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r. H. Evans's Announcements. KIKB GOVERNMENT EMIGRATION OFFICES, London. JRATION TO QUEENSLAND. ¡ TRES GRANTS OF LAND. 1 furaons paying their own full passages to i Colony receive a X30 Land Order —equal rea of Land- for each member of their of 12 years and upwards, and a S15 Land- reach child between 12 months and 12 nd Assisted Passages are now given to •ersons without restriction as to age. HENRY JORDAN, at-General for Emigration for Queensland. ted Agent for Aberdare, Mr. Thomas H. uctioneer, &c., Cardiff Castle Hotel. KOUNTAIN ASH. THOMAS H. EVANS WILL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, RIJESDAY NHXT, FEBRUARY 13,1866, 'hole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE other Effects, the property of Mr Thomas cher, Mountain Ash, (under power in bill n the premises. -Sale to commence at 2 ■ecisely. rniture consists of a mahogony chest of sofa, four square tables, several chairs, lIofa, four square tables, several chairs, id, pillows, and bolsters, sheets, blankets, ttress, four post Hnd tent bedsteads, per. r, washsband, dressing-table and ware, lass, office time piece, cash-box, small irawers, piece of drusgeting, old buffette, nd fire-irons, boilers, saucepans, pans, a 3f ware, teakettles, about nine pallons of )p lamps, spring scales, three butcher's pair of steps, window blinds and irons, ppers, &c. No reserve. ther particulars apply to the Auctioneer, reet, Aberdare. LWYDCOED, ABERDARE Mr. THOS. H. EVANS lea favoured with instructions from R. H. Rhys, Esq., to LL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, lay and Friday, February 22 and 23,1866, On the premises, ? LLWYDCOED HOUSH, The whole of the 5EHOLD FUHNITURE, And other effects, as follows ING-ROOM.—A handsome walnut da- sk covered drawingroom suite, a beautiful cottage pianoforte,6$octaves, by Otzmatj b, mahogany card-table, two occasional ree handsome pictures in goldlframe, pier )y 40, in gold frame, gilded window cor- bell-pulls, a full register'grate, rapier .gr able, fender and fire irons, a splendid r lamp, carpet and hearth rug. 3-ROOM—A large mahogany pedestal j I, with carved back, mahogany telescope j )le, with two flaps, mahogany hair-seated mahogany chairs, covered with damask røe hair, easy chair, two pairs of glass beautiful oil paintine, pier glass, carpet, K, two bell-polls, fender and fire-irons, two 118, paraffin lamp, a full register grate, ncr mate, butler's tfay and stand. RY,—Mahogany side-board, a mahogany ible, a large mahogany Pembroke table, ehairi, book shelf, with, several lots of i pietures; chimney ornamepts, work table, 1 fire-irons, Brussels carpet and hearth -♦fire-proof tafe, hall lathp, maps of the atgs of America, Europe, and South Wales. OOMS.—Six feather beds, bolsters, and iveral tnafctresses, several mahogany carved Arabian, iron, and other bedsteads, tp wash stand, mahogany and deal ward- hogany and oak chests of drawers, maho- deal wash stands, towel horses, dressing d swing looking glasses, Brussels and other ereral cane-bottom and other chairs, two a, moderator and other lamps, shower, hip, »e baths, two wire blinds, several pictures, d fire irons, one American and one round :1c 'EN.—Two dinner services, three tea and services complete, a quantity of odd ware eø, shelf and dresser,two square tables, one clock, a set of dish covers, metal tea and ta, two urns, several chairs, a cooking ottle jack, iron oven, two churns and a set of dairy utensils, several casks and itensils. Two PHAETONS, two sets of a CARRIAGE HORSE, a GREY rwo CARTS, Cart Harness, Harrow, of Waggon Wheels, a CAMBRIDGE KH, Iron Pig Troughs, a Crab winch, a toller,.Oat Bin?, a BRICK-MA KINO NE, by Clayton, nearly new, THRbb If PRIME MEADOW HAY, together nerous other articles. commence at twelve o'clock each day. [n consequence of the great number of lots ioneer requests the early attendance of the Months credit will be piven to purchasers d upwards on approved security. seer's Office, Cardiff Castle Hotel, Aberdare, 30th, 1866. TO BUILDERS AND OTHERS. IPF-ItSONSwilliugto-"C"O'N ACT for the ERECTION of a, VILLA, at Aberdare,in the of Glamorgan, If or J. Lindfeey, Esq., may 'Aspect the drawings and specifications from the **th until the 21st instantl^f Brewery Office, *"gh-atreet, Aberdare. We (To not bind ourselves ° the lowest or any other tender. Aberdare, Feb 8th, 1866. ABERDARE GAS COMPAiNY. XfOTICE IS^eSSbY GIVEN, that the GENERAL MEETING of this Company, **11U held on Tuesday, the 2nd day of March, i • a* Twelve o'crock at lioon, at the Office of the 38, Bute-8t>eat/Aberdare, for the general *raD«action of business. Dated this 6th day of February, 1866. '"MORGAN WILLIAMS, Chairman. EDUCATION. „ THR HEV. J. JOSEPH GEORGE, Receives a few pupils at his residence, K#. SO, CANON-STREET. TBBM8 MODERATB. ALLSOPP'8 OCTOBER BREWINGS. to « Qf ftllft CXJUM COMBITIOW, AT THB WELSH HARP STORES, ABERDARE, la Casks of 18, 36, and M Gallons. 