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LOCAL & DISTRICT NEWS CADOXTON-BARRY. BARRY DISTRICT A.F.C.—A fancy dress match -will take place at the Witchill Athletic Grounds, Cadoxton, on Saturday next, between teams waptaiced by "Mrs Grundy" and u Aly Sloper." Kick off four p.m. A smoker will be held at .the Witchill Hotel after the match. Mr B. Lewis will preside. BARRY "GARRICK" DRAMATIC SOCIETY.—The annual general meeting of the members of the Barry Garrick Dramatic Society was held on Tuesday evening last. at the Public Hall, Vere- street, Mr Sam. Griffiths. Barry, in the chair. anA amongst those present were Messrs. J. A. Stephens, D. W. Howell. L. Y. Owen. C. H. Morris, J. Sum- mers. G. W. Swaine. G. Bird, Miss Williams, Mr and Mrs Pomeroy, and G. Willett. It was resolved th?t the president (Mr D. T. Alexander) and the vice-presidents (Drs Kelly, Neale, Powell, Treharne, Livingstone, and Sixsmith) be re-appointed Mr ç. Bird being elected treasurer; Mr D. W. Howell secretary; Messrs S. Griffiths and G. Willett, stage managers and Messrs L. Y. Owen, G. W. Swaine. J. A. Stephens, J. Summers, and T. G. Mein, member? of the committee. SOCIAL EVENING.—In aid of the funds of the English Church Mission. Iddeeleigh-street, another successful social gathering was held at the Public Hall. Vere-street, on Wednesday evening last. The room had been prettily decorated for the occasion, the arrangements being efficiently -carried ont by Mrs G. F. Willett, Misses Small, Mrs Warner. Mrs L. Jones, and others. Amongst -those present were the Rev E. Morris (rector) and Miss Morris, the Misse* Small (The Court), Mr and Mrs F. C. Williams, the Misses and Master Williams (Tynewydd), Dr Sixsmith, Mr and Mrs G. F. Willett, Mrs Treharne, Miss G. Ince, Miss Dando. Mrs L. Jones. Mrs Warner, Mr and Mrs A. Bond. Miss Francis. Mr Martin, Miss David, Mr R. Porcival. Mr Willey, Mr H. Leyshon, Mrs H. Mor- gan. Miss Ashmore, Mr Charles Morris (St. Ishmael's Vicarage), Miss Ethel Small (Notting- ham). Mr Levers, junr., &c. The company partici- -pated in a number of enjoyable dances, Mr G. F. Willett being an efficient M.C., and Miss Small -ably presided at the piano. Mrs Adams, Cadoxton, catered to the satisfaction of all and Mr R. T. Holmes (the secretary) lent valuable aid. Flowers, Ac., for the decorations were lent by the Rector, Mrs Small, Mrs Treharne. See. SUDDEN DEATH OF AN OLD GOSPORT TRADES- MAN.—We regret to announce the death, which took place at his residence, Terra Nova, Shaftes- Imry-road. Gosport, on Wednesday, the 11th inst., of Mr William Lowe, senior partner of the firm of Messrs Lowe and Sons, contractors, which he established thirty-nine years ago. Of quiet, but genial, disposition, Mr Lowe had a large number of friends, and his demise has elecited many expres- sions of regret. He expired somewhat suddenly. He had his breakfast in bed, and was then, apparently, in the best of health indeed, he had been out for his usual walk on the previous evening. After the meal he complained of pains in the chest, and, although Dr Crouch was summoned, he passed peacefully away in a few minutes without having spoken. Mr Lowe, who was born in the Isle of Wight, had been resident in the town sixty years, and was the oldest mem- ber of Court Perseverance, 2,157, A.O.F. He was initiated into the Order on the 12th April, 1847. and thus had practically completed a membership of 47 years. He had arrived at the jrreat age of 88, and few men possessed all their faculties more completely than be did at the time of his death. The funeral took place on Friday last at Ann's Hill Cemetery, when the Rev W. H. Lovell officiated. The mourners were Messrs William and R. Lowe (sons), R. W. Lowe, W. Lowe. A. P. Lowe, Alf. Lowe. and R. J. Lowe (grandsons). There were also many friends present, including a number of Foresters. De- ceased was the grandfather of Mr W. Lowe, 29, Harvey-street, Cadoxton, who was amongst those present at the funeral. BARRY DOCK. TESTIMONIAL.—The presentation made to Mr D. Clark by the Barry Graving Dock workmen on Saturday week last consisted of a gold watch and silver tea service. ACCI OEXT .-On Wednesday afternoon last Mr 43e<»rge Cornish fell on board the dock ferry boat, aad sustained the fracture of a rib. He was carried home and attended to. THE GUERET-STREET ASSAULT CASE.