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Mr T. H. Evans's Announcements. QTT EKNSLAND GOVERNMENT EMIGRATION OFFICES, London. R EMIGRATION TO QUEENSLAND. PREE GRANTS OF LAND. ALL person? paying their own full passages to the Colony receive a £ 30 Land Order—equal to 80 acros of Land—for each member of their families of 12 years and upwards, and a X15 Land- th-der for each child between 12 months and 12 years. Free and Assisted Passages are now given to eligible persons without restriction as to age. | HENRY JORDAN, Agent-General for Emigration for Queensland. Appointed Agent for Aberdare, Mr. Thomas H. Evans, Auctioneer, &c., Cardiff Castle Hotel. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. f u Mr. TROS. B. EVANS lIa. been favoured with instructions from R. H. Rhys, Esq., to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, On Thursday and, February 22 and 23,1866, L ,t, On the premises, f AT LLWTDCOED HOBSJ, THE whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other effects. Particulars will appear in ( future advertisements and catalogues. EDUCATION. THE REV. J. JOSEPH GEORGE, Receives a few pupils at his residence, No. go, CANON-STREET. TERNa MODERATE. TAFP VALE ACADEMY, ABERDARE. I. MR. E. SAMPSONPAY, M.R.C.P. I* LATE MASTER OTt "THE BOX ENDOWED SCHOOL," NEAR BATH WISHES to inform the inhabitants of Aberdare i»nd neighbourhood, that he has taken the school lately conducted by Mr. R. Lanjr- ton, at 7,Station-street, and intends, under the above title, to establish a first-class Academy. J The Establishment will consist of a preparatory class for children of both sexes, under seven an -apvanced department ,for Young Gentlemen, and nother (ti commence at Easter, for Young Ladies. t': Course of instruction and terms to be known on plication. Children can enter at any part of the quarter. Mr. Pay will also have an evening class for young men. on Mondays, Wednesdays, And Fridays, be- s tween seven and half-past eight, p.m., to commence on January 15th. Primte lessons givrn. on tlte Hantonivm, Organ. Piano, and Subterranean Surveying. I ALLSOPP'S; OCTOB ER JHiEW NGS. TO SS HAD INriBST CLASS CONDl'rWN, AT Tn' WELSH HARP STORES iv — ABERDARE, 1 Iu Casks of 18, 86, and 54 Gallons. .'> The Trade and famines supplied on the same terms as at the Brewery, Btfrton-on-Trent. » JAjVES BEYNON Agent Ü FISH! FISH!! PISH! S WILLIAM: PIKE, r,. WHOLESALE & RETAIL FISHMONGER & FRUITERER, 1:. 58, Commereial-Street, and 64, Cardiff-Street, ABERDARE, HAS a fresh supply of all kinds of Fresh FISH daily. Shell Fish when in Season. 1 Country orders punctually attended to. j, Agent for Messrs. Hilliard and Sons' celebrated ork Sausages, fresh every day. ANTED, a wet NURAE, to go to Bristol at f" once. App'y ;to Mr. George Russell, Sur- geon, Maendy-place, Aberdare. W. E. JONE,, begs to inform his friends and patrons, that the only authorised portrait of V C^ard Fothergill, Esq will be issued shortly by 1&1 and also to caution the public that he has nothing whatever to do with the engraving which has lately been offered tot sale by Mr, Sheldrick. TO CONTRACTORS, BUILDERS, &c- TENDERS are required for the erection of an English Congregational Chapel, at Hir- ■*ain, according to plans and specifications to be *een at- the house of Rev. \Y. Williams, Nebo. No tender will be received after February 5th, 1866. ?ne committee do not bind themselves to accept the Iciest or any tender. E. WATKINS, See HIBWAIN IRON WORKS. T0 BE SOLD BY AUCTION By Mr. H. W. HARRIS, r AT THE t ION nO T B L, ABERDARE, 0 T B On Wednesday, the 31st day of January, 1866, t 7 o'clock, in the evening, Subject to such conditions of Sale as shall be then pro !uced. unless previously disposed of by private conttact.of which due notice will be piven. > ']'lIE lease ofathat, pretty and substantial residence ■ called Lletty Rhys, with 16 acres of land attached thereto, situated near Hirwain Iron Works, Ih the parish of Penderin, in the county of Brecon. There are 11 years unexpired of this lease, and the PPOfent rental yields X50 per annum. j, '"or further particulars, apply to David Evans, 17, Bartholomew-road, Kentish-town, Lon- !,<JWn, or to the Auctioneer, 140, High-street, Mer- thjrr Tydfil. Auctioneer's Office, January 16th, I860. N 0 T I C E • 'T'HlS IS TO CERTIFY, that'1 do not hold my- self responsible for anjNdebtf. that may be contracted by my wife, Tabaitba Williams, Aber- atnan, after this date. Signed, WILLIAM WILLIAMS. t Fitter, Abernant, Aberdare. 