7-he Trade and families supplied on the same terms as at the Brewery, Burton-on-Trerst. JAMES BEYNON Agent. FISH! F IS-H!! FISH! WILLI A~M PIKE, WHOLESALE IC RETAIL FISHMONGER & FRUITERER, 23, Commercial-Street, and 64, Cardiff-Street, ABERDAR8, HAH a fresh BnPP'y of all kinds of Fresh FISH dally. Shell Fish when io Season. Country order* punctually attended to. A^ent for Messrs. HiUiard and Sons' celebrated fcw««B £ e#f iresU every day. Mr. George Rosser's Announcements. GEOHGE ROSSEK, AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, ACCOUNTANT, INSURANCE & GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT, j BEGS to inform his friends and the public -0 that all matters entrusted to him will be punctually and carefully attended to. Rents collected, Valuations for probates and administrations prepared. Fire and Life Insurances effected on advan- tageous terms, in a society of sixty years' standing. OFFICES :-31, Canon-street. fT<0 BE LET, a very commodious DWELLING JL HOUSE, consisting of rooms and shop, with plate elass frontage, being No. 22, Canon- street, Aberdare, at present occupied by Mr. Arkell, Boot & Shoemaker. Apply to Mr Griffiths, next door to the Glo'stef Arms, Maesydre, Aberdare, or to Mr A rir-Ill +,h » pre aUas. ABERDARE. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP, being No. 22, in Canon-street, Aberdare, in the occupation of Mr George Arkell. A portion of the purchase money can remain on Mortgage of the premises, if desired. For further particulars, apply to Mr Isaac D. Rees, solicitor, Aberdare. January 2nd. 1866. JUST PUBLISHED, THE FIRST NUMBER, or CRON1CL V CYMRU, A FIRST-CLASS FAMILY & NATIONAL NEWSPAPER In th#Welsh I anpnage. It is conducted on fair principles, with a staff of eminent Writers from North and South Wales To be had in Aberdare, of Messrs J T. Jones & Son, "Aber- dare Times" Office: Mr W. Davies. bookseller Also ia Merthyr, Oowl&is, Mountain Ash, &c., by the booksellers. THE Q.TJEE3ST ISIVBAICE COMPANY LONDON OFFICES" r Queen Insurance Buildings, Gracechurch-st., E.C., AND 13, Regents-street, Waterloo-place, S.W. LIVERPOOL OFFICES Queen Insurance Buildings, Dale-street. Capital Two Millions Sterling. HOME & FOREIGN FIRE S LIFE INSURANCE of every description at moderate rates. A discount of Five per cent. allowed on Foreign Fire Insurance effected in this country. All losses settled with promptness and liberality ABFLICATION FOR AGENCIES. The Directors invite application for Agencies from gentlemen of position and influence, whoro the Company is not already efficiently represented. Every information will be afforded on application at the chief Offices. Persons having Fire or Life Insurance at com- mand will be treated with liberality. Prespectuses and Annual Reports to be had on application to the undersigned, J. T. JONES, ABERDABE TIMES Office, Aberdare. TO CONTRACTORS,. BUILDERS, Ac. r El N DERS- are required r the erection of ti_ an English Congreiationfe] Chapel, at Hir- wain, according tjO p ans and jpefificHtions to be seen at the housefof Rev. W. ^.VCjlliams, Nebo. No tender will be received after February 5th, 18G6. The committee do Ijokiwotf themselves to accept the lowe st or any tender. E. WATKINS, See MR.W. E JONE^ ief«tQ inform his friends and patrons, that the only Authorised portrait of Richard Fother«ill, Esq will fcfe issued shortly by him and also to /caution the public that be has nothing whatever \o do with-the engraving which has lately been offeredfo^S^le by Mr, Sheldrick. NOTICE. W. C. M 0 R R I S, Auctioneer, Accountant, Bu£lder;s;pontractor' 8, and Artificer's Measurer and Valuer, WISHES to inform the inhabitants fef Aberdare and its vicinity, that he has now, OPENED an OFFICE at 44, Commercial-street, Aberdare, and trusts, by punctual attention to business,to merit a share of their patronage. Publicans and in and out going Tenauts rights valued. House, Estate, General: Comm ission and Insurance Agent. Observe the Address: ME. THOMAS, 44, Commercial-Street, Abedrare. HEALTH and HAPPINESS for the NER- JTL vou" and I) KBII-ITATED.