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BARRY. FAILURE OF A TAILOB.—The first meeting of the creditors of John Davies, High-street, Barry, Glam., tailor, will be held on January 17th, at noon, at the Official Receiver's, Cardiff; public examination January 24th, at ten a.m., at the Town-hall, Cardiff. BARRY AND CADOXTOX LOCAL BOARD (GAS AND WATER) BILL.—The- following petition in favour of the Bill is being extensively signed in the district:—" To the Honourable the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in Par- liament assembled. The humble Petition of the under- signed owners lessees and occupiers of property and ratepayers within the district of the Barry and Cadox- ton Local Board in the County of Glamorgan sheweth as follows 1 That a Bill is now pending in your Honourable House for authorising the Local Board for the District of Barry and Cadoxton in the County of Glamorgan to acquire the Gas and Water under- takings of the Barry and Cadoxton Gas and Water Company and to supply the district and other places with gas and water. 2 Your petitioners are respec- tively owners lessees or occupiers of property and rate- payers (as set against their signatures hereto) within the District of Barry and Cadoxton which district is an Urban Sanitary District under the control and m inage- ment of the Local Board for the District of Barry and Cadoxton and as such they are interested in the efficient supply of gas and water within the said dis- trict. 3 That in the opinion of your petitioners the powers sought by the Bill now pending in your Honourable House if granted would be beneficial to the interests of your petitioners and of other owners lessees and occupiers of property and the ratepayers generally within the said district and they therefore desire to see the said Bill passed into Law. Your -petitioners therefore humbly pray that your Honourable House will be pleased to pass the said Bill." POPULAR SUNDAY SERVICES.—On Sunday week in the afternoon, the first of a series of Sunday after- noon services, in connection with the Bible Class, was held. Captain Murrell presided over a very good attendance, and an address was delivered by the pastor, the Rev. J. H. Stowell. Miss Mackness played some splendid classical music on the piano, and sacred songs and quartettes were rendered by the Misses Taylor, a.nd Wallace, Mr. Bert Medcroft, Mr. John Porter, &c. The service was a very successful one, and no doubt the series will be justly appreciated and well attended. "STAR OF BARRY" I.O.G.T. — An open meeting connected with this lodge was held on Tuesday ,evening at the Sea View Restaurant, Barry. Bro. T. Ward presided, and addresses were given by Bro. Rev. Christmas Lewis, Mr. John Davies, and the Chairman. The following, musical programme was gone through:—Song, Bro. Wallace Davies; song, the Chairman; German song, Mr. A. L. M. Bonn; Welsh song, Bro. T. B. Thomas; address, Bro. J. Robins; song, Sister-E. Robins; song, Bro. H. Richards song, Bro. Panniers The Misses Thomas and Robins accompanied the songs. POPULAR CONCERT.—The usual Saturday evening penny concert will take place at the Parish-hall on Saturday evening. The Barry String Band has pro- mised to play selections of music. SPECIAL SERVICES.—The special services held last week were concluded on Sunday evening, when a special communion service was held, the celebrants being the Revs. J. Stowell, M.A., and Christmas Lewis. ENGLISH BAPTISTS AT BARRY.—As many of our readers will propably be aware the services of the English Baptists have been held for sometime past in the Market-hall. We are glad to learn from the secretary that the floor of the hall is this week being match-boarded, and that such alterations have been made as to effectually prevent the unpleasant draughts which were experienced at first. No one need, there- fore, have any apprehension of taking cold, as the hall will be found to, be as comfortable as any place of worship in Barry. Services are held every Sunday at 11 a.m. ,and 6.30 p.m. Sunday School at 10 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. MRS. MEGGITT'S ILLNESS.—From enquiries made yesterday morning, we are glad to know that Mrs. Meggitt is gradually recovering from the illness from which she is suffering. She is now able to get up from her bed a little each day. THE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH.—A meeting of the members of the above Church was held on Wednesday evening in the vestry. The pastor, the Bev. J. A. Stowell, M.A., presided.—The annual report was read, and a financial statement presented, which showed that the Church was free from debt.- Mr. Meggitt was re-elected secretary, Mr. E. Gould treasurer, and Mr. John Davies financial steward. The several committees were also appointed. At the conclusion of the meeting refreshments were partaken of in the chapel. PRIZE DISTRIBUTION.—On Wednesday evening a good muster of parents and fjiends assembled at the Barry Parish-hall to witness an entertainment and prize distribution to the scholars attending the Barry Church Sunday School. Mr. E. S. Johnson, the respected superintendent of the Sunday School, pre- sided, and, in a short speech, dealt with the value of Sunday School work. He trusted that the parents of the scholars would realise the importance and necessity of sending their children re- gularly and punctually to school. The children of the Sunday School then went through the following programme, which was rendered in a very creditable way:-Song, Scholars; redation, Tiny Tim," Benggloe Halliday; recitation, The Beggarman," Edgar Price; song, Scholars: recitation, Agnes Powell; recitation, Winifred Coombes; recitation, W. Vaughan song, Scholars; recitation, "Being Busy," Mary Halliday; recitation, Which loved best ?" May Williams pianoforte duet, The Match- box Polka," Misses Nora Ashmore and Elsie Johnson; dialogne, I. This will do," Misses Clarice Johnson and Elsie Johnson recitation, Julius Csesar," Florence Price recitation, Building a ship," Joseph Crockett; recitation, The fireman's wedding," Clarice Johnson; pianoforce duet, "Osborne quadrilles," Misses Ashmore and James, &c. The accompaniments to the sonsa were played by Mrs. De Heaume, and the prizes were dis- tributed by the Rev. Mr. De Heaune, in the unavoid- able absence of Canon Allen. Much merriment was caused by the appearance of "Santa Glaus" (Mr. Edwards, secretary of the Sunday School) who' dis- v tributed from a brilliantly lighted Christmas tree, a v host of toys for the children. A most enjoyable evening was brought to a conclusion by, singing and prayer The scholars are greatly indebted to many friends of the Parish Church, who sokindly presented the whole gifts of the Christmas tree, and oranges, which were distributed amongst the children. Every scholar in the school, not only received a gift from the tree, but also received a nice prize book. We have no sympathy with those people who always complain of being ill and miserable and out of sorts, when a course of some good tonic like Gwilym Evans' Bitters would soon set them right. See advt in another column. [9 IS YOUR WATCH WRONG? IF SO, and you wish it put in reliable order, why go to town when you can get any class of Wateh," repairs done equally well at Barry, by W. Coo NIBS, Market Hall Buildings, late with Mr J Hettich 60, Queen-street, Cardiff [301 BARRY DOCK. WE are pleased to note that Mr. Sydenham W. Richards (late of Messrs. Richards and Gethin, architects, of Barry Dock and Cardiff) has entered into partnership with Mr. J. P. Jones (County Coun- cillor), architect, of Cardiff. The offices in that town of the new firm of Messrs. T. P. Jones, Richards and Brogden are situated in St. Mary-street over the old West of England Bank, on the corner of Wh irton-street. I YO"ONG_ WALES SOCIETY.—A committee meeting of this society was held on Tuesday last at Rosser's Coffee House, Holton-road, the President (the Rey. J. W. Matthews) in the chair. There was a good atten- dance, and various important matters were discussed and resolved upon. The first question brought for- ward was a letter received from a gentleman in Liver- pool asking for a copy of the rules of the Society for the guidance of friends at that place in establishing a like society upon the banks of the Mersey. This request was cordially received,inasmuch as it evidenced that the spirit of Welsh Nationalism was surely spreading and laying hold of the rising generation of Welshmen wherever their lot might be. Asit has been decided to hold at an early date a public meeting to discuss what means shall be adopted to raise the old language into greater prominence in this district, a programme of that meeting was drawn up, and it is to be hoped t&vt the Welsh public in the neighbourhood Will attend there in crrt>a.