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LOCAL & DISTRICT JNEWS I CADOXTON-BARRY. I For all kinds of Stationery and Fancy Note YNMWS go to L. N¡.;w;\u:s. Bookseller and 1 Stationer, 104, Holton-road, Barry Dock. NEW LOCAl. BUSINESS OPENED.—Miss Alice Xajor. of Cardiff. hlas opened business in I Stationery, Fancy Toys, Sweets, and all kinds of Tobaccos, also as Newsagent, at 70, Main-street, 4Gadoxton-Barry. ROBINS-LANE IMPROVEMENTS.—The lmprove- to Robin's.lane and bridge at Cadoxton have just been completed by the contractor, Mr J. Fido. %o the entire satisfaction of the Local Board officials. The steam road roller passed over the work on Monday, and both road and bridge bore the test admirably. Mr Pardoe also inspected the work on Tuesday, and expressed his complete approval of the same. The successful completion 0f this contract connects Cadoxton with the Wenvoe and Cardiff districts with a good new road. SUCCESSFUL ENTERTAINMENT AT COURT-ROAD METHODIST CHAPEL.—The last of a series of entertainments held at Bethel English Methodist Chapel, Court-road, in this town, during the past slater, was concluded on Wednesday evening last. The Rev J. W. Matthews occupied the chair, and there was a good attendance. The following programme was gone through in an excellent manner :-Violin solo. Mr H. De Boer reading, Will Bryant. the clock cleaner." the Chairman recitation. "The miners of Pontypridd." Mr Wallace Davies recitation, Convict Joe," Miss Beatrice Dunn son?. Mr W. Howe song, The £ ood-bye at the door," Mr R. Miles duett, Miss Beatrice Dunn and Mr R. Miles; violin solo (encored), Mr H. De Boer. A humorous temper- ance sketch, entitled. Apartments to Let," was performed with much credit, being taken part in by the Rev J. W. Matthews, Messrs D. Howe. R. Miles, and A. Dunn. Votes of thanks were passed, and to Mr Dudley Howe, the painstaking secretary, who had worked energetically throughout to make the entertainments a success. BARRY DOCK. I For Fashionable Haircutting £ ?o to L. NEWMAN'S Hairdressing Rooms, 104, Holton-road, Barry I Dock. T. G. TIBBETT'S TEA TRADE still increases. It is his special study to please and give best value possible. Try the same priced Tea that you are in the habit of buving elsewhere, and judge for yourself. Note the Address T. G. TIBBETTS, The Grocer, Ceylon House, Holton-road, Barry Dock. I- THE GREAT DISCOVERY."—Dr Hall, pro- prietor of It The Great Discovery. has just opened consulting rooms at -No. *<. Graving Dock-street, Barry Dock. where patients suffering from various fcodily ailments may consult him every Tuesday between ten and one and three and eight. See advertisement in anocher column. PREFEHMENT OF THE REV A. E. SIXSOIITH.— We are pleased to learn that the Rev A. E. Six- I smith. R A.. T.C.D., has just been preferred by the Bishop of Derry to the important incumbency of I Iviirea. near Belfast, which has just fallen vacant. The rev gentleman is known in the Barry district, having preached at the Parish Church. Gadoxuon, a-nd at St Mary's. Barry Dock. a few months asro. The new vicar is a preacher of considerable -eloquence. THE THOMPSON-STREET WINE AND SPIRIT he business as wine, spirit. ale. and jtorter merchants, hitherto carried on by Messrs r. Ohappell and Co.. in Thompson-street. Barry Dock, has just been taken over solely by Mr Fred. Chayofclt. who will conduct the different branches of the business under his own personal super- vision. Mr C'happell is sole agent for the district for the celebrated Anglo-Bavarian ales in casks and bottles, and the Roath Company's ales and stouts. Wines and spirits of prime quality, and a large stock oil bottled ales and stouts, always on hand. INOTTSTRIAL EXHIBITION AND LECTURE AT THE BIBLE CHRISTIAN CHAPEL—An industrial ontnperi'Ive exhibition was held at the Bible Christian Ch »pd. Barry Dock. on Monday last. There was a large attendance, and the chapel had het-n tastefully decorated with flags, kc. A good number ot exhibit were nicely displayed, includ- ing a full ringed model yacht, models in