11th, 1866. THE QUEEN COFFLPASY LONDON OFFICES Queen Insurance Buildings, Gtevcechurcb-st., E.C., AND 13, Regent-street, Waterloo-place, S.W. LIVERPOOL OFFICES Queen Insurance Buildings, Dale-street. Capital Two Millions Sterling. nOME & FOREIGN FIRE & LIFE INSURANCE of ^escr'Pti°n at moderate rates. A discount rive per cent, allowed on Foreign Fire Insurance in this country. Alllosse8 settled with promptness and liberality APPLICATION FOR AGENCIES. from6 rectors invite application for Agencies the C ^ent'em^n °f position and influence, where Everv *ai1^ 's. no1, illready efficiently represented. a* ^'formation will be afforded on application at the chief Offices. m o^i8011?, havint Fire or Life Insurance at com- and will b'9 treated with liberality. a*mir*Bp^c £ uses and Annual Reports to be had on PPHcation to the undersigned, I J. X- JONES, ABEEDABE TIMES Office, Aberdare. i I Sir. ^George Rosser's Announcements. GEOHGE ROSSEK, I AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, ACCOUNTANT, INSURANCE & GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT, B' EGS to inform his friends and the public that all matters entrusted to him will be punctually and carefully attended to. I Rents collected, Valuations for" probates and administrations prepared. Fire and Life Insurances effected on advan- tageous terms, in a society of sixty years' standing. OFFICES :-31, Canon-street. LEASEHOLDS FOR SALE. MR. G. ROSSER Has been instructed to offer for Sale by PRIVATE COTRACT, SEVERAL lots of LEASEHOLD COTTAGES, in the Parish of Aberdare. For particulars and to view the properties, apply at 31, Cnnon-street, Aberdare. TO EMIGRANTS AND OTHERS. MESSRS. TRACY Sf BALIJ TV 68, Waterloo-road, Liverpool, I Despatch splendid Ships, the "BLACK BALL" Line of Packets for New York, on the 1st and 16th of every month. To secure berths and for particulars of fares, apply to Mr. George Rosser, Auctioneer, 3f, Canon-street, Aberdare. MONEY Advanced upon Leasehold Property. -Apply to Mr. George Rosser, 31, Canon street, Aberdare. TO BE LET, a very commodious DWELLING J. HOUSE, consisting of rooms and shop, with plate alass frontage, being No. 22, Canon- street. Aberdare, at present occupied by Mr. Arkell. Boot & Shoemaker. Apply to Mr Griffiths, next door to the Glo'ster Arms, Maesydre, Aberdare, or to Mr 1 the premises. ABERDARE. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP, being No. 22, in Canon-street, Aberdare, in the occuplltion of Mr George Arkell. A portion of the purchase money can remain on Mortgage of the premises, if desired. For further particulars, apply to Mr Isaac D. Rees, solicitor, Aberdare. January £ 2nd. 1866. TO THE LATTER-DAY SAINTS IN ENGLAND AND WALES. THE RESTORER, A pamphlet of sixteen paees, in English and Welsh Published Monthly by the RE-ORO 4NISE 1> CHURCH OF THE LATTER-DAY SAINTS, Under the I'refideney of JOSEPH SMITH. IT will teach and defend the faith, once delivered to the Saints, and denounce and expose Poly- gamy, Idolatry, or Adam worship, human sacrifice, and every other abomination introduced by Brigham Young. It will contain regular correspondence from the Salt Land. PRICE 3D. TUITION, OF MODERN LANGUAGES. DR. GUSTAVUS V. SEHWARZ, 2, Wellington-Terrace, Cardiff, TNTENDS visiting Aberdare for the purpose of i giving lessons in the modern languages,— French, German, &c. TER MS Class Pupils, 15s. per quarter Private £2128. „ „ One lesson weekly. For further particulars apply at the ABERDARE TIMES Office. Queen's Coll., Belf., May 2nd, 1865. Dr. VOl" SBHWASZ, distinguished by his linguistic attain nents and knowledge, has been of great use to me whils editing "Becker's Oesnan Grammar" His philologies knowledge. as also his extensive acquaintance with the History of Modern Literature, make him a very desirable Tutor. J. W. Fbsbebsdoeff, M.A., PH DR. J. W. WOODCOCK, HPI-A-IISrO FORTE TTT NEE ABERDARE. N.B.