+. nnmVinva iif itc bOo" ,01.lUi:) exact nature and rate they will be shortly informed. It was also decided to celebrate St. David's Day in a. befitting manner, arrangements for which' have been entrusted to the officials. Another verv important matter—most important to the Welsh population; of that part of the district—which engaged the attention of the meeting was the rumoured appointment of a sub-postrnaster for a bra.nch post- office it is proposed to establish near the Board School, Holton-road. It having reached the meeting that an English lady, and an entire stranger to the place has been offered the post, the following resolution was unanimously passed and directed to be sent to the proper authorities:—" That we, the members of the Young Wales Society in Cadoxton and Barry district, desire to call your attention to the necessity of appoint- iag a postmaster for the proposed sub-postoffice near the Board School, Holton-road, who shall be throughly conversant with the Welsh language, as well as the .English, inasmuch as this portion of the distr ct is jpre-eminently Welsh." 'THE REV..JABEZ HONEY IN DEVONSHIRE—On the 29th December the opening of a new chapel took place at Milton Tembrill, North Devonshire. In the ,morning a sermon was preached by the Rev. Wm. Lee, president of the Conference, and in the after- noon a sacred concert was held, at which there were about 50 performers. At the evening service addresses were given by the Rev. J. C. Honey, Rev. Jabez Honey, and Mr. J. Ruddle, and the chair was taken by Mr. Rattenbury, the County Councillor for the division The Chapel was crowded at all the services, and large numbers were unable to obtain admission, particularly in the evening. The Western Times, Exeter, says There were 600 at the -tea, and 1,000 at the meetings who could not get in. On the following Sunday the services were taken by the Rev. Jabez Honey and his brother. The tea and luncheon alone realised over £ 50. Mr. Honey, accampanied by his brother, at the end of the services went on a ssries of of visits to relatives, which they greatly enjoyed. VVELSILUNITED SINGING FESTIVAL.—A practice for the above festival will take place on Sunday even- ing next at the Tabernacle Chapel, Holton-road, Barry Dock. It is hoped there will be a good attendance of singers. A LOCAL FAILURE.-At the London Bankruptcy- court on Wednesday the meeting of the creditors of J. W. Ainscough, who was formerly in partnership with John Helley, but who dissolved partnership in February, 1892, and then started in business for him- self, was held. He has filed accounts showing gross debts £3,827, of which £8,822 is unsecured, and assets £ 776 10s. 8d. A committee of inspection was ap- pointed. CADOXTON. FAILURE OF A CABINET-IAKEP..—The public examination of T. W. Thomas took place at the Car- diff Bankruptcy Court on Friday. The debtor had carried on business as a cabinet maker and furniture dealer at Cadoxton, the money being furnished by his iivife. The business did not pay, and he was obliged to file his petition.—The examination was closed. TRINITY COLLEGE EXAMINATIONS.—The fol- lowing pupils have successfully passed the recent examinations held at Cardiff under the auspices of the Trinity College, London (Incorporated):—A. Hopkins and H. M. Whitburn (Miss Small, Cadoxton). FAREWJ5LL SERVICE.—On Sunday evening last the Mount Pleasant Chapel was well-filled by persons who wished to hear the farewell sermon of the Rev. Ton Evans, who has decided 10 enter the mission field. An earnest farewell address was given by Mr. Evans, and many signs of emotion were shown by the congre- gation. At the conclusion of the service Mr. Williams and Mr. Howells sang God be with you tiU we meet again." MUTUAL IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY.—On Tuesday evening the first meeting of the half session of the Wesleyan Mutual Improvement Society was held in the Chapel, Mr. Kernick presided over a good atten- dance. Mr. J. E. Wensley read a very able paper on the.improvement of Sunday Schools, and dealt with the growth, absentees and the causes, the evils Sunday School workers had to contend with, and he gave a few suggestions as to how they should be counteracted. There never would be any great improvement in our Sunday schools until they were entirely remodelled. An interesting debate followed, and the meeting closed with votes of thanks to the chairman and the essayist. The subject for consideration next week will be Tobacco," a paper having been promised by Mr. Benjamin Lewis, jun. PRESENTATION.—On Tuesday an interesting pre- sentation took place at the Cadoxton School. Mr. Whitehouse, who has been the head-assistant in the boys' department of the school for some considerable time, was married recently, and it was determined by his fellow-teachers that the auspicious occasion should not be allowed to pass without their bestowing upon him some tangible token of the esteem in which he is held. The presents took the form of a silver ink- stand for Mr. Whitehouse and a case of silver preserve spoons and butter knife for Mrs. I Whitehouse. — Mr. Ewbank, head-master, made the presentation testifying to Mr.Whitehouse's general courtesy jand efficiency as a fellow teacher. He sin- cerely hoped that Mr. and Mrs. Whitehouse would be long spared to enjoy a happy and prosperous life.- Mr. Whitehouse returned thanks on behalf of his wife and himself, and assured his fellow teachers that he was much touched by their kindness, as shown to him- self and his wife. The presents they would always prize, not only for their intrinsic value, but because of the pleasant recollections they would always bring before them. SOCIAL TEA AND ENTERTAINMENT AT THE BETHEL CHAPEL —On Wednesday evening last the members of Bethel English Calvinistic Methodist Church and the teachers of the Sabbath School had a social tea, to which between 70 or 80 sat-down. The tables were presided over by Mrs. Davies, Iddesleigh- street; Mrs. Spinks, Church-terrace; Mrs. Parks, Oban-street; Misses Rees, Central Police Station and Miss Hughes, Golden Giove. Amongst those who waited upon them were Mrs. Matthews, Springfield Miss Paselow, Miss Meredith, Miss Stephens, Miss Howe, Miss Williams, &o. Tea was laid for six o'clock, and kept up till eight, after which the company adjourned to the chapel from the schoolroom. A capital programme had been carefully prepared. Mr. D. Edwards, relieving' officer, Holton-road, as super- intendent of the school was chairman in virtue of office, and he opened the entertainment by delivering a pretty and effective speech. He then called upon Miss Howe to give an organ recital which was per- formed with great taste. The next item on the pro- gramme was a song by, Mr. Dudley Howe, entitled "Y Bwthyn ar y Traith," which was a very-good rendering. Mr. Alec Dunn then gave a reading called Jimmy Butler and the owl." This was very humorous, and created much merriment. A beautiful song entitled, "Laddie" was next sung by Mrs. Morgan. Mr. C. Howe was then called upon to give an address. This was listened to with deep attention. We have never heard Mr. Howe in better form. It is to be hoped that his words will have their due effeet.—The choir, under the leadership of Mr. • W. C. Howe, then rendered the anthem 11 Exalt, Him all ye people.— Mr. J. Dunn followed with a charge to the superintendent of the Sunday School relative to the duties desolving upon him. There is no better worker and go-ahead member of the Sunday School than Mr. Dunn. Long may he continued in the good work.—A recitation was next delivered in Welsh by Mr. Thomas Price, called Y Tren." A stirring address was given by the scholars of the Sunday School also by the pastor, Rev. J. W. Matthews. Miss Edith Meikle recited very effectually "The disobedient mouse." Mr. S. Davies, Belle Vue- terrace, then spoke on the Sabbath School and its institution, its Book, and its object. This was a most instructive address. A quartette was then rendered by Mr. Alec Dunn and party, entitled The Christian's good night." A recitation followed called "Mary Doon," by Miss Louisar Williams. Mr. W. Howe gave a capital rendering of the solo, "Jft is enough," after which the proceedings were brought to a close. Votes of thanks were tendered the chairman, the accompanist, the leader of the choir, and all who had contributed to the evening's enjoyment by Mr. Meikle, and carried unanimously. PENARTH. DINNER TO THE POOR.