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Hr T. H. Evans's Announcements. Queensland GOVERNMENT Emigration OFFICES, London. EMIGRATION TO QUEENSLAND. FEEE GRANTS OF LAND. AIjL persons paying their own full passages to the Colony receive a £ 30 Land Order—equal *> 80 acres of Land—for each member of their flIrOilies of 12 years and upwards, and atl5 Land- Order for each child between 12 months and 12 Years. Free and Assisted Passages are now given to eI,gible persons without restriction as to age. HENRY JORDAN, Agent-General for Emigration for Queensland. wappointed Agent for Aberdare, Mr. Thomas H. Evans, Auctioneer, &c., Cardiff Castle Hotel. LLWYDCOED, ABERDARE Mr. THOS. H. EVANS RM been favoured with instructions from R. H. Rhys, Esq., to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, Oil Thursday and Friday, February 22 and 23,1800 I On the premises, AT Llwydcokd House, Y The whole of the Household fuhniture, Y^v And other effects, as follows | \RAWlNG-ROOM.—A handsome walnut da- mask covered drawingroom Buite, a beautiful 9 R cottage pianoforte,6§ octaves, by O^tzman ^Plumb, mahogany card-table, two occasional )airsi three handsome pictures in goldjjframe, pier Ass, so by 40. in gold frame, gilded window cor- °e, two bell-pulls, a full register "grate, papier toorf ^le, fender and fire irons, a splendid "Aerator lair.p, carpet and hearth rug. ,.<tDINING-ROOM-A large mahogany pedestal e-board, with carved back, mahogany telescope table, with two flaps, mahogany hair-seated a> ten mahogany chairs, covered with damask lo«7en ^orse hair, easy cKafay two pairs of glass j.. a b< antiful oil paintincopier glass, carpet. Rrth rqnt two bell-pulls, fenderand fire-irons, two paraffin lamp, a fill 1 register grate, T id 'nner mats, butler's tray and stand. ^BRARj.—Mahogany side-boaard. a mahogany r r\ry table, a large mahogany? Pembroke table, » Q? chair*, book shelf, with several lots of f °°,i pictures, chimney ornaments, work table, ^fider aid fire-irons, Brussels carpet and hearth ti ALL.Fire-proof eafc. bat) lamp. maps of the nltf:!d States of America* Europe, and South Wales. feather bed?, blisters, and P'Uow8,several mattresses, several mahogany carved our post, Arabian, iron, and other bedsteads, N top wash stand, mahogany and deal ward- 'Obeg, mahoftanj' and oak chests of drawers, malio- £ aoy imm) deal wash stands, towel horses, dressing tfcblesy and swing looking glasses, Brussels and other ^rpets several cane-bottom and other chairs, two ^aimodes, moderator and other lamps, shower, hip, sponge baths, two wire blinds, several pictures, ender and fire irons, one American and one round laced flock KITCHEN.—Two dinner services, three '.ea and reakfast services complete, a quantity of odd ware 'd glasses, shelf and dresser,two square t ables, one Coff c'oc^i a set of dish covers, metal tea and 8cr ee Po^s, tw i urns, several chairs, a cooking coin0?' bottle jack, iron oven, two churns and a a 8et °f dairy utensil#, several casks and | utensils. 1 Ti: °'~Tw" PHAETONS, two scis of i nl'vV. r A RBI AGE HORSE, a GliEY *■ » OAHTS, Cart Harness, Harrow, ORrioTi1' Waergon Wheels, a CAMBRIDGE rs Iron Pi*; Troughs, a Crabwineli, a I M^?rRoller' 0at a BRICK-MA KINO 1\, by Olarton, m-nrlv new, TH R!1'- \vitV of PUIME MEADOW HAY, together numerous otLer articles. K5a»t0 commence twelve o'clock each day. th^A cnnse(l5ience nf the great number of lots PubrCti0neer reclue8t8 the early-attendance of the Qj'^)_ree months credit will be given to purchasers *'Vand upwards on approved security.' j Auctioneer's Office, Cardiff Castle Hotel, Aberdare, (tzluary 3otb, 18GG. ED UCA TION. HEV. J. JOSEPH GEORGE, Receives a few pupils at his residence, No. 30, CANON-STREET. TERMS MODERATE. To CONTRACTORS, BUILDERS, &c. TENDERS ax'e requirefl^for the erection of an English Congregational Chapel, at Hir- *ain, according to plans and specifications to be at the house of ReV. W. Williams, Nebo. No ^fider will be received after February 5th, 1866. P" be committee do riofc-Wfia themselves to accept the ^*C6t or any tender. E. WATKINS, Seo ALLSOPP'S OCTOBER BUETCNGS. — *° SB HAD IK YIBST CLASS CONDITION, AT TH15 WEl-SIl HARP STORES. ABERDARE, Iu Casks of 18, 36, and 54 Gallons. Trade and families supplied on the same terms as at the Brewery, Burton-on-Trent. JAMES BEYNON Agent S H F I S H FISH! WILLI V"Mpike, WHOLFSALE & RETAIL FISHMONGER & FRUIT HRER,, 