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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

6 erthygl ar y dudalen hon






CRICKET. ST. PAUL'S v. PENARTH. Played at Penarth on Saturday last, and won by the former by 23 runs. Andrews, for the winners, took seven wickets for 30 runs, and E J Rooney and Brown scored 26 and 23 respectively. Scores Penarth—J Parkinson, 4 W P Edgington, 3 H E Morgan, 3 T C English, 0 J Llewellyn, 7 White (pro.), 11; S Thomas, 1; Cowley, ]5; F Morgan (not out), 9; Stephenson, 2; T Benson, 15; extras, 4; total, 74. St. Paul's-S Rooney, 9 G W Swain, 18; E J Rooney, 26; J S Cullen, 0; 0 J Browne, 2.3; W Ashton, 1; W. Walker, 0; J Andrews, 3; M Phillips, 3; D W Evans, 0 J Sullivan (not out), 0; extras, 5; total, 97. CADOXTON PRESBYTERIANS V BARRY CONGREGATIONAL "A." Played at Barry on Saturday last, and resulted in a win for Cadoxton by three runs. Scores :—Cadoxton Presbyterians: J Dure, b Miller, 8—b Miller, 4; J Miles, c Ashmore, b Miller, 0—b Miller, 8 D Griffiths not out, 3-b Murrell, 22 J Davies, c Field, b Miller, < 13-b Ashmore, 0 A Dunn, b Murrell, 5-b Row- < ledge, 6 E Llewellin, c Evans, b Murrell, 1-b i Murrell, 14 D Taylor, b Miller, 0—b Murrell, 0 A Park, b Miller, 0—b Murrell; 0 D Thomas, b Miller, 1 0—not out, 0 A Giddings, b Miller, 0—b Ashmore, 0 D Lewis, b Miller, 0—b Ashmore, 0 extras, 3—4; 1 totals, 33 and 58-91. Congregational Seconds • G I Rowledge, c Thomas, b Taylor, 1-b Griffiths, 1; W < Edgar, c Thomas, b Llewellin, 0—run out, 0 W Evans, t a Llewellin, b Taylor, 5—not out, 13 W Murrell, b Llewellin, 0—b Griffiths, 0 J Miller, b Taylor, 5— t run out, 6; J. Ashmore, b Llewellin, 4-run out, 2 ( J P Thomas, run out, 5-b Llewellin, 1; Harrison, b f Miles, 3—b Llewellin, 6 Bedingfield, not out, 9—b Griffiths, 3 Butler, run out, 6—b Griffiths, 4 Watts, C and b Griffiths. 0—b Llewellin, 0; extras, 12—2 c ;otals, 50 and 38—88. § 1 ;otals, 50 and 38-88. § 1 WHITCHURCH v PEXARTH A.-Played at Whit- church on Saturday last. Scores:—Penarth f H 4 Neale, 0 A Lee, 0 C Kirby, 0; G W Shepherd, d W It Rawle, 0; T Dewar, 6 T C James, 0; W Coney, 5; A Andrews, 1; .1 Glendinning, 1 H Griffiths (not out), 1; extras, 7; total, 30. Whitchurch: J C Phillips, 5 W J Lloyd, 0 J Davies, 0 W J Norton. 7 T B Rosser, 4 A T Haddock (not out), 16 V Taylor, 4; D M Thomas, 1; M Hussey, 0 H Evans, 0 J H Hale, 3 extras, 2 total, 42. BARRY CONGREGATIONAL v CARDIFF GUILD- FORD—Played at Cardiff on Saturday last, and resulted in a win for Barry on the first innings by 19 runs after a tight game. Barry had six wickets down for eight runs in the second innings. Scores :-Barry, 39 and eight for six wickets Guildford, 20 and 62. BARRY v. WENVOE. This match was played at Wenvoe on Saturday last, and resulfeci in a win for Barry by 28 runs. West and Llewellyn bowled well for Barry, and H. C. Roberts and Waite for Wenvoe. Appended are the scores: Wenvoe: H Thomas, 0: H Alexander, not not, 11; H C Roberts,2; S Robinson, 0 A Waite 1 J P Poole, 1; W P Powell, 7; E Nell, 1; C H Kempthorne, 0 M Febrey, 0 S Weaver, 0; extras 3; total, 26. Barry: W West, 8; T. Lewis 6; W Morse, 0; D Williams, 2 W T Llewellyn, 26 H E liltston, 0; E Davies, 1 J H Cranston, 0 R Knott, 0 T. Wilson, 5 J. Martin, not out, 1 extras, 5 total, 54. BARRY 2ND. v. BROADWAY WESLEYANS 2ND — Played at Bany on Saturday last, and resulted in a win for Barry by 23 runs. D Edmunds and Jenkin Lewis bowled splendidly for the home team, taking four and six wickets respectively. The score list arrived too late for publication. GLAMORGAN POLICE V. LLAXTRITHYD C.C. Played at Llantrithyd on Wednesday last, and re- sulted in a win for Llantrithyd by 13 runs. Scores:- Llantrithyd, 63 Glamorgan Police, 50. TO-MORROW'S FIXTURES. BARRY 1ST v. CHARGES-STREET.—To be played at the Buttrills, Barry, when the following will repre- sent the home team W West (captain), T Lewis Owen Lewis, E Davies, J H Cranston, W T Llawellvn' W Morse, D Williams, H E Til-ton, T Wilson, and George Edwards. A-01 BARRY CONGRKGATIONALK v. BARRY TOWN 2ND.— To be played at Cwmbarry Field. Congregational team :J W Cant (captain), C Munn. W Holloway. T Saunders, A Mein, R Miller, W Ashmore, T Davies, H Roberts, W Williams, and F John. Barry 2nd team :-F Bray (captain), J John, G H Richards, A P Kavanagh, R Knot, B A Willett, L Willett, D Edmunds, W Murphy, Jenkin Lewis, and J Jones. BARRY CONGREGATIONAL 2ND XI. v CARLTON C.C.-This match will be played at Cardiff, when the following will represent the Congregational •—VV H .1 Murrell (captain), W H Evans, J B Miller J P Thomas, F Harrison, W Edgar, B Butler, B Beding- held, J Ashmore, H Brown, and G Watts. Reserves —G Rowledge, A Ashmore, J James, and S Black- more.