cardboard, eork. wood, and fancy and plain needlework, drawings, and numerous other things lent for the occas'on. Upwards of thirty prizes were given for the best articles exhibited, and also for competi- tions in singing, reciting, and reading. A tea was afterwards provided, to which about 200 sat down, and the following Ladles and gentlemen assisted at the tables Mrs Jones. Mrs J. Cruise, and Mis« Levers, Mrs J. Xichoils: Mrs A. Taylor Airs J. T.ivlor. Mrs .T. Bush, Mrs S. Lavis, Mr«'w. Quintrell. Mrs Handon, Mrs E. Pring. Mrs Dftdds. Mrs Powell, Mrs Martin. Mrs Nelson. Mrs lioytt.' Mrs Bruton, Misses Butler, Miss Hauden, Mr« Blake. Miss Tamblyn, Miss Martin, Messrs J. bruise, J. NicholK A. Taylor, J. Taylor, A. Hooper. Lavis, II. Fisher, W. Murphy. C. Boytt, j! Gibson. E. Harris, and J. Powell. In the even- m >'ng a lecture was delivered by the Rev J. O'Keen, P D.D., Cardiff. Mr J. E. Levers occupied the chair, f and Or Keen gave an edifying and amusing address on the subject of Push, pluck, and principle," which, he said, were the sinew, muscle, and backbone of succoss. otes of thanks to the committee, arid to Mr Prone (the secretary), to the lecturer, chairman, and all who had taken rurt were accorded. Ic was decided to appeal at the next Bible Christian conference, to be held in Aligns! to allow the Rev J. Honey to be re- appointed for the fifth year as pastor of the church. EAST BARRY. For all kinds or Tobacco, Cigars, Pipes, Pouches 3ce., go to L. NEWMAN'S, Stationer and Tobac- conist, 104, Holton-road, Barry Dock. BARRY CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH (ENGLISH).— On Sunday evening next. April 1st. the Rev John Williamson, M.A..of Charles-street Congregational Church. Cardiff, will preach. Service commences at 8.30. All seats free. Hymn books provided.- Add. THE ENGLISH COXGREGATIOXAL CHURCH.— The Rev D. M. Rees, the new pastor of the English Congregational Church at Barry, was last week presented with a cheque for JE30 and a beautifully illuminated address from his former congregation at the Vale Congregational Church, Kent. There wag a large and enthusiastic gathering when the presentation was made, and tin services of the ifev gentleman were spoken of in most eulogistic terms. TEMPERANCE MEETING.—A public temperance meeting, under the auspices of the Hope of B&rry Lodge, I.O.G.T., was held at the English Congregational Chapel. Barry, on Tuesday evening IMlt. Mr F. Inglis was chairman, and there was a fair attendance. An able and spirited temperance discourse was delivered by the Rev lertius PhilliDs, Cardiff, district chaplain and lecturer of the Western Temperance League. He pointed out the need of the church especially to do all in its power towards getting the control of the liquor traffic under popular supervision. Addresses were also delivered by the chairman and Mr J. Davies. A collection was made in aid of the funds of the temperance cause in the district, and a vote of thanks to the speakers and chairman terminated the meeting.. BARRY ROWING CLUB.—A grand smoking con- -cert, in connection with the opening of the season of the Barry Rowing Clue, was held at the Ship Hotel, on Saturday evening last. Mr S. Griffiths WAS chairman in the absence of Captain Whall. who sent a telegram expressing inability to attend, aud amongst those present were Messrs T. Seddon, B W. Dyer, R. E. Dver. E. De Mattos, G. H. Richards. J. Mead (Cardiff), Rees Jones, S. Ramsey. T. G. Mein, T. G. Stevens, F. Hooper, T. W. Elliott. A. Trevor, Roberts (hon. sec.), C. Hybart. J. H. Hosgood, F. P. Greenwood, &c. The fallowing programme was harmoniously gone through :-Pianoforte solo, Mr F. Hooper song, The ° six husbands," Mr T. G. Mein song (encored), Life in the east end of London," Mr F. Selby song, The skipper," Mr R. E. Dyer «mg." The golden kippers," Mr S. Phillips song (encored), Come into the garden," Mr T. Seddon 400* Mr J. H. Hosgood whistling solo, Mr R. W. jBjtt; sony (encoied), The good old annual," i Mr Frank Selby song, Mr R. E. Dyer song, Mr S. Phillips. Mr J. Mead also pleased all with his ) ventriloquial entertainment. Mr F. Hooper made ( an efficient accompanist. Votes of thanks to the Chairman and all who had taken part were accorded at the close. DINAS POWIS. ST. ANDREW'S EASTER VESTRY.