— A Quadrille Band supplied at the shortest notice. NOTICE. W. C. M ORRIS, Auctioneer, Acountant, Builder's, Contractor's, and Artificer's Measurer and Valuer, WISHES to inform the inhabitants of Aberdare and its vicinity, that he has now OPENED an OFFICE at 44, Commercial-street, Aberdare, and trusts, by punctual attention to business,to merit a share of their patronage. Publicans and in and out going Tenants rights valued. House, Estate, General' Commission and Insurance Agent. Observe the Address MR. THOMAS, 44, Commercial-Street, Abedrare. HEALTH and HAPPINESS for the NER- »ou* anil DKBl LtTATEty.A sinirle copy of a New Medical work, written by one of the <uo-<t eminent medical men of the present day, iolelv for the yuidnnce and benefit of that class of sufferers whom- affections are olten self- inflicted, and who desire a speedy and } riv»te cure, vet too olten become the dupes of clesigniiiir London quacks. For such inifleiern this work is intended, rtiowin^ a certain nitNiiifi of cure in all cares of jiervous debility, telaxation, nrirauir. or locql weiiktiess, langour, blushing, debility, and variouo xther dervous mroptoui*; also ehowinir how all the so-called impediment* to, matriane may be i-ffecttif.ily re- moved; with i)titnerotis illi" tentive c-ast, of partit-@ who have been restored the l)U-Ksini:s of health b\ lollowinir the advice laid down in th'" work. Sent free to any address, on re eipt of stnnip to pre-p.iy p"tltalfe, Address to the Sircretary, Institute of anatomy, Birming- ham CAUTION.—Parts of the a' ovtvfeonk. have been copiep by several quacks ) frxoxs should be carestil in whoff hnnils they intrust their health, and read this work before applying to any one. IMPORTANT NOTICE. n 1«.» Ann orm STERLING GUAR 3U S AJUUUJWUV RANTEEDb, GOVERN- MENT, to be allotted to the Subscribers in various sums upwards to X20,000, Any person by investing £ i can realise £ 20,000. For Prospectus containing full particulars (which will be sent gratis,) apply by letter, addressed-J. A. RINCK, 14, Duke-street Adelphi, London, W.C. MONEY.—To lend on Leasehold Property. suu.s of 250 to £ 400.—Apply to Mr. Isaac D. Rees, Solicitor, Aberdare. November, 1865. KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. THE experience of more than a quarter of centuary baa wonderful properties of this Valuable Medicine. During that period, thousands of persons who were Hastening to the Grave, from one or other of the many forms of Disease to which the Human frame is liable, have, by the use of KAYE'S WORS DELL'S PILLS, been restored to HEALTH and HAPFINtss and the proprietor has received many thousands of spontaneous testimonies to tht-ir virtues, a selection trom which is enclosed with each box. the use of these t'ills can be confidently recommended in Youth or Age as, being purely vegetable in their composition, they may be taken with perfect sal'ety by the youngest infant and the oldest person. FEMALES will find them most useful at every period of their lives The unanimous opinion of all who have tried these Pills is that thew are The lest Fanily inediciue. I Sold by all Chemists, and other dealers in Patent Medicines, at Is. I J(I.l 2s 9d, and 4s 6d. Wholesale Depot, 52, Bread-street, London. j 14s. 3d. SEAFVETHTE AY 7O, NICLN LAY RRADOM MIF\NKFP -[< SMR TTRMOIEN ENHATT, GNHAE BUOEEPRRFRDINAMA, CRICPEA, TLIATtYJ, aSE'V L E/, Cjlga#5n8y j. jL3jdalm.Lps BEGS to call public attention to his large and varied STOCK of Paraffin and other Lamps, now readi for inspection. j Miners' Lamps repaired at the shortest notice. r: An Apprentice to the Lamp tradp wanted. '.r ¡ FROM LIVERPOOL OR QUEENSTOWN TO J\EW YONK: ¡ FOR FIVE GUINEAS (£5 5s.) i). I Forwarding Passengers to all parts of the United States, British Colupibia and Canada. THE LIVERPOOL, NEW YORK AXD PHILADELPHIA STEAM SHIP COMPANY'S NEW FUXL-POWEBED BRITISH IRON SCREW STE*M SHIF- CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAILS, City of Paris (Building.) City of Limerick Capt. T. C. Jones City of Boston Capt, J. Kennedy. Edinburgh Capt. T. F. Koskell City of London Capt. P. C. Petrie. Etna Capt. P McGuigan City of Baltimore Capt. J. Mirehouse Kangaroo Capt. W. Bridgman City of Washington Capt. S. Brooks Glasgow Capt. 0 Gill City of Manchester Capt. J. J. Halcrow Bosphorus Capt. H. Manning City of Dublin Capt. J. Eynon City of Durham. (Building). City of Cork Capt. H. Tibbits. The Rates of Passage from Liverpool or Queenstown to New York are as follows Cabin Passage by the Mail Steamers sailing every Wednesday, Fifteen Guineas, Seventeen Guineas, and Twenty-one Guineas each