-In our report last week of the Gneret-street assault case, beard at the police court, we inadvertently omitted the name for Mr Alfred Jackson as solicitor for the defence. LECTURE.—On Tuesday evening last, at the Bible Christian Chapel, Court-road, Barry Dock, the Rev W. Spurgeon, Cardiff, delivered a lecture on Public Sayings and Common Mistakes." Mr F. Inglis. Barry, presided. SMOKING COXCHRT.-Fo.r the benefit of Mr Joseph Chilcott, boilermaker, a smoking concert will come oft at the Liberal Workmen's Club and Institute, Thompson-street, for which a good programme is in preparation, on Monday evening next. T. G. TIBBETT'S TEA TRADE still increases. It is his special study to please and give best value possible. Try the same priced Tea that you are in the habit of buying elsewhere, and judge for yourself. Note the Address :-T. G. TIBBETTS, The Grocer, Ceylon House, Holton-road, Barry Dock. MILLHR V. THE BARRY GRAVING DOCK AND ENGINEERING Co.. LIMITED.—The hearing of this ca4e was resumed before Baron Pollock and a -special jury on Wednesday last. Connsel continued the reading- of a considerable body of evidence taken on commission in London and at Leghorn, »nd the further hearing was again adjourned. SUDDEN DEATH.—A painful sudden death oc- curred at Barry Dock early on Wednesday morning last, about four o'clock, an old man, named George Harding, residing in Evans-street, being found -deoo. in bed by his wife. Medical aid was sent for, but without avail. Deceased, who was 6;: years of age, followed no employment, but had been resi- dent in the district for some time. FREQUENTING A SHEBEEN.—On Thursday, at Barry Dock Police-court (before Mr 0. H. Jones. Br Neale. and Mr John Duncan) a labourer named [Francis Johnson was charged with being on un- licenced premises. 7, Spencer-street, occupied by Enoch Williams, for the purpose of illegally dealing in beer. Defendant said he went there on other business, and was given the benefit of a doubt. ASSAULT BY A GREEK.-Giovanni Foscolo, a Greek, living at 45, Gueret-street, Barry Dock, -was charged" at the local police court yesterday with an assault on the 12th instant. John O'Brien said on his way home from the previous court defendant met him, and having knocked him to the ground he struck and kicked him. Other evi- dence having been taken the magistrates thought ithere had been provocation on both sides, but bound defendant over in the sum of £ 25 to keep the peace for six months. ANNIVERSARY SERVICES AT THE WESLEYAN ■CHAPEL.—The anniversary services of the English Wesleyan Church. Holton-road, Barry Dock, were held on Sunday last, when Mr Edgar Fennell, of Newport, delivered eloquent and impressive ser- mons both morning and evening. In the afternoon a service of song, entitled Loved until death," was given by the choir in a highly creditable manner, the meetings being well-attended and successful throughout. Collections in aid of the trust funds were made. R.A.O.B. SMOKING CONCERT.—A smoking con- cert was held on Saturday evening last, at the R.A.O.B. Institute, Thompson-street, in aid of a distressed brother, who has been ill for the last six months. There was a good attendance, Primo John Whittle occupying the chair. Songs were given in a creditable manner by Primos W. Liles, J. H. Morris, J. Whittle, C. Butler, and Messrs H. Abraham and Bumford. Excellent music on the piano was supplied by Mr H. Norman. A vote of thanks to the chairman terminated a most success- ful entertainment. PRESENTATION TO SERGEANT GAMMON.—As a mark of esteem and appreciation upon the pro- motion of Acting-sergeant W. Gammon, of the Barry Dock Police Station, to the rank of serereant, and on the occasion of his transfer to Porth, Rhondda Valley, an interesting presentation took place en Tuesday afternoon last at the Police- court, when that officer was made the recipient of a handsome silver-mounted Malacca cane, sub scribed for by the members of the local staff of the police force, the ceremony being performed by Inspector E. Rees, who said they were all sorry to part with such an efficient and dutiful officer, but earnestly wished him continued success in his new sphere of duty.-Sergeant Gammon suitably responded, amid the hearty applause of his com- rades. We join with his late colleagues at Barry in wishing Sergeant Gammon a distinguished future career. CHURCH BAND OF HOPE ENTERTAINMENT.