23, ereiaI-Street, and 64, Cardiff-Street, 1:)" ABERDARE. HABERDAUE. a fresh supply of all kinds of Fresh FISH "daily. Shell Fish when in Season. Country orders punctually attended to. ^orve £ t ^or ^efisre- Milliard and Sons' celebrated -^J^^usages, fresh every day. jyj W. E. J ONES teei-to inform his friends and Patron*, that tbe onlyvauthorised portrait of jhjto aTt^ Fothergill, Esq., will^e issued shortly by &nd also to caution th^ public that he has ka« i to do with/the engraving which ■ ^te]y been offered for g"ale by Mr. Sheldrick. g. TUB QUEEN" IJITANCE COHPAIIY « Londok Opfices Insurance Buildings, Gracechurcli-sfc., B.C., AND 13, Regent-street, Waterloo-place, S.W. LIVERPOOL OFFIpES Queen Insurance Buildings, Dale-street. Capital Two Millions Sterling. lJ <lrO,ME & FOREIGN FIRE v LIfE INSURANCE of ^escrii^ion at moderate rates. A discount' »«•„ Per centlallowed on Foreign Fire Insurance Ain in Uli8 ^ntry. 'osses settled^-wiifcuprbmptness and liberality APPLICATION FOR AGENCIES. from6 ^>^cc^ors invite application for Agencies the Co^„en of position and influence, where I Everv 's not. already efficiently represented. at the 1 v.^formation will be afforded on application p chief Offices. Persons havinI Fire or Life Insurance at com- p be treated with liberality. &Dr»i; and Annual Reports to be hud on rpucation to the undersigned, J. T. JONES, I Aberdare Times Office, Aberdare. I Mr. George Rosser's Announcements. I GEOHGE ROSSEK, AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, ACCOUNTANT, j INSURANCE & GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT, BEGS to inform his friends and/the public that all matters entrusted to /him will be punctually and carefully attended tø: Rents collected, Valuations for probates and administrations prepared. Fire and Life Insurances effected on advan- tageous terms, in a society of sixty years' standing. Offices :—31, Canon-street. LEASEHOLDS FOR SALE. MR./ G."ROSSEK Has been instructed to offer for Sale by PRIVATE COTRACT, SEVERAL lots of LEASEHOLD COTTAGES, in the Parish of Aberdare. For particulars and to view the properties, apply at 31. Canon-street, Aberdare. TO EMIGRANTS AND OTHERS. 3J ESSES. TRACY tj. BALDW, 68, Waterloo-road, Liverpool, Despatch splendid Ships, the "Black Ball" Line of Packets for New York, on the 1st and 16th of every month. To secure berths and for particulars of fares, apply to Mr. George Rosser, Auctioneer, 3f, Canon-street, Aberdare. MONEY Advanced upon. Leasehold Property. -Apply to Mr, George Rosser, 31, Canon /9 street, Aberdare. Y._„^ TO BE LET, a very commodious DWELLING HOUSE, consisting of rooms and shop, with plate i-lass frontage, being No. 22, Canon- street, Aberdare, at present occupied by Mr. Arkell. Boot & Shoemaker. Apply to Mr Griffiths, next door to the Glo'ster ArmS, Maesyidre, Aberdare, or to Mr Arkf1 ":i i premises. ABERDARE. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP, being No. 22, in Canon-street, Aberdare, in the occupation of Mr George Arkell. A portion of the purchase money can remain on Mortgage of the premises, ifjdesired. For further particulars, apply to Mr Isaac D. Rees, solicitor, Aberdare. January 2nd. 1866. TAFF VALE ACADEMY, ABERDARE. MR. E. SAIIPSOYPAY, M.B.C.P., LATE KASTBIl OF THE Box Endowed SCHOOL," neah BATH ISKES tq^infonn the inhabitants of » » Aberdare and ueighboufcliood, that he has taken the school lately conducted by Mr. U. Lanir- ton, at 7,Stat ion-street, and intends,under the Sbove title, to establish a first-class Academy. The Establishment w 11 consist of, a preparatory lass for ciiil-ii-eiik cf both sexes, ufuler seven an cpvanced department for Young ..Gentlemen, and another (t. commence at Easter j/or Young Ladies. Course of instr'ucthskuanUttjixtis to be known on pliivi-,1 .1. Children can enter at any part of the quarter Mr. Pay will also have an evening class for young men, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, be- tween seven and half-past eight, p.m., to commence on January loth. Private lessons given on the Harmonium, Organ, Piano,- and Subterranean Surveying. J. VV. WOODCOCK, £ ■ >X JL. 2STO FORTE TUNER ABRRDARE. i N.B.