berth, according to the size, situation and accommodation of the State Kooins all having the same privileges in the Saloon, in regard to meals and attendance. Children, under 12, half fare and Infants free.. Cabin Passage by the Saturdays' Steamers, Thirteen Guineas. A liberal table will be kept for Passenger's at these rates, except Wines and Liquors, which may be had on board, there being no extra charge for Stewards' fees, &c. '> Five Pounds deposit is required to secure a Cabin Berth, the balance to be paid the day before sailing. Lu^gaze (of which 20ft. for each Adult is allowed free) will go on board with the Passengers in the Tender, that leaves the Landing Stage for the Steamer on the morning of sailing. The average Passage of these Steamers is from eleven to thirteen days.—The Cargo Wharf in Liverpool is the East-aide of the HlIskisson Dock.. t Forward Passengers, FiveGuineas each Adult (£5 5s.) Children under Eight Years of age half-price-, and Infants under Twelve months £1 Is. Passages can be engaged by a Deposit of Three Pounds on each Berth. Post-office Orders to be made payable to the undersigned, with particulars of Name, Age, and Occupation of each Passenger. Apply in New York to John G. Dale, at the Company's Offices, 15. Broadway in Philadelphia to John G. Dale, at the Company's Offices. 109, Walnut-street; in Queenstown to C. and W. D. Seymonr & Co.; in London to Eives and Macey, 61, King William Street; and in Liverpool to Messrs, Lamb, and Co., 41, Union-street. J. PROGKR, PLUMBER TO THE ABERDARE AND MOUNTAIN ASH.WATEil WORKS COMPANIES, JENKIN STREET, ABERDARE, <$• 13, TRINITY STREET, CARDIFF, BEGS to inform the Inhabitants of Aberdare and neiirhb^urKood, that he is PREPARED to RECEIVE ORDERS for PLUHBISG WORK, f in all its branches. Experienced Workmen kept. All orders sent to either of jthe above7 addresses will receive prompt attention. EVAN DAVID, HOUSE, SIGN, AND ORNAMENTAL PAINTER, GLAZIER, PAPER-HANGER, are., HIGH-STREET, A B E R DAn E. Experienced workmen sent to all parts of the country. IMPORTANT ISOTICK. F~ IF you want a HAT or CAP, go to E. H. Evans s, Cloth Hall, 8, Commercial.street, Aberdare. IF you want a good SUIT OF CLOTHES Cheap, go to E. 11. Evans's, Cloth Hall, 8, Commercial street, Aberdare. iF you want GOOD OVERCOATS > tJ IS. il. EVAIM' S, 8, Cloth Hall, Com- mercial street, Aberdare. IF you want any PILOTS, WIllT-iE\S, or BEAVERS, go to E. II. Evans's, 8^ Cloth Hall, Commercial street, Aberaarp. IF you want any SEAL SKINS or MOHAIRS, go to E. H. Evans's, Cloth Hall, 8, Commercial- street, Aberdare. IF you want a good Suit of BO VS'CLOTH I N<>, go to E. H. Evans's, Cloth Hall, 8, Commercial- street, Aberdare. IF you want good BLANKET COATS or VESTS, go to E. H. Krauts, Cloth Ilall, 8, Commercial- street, Aberdare. IF you want any UMBRELLAS or KNICKERBOCKERS, go to E. H. Evans's, Cloth Halj -L 8, Commercial-street, Aberdare. IF you want any SHEETS, QUILTS, BLANKETS, or COUNTERPANES, go to E. H. Evans's, Cloth Hall, 8, Commercial-street, Aberdare. [F you want WOOLLEN SHAWLS or SCARFS, go to R. H. Evans's, Cloth Hall, 8, Commercial- !L stroet, Aberdare. IF you want any FRENCH MERINOES or COBOURGS, goto E. tf. Evans's, Ciotn Hall 8 Coin- mercial-street, Aberdare. IF you want CHEAP CALICOES, go to E. H. Evans's. Cloth Hall, 8, Commercial-street, Aberaärë. I F you want STOCKINGS of any descriptiou, go to E. H. Evans's,Cloth Hall, M, Commercial-street, ■ Aherdare. IF you want WELSH FLANN ELS, go to E. H. Evans's, Cloth Hall, 8,Commercial.street, Aberdare, where you will find the best assortment of the above Goods in South Wales. I TRY COPELAND'S FOR CHEAP MEN & BOYS" CLOTHING 6, COMMERCIAL PLACE, ABERDARE, AND BRIDGE HOUSE, MOVNTAU ASH. NOTICE 0 F REMOVAL. .V W. SMITH BEGS to return his sincere thanks to the inhabitants of Aberdare and its vicinity, for their -D kind patronage during the last ten years, and to inform them 'that he has REMOVED his BUSINESS in the PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPARTMENT TO HIS ESTABLISHMENT IN CANON STREET, near the entrance to St. Elvan's Church, where he is determined to spare neither expense nor exertion to ensure the utmost success in the art, by which means he hopes to deserve a continuation of their support and confidence. W. S. begs also to say that after November 8th, his HAIR-DRESSING BUSINESS will be REMOVED to Maesydre, (next door to the Queen's Hotel,) where Ladies and Gentlemen will find a competent Hair- dresser kept, and comfortable private rooms. LEWIS THOMAS, CABINET-MAKER ASD\ UP HO L ST ERE R ? 