—An entertainment in connection with the Band of Hope, conducted by the Rev J. H. Evans, under the auspices of the Church of England Temperance Society, was successfully held on Wednesday even- ing last, at the Welsh Church Mission-room, Barry Dock. The Rev E. Morris (rector) presided, and delivered an interesting address, together with the Rev J. H. Evans, who is to be congratulated upon the very satisfactory progress of tha Band of Hope since its inception a few weeks ago. An entertaining programme of literary and musical selections fallowed, amongst those taking part being—T. Molineaux, Harry Hurst, F. Conner, Elsie Schweitzer, Lizzie Plank, L. John, Sarah Hind, Beatrice Diamond, C. Wedge, L. Clarice, Evelyn Watkins, L. Evans, G. Lloyd, Lillie Davies, A. Hopgood, Lizzie John, Edith Bray, K. Jones, M. Evans. A. Harvey, Nellie Whitburn, &c. The proceedings concluded with the singing of the National Anthem. We understand another meeting will be held in connection with the Band of Hope at Whitsuntide. HKARTS OF OAK YEARLY DIVIDING SOCIETY. —A smoking concert in aid of the banner fund of the -1 Anchor lodge of the Hearts of Oak Yearly Dividing Society was held at the Victoria Hotel, Barry Dock, on Saturday evening last. There was a large attendance, Mr W. E. Leyshon being chairman, and Mr S. J. Wade vice-chairman. The following programme was gone through, and much enjoyed. Song, Midshipmite," Mr J. Clarke violin solo, Mr C. R. Ford song, Boys of the old brigade," Mr W. Reed song, Mr H. Pullin song, Kentucky shore," Mr W. E. Leyshon song, The Irish gentleman," Mr H. James violin solo, Mr C. R. Ford song, The three Jews," Mr J. Taylor song. Hallelujah (encored), Mr W. Liles song. Tally Ho 1" Mr W. Reed song, "The G.O.M. Mr J. Taylor; song, "England's I Crown," Mr H. James song, Mr A. Harris song (encored). Mr W. Liles. Mr H. Abraham added considerably to the enjoyment of the evening by his songs, dances, and ventriloquial entertainment, and Mr C. R. Ford ably accompanied on the violin. A vote of thanks to the chairman, and all who had taken part in the proceedings was accorded at the close. TEA AND PLATFOM MBETING AT THE WELEYAN CHAPEL.—On Wednesday last a public tea and I platform meeting, in connection with the anniver- sary of the English Wesleyan Church, were held on Wednesday last, the entire management of the tea being entrusted to Mrs Handcock and Miss Jones, who were ably assisted by Mrs Flowers, Mrs T. and J. Mack, Mrs Brown, Mrs Mayled, Mrs Dally, Mrs Laurens, Mrs Bailey, Mrs Hutchings, Miss Phillips, Miss Worthington, Mrs Franks, and the Misses Robins. A larg e number sat down to tea, and a pleasant hour was spent. A platform meeting was afterwards held at the chapel, pre- sided over by Alderman J. C. Meggitt. The meet- ing was commenced by singing and prayer, and Mr W. J. Flowers, the chapel steward, read his report for the past year, which showed that the total income was £ 114 lis 9d, out of which £ 87 6s 4d had been devoted to the defrayal of expenses, and dE40 trans- ferred to capital account, leaving a balance in hand for the ensuing year of £ 17 5s 5d. We may also state that J655 was collected during the anniversary services. The Chairman said that the report was a very satisfactory one, and showed that the members of the church must have worked hard during the year. Addresses were delivered by Mr G. Pile, Penarth Rev J. E. Stevens, superin- tendent of the circuit; and the Rev D. Henry Rees, Barry, who were all gratified to see the church in such a flourishing state. The Rev H. Glraham Payn also gave a short address, and thanked tte speakers for their attendance and remarks. Solos were effectively rendered by Miss Phillips and the Rev Graham Payn. A collection was made in aid of the trust funds, and a vote of thanks having been accorded all who had taken part, the meeting terminated with the singing of the Doxology. THE CHAMBER OF TRADE AND THE UNION QUESTION.