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I AUNT MARIA'S DIARY OF THE DOINGS ROUND THE TOWNS. ✓ 111,111,111.11, The walking-stick which the Barry Quoit Club intend presenting to Mr. John Robinson, is at present on view in Mr. E. J. Roberts' shopwindow, High-street, Barry. The -clock which Mr. Tom Ward has presented for competition to the members of the Barry Quoit Club is on view in Mr. A, WT. Newman's window. Barry. JP The Barry Quoit Club are fortunate in the matter of their patrons. Not only do the vice- presidents lend their assistance, but they subscribe liberally to the funds of the club. Mr. Bishop, a member of Mr. Wolfe-Barry's staff, during the construction of Barry Dock, is at present on a visit to Barry Dock from South Africa. > ;); Mr. Bishop gives some very interesting descrip- tion of South Africa. sfc Mr. A. W. Cuttris, whose genial feature are well-known to a large circle of friends at Barry, bade adieu to Barry on Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Cuttris's destination was Kendal, Westmore- land. # I hear that it is intended holding sports on Wednesday, June 21st, at Cadoxton, aud that they will commence at 4 p.m. I am asked to remind tradesmen that they are invited to give prizes, and that the hon. sees. (Messrs. Morgan Bros.) will be most happy to supply entry forms. Is it true that a certain farmer was set'n fencing his hedge last Sunday morning ? That young man in Vere-street had no need to bring his fair one to the window to embrace and kiss her, and make eveyone laugh as they passed, he could have done it just as well out of the sight of the public. Amongst those present at the annual session of the Manchester Unity of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, held at Southampton this week. was Bro. Sidney Daniels, P.P.G.M., of Barry who has not missed an A.M.C. for years. 1;: A gentleman who paid a visit to Barry last week had just received a cheque from the Dowager Duchess oLSutherland from Hollo way prison in discharge of a debt contracted before her grace's imprisonment for bricks supplied. or. The Barry Railway Co. have put on another train for the convenience of Sunday visitors to the dis- trict. It is really a revival of last year's train, leaving Barry at 6.3 p.m., and connects at Penarth Dock with a Taff train for Cardiff. I The 8.20 Sunday evening train now leaves Barry a few minutes earlier, so as more conve- niently to catch the London mail at Cardiff. The Gospel Mission Services conducted by Miss North, the popular eyangelist, at the Bible Chris- r tian Chapel, Barry Dock, this week were of a well- I attended and influential character, assault on Barry Island on Whit-Monday. But you have a good lot left still," smilingly replied General Lee. There is an impression abroad that the members of the Barry Local Board get their rates paid for them out of the rates and that they will by- and-bye get their gas for nothing. Of course, the impression is an absurdly groundless one. V The Barry Health Committee were in need of a steam tug for quarantine purposes. I propose we take the Sarah Jane, and not the Prince of Wales," remarked a member on Friday evening, and thj suggestion was agreed to. A member of the Local Board said he should like if he were a plumber now the rage for connecting water closets with flushing appliances is on in the district. At a meeting of the Barry Trades' Council on Friday it was decided to write to the branches affiliated to ascertain of their members the origin- ality of both Observers' notes and Trade Unionist's letter. 1Ik I have received several communications from correspondents, but as there are no names attached thereto I have placed them in the W.P.B. Please take the hint. In the House of Commons on Thursday, Mr. A. J. Williams. M.P.. presented a petition in favour of the Local Veto Bill from the St. David's Lodge of Good Templars, Cadoxton. Jf; ft A petition on behalf of the trustees of the will of the late Mr. Francis Lascelles Jenner has been deposited in the Private Bill Office of the House of Lords, praying to be heard by course! against the Barry Bill when the committee stage is reached. ;f: WENVOE. lam told that a gentleman who left Wer.voe some time ago came back last week. What for? I know. >1' There is some talk at Wenvoe of Mr. Sadler coming back to take his school again. I know that the children would like it. :1, A little girl has asked a question resppcting the colour of a lady's hair. Some would call it auburn. V Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins have promised to give two guineas a year to the Nursing Association for five years in return for the great attention showed to Mrs. Jenkins during her long illness. Mr. Poole has given an excellent treat to his workmen. The Ivorites will hold their anniversary at the Wenvoe Arms on Monday next. V- I am compelled to keep back many items until next week.-A. M.