4, CANON-STREET, iiBEfiDAEE, BEGS respectfully to inform the gentry, cjergy, and pubfic of Aberdare and vicinity, that he has OPENED in the above Business, on SAjTRDAY^tWe 20th January, and trusts that he will receive a share of their patronage. He has a large stocKNQLho«f€-made Goods of the best workmanship. o B S E R VET II E ADD RES S, 4, CANON-STREET, ABERDARE. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. IF YOU WANT WORK DONE WELL GO TO A MAKE RS npHE Cheapest House in Aberdare for repairing _1 Watches, Clocks, and Jewellery of every description, is at E. WEIGHTS, 299, CARDIFF-ROAD, where work will be done in the best possible style with a warranty of 18 months, at one-fourth less than at any other shop in the neighbourhood. E. W. can produce a list of upwards of thirty church and public Clocks made under his own im- mediate superintendence. Observe the address :— EDMUND WEIGHT, Practical Watch & Clock Manufacturer, Working Jeweller, Silversmith, and Engraver, 399, Cardiff-Road, Aberdare. NEWYDD EI GYOEDDI, Mervn vn gyfrol, am y pris isel o 16s., AIL ARGRAFFIAD 0 EIRIADUR DUWINYDDOL Y DIWEDDAR BARCH. W. JONES, PENYBONT, MORGAN WO, Y N CYNWYS "Sylwadau Eglurhaol X Beirniadol, ac Ymarferol ar Brif Eiriau, Er- thyglau, Gosodiadau, a Dyledswyddau Crefydd; ac ar holl Rasau a Rhinweddau y fuchedd Gristionog- ol, yn nghyd a'r Pechodau Gwrtliwynebol iddyrit; hefyd, Darluniad teg o Egwyddorion ac Ymarfer- iadau yr amrywiol Bleidiau Crefyddol a fu yn y byd o amser Crist hyd y dyddiau hyn yn nghyd a hanes fer o Fuchedd yr Ysgrifenwyr mwyaf enwog a ym- ddangosisant yn yr oesoedd a aethant heibio, ar faes ,DuwinY<idiaeth.¡ NOTICE OF REMOVAL. STAFFORDSHIRE HOUSE. I A. MULLINGS X> EGS to return his sincere thanks to the inhabitants of Aberdare and neighbourhood fnv 3 theU' PATRONAG« the last six; W^to^ inform them that he lias REMOVED his CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE DEALER TO 24, COKMEEIAL-PLACE, (Next door to the Boot Hotel,) where he hopes, by keeping a well-assorted Stock, to merit their continued support. A. M. begsa Iso to state that he has TOYS & FANCY GOODS IN GREAT VARIETY. GREAT BARGAINS BOOTS AND SHOES, AT S. B. WITCHEL S, THE NOTED BOOl AND SHOE ESTABLISHMENT, VICTORIA HOUSE, ABERDARE, OPPOSITE THE QUEEN'S HOTEL, Where you will find the largest and cheapest Stock in the town.. i Women's balmorals, 2s lid. 200 pairs of Women's kid elastic sides, stout bottom- ing, just arrived, at 3s. 9d. a pair. Men's half boots, at 9s. 6d. Men's elastic-sides, at, 8s. 6d. Men's cossacks, at 5s. 6 d. Babies' slippers, at ojd. a pair. Also, a large Stock of Men's patent and plain leather leggins to be sold cheap, 4s. 6d. a pair. Boys' 2s. 6d. a pair. Including a Stock of home made work at a low price, and warranted to given satisfaction. Boots made to order, in all the newest styles. Repairing done on the premises on the shortest notice. Small profits and Quick returns. BENSON'S WATCHES. CLOCKS, JEWELLER V, SILVER AND ELECTRO PLATE. JW. BENSON, Ludgate Hill, London, E.C., • (Established 1749), Watch and Clock Maker by Warrant of Appointment to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, has fitted up extensive Worshops with steam machinery for the producLion of Clocks and Timepieces of every description. WATCHES adapted for every class, climate and country. Wholesale and Retail. Chronometers, I>uplex, Levers Horizontal, Hepeat- inp. Centre Seconds, Keyleas, and Chronographf, at £2 10s. to Guineas. CLOCKS Drawinsr. Dining, and Bed-room, Bracket, Carriage, Church, Turret, Stable, or Office, at & i Is. to 1.8110 Guineas. OPIJHONS OP THB PRBSS. The movements are of the finest quality which the art of horology is at present capable of producing."—Illustrated London News, November 8, 1865. •'Some ot'thfm are of great beauty; and if the English watch-trade only follow up with the same spirit and Success this first attempt to compete with foreigners in decorative watches, there seems to be no reason why we should not get the trade entirely into our own hands."