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MRS. GRUNDY'S JOTTINGS I "Hullo!" said an official of the Barry Local JBoard to a little girl, who had walked into the inspector of nuisances' office the other day, what do you want ? the small pox ? Oh, no, if you please," responded the little one, I want a Jba'porth of lozenges ♦ » The following day the surveyor's office was mistaken for a public-house, or a shebeen, for a woman walked in about noon, inquiring very mysteriously where the cootch was. On being asked for an explanation, she replied with some asperity, The beer, I mean where do you keep the beer?" She was politely informed that she had made a mistake, and was told there was a respectable hotel at the Wenvoe." Verily, it is .time the Board went in for new offices. Preaching at the English Baptist Chapel, Bary Bock, last Sunday evening, the pastor, the Rev Tandy John, offered a special prayer on behalf of the police. A whisper from Barry Dock Police Court last -week. The proverbial" cakc" for drunkenness was taken by women from Gueret-street and else- where, who won in a canter. The Rector of Cadoxton made a pressing appeal to the congregation at St. Mary's Church, Barry 11 Dock, last Sunday evening, for increased liberality jjy way of offertories. 'II A certain resident of Barry has had one of his hats now for about five years, and he tells me that during that time it has several times been in •'fashion. „ What is Mr Mooney ? asked Mr T. H. Belcher, the solicitor, at Penarth Police-court last Monday, in connection with a case from Barry Dock. Mr Mooney is a woman, sir," was the witness' withering reply. Whenever he took away the clothes, he did so serrlpishusly,' declared a witness at Penarth Police Court last Monday. « The Rev W. George Davies, B.D., rector of Llan- vihangel, near Abergavenny, is at present in Cadoxton on a visit to his son, Mr Wallace W. Davies. I hope he will have pleasant weather during his stay, and will take back with him only pleasant recollections of the district. The ratable value of Merthyr Dovan parish has decreased to some extent during the past year. m oil The proposed new works at Barry seem, to govern the love of a young tradesman in the dis- trict. He says he is going to take unto himself a wife as soon as the new dock is commenced. m Mr Benjamin Lewis is a gentleman of quaint ideas. His latest opinion is that two o'clock in the afternoon is a most unreasonable and un- righteous time to hold meetings in connection with the Barry Local Board. It is, he says, neither dinner, tea, nor supper time." As soon as the new deck at Barry has been constructed, and an additional railway run across the new dam over the Barry ,H«:bpur, it is the intention of the Barry directors to cater ex- tensively for the Atlantic trade, not only by means of the bunkering of liners, but also for the shipment of passengers, mails, and general traffic. I heartily congratulate both Br O'Donnell and the ratepayers of the Barry district upon the unanimous re-election of that gentleman as chair- man of the Local Board and Port Sanitary Authority this week. Police-constable Hill, of Barry, deserves to be bighly complimented upon the presence of mind and smartness which he displayed upon the occa- sion of the arrest of the impostor captain last Monday evening. Correspondents will please not send me any more intimations that the cuckoo has been heard -and swallowe seen this year. The announcements Are by this time a trifle stale. » N At an influential meeting of the inhabitants of Treharris, held last Monday evening, a resolution 'was passed pledging support to the Barry Com- pany's East Glamorgan Railway Bill. ♦ No sooner did Mr J. Harrison, the secretary of ,the Barry branch of the National Seamen's Union, go to London this week than it was announced that a branch of the Shipping Federation is again to be opened at Barry. A good story is told of Mr T. H. Belcher, the popular Cardiff solicitor. One of the last new batch of county magistrates, making his "first appearance" in his august capacity at a certain court in the Dinas Powis division, did not know his way to the "wool-sack." Mr Belcher, seeing his opportunity, conducted the J.P. up the stairs -to the bench, afterwards whispering to a learned colleague," "It is well to keep in with these -young recruits Fancy dress football matches are becoming con- tagious in the Barry district. To-morrow ,(Saturday) afternoon Mrs Grundy's" team will try conclusions with Ally Sloper's team at the Witchili Athletic Grounds, Cadoxton, in connec- tion with the Barry District A.FC.; and in the evening a smoking concert will take place at the Witchill Hotel. Mr Arthur J. Williams, M.P., Mr J. H. Wilson. M.P., Mr H. Slatter, J.P. (general secretary, Typo- graphical Association), Mr E. Harford (general secretary