- A Quadrille Band supplied at the shortest notice. NOTICE. w. C. M O n R I S. Auctioneer, Accountant, Builder's, Contractor's, and Artificer's Measurer and Valuer, WISHES to inform the inhabitants of Aberdare and its vicinity, that he has now OPENED an OFFICE at 44, Commercial-street, Aberdare, and trusts, by punctual attention to business,to merit a share of their patronage. Publicans and in and out going Tenants rights valued. House, Estate, General Commission and Insurance Agent. Observe the Address ME. THOMAS, 44, Commercial-Street, Abcdrare. TJ EALTH and HAPPINESS for the NER- X.jL voits and DEBILITATED.—A single copy of a New wmk, written hy we of'Hie most eminent medical men ot' the present day, Mtu-Iv lor the Lruifl.tnco and benefit of that class of sufferers aftW'tious are olten selt- iiitiictetl, ar>d who desire a speedy and private cure, yet too often become the dupeb of desijrnioir London qu«ck«. For such mifieierw this work is iiiten<ied, Showing » certain nteaiiii of dure in all cafes of nei voiw debility. lelaxation, orvanif; or ilucal wenkuess, langour, l»luslij»if, debility, and various otlief nervous a, jnptonm; also slipwing how all the so-called impediments to marriage may jbe efTectually re- moved wifli niimeroug illustrative cases of parties who have been restored to the blessir^s of he»ltiy by followinir the advice laid flown in th s work. Sent pee to any address, 011 re eipt of amp to pre-p >y p'-stajrpi Address to thdySecrelary, lnstitute,«t Anatomy, Birming- ham CAUTION—Parts book have been rop.ep bv sever-il quacks Heraons should be raie^il i» whose hands they intrust their health, and read this work belore applying to any one. IMPORTANT NOTICE. n i ,> AAO AnfrSTERLING GUAR JL « ^,UUIM*UU RANTEED GOVERN- MENT to be allotted to the Subscribers in various sums upwards to £ 20,000. Any person by investing £1 can realise £ 20.000. For Prospectus containing full particulars (which will be sent gratis,) apply by letter, addressed-J. A. Rinck, 14, Duke-street Adelphi, London, W.C. M~ ONEY.—To lend on Leasehold Property, m sums of £ 50 to £ 400.—Apply to Mr. Isaac D. Kees, Solicitor, Aberdare. November, 1865. KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. THE experience of more than a quarter of centuary has wonderful properties of this Valuable Medicine. During that period, thousands of persons who were Hastening to tlte Grave, from one or other of the many forms of Disease tj which the Human frame is liable, have, by the use of KAYE'S WORS DELL'S PILLS, been restored to HEALTH and HAprmtss and the proprietor has received many thousands of spontaneous testimonies to their virtues, a selection lrom which is enclosed with each box. The use of these fills can be confidently recommended in Youth or Age as, being purely vegetable in their composition, they may be take.i with perfect safety by the youngest infant and the' oldest' person. FEMALES will find them most useful at every period of their lives The unanimous opinion of all who have tried these Fills is that thew are The best Fanily mediciue. Sold by all Chemists, and other dealers in Patent Medicines, at Is. 1 Jd.' 2s 9d, and 4s 6d. Wholesale Depot, 52, Bread-street, London. TO BE DISPOSED OF, a double CRANK LATHE, and a lot of TOOLS, strong Oak Frame, sliding bar, Grooved Wheels for measuring or diminishing speed and chuck. Apply to Mr. II. Solomon, 11, Canon-street, Aberdare, where the Lathe may be seen. 1EVAN THOMAS, -■" IRONMONGER, j SAFETY LAMP MANUFACTURER, 7, CARDIFF-STREET, ABERDARE, 7, CARDIFF-STREET, ABERDARE, THE ONLY MlKEll IN THE PRINCIPALITY, ciMy Lamps, 4s. 3d. 5s. 3d. If) EGS to can public attention to his large and varied STOCK of Paraffin and other Lamps, now ready j_) for inspection. Miners' Lamps repaired at the shortest notice. t*- An Apprentice to the Lamp trade wanted. BLACK L I O N B R E W E R Y I ) A It THUir JO N E S- WHOLESALE DEALEH AND RETAILER OF WINES AND SPIRITS, BEGS respectfully to return his sincere thanks to his.friends and the public, for the kind sup- port he has received in Aberdare for the last fifteen years, and to inform them that, in addition to his well-known STOCK of WINES and SPIRITS, he is prepared to supply families and the trade with the 0 Ales of Allsopp & Son, of Burton, anu Flowers & Sun's celebrated Pale Ale, at the same terms as at the Brewery, o Guiness' Dublin Stout, &c. PER GALLON. PEIl GALLOX. Mne■ London Gin 12s to Us. ty. Brown 26s to 28* Old Irish or Scotch Whisky 16s to 20s. Very fine do 32s. Old Jamaica RUM .v.16« to 24# 9. line Pale Cognac .2()S to 28s. Hollands.32s to 40s per case, containing I dozen. These are supplied in Cask or