—At a meeting of the Barry Chamber of Trade, held on Monday evening last, the Presi- dent (Mr D T. Alexander) said that since the previous meeting there was still a strong feeling on the part of certain members that the chamber had not been properly dealt with by the Local Board in connection with the movement for the establishment of a Poor Law Union at Barry. Two of the local guardians had been appointed on the committee, but, for some reason or other, the third member—one of the most regular attendants at the board meetings—had been omitted. To him it appeared there was something radically wrong in the matter, and whether the attitude of the board was due to private pique, or anything else he did not know, but he maintained that whatever was done on the Union question, the promoters should be a thoroughly representative body. (Hear, hear.) It was stated that gentlemen from outside the district had been invited to join the committee, whereas members of the chamber, the original promoters of the movement, had been ignored.—Mr B. Lewis, as member of the local board, assured the chamber there had been no desire whatever on the part of the local authority to ignore the chamber or any other gentlemen who desired to be associated with the committee. On the contrary, he had no doubt the committee would- be glad to have the assistance of all who could render any aid.—Mr J. R. Llewellyn ex- pressed a feeling that if the chamber continued to display a pettiness of feeling, as had been shown on that occasion and at the previous meet- ing, he ventured to predict the influence of the chamber upon the public mind of the district would soon be entirely lost. So far as he could see, there was no ground whatever for complaint, and he hoped the chamber would, therefore, wait until a real grievance had made its appearance.- After a desultory conversation, the matter was allowed to drop. EAST BARRY. THE BARRY CRICKET CLUB will open their season on Saturday next, whan a practice match will be played. All lovers of the game will be welcome. BARRY CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH (ENGLISH).— Next Sunday, April 15th, the Rev D. Henry Rees, minister, will officiate. Services—Morning at 11 evening, at 6.30.-Adrt. A COWARDLY CYCLIST.—On Tuesday evening ast a young fellow from Cadoxton, whose name lwe refrain from mentioning, was riding home- wards through Barry, when he knocked down a young nurse-girl, aged 13, in the employ of Mr Fishwick, 18, Windsor-road, and broke her leg, the injured limb being afterwards attended to by Dr Neale. The rider continued his course without taking any notice of the girl. LOCAL LADIES AND AMBULANCE WORK.— A ladies' class, numbering thirty, trained in ambulance work by Dr. Kelly, one of the surgeon-instructors appointed by the technical instruction committee of the county council, was examined for the second stage of the St. John Amhulance Association on Friday evening last, at the English Congregational Chapel, Barry, by Dr. Wallace, of Cardiff, who expressed himself highly pleased with the demonstrations and replies of the members, the whole of the class passing the examination with credit. We understand Lady Windsor will be invited to present the certificates to the class. We con- gratulate Dr. Kelly upon the marked success which continues to distinguish his ambulance clases. MARRIAGE OF THE REV. OSWALD PARRY.— The marriage of the Rev Oswald Parry, Wesleyan minister, formerly of Barry, but now of Danby, with Miss Alice Owen, daughter of the late Rev John Owen, West Hartlepool, and sister of Mrs E. S. Johnson, Barry, was solemnised at the Wesley Church, West Hartlepool, on the 12th inst., by the Rev W. Scrarbro. cnairman of the district, assisted by the Rev J. N. Fairbourne. The bride was becomingly attired in her travelling costume. The bridesmaid was Miss Parry, sister of the bridegroom, the best man being the Rev L. Parry, I brother of the bridegroom. The bride was given away by Mr H. Owen, brother of the bride. The chapel was decorated for the occasion with palms and hot-house flowers, and Mr C. Holdford presided at the organ. The ceremony was witnessed by a large number of people, after which the wedding party proceeded to Middleton Grange, the residence of the bride's mother, where a reception was held. During the afternoon the bride and bridegroom left for London, en route for the United States. The bride and bridegroom were the recipients of many handsome and valuable presents. POOLE'S MYRIORAMA IS COMING.