS, &c., LLANDAFF-ROAD, CARDIFF. BRANCH ESTABLISHMENTS :— 2, QUEEN-STREET, patjdtpt? 248. BUTE-STREET, f 1 • 60, WINDSOR-ROAD. PENARTH. 53. COMMERCI AL-STREET, NEWPORT. 83. HIGH-STREET, MERTIIYR. 27, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. Parcels Received and Forwarded Regularly to the Dye-works by District Agents :— Parcels amounting to five shillings sent direct to works will be returned carriage paid one way. Trade books and price lists sent free on application. F WAuG11AN ANI) co' ARE CELEBRATED FOR CLOTHES AND DRESS CLEANING by FRENCH PROCESS, producing: permanent colours, a superior finish, moderate charges, and promptness of dispatch. [227 ¡ BARRY AID CldJOJCrON LOCAL BOARD. PRIVATE STREETS WORKS ACT, 1892. 1V7 OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that at a. Meeting of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board, held on the 10th January, 1893, the follow- ing1 resolution was passed itesolvecl-" That the Private Street Works Act, 1892, be adopted in the district of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board, and come into force on the 15th day of February, 1893. By Order, J. ARTHUR HUGHES, CLERK. Loeal Board Office, Cadoxton, 11th Jan nary, 1893. Iteration <>K businb^T Barry Dock Chambers, Barry Dock. THE BUSINESS CARRIED ON by MR. JOHN YOUNG, AUCTIONEER, ESTATE AGENT, &c., will henceforth be CARRIED ON BY MR. C. C. THORNE (LATE MAMAGER TO THE ABOVE), Who will Receive all Moneys due to the Firm, and also Pay all Debts. MR. YOUNG will CONTINUE his BUSINESS at 7, Tredegar-place, Newport, Mon. Dec. 21st. 1892. BARRY DOCK. SALE OF VERY VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES IN HOLTON-ROAD.. MR. WILLIAM THOMAS has been favoured with instructions to SELL BY AUCTION at the Victoria Hotel, Barry Dock, on THURSDAY, Jan. 19th, 1893, at Three o'clock in the Afterpoon precisely (subject to conditions of sale which will then be pro- duced, and which may be inspected at the Offices of the undermentioned Solicitors seven days prior there- to), the following' desirable PROPERTIES— Lot 1. All that commodious, well-built, and splendidly situated House, Shop, and Business Premises, being No. 8, Holton-road, Barry Dock, and now in the occupation of Mr. W. Marsh, Hairdresser, Tobacconist, and News Vendor. Lot 2.—A similar House, Shop, and Business Premises, adjoining Lot 1, being No. 9, Holton-road, Barry Dock, and now in the occupation of Mr. Young, Draper. Lot 3.—A similar House, Shop, and Business Premises, adjoining Lot 2, being«No. 10, Holton-road, Barry Dock, and now in the occupation of the Unionist Association Company, Limited. Lot 4.—A similar House, Shop, and Business Piemises, adjoining Lot 3, being No. 11, Holton-road, Barry Dock, and now in the occupation of Mr. Wood- ham, Fruiterer and Fishmonger. The above Lots are situated opposite to the Victoria Hotel, and each are held for the remainder of a certain term of 99 years (less the last three days thereof), commencing on or about the 1st day of May, 1'889, and subject to the very low yearly ground rent of E6 (each), and bring in the annual gross rental of £ 296. The Auctioneer 'respectfully calls the attention of Investors arid Capitalists to the above desirable pro- perties, which owing to their first-class situation for trade, must in a few years materially increase in value, and will always command good tenants. For a view apply to the respective tenants, who have kindly consented to show the same, and for all further particulars to the Auctioneer, Vere-street, Cadoxton, or 1, Romilly-road, Barry or to REED & COOK, Solicitors, Town Clerk's Office, Bridgwater. Dated, Bridgwater, Jan. 4th, 1893. USE ONLY EOTHERG-ILL'S TOBACCO \.1 J.11. J..1J III (f < ..u!oJ .t1- U AID 018-ARS. 4, STUART HALL HAYES, CARDIFF. [11 PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS. Barry Agent: Xrs. C. GTeen,l Beer Dealer. PALE ALES, 13-R¡STO\ IN 4t GALLON CASKS FROM IOD. PER GALLON 2 PORTER AND STOUT FROM Is. PER GALLON. CARDIFF STORES: 9. WORKING-STREET. NEWPORT STORES: COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS. CHEPSTOW STORES BEAUFORT-SQUARE Cadoxton Agents: South Vales Provision Stores." I H. J. OWEN, Chemist, Yere-street, Cadoxton. ¡ PATENT MEDICINES AT STORE PRICES. PURE DRUGS AND CHEMICALS. GARDEN SEEDS in great variety direct from the Growers OHEST PROTECTORS and COUGH REMEDIES a Speciality. [474 MESSRS. CHAR P E LL & MORRIS, Wine aqd Spirit Merchants, TAL, THOMPSON-STREET) BARRY DOCK. Agents for the Celebrated GLO-DAVAR IAN BEER CO. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. THE EMPIRE PALACE OF VARIETIES, CARDIFF. S Two Complete Performances Nightly. Early one 7 o'clock to 9, late one 9 o'clock to 11. ALL ARTISTES APPEAR AT EACH PERFORMANCE. ■ v OSWALD STOLL.