—Times, June 23, 1865. BENSON'S 4-GUINEA LONDON-MADE Patent Lever Watch, Capped and Jevvelled, strong Silver Cases. mad" in four sizes, from it to 2 inches in diameter. This Watch is suitable for everybody, and is without doubt the best. cheapest, and most accurate Watch manufactured in this country. BENSON'S 92 10s. HORIZONTAL WATCH Jewelled &c strong Silver Cases, 16 to 2 inches in diameter, I a sound and useful Watch | BENSON'S 5-GUINEA LADY'S GOLD WATCH. Horizontal Movement, Jewelled in four holes, and all the late improvements, combined with a rich artistically engraved case and dial,making it a moc'el oi'elegance. BENSON'S 6-GUINEA GENTLEMAN'S GOLD WATCH. Horizontal movement, Jewelled in four holes, and all the late improvements, with a pure white enamelled dial and elegantly engraved or engine-turned ease. 20,000 OTBERWATCHES in stock, tor prices of which see the pamphlet. The above Watches are sent free and safe by post to all parts of England, Scotland, Wales, or Ireland. If to India or the Colonies Ss. each extra. A PROFUSELY-ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLET of Watches. Clocks, and < hains, descriptive of every con struction of Watch made, with the ir prices, post free tor two stamps, from which buyers can select. Also a catalogue of Silver and Electro Plate, containing 300 illustrations, post free for six stamps. J. W. lienson, maker of the Great Clock for the Exhibition. 1862, and of th«. Chronograph i)ial, l>y which was timed •' The Derby of 1862, 1864 and I8S5. Prize Medallist, Class 3i, and Honourable Mention, Class 15. LUDGATE HILL, LONDON. The General Provident Assurance Company, LIMITED. CAPITAL HALF A MILLION. n I RECTORS. THOMAS HATTERSt.Elf. Esq. fChairman.) JOB CAUDWELL, Ellq" F.R.S.L. (Deputy Chairman.) Captain GEORGB BAYLY. FRANCIS BROOIGAN, ESQ J.P. W. PAUL CIIFT, Esq. JOSEPH A. HoRKEK, Hxq. The Rev. ROBERT MAGUIRK, M. The Right Hon. Loan TUTMIAM. General Manager—HUBBRT CKO. CRIST, E»q. F.S S. Resident Actuary.—GKORGK HORSMIL, E»q., A.I.A. NEW and IMPORTANT features of Life Assurance have been introduced by this Company with marked success A DY A N C KS, to a large amount, have been made upon undoubted Securities. DEPOSIT NOTES issHed for sums of sB 10 and upwards, upon which interest is allowed at the rate of 5 percent, per annum. I) K B EKTUR ES, with Monthly Sub-ciptinns, similar to the Shares of BirId ing Sooie ies (but free from the risks »f membership), beating compound interest at 5 per cent., and withdrawable at any time, granted. BONA FIDE INVESTOHS. dellirous of a nafe and per- manent means of emp nvntsr capital mav obtain a few i f the unalloted £ 1 Share*. I!epu*it, IVu Shilling* on appli- '? cation, and Tell ShiJ¡'/J¡.:8 on ..llotmtlnt. Uividend per cent. per annum. 1N KLU 11\L AllENr*. prepare I to work energeti- cally, required, onildHtti. TKKHS, ill all parts ot the United Kingdom. HUBERT (JEO, NRIST, P.S.S., Gellcral Manager Chief Offices: "70 Str.d LOlldon, W.C. A.ent: Mr. J. RICHARDS, 2,,9, Cardiff-road, Abi-raman. WANTED TO PURCHASE, HOUSE PROPERTY OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, APPLY TO MR. HUGH PRITCHARD, Cardiff-Street, Aberdare, SURVEYOR TO THE EXETKR BUILDING SOCIETY. Money Lent on House Property. HOUSE Acnt; Rents collected and guaranteed i Money paid monthly in advance. Life and Fire Insurance effected in the Caledonian Office of GO years' standing Licensed Valuci. Every description of Builder's work measured and valued at the shortest notice. NEW LEML'SJIOBI (IM £ 150 FOR HALF-A-CROWN. 10,090 Subscribers at 2s, Gd. each. To be Drawn on Monday, 22nd January, 1866. First prize, i'150 Two prizes of £ "50 each? Two do. of .£ 10 each Five ditto uf jC20 each Ten ditto of i.10 each; Twenty ditto of it5 each; Fifty ditto of A2 each Fifty ditto of t 1 each. Either stamps or Post Office Order and to pre- vent mistakes, it is advisable to send two stamped directed envelopes, one for tickets, the other for Result list of Prizes. Address, S. Burland, Box B 2 Post Office, Liver- pool. TO BE DISPOSED OF, a double CRANK LATHE, and a lot of TOOLS, strong 0*k Frame, sliding bar, Grooved Wheels for measuring or diminishing speed and chuck. Apply to Mr. H. Solomon, 11. Canon-street, Aberdare, where the Lathe may 1 e seen. A NEW HEARSE, BEAUTIFULLY ORNAMENTHD, CONSTRUCTED on an improved plan so as to Vy carry six persons inside and two out. in addition to the corpse, drawn by two horses, may now be hired of ISAAC THOMAS, Undertaker, 11, Seymour-street, Aberdare, or of D. NICHOLAS, Queen's Hotel, Aberdare, at the fallowing rates :— Lowest price from Aberdare to the Cemeterv 0 10 6 Ditto highest, including velvet palls and plumes for the horses, cushions, and black cloth trimmings 0 16 6 Lowest price from Aberaman 0 12 6 Highest ditto 0 18 6 Lowest ditto from Cwmbach, Cap Coch, Cwmaman, and Mountain Ash 0 15 0 Highest ditto j i 0 Mourning Coaches may also be obtained by giving timely notice. 