—This vestry was held in the National School, Dinas Powis, on Easter Tuesday evening, and presided over by the rector, Rev Canon Edwards. The church- wardens' accounts having been duly audited, were passed by the vestry, showing a balance in hand of more than £, 7. The Rector testified to the church- wardens' true fulfilment of their duties in the past, and suggested their unanimous re-appoint- ment for the year ensuing, and this was unani- mously agreed to, General Lee being chosen by the rector, and Mr Greatrex by the parish- ioners. The following communicants were chosen sidesmen and members of the church council for 1 the year now began:—Messrs D. T. Alexander, Jamea Jeffs. John Pearce. Stuart Cram, Griffith Bowen. J. B. Mockford, Edward England, John I Isaac (Elm Grove), R. A. Sprent. Charles Robins. Llewelyn Williams, and George Hall. Mr Sprent was made lay elector for the next three years Mr I Mockford was re-appointed hon. sec. to the church council and cx-officio member. The base of the church tower was made into a vestry a few months ago. and the church choir, numbering 29 in all, appeared in surplice and cassock for the first time j ou Christmas Diiy. There were 79 communicants on Easter Day—30 at 8 a.m., and 43 at noon. I PENARTH. OUR NEVT LOCAL PUBLISHING OFFICE AND RE- PRESENTATIVE.—The local publishing offices of the Pr north Star and Cog an Xi'icn and the Barry Dock Stir* have this week been removed to No. 15, Windsor-road, Penarth. where news communica- tions and orders for advertisements are received. our new accredited representative for the district being Mr G. Franklin, at the address named. AMERICAN FAIR.—A novel sale took place on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings last at the National School, Penarth, consisting of articles collected from house to house, such as left-off clothing, furniture, &c., the whole realising about JE30, which will be applied towards paying off the debt of £;300 on the St Paul's Church and Infant Class-room. The movement was promoted and ably carried out by the Rev W. Sweet-Escott (rector), Mrs. and the Misses Sweet- Escott, and about thirty other ladies. THE CHURCH COUNCIL. AND THE PRESS.—At the last quarterly meeting in the agenda was a proposition that the Press be admitted to the quarterly meetings of the council." The Meeting was composed of the president and about 16 of the younger members of the council, the vice- president, churchwardens, and the older members not attending. The council numbers about 15 members. The proposer of the resolution stated that the council consisted of the clergy, church- wardens, and sidesmen of St. Agustine's and All Saints churches, the latter elected by the ratepayers. He thought that as they represented the ratepayers the said electors should be entitled to know through the Press what was being done. The proposer said that the parish magazine was an unreliable track, and wished the Press to report the proceedings at the meeting. Only one hand was held up in favour of the Press being admitted to the meetings ST. ATHAN. CONCERT AT THE CALVINISTIC METHODIST CHAPEL.—On Wednesday, the annual concert in connection with the above place of worship was held, the chapel on the occasion being crowded to its utmost capacity. The choir, under the able leadership of Mr Williams, Castleton, rendered the different glees in a style that reflected credit on both conductor and choir. The artistes who took part acquitted themselves in a highly satisfactory manner, encores being frequently demanded. The chair was taken by Mr Bees Thomas, Boverton Place, who made a capital chairman. The accom- panists were Miss Thomas, St. Athan, and Miss C. David, Cardiff, who accompanied in their usual efficient style. Appended is the programme :— glee, The moon shines bright," the choir; song, nen ffon fy nain," Mr