Jar, or in Bottles, containing quart, pint, or half-pint, neatly labelled. Fine Sherries, 36s., 44s. 54s. per dozen Port, 35s.. 44s., 54s. per dozen Hock, Burgundy, Claret, Cham- pagne, Moselle, &c Allsopps & Flower's fine Pale Ale. in Bjttle, 4s. per dozen. Guiness' Stout do., 4s. per dozen. A. J. supplies families with his own Brewings in Casks, from nine Gallons and upwards, and the Trade as usual. • FKOM LIVERPOOL OR QU EENSTOWN TO NEW YORK, FOR FIVE GUINEAS (£5 5s.) I Forwarding Passengers to all parts of the United States, British Columbia and Canada. THE LIVERPOOL, NEW YORK AND PHIL ADELPHIA STEAM SHIP company's NEW'PULL-POWERED BEIT1SH TEOKT SCREW STEAM SHIP CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAILS, City of Paris (Building.) Citv of Limerick Capt. T. C. Jones City of Boston. Capt, J. Kennedy. Edinburgh .Capt.T.F.Rosket) City of London Capt. P. C. Petrie. Etna Capt. P McGuigan City of Baltimore Capt. J. Mirehouse Kangaroo .Capt.W.Bridgman City of Washington Capt. S. Brooks Glasgow .Capt.OGill City of Manchester papt. J. J. Halcrow I Bosphorus Capt. H. Manning City of Dublin papt. J. Eynon City of Durham. (Building). City of Cork Capt. H. Tibbits. The Rates of Passage from Liverpool or Queenstown to New York are as follo ws Cabin Passage by the Mail Steamers sailing every Wednesday, Fifteen Guineas, Seventeen Guineas, and Twenty-one Guineas each berth, aciSQrding to the size, situation and accommodation of the State Kooms all having the same privileges in the Salmon, ni regard J<o meals and attendance. Children, under 12, half fare and Infants free. Cabin Passage by the Saturdays' Steamers, Thirteen Guineas. A liberal table will be kept for Passenger's at these rates, except Wines and Liquors, which may be had on hoard, there being no extra charge for Stewards' fees. &c. Five Pounds deposit is required to secure a Cabin Berth, the balance to be paid the day before sailing. Luagaae (of> which 20ft. for each Adult is al'owed free) .wi'd go on board with the Passengers in the. Tender, that leaves the Landing Stage for the Steamer on the morning of sailing. The average Passage of these Steamers is from eleven to thirteen days. -The Cargo Wharf in Liverpool is at the East-side of the Huskisson Dock. Forward Passengers, Five Guineas each Adult (£5 5sJ Children under Eight Years of age half-price, and Infants under Twelve months Xi Is. Passages can be engaged by a Deposit of Three Pounds on each Beith. Post-office Orders to be made payable to the undersigned, with particulars of Name, Age, and Occupation of each Passenger. Apply in New York to .lohn G. Dale, at the Company's Offices, 15. Broadway in Philadelphia, to John G. Dale, at the Company's Offices, 109, Walnut-street in Queenstown to C. and W. D. Seymour & Co.; in London to Eives and Macey, 01, King William Street; and in Liverpool to Messrs, Lamb, and Co., 41, Union-street. J. G. PS-JOG FJ3, PLUMBER. TO THE ABRRDARE AND MOUNTAIN ASH WATEll WORKS COMPANIES, JENKIN STREET, ABERDARE, 13, TRINITY STREET, CARDIFF, BEGS to inform the Inhabitants of Aberdare and.nei*hbourhood, that he is PREPARED to RECEIVE ORDERS for p I F, U i-V I I I B I t tfj-T W 0 as It, in all its branches. Experienced Workmen kept. All orders sent to either of -the above addresses will receive prompt attention. eyajH\yAVJW, HOUSE, SIGN, ANf) OHNAMKNTAI, PAINTER GLAZIER, IP\A- 3? 33 33. -3E3I -A- 1ST C3- !E2 3 C. H I G H S T ABERDAKE. Experienced workmen sent to all parts of the country. IMPORTANT M)TiCJ;. IF you want a HAT or CAP, go to E. H. Evans's, Cloth Hall, 8, Commerciul-street, Aberdare. TF you want a good SUlT OF CLOTHES Cheap, go to E. II. Evans's, Cloth llall,~8, Commercial street, A!,erdare. IF you want G'.)OI) OVEltCOAla for iiW"Wvtrt«rf.