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WESLEYAN METHODISM. CARDIFF AND SWANSEA DISTRICT. The Annual District Synods of the Wesleyan Methodist Church have just been held that in connection with this district met at Swansea last week, under the presidency of the Chairman of the District, the Rev. P. Neville Andrews, who has been in the district for three years, and whose removal from Cardiff at the next Conference is anticipated with much regret. The Secretary of the District is the Rev. W. H. Clogg, who was assisted by the Rev., H. Graham Payn, of Berry. There wers 60 ministers present and 100 laymen. This is- a larger infusion of the lay element than has ever been the case before, and is a result of & recent legislation of tfoe Conference. Only one minister was absent through ill health, and one death was reported, that of the Rev. Thos. Phillips, who has resided at Aberys-twith. Questions-relating to the character and efficiency of the ministers were carefully considered. No Church is more searching in this respect. THE NTJMJBTa! OF MEMBE&S IN THE DISTRICT is 11,567, being- an increase- in the year of 543. These figures dc not include the large noi-niber of Christian people- who are communicants, but not meeting in class fellowship which at present is the condition of membership. There are 670 class leaders, 422 local preachers, and 1,680 meeting in junior society classes. An interesting and animated conversation was baaed upon this-report respecting pastoral visitation. TJtiE MENTAL AND IHEOLOGIC.r^ CULTURE OF LOCAL. P-KEACHERS- was- discussed. As th?y regularly supply so m&ny pulpits in Methodism every Sunday, and renders- splendid service to the tShurch of Christ, it is Jelfc that something ought tc-be done to help them in their studies. and the synod rejoiced* to learn thafr in several circuits of the 3i»tacit theological-classes have been formed, books Lent, papers occasionally read; and counsel given by ministers wftlneference to their.' reading. THE HOME MISSION REPORT' was- presented by the Rev. Jc-siak t Meer and was- very interesting:, and encouraging.. Aggressive work has been carried on ameng the- sapidly growing population ra the district;. Two* evangelists, Mr. Raymond Prsstun and Mr. B. G. Barker have conducted special- mission services in various parts of the district, wkich have resulted in much good. In order more effectively to reach th^people-aittd to spread scriptural and Methodist literature in the outlying parts of the District, a. Mission an4 Bible Van has beem secured it pro- vides sleeping: accommodation t»r the evangelist and colporteur, and is admirably suited for all temperance a-nd gospel outdoor wwk. It is hoped the van will visit the neighbourhood during the summer. It is proposed to work- Loudon-square Chapel on distinctly mission lines, owing to the- altered condition of the surrounding population it is expecteel that the Rev. T. W. Fawtnrop^of Penarth will take charge of this mission. The Rev. J. D. Stevens presented THE^ RETORT OF THE PROBATIONERS' EXAMINATION, which, with <the book lists, were considered highly satisfactory. Five of the young men have gained a. place in thltr Honours' Division—Revs. T. W. Fawthrop, P." Watchurst, G. W. Kettleborough, T.. Wells, and R. Whitehead. The following will com- plete their probation this year :—Revs. F. W>~ Fawthrop, B. Stanley, W. W. Corin, and T. WeRs.. After undergoing an examination by the Chair- man, they were unanimously recommended "for or- dination at the en&uing Conference, to be held icti Cardiff. The following gentlemen were elected1, as lay representatives to the Conference :-— Messrs. Alderman Goldsworthy, Alderman; Sanders, D. Williams, Buckley, and; Davidl Shepherd. The total contributions to Foreign Missions- were £2,861, being an increase of £ 74. THE STATE OF TRUST PROPERTY The report of the Chapel Committee on the state of the Trust property was presented by the Rev. James Shearman. There are 891 Trusts in the District, the present value of which is esti- mated at £ 222,017, being an increase on the year of £ 6,554. THE EDUCATION REPORT was of a very encouraging character. There are 28,278 scholars in. the Sunday Schools of the Dis- trict, with 3,015 officers and teachers. The chief increases are 3 schools, 139 teachers, and 1,47* scholars. The District, as it now is—having been constituted in 1830-^the Committee has reviewed the work of the three years, and the gains in that, period are 11 schools, 160 teachers, and 3,836 scholars. There are good advances in the number of senior scholars and scholars in Church member- ship. The day schools at Pontypool and. Tenby are in a satisfactory condition. THE TEMPERANCE COMMITTEE reported 12,744 children in Bands of Hope who are trained in the habit of total-abstinence from. intoxicating drinks, a fact full of rich possibilities. A resolution waa passed expressing great satis- faction that at last Her Majesty's Government has introduced a measure embodying the principle of Local Option, acid earnestly commends it to the- cordial and practical sympathy of the people. Four candidates for the ministry were passed owt to theiJuly Committee, Messrs. Gould, Grabb^Salies, and Schmiltner. the latter a native of the West Indies, who at present is studying in, the University College, at Aberystwith, and is anxious to return to his own country, and preach the Gospel to his own people. It must be understood that this report does not include the work of- the Welsh Churches. THE WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH IN- WAUS& HAS A BRIGHT OUTLOOKY and if it is faithful to its great to spread Scriptural Holiness in the land its-triumphs will be yet more largely multiplied.


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