of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants), and Mr J. Curle (secretary of the Bristol Trades' Council), have already signified their intention of attending the demon- stration to be held under the auspices of the Barry '-District Trades' and Labour Council in the second week in May. e- b o Mr W. Thomas (Cadoxton) heads the list of at- tendances at the general meetings of the Barry Local Board last year, Mr R. Forrest and Dr Xreharue wrestling for No. 12 honours. Mr G. Garnett made an astounding statement at the Barry Chamber of Trade meeting last Thursday evening. He said Mr Benjamin Lewis was the only public man in the district who represented the people. Q Drunkards, the dregs of society, are punished in a very practical way in the Argentine Republic. They are made to sweep the streets for eight days. The pathetic reference made by Mr Benjamin Lewis at the Local Board meeting at Cadoxton this week to the protracted illness of Mr J. Barstow, a late respected member of that body, created a deep impression on the members present, and Mr Barstow was unanimously re-appointed member of the public libraries committee. My deepest sympathy goes forth for Mr Barstow, and I hope he may speedily be restored to good health. The Welsh Congregationalists, Barry Dock, have made by their concert held a few weeks ago at Barry Market Hall, the sum of £32 nett, towards the building fund of the new chapel. The Barry Local Board have entrusted the con- tract for the publication of the official records of the general and committee meetings every month to the Barry Dock News Company, the minutes to be in future presented in volume form. Notice has been given by the Barry Railway Company that a third and final call of 42 per share has been made on the £10 four per cent. Preference shares created 9th February, 1893, payable on the 7th of May next. There will be no alteration in the Sunday trains nor up week day trains on the Barry Railway next month but the down trains have been re-arranged. The handsome sum of £ 11 14s has been raised by the members of the R.A.O.B. Institute, Barry Dock, for the benefit of the widow of the late steward of the ill-fated steamer "Allonby," and this amount has been duly handed over. Die-stamping has been successfully accomplished at the Barry Bock News Offices this week. Am- bitious Barry SJC Sir E. J. Reed, M.P., has promised to bring the matter of the proposed signalling of wind-bound vessels in Penarth and Barry Roads before the admiralty authorities at an early date. # Mr J. Cory, J.P., Mrs Cory and family Porthkerry, have arrived at their residence, 4, Park-Crescent, Portland-place, W., from Glamorgan. According to the returns made at the last March quarterly meeting there is a membership of 11,752 in the Cardiff and Swansea Wesleyan Methodist district, being an increase of 269. 48,576,COO glases of beer are drunk every year. German throats accommoadate the largest quantity of it, and the United Kingdom comes next. Llantwit Major folk only read this.—A story is told of the Llantonians. A party of twenty-four of them left that place for Cowbridge on the occasion of some local gathering, a fair, or a revel, and wishing to find out on their returnhom6 (some say on the occasion of a game of ball) that they were all there, they began to count there number. Probably on account of the quantity of beer they had drunk, each enumerator failed entirely to make up the right reckoning. They could in turn only discover twenty-three persons present, there was always one a wanting," and who he was remained a mystery to this day. The mistake arose, of course, from the simple fact that each enumerator omitted to include himself in the calculation. The Llantonians" are not quite proud of the nickname, but generally try to turn off the joke when called one a wanting by answering two a looking." An informal intimation has been conveyed to the Welsh members that the Welsh Disestablishment Bill will be introduced next week. A propos of the many smokers held in the Barry district it may be interesting to know that George Augustus Sala saya I detest smoking concerts; first, because the smoke must be offensive to many among the audience and injurious to the voices of many of the vocalists, and next, because a thorough smoker ought to be ashamed of himself for not being able to undergo a temporary deprivation of his beloved pipe or cigar when he goes to place of public entertainment." Lord and Lady Windsor and their children are at present staying at Florence, where they are the guests of Sir Augustus and Lady Paget. In a few days Lord and Lady Windsor will start on a driving tour through some of the older provincial towns of Northern Italy. Amongst the first subscribers to General Booth's £ 50.000 Jubilee Fund are Mr John Cory, who promises k 1,000, and Mr Richard Cory, for 4 500.