<> to HJ. H. 8, Cloth' liili, Com- mercial street.. Al)< F vou want any PILOTS. WlUTIvEYS, or BKAYERS, go to E. 11. Evans's", 8, Cloth Hall" Commerci al street, Aherna'p.. F you want any SEAL SKINS or MOHAiliS/go to E. 11. Evans's, Cloth Hall, 8, Commerciat- street, Aberdare. IF you want a good Suit of BOYS' CL0THINO, go to E. H. Evans's, Cloth HallTlT, Commercial- street, Aberdare. F you want good BLANKET COATS or VESTS, go to E. H. Evants, Cloth IIall,~87^Conimercial- street, Aberdnre. IF you want any UMBRELLAS or. KNICKERBOCKERS, go to E. II. Evans's7~CIoth liall 8, Commercial-street, Aberdare. IF vcu want any SUEKTS, aiJILTS, BLANKETS, oTHOUNfEItPANES, go to "eTh. EransC Cloth HhII, 8, Commercial-street, Aherdare. IF you want WOOLLEN SHAWLS or SCARFS, go to E. H. Evans's, Cloth Hall, 8, Commercial- stroet, Aberdare. IF you wdnt any FRENCH MERINOES or COBJU RUS, goto E. 11.'s, Clot i Hall, 8, Com- mercial-street, Aberdare. IF you want CHEAP CALICOES, go to E. H. Evans's, Cloth Hall, 8, Commercial-street, AberdanT. I F you want STOCKINGS of any description, goto E. H. Evans's,Cloth Hall, 8, Commercial-street, ■ .Aberdare. IF you want WELSH FLANNELS, go to E. 11. Evans's, Cloth Hall, S.Commercial.stroet, Aberdare, where you will find the best assortment of the above -Goods in South" Wales. TRV COPKI.A S D'S FOR CHE \P MEN & BOY S' CLOTHING 6, COMMERCIAL PL \CE^ ABS.RDARE, AND BRIDGE Heisi, HotiviAix ASH. NOTICE OF VAL. W sH IT H BEGS to return his sincere thanks to the inhabitants of Aberdare and its vicinity, for their kind patronage during the last ten years, and to inform them that he has REMOVED his BUSINESS in the PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPARTMENT TO HIS ESTABLISHMENT IN CANON STREET, near the entrance to St. Elvan's Church, where he is determined to spare neither expense nor exertion to ensure the utmcst success in the art, by which means he hopes to deserve a continuation of their support VV. S. begs also to say that after November 8th, his HAIR-DRESSING BUSINESS will be REMOVED to Maesydre, (next door to the Queen's Hotel,) where Ladies_and Gentlemen will find a competent Hair- dresser kept, and comfortable private rooms. LEW IS THOMAS, CABINET-MAKER A UPHOLSTERER^ 4, C A N O N E T,\AB ERD A R E BEGS respectfully to inform the gentry, c|ergy, and public of Aberdare and vicinity, that he has OPENED in the above Business, on SATURDAY, thp 20th Janu# £ y, and trusts that he will receive a share of their patronage. He has a large stoik of home-rde Goods of the best workmanship. 0 B 8 E R vt i[,jr Address, 4, CANON-STREET, ABERDARE. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. I STAFFORDSHIRE HOUSE. A. M ULLI NGrS BEGS to return his sincere thanks to the inhabitants of Aberdare and neighbourhood for -L# their patronage during the| last six yeaYs, and to inform them that he has REMOVED bio j BUSINESS as CHINA, GLASS, \AND EARTHE# WARE DEALER TO 24, C 0 R I A -Ir PLACE, (Next door to the Boot Hotel,) where he hopes, by keeping a well-assorted Stock, to merit their continued support. A. M. begsalso to state that he has I TOYS & FANCY GOODS IN GREAT VARIETY. GREAT BARGAINS BOOTS AND SHOES, AT S. B. WITCHEL'S, THE KOTFD BOOl AND SHOE ESTABLISHMENT, VICTORIA HOUSE, ABERDARE, OPPOSITE THE QUEEN'S HOTFL, Where you will find the largest and- cheapest Stock in the town. Women's balmorals, 28 lid. 200 pairs of Women's kid elastic sides, stout bottom- ing, just arrived, at 3s. 9d. a pair. Men's half boots, at 9s. 6d. Men's elastic-sides, at 8s. 6d. Men's cossacks, at 5s. G d. Babies' slippers, at 5 £ d. a pair Also, a large Stock of Men's patent and plain leather leggins to be sold cheap, 4s. 6d. a pair. Boys' 2s. 6d. a pair. Including a Stock of home made work at a low price, and warranted to given satisfaction. Boots made to order, in all the newest styles. Repairing done on the premise on the shortest notice. Small profits and Quick returns. BENSON'S WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELLERY, SILVER AND ELECTRO PLATE. JW. BENSON, Ludgate Hill, London, E.C., • (Established 1749), Watch and Clock Maker by Warrant of Appointment to H. R.H. the Prince of Wales, has fitted up extensive" Worshops with steam machinery for the production of Clocks and Timepieces of every description. WATCHES adapted for every class, clirnite and country. Wholesale and Retail. Chronometers, Duplex, Levers Horizontal, Repeat- ing, Centre Seconds, Keyless, and Chronographs, at E2 10s. to 2,'tI Guineas. CLOCKS; f Brawinir, Dining, afhd Bed-room, Bracket, Carriage, Church, Turret, Stable, orotlico, at £ Is. to 1,9'iO Guineas. I 'opinions of THE PRESS. The movements are of the finest quality which the art of horology is at present capable of producing." —Illustrated London News, Npvember 8, 1365. Some of them are of grpnt beauty; and if the English watch-trade only follow up with the swne spirit And success this first attempt to compete with foreigners in decorative watches, then-seems to he no reason why we should not get the trade entirely into our own