—A dinner, provided out of the proceeds of a smoking concert given at the Esplanade Hotel, was given on Friday afternoon to 100 poor people of Penarth. The Rev. Messrs. Roberts and Price, as also Messrs. Singer and Emlyn Jones, kindly assisted Mr. Kerpen, to whom a hearty vote of thanks was accorded for providing the dinner, which was much enjoyed by all present. TRINITY COLLEGE EXAMINATIONS.—The fol- lowing have successfully passed at the recent examina- tions held at Cardiff :—Intermediate Division: Miss K. M. Owen, honours (Mr. G. C. Howell, Penarth); Miss A. Reynolds and Miss E. Davies (Miss L. A. Frost, Penarth). Junior Division Miss E. Monroe, honours (Miss Jones, Penarth); Miss S. Brown (Miss L. A. Frost, Penarth); Miss C. M. Bliss (Miss E. Cruick- shank, Penarth); Miss M. Stevens (Miss Hunter, Penarth). A COMMISSION AGENT'S FAILURE.—The first meeting' of the creditors of Townley Johnson, Clive- street, Penarth, and Bute-street, Cardiff, commission agent, will be held on January 17, at 2.30 p.m., at the Official Receiver's, Cardiff public examination January 24, at ten a.m., at the Town-hall, Cardiff. CONFERENCE OF EDUCATIONISTS.—On Wednes- day evening a conference of the Penarth Joint In- termediate Education Committee was held at the Local Board Office, Penarth. Professor Tanner pre- sided, and there were present Messrs. S. Thomas (secretary), J. W. Morris (clerk to the Local Board). W. Morgajj, J. M. Jennings, J. C. Oliver, Jenkin Lie welly n, TVestyr Evans, Snell, and Strawson, and Dr. Bird.— After much discussion it was agreed to recommend the amendment of several clauses in the Iraft scheme. The Committee, in fact, endorsed the recommendation made by the Chairman. DEBATING SOCIETY. — The Penarth Debating Society had a discussion on Monday night on the subject of Fair Trade v. Free Trade, There was a large majority in favour of the former. FATAL ACCIDENT TO A BOY.—On Wednesday morning William John Withers, 15, residing at 15, Dock-street, Cogan, met with a fatal accident on the Tali Vale Railway at Penarth. Deceased was under- neath some wagons greasing the wheels when a shunt- ing engine started with the train, and, in endeavouring to get out, the unfortunate lad fell under the wheels, three trucks passing over his body. He was placed on an engine and brought to the Cardiff Station, and from thence to the Infirmary, but he died whilst being con- veyed thither. DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES.—The half-yearly dis- tiibution of prizes to the scholars of the above schools for regular attendance took place on Tuesday after- Boon. This being the day of re-opening after the Christmas vacation, the prize distribution proves a good incentive to bring the children together again, as well as having a tendency to make them attend more regularly during the coming six months. Each child making an attendance of of between 90 and 100 per cent. entitled to be pre- sented with a book. Short, encouraging addresses were delivered by Mr. Jenkin Llewellyn (vice-chairman) and Mr. S. Thomas. The Rev. E. S. Roberts and Dr. Bird were also present. The children sang songs ap- propriate for the eccasion, and after singing the Welsh National Anthem (" The Land of my Fathers ") at the request of Mr. Llewellyn, were dismissed for the day. Number of prizes :—Boys' department-First class, 8 second class, 139 total, 147. Girls' department— First class, 5 second class, 82 total, 87. Infants department—First class, 12; second class, 165; total' 177—grand total, 411. PRESENTATION TO INSPECTOR RUTTER.