T. O. Williams song, "Weary of waiting," Miss J. Edwards; duett, li Over the hawthorn hedge," Misses C. A. Edwards and B. David song.Excelsior, the cry," Rev J. B. Llewellyn; glee. Here in cool grot," the choir: song, "Needles and pins." Miss C. A. Edwards song, The white squall," Mr J. Bond trio, Let us all to the field repair," Misses Edwards and David song, M The Longshoreman," Mr T. O. Williams duett, A B C," Miss J. E. Thomas and Rev J. B. Llewellyn song, Do as they do in England," Miss J. Edwards song. The Holy City," Mr E. Jones duett, The Elfin call," Misses M. and B. David song, "Star of Bethlehem," Miss C. A. Edwards; quartette, "Pro Phunda Basso," Misses M. and B. David, and Messrs E. and N. Jones glee, sailors' chorus," Male Voice Party: duett, "I know a bank," Mr J. Bond and Miss B. Bond song, The sailor boy's dream." Rev J. H. Llewellyn duett, Tell me gentle stranger," Miss J. E. Thomas and Mr T. O. Williams quartette, Huntsman's chorus," Miss B. David and Party glee, Good evening," Misses Edwards and David. Messrs E. and B. Jones Sunday School March, The Choir finale, "Hell Wind fy Nhadau," Rev J. B. Llewellyn and Choir. COWBRIDGE. I I¡ THE MARKET.—At this market on Tuesday last, there was a. good taverage supply of fat cattle, which sold at 6d per lb. Fat calves. 9d per lb. Cows and calves (plentiful), £ 10 to £ 15. Sheep were a plentiful supply, selling 8d per lb. for nice weights, a decline of 1d. Pigs were selling at from 14s to 45s. EASTER VESTRY.-The annual Easter vestry was held on Monday last, the vicar presiding. Mr D. Tilley was re-appointed vicar's warden, and Mr D. Thomas re-appointed parish warden. Mr S. D. Evans. Mr J. Llewellyn, Mr W. T. Gwyn, Mr J. W. Hall, and Mr W. D. Alexander were appointed sidesmen. The vestry was adjourned to April 10th. WENVOE. FrxERAL or MR THOMAS, Ty LUKE.—As was announced in your issue of last week, Mr William Thomas died very suddenly on the 17th inst. In his death Wenvoe has lost one of its oldest and most respected inhabitants. He was better known as Mr Thomas, the Greave Farm, where he resided for many years. Here he carried on an extensive business as farmer, and was very prosperous, being diligent and persevering. A few years ago he retired from business, and resided for a short time at Canton, but returned to Ty Luke about eighteen months ago. The Vale of Glamorgan had great attractions for him, having been brought up from his youth amidst its surroundings, and it was in his beloved neighbourhood he breathed his last. We cannot but refer to the great loss the neigh- bourhood has had in his death, and especially the Baptist Church at Twynyrodin, where he filled the position of deacon for many years. And he was not a deacon merely in name, but" in deed and in truth." On<i characteristic was his faith- fulness he was never absent unless illness pre- vented him, and not merely present, but he was also interested in the services. Being well read in the Bible and the different books that throw light on the sacred book, he was one of the most intelli- gent of hearers, and could appreciate the good points in a sermon as well as anyone. He also contributed liberally towards the cause. But his seat is empty, not only at his home, but also at the chapel, and his wise counsels and cheering words will be missed very much. Though the end came very unexpectedly, yet the universal testimony of those that knew him best was that he was per- fectly ready. He walked with God, as Enoch, and God took him. The funeral took place on the following Thursday. A short service was held at the house by the Rev Charles Davies, Tabernacle, Cardiff. The burial took place at St. Lythan's Churchyard, where the vicar, the Rev Joseph John, officiated, the Rev Charles Davies also giving a short address at the grave. The greatest sympathy is expressed with the -bereaved family.-AMICUs. CARDIFF. ] CALL AT THE OLD DOLPHIN, Church-street, Cardiff, for Soup, Hot or Cold Luncheon?, Wines, &c., of the best quality.





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