hauds.Tiraos, June 2:i, 1865, BENSON'S 4-GUINEA LONDON*-M A HE Patent Lever Watch, Capped and Je velled, strong Silver Cases, mad in four sizes. from 11 to 2 inches in diameter. This Watch is suitable fOl- everv hody, and is withont donbt the best, cheapest, and most accnrate Watch manufactured in this country. BENSON'S 92 10s. HORIZONTAL WATC'H Jewelled &c strone Silver Cases, I j to 2 inches in diameter* a sound and useful Watch BENSON'S 5-GIJINEA LADY'S GOLD WATCH. Horizontal Movement, Jewelled in Tour holes, and all the late improvements, combined with a rich artistically engraved case and dial, making it a model of elegance. BENSON'S 6-GUINEV GENTLEMAN'S GOLD WATCH. JETorizontal movement. Jewelled in four holes, and all the late improvements, with a pure white enamelled dial and elegantly engraved or enuine-tumed case. 20,000 OTHERW ATCHES in stock, tor prices of which see the pamphlet. The above Watclu s are sent free and safe by post to all parts of Knglaud Scotland, Wales, or Ireland. If to India or the Colonies"5s. each extra A PROFUSELY-ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLET of Watches, Clocks, and Chains, descriptive, of every con struction of Watch made, with their prices, post free lor two stamps, from which buyers can select. Also a catalogue of Silver and Electro Plate, containing 300 illustrations, post free for six stamps. J. W. Benson, maker of the Great Clock for the Exhibition. 1862, and of the Chronograph dial, hy" which was timed The Derhy" of 181;2. 18fH and 18'io. Prize Medallist, Class 33, and Honourable Mention, Class lii. LUDGATE HILL, LONDON. ff^he General Provident Assurance Company, 1 LIMITED. CAPITAL: HALF A MILLION. JHtt-setfvRii. THOMAS HATTERS I, Elf, Kiq./Chairman.) JOB CAUUWELL, Esq I'Mt.S.L. (l.K'puty-Chairman.) Capt»;n Ceoiiok B*vly-\ Fra>>cis Brodigan, Esq J.l^. j \v. I'" II I. C I I H. Esq. Joseph A. Hor.nkk, Esq. x The Rev IIobrrt M touiRK, M. j The Right Hon. Loan Tryvham. j General Manager-—Hubbki Geo Crist, R-q. F.S S. Resident Actuary.—George Hoksnail, Es$, A.I.A. NEW and\IM PORTA NT feature-, of Life Wurance have been introduced by this Company with marked success A I) V AN C KSy to a large amount, hare been made upon undoubted Securities. DEPOSIT NOiiKS issued for sums of,a?IO and upwards, upon which interest^} allowed at the rate of 5 percent. per annum. -— 1) E K KN TURES. with Mouthly Sub ciptions, similar to the Shares of Bit lditig Socie ies (but free from the risks of membership) beating compound intuiest at 5 per cent., and withdrawable at anv time, I;r.te<1. HON A FIDE INVESTORS, desirous of a safe and per- manent means of ernp oyi'>tr capital. may obtain a few nf the unalloted Shares. l)ep isit, T^n 81.. IIi 11>\>1 on appli- cation, and Teu Shilnwgs on «|!ot.ueat. Jljviueod 74 per cent. per aimnm. IN KMT EN I'lA L AtJENT"4. picp.irei to work. energeti- cally, required, on LliieKAL tkkus, iu all parts ot the United Kin.jiiloui, HUBERT GEO. CRIST, K.S.S., General Manager Chief Offices "70. Strand W.C. A,;ent: Mr.J. RICHAKDS, 2119, CardilF-roail, Abftaaian. WANTED TO PURCHASE, HOUSE PROPERTY OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, < APPLY TO MR. HUGH PRITfcHAliD, Cardiff-Street, Aberdate, SURVEYOR 1 TO THE EXETtytt BUILDING SOCIETY. Money^ent on House Property. HOUSE Agents-Rents eollcctpd and guaranteed i Money paid monthly in advance. Life and Fire Insurance effected in the Caledonian Office of 60 years'standing Licensed Valuei. Every description of Builder's work measured and valued at the shortest notice. B:JohnsotlijljhMn & Co's PURE UMCOLCURltD TEA Is now preferred to all others. SfU in Packets by Agents in every Town. ™8Cnmm!"1"! \bei'<U,'e,Vhom«, Chemist and Stationer 30 ,Commercial-place, and Mountain Ash. New Edition, by post two stamps. "NJERY OUS I>EBILlTY:itsCAUSE&CFJlE. 1. Dr MIS I'll, who has tad Twenty year's practical ex- 1 perlenee in the Treatment and. Cure of NERVOUS and PHV SIC AL DEBILITY, LOSS ^f *PI'KTLTJS, PAINS in Ce BACK, and INDIGES TION', wdjich, ifneglected,result in nonsumption, &c.. has just published a New f' dition of 10,0ti8 (pies of th» WARNING VOICE, or Private Medical Friend JS pages.) ,I This Work contains his highly acces-ful and only saetreat- ment, and is illustrated with cases and testmlODlal,) from patients, with plain directions for perfect restoration ts health Sent post free to an^address, secure from cbserva tion, on receipt of two postage stamps. Letters of enquiry or details of case promptly answered. B3fT Address, Dr. SMITH, 8,1 BurtOn Crcsc'ent London, W.C. A NEW HEARSE, BEAUTIFULLY ORNAMENTHD, CONSTRUCTED on an improved plan so as to carry six. ^jerseni.Jnside and two out, in addition to the corpse, drawrt .