—The general public of the district will be pleased to learn that a week's visit will be paid to this town by the world-renowed Poole's Myriorama, commencing on Monday, April 23rd, at the Market Hall, Barry. This myriorama is the latest, greatest, grandest, and most successful enterprise, and there has been just added, for the present tour, a magnificent series of elaborate tableaux, painted by the celebrated artist, J. J. Markwell Davis, illustrating the destruction of the Spanish Armada. Mr H. Poole, relying upon the success which has for over forty years attended the efforts of his brothers and himself in catering for the British public, feels confident of success and approbation in thus producing an entertainment which, without hesitation, is declared to be the grandest work of art and mechanism of its class that has been publicly exhibited during the nineteenth century. The complete excellence of the constitution of this exhibition is so well-known that it needs no enumeration from us, but it may be added that the entertainment is supported by Poole's excelsior concert company of selected sentimental and comic artists and orchestral and military bands. The prices of admission are nominal, and we are confident the visit of Poole's Myriorama to Barry will be attended with great success. 'I THE QUOIT CLUB.—The annual dinner of the Barry Quoit Club was held at the Assembly Rooms of the Barry Hotel on Wednesday, the 11th instant, when about forty members and friends partook of an entertaining repast, the gathering being pre- sided ever by the respected president, Mr R. S. Robinson, and amongst the company were Messrs T. Ward, S. Martin (captain), E. J. Roberts (vice- captain), R. Uwins (treasurer), R. F. Illing- worth (secretary). J. Owen (assistant secretary), A. L. M. Bonn, A. S. Mead, T. R. Robinson, S. Hopkins, T. Williams, C. Owen, W. Crowden, W. Williams, J. Evans, J. Porter, Lewis, G. Barnes, W. Pritchaad. S. Hawkins, J. Jenkins, J. Cook, J. Hitchcock, T. Adamson, J. Sainsbury, J. Watts, I W. Watts, F. Woodham, J. Griffiths (Highlight Farm), W. Clark, W. Butler, T. Davies, G. Baker, F. Maltravera, Dawson, C. Rose, W. Parry, &c. After dinner, the usual toasts were gone through, the Chairman proposing the health of the Queen and Royal Family, which was loyally received and Mr Tom Ward (late of Barry) submitted some interesting facts respecting the Quoit Association, of which he is the secretary, afterwards proposing Success to the Barry Quoit Club.—Mr E. S. Martin (the captain) suitably replied, and gave a short history of the club last season.—Mr Sidney Davies proposed The Trade of Barry," Mr Rees Jones responding; and Mr Roberts (vice-captain) then proposed the Health of the Visitors," Mr Watson replying.-The toasts were interspersed with songs by Mr A. S. Mead (Cardiff), Mr A. L. M. Bonn, &c. THE IIUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB.-A smoking con- cert in aid of the funds of the Barry Football Club was held on Saturday evening last, at the Barry Hotel. Mr A. J. Medcroft (secretary) occupied the chair, and a very enjoyable evening was spent by a fair attendance of football enthusiasts. The chairman, in giving a report of the season's foot- ball, said the club had bad anything but an encouraging season owing to numerous disappoint- ments, chiefly by the Cardiff clubs. Grangetown and Cathays had twice failed to fulfil fixtures, and other clubs had done the same thing and had it not been for this the Barry club would have been in a much better financial position than it was at present, but he (Mr Medcroft) hoped to close the season with a clean balance sheet. The receipts had been J623 7s, and the expenditure £ 22 15s, and bills outstanding amounted to d63 5a 6d, there bting a sum of £ 2 13s 6d to meet. The record of matches for the season was:—Five won, five drawn, and four lost. In closing his remarks, the chairman said he hoped those clubs that had disappointed them during the past season would be struck out of their list, and fixtures arranged with other clubs, such as Cardiff Reserves, Swansea A," Neath A," or other good substantial teams that would act honourable one to another.