3 ° ° PRICES OF COFFINS SUPPLIED BY ISAA C IHOAIAS Coffin for prown-up person, ornamented outside, and covered with fl?nnel inside 1 0 0 Ditto, covered with black Coburg and registered trimmings j 22 0 Ditto, French Polished 1 11 0 Ditto,with Black Cloth and Nails. 2 7 6 Ditto, with Black Cloth and Britannia Metal 300 Ditto, with best Britannia Metal. 3 10 0 Ditto, for Child six month's old 0 GO and upwards according to age and style. Oak Coffins may be obtained at a slight additional charge. Isaac Thomas is prepared to undertake the care of funerals according to the ab ;ve prices. [PP THOUSANBS NOW USE J ohnson, Johnson&Co's PURE TEA Because it is better in quality than all other* The Prices are all now reduced EIGHT-PENCE PER POUND. Former price 3/4, Reduced to 2/8 Former price 3/8, Reduced to 3L Former price 4/ Reduced to 3/4 Former price 4/4, Reduced to 3/8 Former price 4/8, Reduced to 4/. See that the name of Johnson,Johnson&Co is on each Packet. Sold in Packets by Agents in every ToWB* LOCAL AGENTS. ABERDARE Thomas. Chemist, 10, Commercial Place. COm* Brvnm»wr..Jones, SiHfioner Office Evans, Post GeoSiow °X,°rd ASU Th°mSS' Crowe, Post Office Newport.Thomas, 170, Com- Ysta,yfera'Kook^Uer mercial-ativet Wholesale Warehouse. 17, Bloom field-street City, London. BROWN AND POLSON'S PATENT CORN F LO UR, PACKETS, 8D. GUARANTEED PER F BeT L Y PUR E. recommended for cHILD Pt E N'S DIE T. "PAMILIES who give a preference to this nn- rrfiKoTh! article, are lespectfully invited to Slcnn? f1 T CS offere<1 in^ead of Brown and { Olsons to obtain extra profit by the sale similar kinds are smetimes craudulently substituted. Sold in Aberdare, by all respectable Chemist. -+-. TIIE INSTANTANEOUS CIJIIE FOR i- TOOTHACHE, « BUXTER'S NEUVINE." im mediately on application gives permanent relief nd renders extraction seldom necessary. Jledical Testimonials. From J. Hounsell, Esq., Surgeon, Bri^port, Dorsetshire I consider BUNTKH'S NBKVINK a specific for K H !!i,. fry severe canes under my care hnvo r 1 and PermHiient Relief." d ln»tantaneous Fr.,n E Sinith, Esq., Surgeon, "benton. near Ciren.eeter. Tnntl,'«„iTJ Ij UNTI!R b. ^EKVIKE m many C8se<i of we vera obtained." ID 6Very lnstanue ''ermenunt Belief has been fs'1 H-dr n"nt0r'f NcrviDe; if is hy all Chemists, Coopcr' Johnson, Johnson or PURE OSCGLOCKED TEA Is "now preferred to all others. Seld in Ptukets by Agents in every 1ourn. Sole Agent in Aberdare Thorn* Chemist and StatIoner 30 Comniorcial-place, and Mountain Aith. OLD CLOTH HALL, ABERAMAN. JOHN PRICE, (LATE OF THE RED LIOS, ABERDARE,) T1C7ISHES to return his sincere thanks for the VV grent patronage bestowed 011 him for the last seven years at Aberdare, and to inform the public that he has just taken the above premises, and trusts by *pu^ctual attention to business, and selling Allsopp's Stsong^and' Mild Burton Ales, at reduced prices, to merit a share of the patronage of his old friends and others. Bottled Ales and Stout in splendid condition. New Edition, by post two stamps. VTERV OUS DElilLlT Y :itsCALTS E&C UR E Dr MIfsI H, •who has had Twenty rear's practical V perience in the Treatment and Cure of NERVOriv SICAL DhBiLIlT, LOSS of API'KTITK t'\rvcfnrt WAW,I VJLCE' •» S'A I ins \V ork contain), his hichlv suceeR^l 1 men^, and ia „ ucce8>tul and only eaetrent- from patients with dahi dii-eof and testimonial.) health .vent^os' i?et ,n^ 6 ,^S ,Cr per,ect rertoration ti Pos.1 r< < '° »«.T address, secure from Lbserva tion,onrcee"ptol,t%-Ouostagt!statnps. Letters of enquiry or details ol can- promptly answered. fffr Address, Dr. SMITH. 