^by two horses, may now be hired of ISAAC THOMA§? Undertaker, 11, Seymour^street, Aberdare, or of Ð. NICHOLAS, Queen's Hotel, Aberdare, at the following rates :— £ s. d. I Lowest price from Aberdare to the Cemetery 0 10 6 Ditto highest, including velvet palls and plumes for the horses, cushions, and black cloth trimmings 016-6 I Lowest price from Aberaman 0 12 6 Highest ditto i.. 0 18 6 Lowest ditto from Cwmbach, Cap Coçb, Cwibaman, and Mountain Ash 0 15 0 Highest ditto I 10 Mourmn? Coaches may also be obtained by giving timely notice. PRICES OF^eOFFINS SUPPLIED BY ISAAC THTMAS — Coffin for crown-up person, ornamented outside, and covered with fi?nnel inside 1 0 0 Ditto, covered with black Coburg and regisfered trimmings I 12 0 Ditto, French Polished .1110 Ditto,with Black Cloth and Nails. 2 7 6 Ditto, with Black Cloth and Britannia Metal 3 0 0 Ditto, with best Britannia Metal. 3 10 0 Ditto, for Child six month's old 0 6 0 and upwards according to age and style. Oak Coffins may be obtained at a slight additional charge. Isaac Thomas is prepared to undertake the care of funerals according to the above prices. THOUSANDS NOW USe Johnson, Johnson&Co's PURE TEA Because it ii better in quality than a/f other* The Prices are all now reduced EIGHT-PENCE PER POUID. Former price 3/4, Reduced to 2/8* Former price 3/8, Reduced., to 3/. Former pr^ce 4/ Reduced to 3/4 Formeryricg 4/4, Reduced to 3/8 Former pribe-SJSj Reduced to 4/. See that the name of Johnson,Johnson&Co is on each Packet. Sold in Packets by Agents in every Town* LOCAL AGENTS. ABERDARE Thomas, Chemist, 10, Commercial Place. Aberavon Jones, Printer Newport.Thomas, 129, Com- Ir^af n Martin. Post mercial-street J j r Na .tyglo..Allen Post-OfHce xjrid^end.Jones, Chemist Pontypool.Edward.H# Printer ')recon .Hall, Chemist Pontardavre Evans, Post Hrynmawr..Jones, Stationer Office Cardiff.Drane. II. Bute-St Porthcawl..Jones, Chemist Dewlais.. Lewis, Chemist Swansea.. Andrew, 14. Castle Hay. \Vatkins,Posl Office I Square Tilanelly.tor^an Griffiths Swansea.Thomas. 65, Oxford Merthyr. fc.d\vards,Greorgetowr Square Mountain Ash Thomas, Tred«sftr.. Crowe, Post Office Chemist Ystalyfera, Davies, Books»U«r Newport.homas, 170, Com- mercial-street Newport.homas, 170, Com- mercial-street Wholesale Warehouse, 17 Bloomfield-street, City, London. UNITED KINGDOM RACING CLUB, 15, Serles Place, London, W.C., Established 1856. Bankers,—London and Westminster Bank. H. READ, Secretary. THE Directors inform their friends and the public generally, that they have commenced business for the/Season, and are now executing Commissions ofi the j Grand National Liverpool Steeple Chase, 2000 Guineas. Derby, Principal Races. Tattersell s odds of the day to any amount always obtainable by letter only. Money guaranteed and remitted the day after the Race. Our transactions are so extensive, that we are enabled to charge only 2t instead of the usual 5 per cent. commis- sion on winnings. KIT -P- O. O's to be made payable to Herbert Read, at the Strnnd Post OHlce. Cheques crossed, London and Westminster Bank. £ 500 for Ten Shillings! £ 250 for Five Shillings! X125 for Half-a-Crown UNITED KINGDOM RACING CLUB, (Limited,) No. 15, Series Place, London, W.C. Established 1856. Herbert READ, Secretary. Our Subscribers are respectfully informed that our celebrated Sweepstakes of Grand Events each, for the Season 1866 have now Com- menced. LIVERPOOL GRAND NATION AC- STEEPLE CHASE. £ 1000-Sweepstakes. dE500 First Horse.—^200 Second H«r«e— £ 100 Third Horse, and £ 200 divided amongst starters. 5 Tickets, 10s. each. £ 500 SWEEPSTAKES. £250 First 11 ois(Hc^- £ 1 OOA^econd Horse.— £ 5q Thhd Horse, and £ idO drvided amongst starters. Tickets, 5s. each. £ 250. SWEEPSTAKES. £ 125 Firit Horse.— £ 50 Second Horsc>£::õ Third Horse, and S50 divided amongst start- ers. Tickets, 2s 6d. each. ggf Post Office Ordfrs made payable at the Strand Money Order Office, to Herbtrt Read Esq., Secretary. Cheques crossed, London and Westminster Bank. Stamps taken. d N.B.—To prevent disappointment, early a^nli tion is necessary. "i'P" THE PRINTING BUSINESS. WANTED,—A respectable youth as an APPRENTICE to the above trade.