—During the evefting a good musical programme was gone through as follows :—Mr A. J. Medcroft, The minstrel boy;" Mr D. Edmunds, They all love Jack; Mr W. Piper, "We drew his club money this morning Mr T. Williams, "Benjamin Binns Mr W. Prichard, No more room for me Mr A. J. Medcroft, The anchors weighed Mr W. Parry, The runaway musketeer Mr Shears, Tom Bowling" F. Rossiter, Oh, what a dear little soul"; song, I'm always glad to see a man like thee," a Yorkshireman; Mr W. Parry, "Thericketty racketty crew"; Mr A. J. Medcroft, Men of Harlech Mr W. Hunt, Dolly, the sweet little maid." Mr Sydney Davies proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman, which was seconded by Mr Inch, who gave some excellent advice and words of encouragement to the club. and said he hoped the members would not be discouraged by the result of the past season, but again unite to- gether, and make the club a thorough success. A vote of thanks was also passed to Mr Rees Jones for presiding at the piano, and the company then dispersed. PENARTH. COAL SHIPMENTS AT THE DOCK.—The coal shipments at Penarth Dock last week amounted to 41,874 tons. WENVOE. ASSAULT BY A FARMER.—At Barry Dock Police Court on Thursday last Evan Rees charged Evan David, Drope F&rm, Wenvoe, with assault on the 10th inst. On the morning of the date named complainant was in the employ of defendant, and was waiting for his breakfast. Defendant was quarrelling with his house-keeper, when he suddenly caught hold of him (complainant) by the throat, and nearly strangled him. He struggled .9 and got free, and ran after him with a brush. De- fendant again caught hold of him, and threatened to kill him with a knife which he had in his hand. -Maria Brown, defendant's sister, corroborated.- For the defence Charles Edwards, labourer, was called, who said the assault was a provoked one.— Fined 5s and costs. CARDIFF. CALL AT THE OLD DOLPHIN, Church-street, Cardiff, for Soup, Hot or Cold Luncheons, Wines, &c., of the best quality. LLANCARFAN. ANNIVERSARY SERVICES.—On Tuesday and Wednesday week last the annual meetings in con- nection with the Welsh Baptist assembly at Bethlehem, of the above place, were held, the Rev J. D. Hughes, Tylorstown, and J. R. Lloyd, Castle- town, being the officiating ministers, who delivered both powerful and effective sermons. The attend- ance at each meeting was exceptionally good, and the collections were very satisfactory. The singing was certainly above the average, thanks to the energetic efforts of the conductor and organist. Great praise is due to the members of the chapel for their hospitality to the visitors from Cadoxton and elsewhere. We should not omit to state that the Revs Morris Isaac, Cadoxton, and Mr Jones, of Cowbridge, toek an active part in the meetings, which were conducted by the esteemed pastor, Rev D. Lewis. COWBRIDGE. SUDDEX DEATH OF A PROMINENT TRADESMAN. —Mr John Thomas, chemist, &c., of Cowbridge, who had been suffering from asthma for some time, was seized with a severe attack of coughing about 1.30 a.m. on Thursday last, and expired before his medical attendant coald arrive. The news of his death caused a great shock to the inhabitants of the town, Mr Thomas being one of the oldest and most respected tradesmen in the borough. He took a great interest in the town, and represented it on the board of guardians for the last fifteen or sixteen years. Mr rhomas was also a keen sportsman, and was well-known 1 on the hunting and coursing field throughout Glamorganshire. Great sympathy is expressed with the widow (who is also in a very delicate state of health) and his family in their sad bereavement. Deceased was 72 years of age. The family to which he belonged is very well known in the Vale of Glamorgan, he being a son of the Lite Mr Thomas Thomas, Tydraw, and an uncle of Mr Rees Thomas, Boverton Mr Thomas, Bear Hotel and Mr W. Thomas, The Hayes, Sully. -The funeral took place on Saturday amidst every token of sympathy and respect, and was very largely attended. Amongst those present were the Mayor and Ex-Mayor of Cowbridge, Alderman Jenkins, Councillors T. Rees, Messrs A. James, J. W. Hall, L. Jenkins, and J. Williams; Revs. D. Bowen, J. L. Morgan, and E. Jenkins, Drs. Moynan and Shepherd, Messrs L. P. Marshall. R. H. Hughes, W. V. Huntley, D. W. Savours, Fontegary, and Thomas, Tili House, See., &c., The chief mourners were Mr. and Miss Thomas (son and daughter), Mr Acury Thomas, St. Hilary; Mr E. Thomas, Brecon (brothers) Messrs T. Thomas, Bear Hotel; Rees Thomas, Boverton and T. Hayes. The cortege left the house at two o'clock for St. Hilary, where the Rev. T. Davies, and the Rev D. Bowen, vicar of Cowbridge, officiated.




Family Notices