8,^ Burton Crescent, London, W.C. ELISHA ESLICK BEGS to inform the public of Aberdare :111 1 neighbourhood, that he has OPENED an c &:<* AT NO. 6, WHITCOMBE STBSET, AS'" 1NSUB. A V CE AND (Btncral Commfctfum ^grn: All matters entrusted to him will receive prll," and careful attention. Rents collected, and Tradesmen's accoOnts mado i,,) t on moderate terms. Life, Fire, Boiler, Plate-Glass Insurance J effected on advantageous terms, in Offices. Note the address, No. 6, WHITCOMBE-STBEET, ABEILDARR. dimes'' 31, Comniercial-Place, •ABERDABE. "ValentinesI Valentines!! Valentines'1. The Attention of the public generally is cail I to a Tery Large assortment, just received fruui London. Such llLlegant emblem^ of love & affect i> • 1 certainly could !N^ot possibly be obtained cxrop at this establishment. The prices being low, tillr are within the reach of all.Indesign they have pronounced to be charming. Now is the time f. r thosewishing to give proofsof theirEndlel1 alTnc tion, to examine the extensive & richO TO C 1.. JUST; PUBLISHED, THE FIRST DUMBER. or CRON1CL Y CYMRl. A FIRST-CLASS FAMILY & NATIONAL NEWSPAPER In the Welsh language. It is conducted on fair principles, with a staff tf cminci:' Writers trom JSorth and South Wales. IcbehadinAberdare.ofMessMj.T.JonesA Son," A dare Times" oSp..= Mr W. Haries. bookseller Al-o it Merthyr, Dowlais, Mountain Ash, &c., by thi bookseller. THE PRINTING BUSINESS. WANTED,—A respectable youth a? -!i V APPRENTICE to the above trade.—At i.Y at the office of this Paper. Yn ClIWr yn v WosD, yn 32 tudalen, ALMANAC NEWYDi) AJM: 1868, GAN OSIAH THOMAS JONES, Aberdar. YN cynwysNodau y Flwyddyn, I)iffygia <u Yr Haul, Taflen Llanw y M6r, Newidm-s i y Lleuad, Codiad a Machludiad yr Haul, Ansav. y Tymorau, y Tywydd, yr Arwyddion, Cyfar yddy Meistri Haiarn, Ffeiriau Cymru, &c. t Stampiau, Biliau, neu Nodau Arianol, Cytundei j. Rhwym-yegrif Prentisiaid, Rhwymau i ddyd^i i Arian, lollau ar Gymun-roddion, Trwvdd(:uii< Llyfrau trwy y Post, Llytbyrau, Archebau Llvti y dy, Gweithred Buwch-frechiad, Cofrestriad Gen.-I- gaethau, &c. Hyabysiadau, a gwahanol Leiii.t I angenrheidiol eu gwybod. if2— — "PURITY A EXCELLENCE Or QUAUTV ( [TRAPE miK I lBUIrt.'« HSAo) \A ■y<s-J L TMEIR CENUINE AND DOUBLE SUPEHfINE ARE THE QUAUTIES PARTICULAftUf RECOKIUKDtO PTTAII rn FOR FAMILY Ut( KtiAlLLO IN EVERY TOWN THROUflNOUl TWE" UNITED KIKODON. THE GRAND PROMOTERS OF HEALTH. HOILOWAY'S JPIJL T The grand secret of attaining happinpra if to aecnro <-o I health, without which life is utrippcl of all it- ple»A<i> The first irregularity of anv function iboiiid be checked set riitht b\ appropriate dose* of theae lino purifyin* I'rt. which strengthen the syntem by tborouglily cleauami.- t hlood from all impurit^ea. Tliev balance disordered acti remnve the ca""e of dintiirbspce. arq re.tore its vornial fllttllrRJ powertto every organ,itlkuut iuconvtsjitouo*, p." or any other drawback. Derangement of the Bowels, Liver arm Stomach Complainta. This medicine i. oo well known in every part of « world, anrt the cures effected by it« are ao m t°«rto;;u.b ejervone. t. Pre-em,„0nre aa a reme.l n»rb a fd mw i P,HU,U' "nd of tl doubt. 18 "° lon«er « "»«ttr of d»p..U' Indigestion.-Bilious Headache. mhnulei*l rorilpiaint8 ate aoinetitxiet considered trifliuit, thev nf/* 'e niiiHt that, by innttCBtioD and tieii i-r' j" en n,ost seriously. Give early tbouirlit t' "tomach, take Holloway's PilU. rub hi» celei>ra» en ov*"r the pii of the stomach, 'and you will ahm-t c'lailtie lor the better in your ilieeatinn. xpi pp i e, Htreii^th, and energy. The improvement, tUo 1 may k,. gradual, will be thoruugb anil lastius. Holloway's Pills are the best remedy known h. A-, world for the following diseases Agut" Feinalelrregu- Retention of Asthma larities Urine Bilious com- Fevers of all Scrofala, or Kiti plaints kinls Evil Blotches on the Fits Sore throats Skin ) • Gout Stono and Grav. Bowel Complaints Head-ache Secondary p s. Indigestion toios constipation of Inflam.natioa Tic-Douloureui the Bowels Jaundi.-e Tumours Consumption Liver Complaints Ulcers Debility Lumbago Vet.ere»l Air.- Dropsy Piles e Lions Dvsentcry Rheumatism Worms of «:! KrysipeUs kimls Sold at the Establislimeiut of PRoyK«ee& II. I. I WAY 244, Strand. (near TEMPLE Bar,) London; by ft I RESPECTABLE Druggists AIID Dealers in MODIOIM M tbro'ughout the civilized world, at the follu.M prices — Is. 1 I' *s. Sd., 4». 6d., lie., 22S., ..N. .ell Box. **# Tber.' is a (oosiderabU laving by t..1.II:. ;1 ger siiea,