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BARRY PARISH EASTER VESTRY. THE OWNERSHIP OF THE PARISH HALL. The annual vestry meeting for the parish of Barry was held at the Church Hall on Thursday evening, the 29th ultimo, when the Rev Canon Allen. M.A., rector, presided, and there was a good attendance. Amongst those present were Rev J. Du Heaume, Mr J. Lowdon, J P., Mr R. S. Robin- son, Mr E. S. Johnson, Captain Whall. Messrs A. Jackson (solicitor). W. H. Miller, W. Waddell, F. Small, J. Johnson. C. J. Vaughan, fe. J. George. E. F. Blackmore (assistant overseer). M. Nicholas, &c. Mr Blackmore reported it would be necessary to appoint an auditor representing Barry parish for the Burial Board, because such official had not been elected at the last vestry meeting owing to a mis-apprehension.—Several persons were suggested to fill the vacancy, but they declined, Mr A. Jack- son at length accepting the office.-The Rector stated he would appoint Mr R. S. Robinson as his warden. (Hear, hear.)—Two names were put for- ward as parishioners' warden, namely. Mr E. Si. Johnson, The Parade, and Mr F. Lewis, Vale-street. The voting was by ballot, the former gentleman being elected by a majority of three.—Mr Waddell a,ked for the accounts of the Church.—Canon Allen sail that during the year they had been able to meet several important parish expenses, and also contribute towards some very good objects. The offertories showed a sum of J678 78 2 £ d, the expenditure amounting to 969 Is 8d, leaving a balance in hand of A 9 5s 6!d. The Easter Sunday offerings last year amounted to £6 6s Oid. which was given to the lunds of the Parish Hall. In aid of the Pontypridd disaster relief fund, £2 5s 5d was contributed, and to the Cardiff Infirmary, f.1 13s qd; to the Church of England 2 Temperance Society, £1 7s; and to the S.P.G., £11586d. The sum handed over for the building fund of the Parish Hall was £ 10, and a contribu- tion of d62 3s 3d was given for poor and sick persons in the parish.—Mr Waddell said he was gratified to see an increase in the offertories and a balance on the right side, and he proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the churchwardens for the manner in which they had carried out their duties during the past year.—Mr J. Williams seconded, and the vote was accorded unanimously.-The following were appointed sidesmen :—Messrs R. J. George, W. Herbert, A. Phillips, F. Lewis, Hawkins (Barry Cottage), and D. Wilson.—On the motion of Mr Johnson, seconded by Mr J. Williams, Mr W. J. Greig was elected lay-elector to represent Barry pariah at the diocesan conference at Llandaff. THE TAKING OVER BY THE CHURCH OF THE PARISH HALL. Captain Whall stated be had obtained advice with regard to the Parish Hall and its ownership, and he had gathered that unless the hall was taken over by the church the Parish Council, which would come into force in November next; could do so. The building at present was not under the church, but in the hands of trustees, and that being so, either the church should take charge of it, or the Parish Council would. There was a debt remaining of about AIOO, and he (Captain Whall) did not intend to continue his responsibility in the matter after November, because he saw no signs of any action being taken. -Mr Robinson considered something would be done before November, for, now that the matter had been ventilated, he thought the churchwardens and sidesmen could take the question into con- sideration.—The Chairman said he could not see any just grounds for the Parish Council taking the hall over.—Mr Johnson said the building was erected as a Sunday school, and not as a parish hall, and merely out of courtesy parish meetings were allowed to be held therein.—Captain Whall remarked it could not be a Sunday school unless the church took it over.—Mr Johnson If the trustees give up their responsibility, there are other gentlemen who would fill their places.-The Chairman thanked Captain Wball for bringing the matter forward, and the discussion dropped, it being understood that the position would be con- sidered by the church authorities.