—Apply at the office of this Paper, MESMERISM & PHRENOLOGY TEMPERANCE HALL, ABERDARE. For Six Nights only, commencing Monday, Feb. 5th, t8Q6. 6 Jt PROFESSOR" MORGAN, THE unrivalled DEMONSTRATOR of MES- MERISM and PHRENOLOGY, will give a series of his unique and graphic illustrations of Mesmeric power, in the above hall, making an in- structive and mirth-provoking entertainment. He will be accompanied by Miss St. GEORGE, the great serio. comic and characteristic vocalist, who will appear each evening. See Bills and opinions of the Press. There will also be distributed among the audience nightly, a large number of costly gifts. Doors open at half-past seven, to commence at eight o clock. Admission :-ls., 6d., and 3d. ELISHA ESLICK BEGS to inform the public of Aberdare and neighbourhood, that he fes* OPENED an office AT No. e, Waitcoub's Street, AS INSURANCE! AND » Commtsssston" agent. All mattets entrusted to him will receive prompt and careful attention. Rents collect^ and Tradesmen's accounts made up on Moderate terms. Life, Fire, Boiler, late-Glass Insurances effected on advantageous terms, in first-class Offices. Note the address. No. 6, Whitcqmbe-Stbeet, Aberdarb. @tüCt 81, Commercial-Place, ABERDARE. -¡- Valentines I Valentines!! Valentines I The Attention of the public ^enQrally is called toa very Large assortment, just received from London. Such tiilegant emblem? of love SC afiEection certainly could ]NT otpossib1 y be obtained except at this establishment. The prices being lew, they are within the reach of all.Indesign they have been pronounced to be charming. ow is the time for thosewishing to give proofsof their Endless affec- Q tion, to examine the extensive & richJS T 0 C K. JUS^ .PUBLISHED, THE FIRST NUMBER, — 07 "CRONICL' Y CYMRU" A FIBST-CLA83 FAMILY & NATIONAL NEWSPAPER In the Welsh Language. It it conducted on fair principles, with a staff of eminen Writers from North and South Vales darp » n«rdar5of Messr, J. T. Jones & Son, "Aber- MerthirJ n i .V W. lJavies, bookseller Also ia Merthyr, Oowlais, Mountain Ash, &c., by the booksellers. BROWN AND POLSON'S PATENT CORN FLOUR. PACKETS, 8Di O U AE-ANTEED PEBFBOT LY PUR E. recommended for i CHILDREN'S DIET. FAMILIES who give a presence to this un- equalled article, are lespfectfully invited to refuse other qualities offerettiDstead of Brown and Poisons to obtain extra profit by the sale similar kinds are smetimes craudulently substituted. Sold in Aberdare, by all respectable Chemist. '"PURITY & EXCELLENCE Or QUAUTT** OIAM-A 0f R. 4t 1/0 A P" [TRAPI mul jmgjK au MtAPf 1 q* £ at tncir CENUINE AND DOUBLE SUPERFINE ARE THB QUAUTIES PARTICULARLY RCCOSUtlMOEO FOR FAMILY USE KETAtm) tN every town throughout th* UNITED KINGDOM- p THE GRAND PROMOTERS OF HEALTH HOIIOWAYS The grand «esrrt;of attainmg,^happiness is to sec.refgr. d healUi. withoMt which life ,8 BeiR»ppei of all it. pleasurM.. first irregnUmy or anV lonctifto sho-ild be checked and ??*te dose8 of fine purifying: Pill.. MruiH from all e 1 system by t^H>u^ily clenniiiii? th» r»movf rtw 'mpurities. They b ilan^$disordered action. t ral r»n ca".8e of <l'"turbance, arm re»Vre it* i.ot mal u nd or any without inbr veu ionce, paiD. or Derangement of the Bowels, Uyiver and TV> Stomach. Complaints. w .!s Medicine is no well known in every ^>art of th < t ♦ the cures effected by its use are s<i wonderful hii.n om*" everyone. Iu pre ezuiiience as a]remedy for U>» an complaints, and derangeof thr doubt aU<* >s 110 a matter op dispute oo IIolio wafis Pitts are the-best rcnir&y known in lhtJ world for the Ague Femalelrregu. Retention of Asthma larities Urine nUan'«COID" Fevers of all Scrofula, or Kia-'a D,p U 8 k,» 8 Evil sSne8°nthe Sore throats i • ^ollt Stone and Grarel Colic C0U1Plamts Head «cl.e Secondary Syinp- p-_ ?.. Indigestioa toms stipation of Inflammation Tic-Donloureu* the Bowels Juundioe Tumours Consumption Liver Complaints Ulcers Debility Lumbago Venereal Affec- Dropsy Piles tiuns Dysentery Itbeum itism Worms of all Erysipelas kinds I. Sold at the Establishment of Prokbssor Hollo. way, 244, Strand, (near Teaipl« Bar,) London •)- by aj 1 respsctable DrncrsrisU and Dealers in Methane throughout tbe civilized worlJ, at the foi.o*itt,' prices: -Is. lid., is. Vd., 4s. Ci. lis., 22s., itud 33ss each Box. ThtreJ is a considerable giving by taking Ujj ,er iza. ar, K