—On Wednesday morning a deputation from Treherbert and Treorky, consisting of several influential gentlemen, journeyed to Penarth by the 12.40 train, and imme- diately repaired to the police court. The deputation had been entrusted with a gold watch and chain, valued at 55 guineas, which had been subscribed for by upwards of 2,000 inhabitants of Treherbert and Treorky as a testimony of the zeal and perseverance displayed by the inspector whilst engaged in that district during the past three years. The presentation was made by Mr. David Williams, of Treherbert, on behalf of the committee, and was suitably responded to by Inspector Rutter. Following the ceremony luncheon was partaken of by those present. COLLISION IN PENARTH ROADS -On, Wednes- day morning's tide a collision occurred between the steamer Santon, of London, bound to Bombay with a cargo of coal, and the steamship Adler, outward bound to Rio Grande. The latter vessel was not seriously damaged, but the Santon took the ground off Penarth Head. The damage she has sustained has not yet been ascertained. NANTYMOEL. THE FAXLUEE OF A BUILDER.—The public examination of Daniel Price, late builder at Nanty- iMoel, took place at the Cardiff County Court on Friday. Debtor was a builder.—In reply to the Official Receiver, he said he commenced business in 1883 at Nantymoel, with a capital of £ 50. He had built 120 houses on his own account, besides others for other people, and had sold them, with the exception of 32, which the mortgagees had taken possession of. He had lost on some of the contracts, and also laid out a lot of money on a quarry, and making roads to it. He started on such a speculation because of the scarcity of houses at Nantymoel.—The examination was closed. LLANDOVERY. SUCCESS OF A COLLEGE STUDENT.—Mr. G. T. Lewis, son of the Rev. D. Lewis, Calvinistic Methodist minister, Llanstephan, and pupil at the above school, has been elected to an open mathematical exhibition worth £ 30 a year at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. BRIDGEND. THE LALESTON CONCEALMENT CASE. — At Bridgend on Saturday (before Mr. W. Llewellyn and Mr. C. Price Davies) Annie Bevan (30), cook at Laleston Cottage, Laleston, was brought up in custody charged with concealing the birth of her illegitimate female child on December 30th, under the circum- stances previously reported. The case was heard in the magistrate's room, and, formal evidence having been adduced, the accused, who is still very ill, was remanded on her own recognisances of £50 and two sui-eties of 125 each. NEW YEAR'S EVE DRINKING.—On Saturday Letitia Thomas, of the White Hart beerhouse, Maesteg, was summoned for keeping her house open after legal hours on New Year's Eve.—Police-con- stable Williams, who proved the case, said that he visited the house on the night in question, and after some delay was admitted, and found a man named RosserPritehard hiding under a bed.—There was a previous conviction and endorsement of licence,; and a. fine of £1 was now inflicted and the licence endorsed a second time.' COWARDLY ASSAULT.—Enoch Phillips, collier, Bryncoch, was charged at the Bridgend police court with assaulting Robert Jenkins, of the same place. It appeared from the evidence that the defendant way- laid complainant, who was on his road home, and cut his cheek to the bone..—Phillips was fined X2 and Y,l costs. RURAL SANITARY AUTHORITY.—At the meeting of the Bridgend and Cowbridge Rural Sanitary Authority on Saturday it was resolved, on the motion of the chairman, to appoint an assistant-surveyor and inspector of nuisances to specially look after that part of the district included in the parishes of Newcastle Higher, Ynisawdre, and Llangynwyd Lower for two days a week at a salary of 17s. a week, the appointment tobeforsixmonths. DISTRIBUTION OF COAL.-Lord Dunraven and Mr. A. J. Williams, M.P., have kindly caused a quantity of coal to be distributed among the people of Bridgend during the present hard weather. PROPOSED VISIT OF THE GLAMORGANSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY.—A committee of this Associations was held on Tuesday at the Bear Hotel, Cowbridge, to receive a deputation from Bridgend, to invite the Society to hold their next summer exhibi- tion in that town. The deputation included Mr. LI. Wallington (Chairman of the Local Board), Mr. Edwin Price, J.P., Mr. D. Lewis,* Mr. Moon, Mr. T. M. Price, Mr. John Garsed (Coath), Mr. Sims (Neath), Mr. Hopkin Williams (Stormy), Mr. John Williams. (Merthyrmawr), and Mr. Chris. Williams. The deputation haj a cordial reception, and promised a warm welcome to the Association; and the matter will be brought forward at the next annual meeting of the Agricultural Society.


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