—A single copy of a New Medical work, written by one of the mo-t eminent medical men of the present tiny. solely for the (fuidmce and benefit of that class of sufferers whose affections are olten selt- iiiflicted, and who ilesive a spepdy and private c")f. yet too ofti'ii' become the dupes of design in Mr London quacks. For such soifletefs this work is intended, »howiU(f » certain ineims of cure in all can's of nervous debility, irlaxatioo, ornHuicor local weakness, lantiour, ldusl\in»r, debility, and various utlier nervous s<n>ptom«; also chowinp how all the so-called impediments to marriage may' he effectually re- moved with1 numerous illustrative "of pfrtifo who have been restored, to the blessings of lieaftli by following the advice laid down in th;s work. Sent free to any address, on re eipt of stmip to pre-p<y p.fltge: Address to the Seta-etary, Institute of anatomy, Birming- ham CAUTION —Parts of the at ove book have been coptep uy tevert) quacks. Persons should lie careuil in whose hands they intrust their health, aiid read this work before applying to any one. IMPORTANT NOTICE. j0 i nnn nnn STERLING GUAR JL RANTEEDb^ GOVERN- MENT, to be allotted to the Subscribers in various sums upwards to £ 20,000. Any person by investing £ 1 can realise £ 20,000. For Prospectus containing full particulars (which will be sent gratis,) apply by letter, addressed-J. A. RiNCK, 14, Duke-street Adelphi, London, W.C. -+ MONEY.—To lend on Leasehold Property, 8uii;s of £ 50 to £ 400.—Apply to Mr. Isaac D. Rees, Solicitor, Aberdare. November, 1865. TEA. FULL, RICH, RIPE, AND PURE/ In Silver Packets of Two Ounces, Quarter, Half and Single Pounds supplied only by THE CHINESE AND EAST-INDIAN TEA COMPANY, 79, Upper Thataes-street, London. Present Wholesale Prices No. I.-Fair Sound Tea is 6d per lb. „ 2.-Stout,heavyTea 2s Od „ „ 3.-Excellent Tea .U 2s 6d „ „ 4.—Extra Fine Tea.v..4^rr^. 3s Od „ „ 5.—Very Choi e Tea 3s fid „ „ 6.—The Company's Curio Mixture..4s Od „ WALTER \V'VOL), MANAGER. Agent in Aberdare :—Mr. W. J. THOMAS Ahemist and Stationer, Abeidare and Mountain, Ash. Tohnson,Tohnson&Co's*^MI NFW PURE MLOIIRED TEA Is now preferred to all others. Stidia Pdtkets by Agtnts ia every Town, Sole Agent in Aberdare i—Thomas, Chemist and Stationer 30 £ (.aameroial-placer and Mooataia Ash. IRONMONGER, B EVAN THOMAS, # IRONMONGER,. T SAFETY LAMP MANTIFACTUREE, 7, CARDIFI-STREET, ABERDARE, 4 THE ONLY MAKER IN THE PRINCIPALITY, <31any Lamps, 4s. 3d. 5s- 3d- BEGS to cail public attention to his large and varied STOCJl of Paraffin and other Lamps, now ready for inspection. JD for inspection. Miners' Lamps repaired at the shortest notice. a:T An Apprentice to the Lamp trade wanted. BLACK LIONBREWER Y A R T H J 0 N E So WHOLESALE DEALER AND RETAILER OF "WINES AND SPIRITS, BEGS respectfully to return his sincere thanks tohis friendf. and the public, for the kind sup- port he has received in Aberdare for the last fifteen years, an< 1 to inform them that, in addition to his well-known STOCK of WINES and SPIRITS, he is prepared to supply families and the trade with the Ales of Allsopp & Son, of Burton, and Flowers & Son's celebrated Palle Ale, at the same terms as at the Brewery, Guiness' Dublin Stout, 3tc. PER GALLON. PER GALLON. line London Gin V 12s to 14s. Do? Brown 26s to 28s Old Irish or Scotch Whisky M6s to 20 s. Very fine do 32s. Old Jamaica Rum 16s to 24s, line Pale Cognac 26s to 28s. Hollands.Site to 40s per case, conta»mng 1 dozen. These are supplied in Cask or Jar, or in Bottles, containing quart, pint, or half-pint, neatly labelled. Fine Sherries, 36s., 44s. 54s. per dozen Port, 36s.. 44s., 54s. per doze n Hock, Burgundy, Claret, Cham- pagne, Moselle, &c. Allsopps & Flower's fine Pale Ale, in Bottl £ 4s. per dozen. Guineas' Stout do., 4s. per dozen. A. J. supplies families with his own Brewings in Casks, from nine i Gallons and upwards, and the Trade as usual. ■■ FKOM LIVERPOOL OR QUBENSTOWN TO NEW YORK, FOR FIVE GUINEAS ( £ 5 5s.) Forwarding Passengers to all parts of the United States, British Columbia and Canada. i THE LIVERPOOL, NEW YORK AN D PHILADELPHIA. STEAM SHIP COMPACTS NEW FULL-POWERED BRITISH IRON SCREW STEAK SHIP CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAI|S; V City of Paris (Building.) City of Li jin«srick Capt. T. C. Jones City of Boston Capt, J. Kennedy. Edinburgh Capt. T. F. Roskell City of London t. Capt. P. C. Petrie. Etna Capt. P McGuigan City of Baltimore Capt. J. Mirehouse Kangarclo Capt. W. Bridgman City of Washington Capt. S. Brooks Glasgow' Capt. 0 Gill City of Manchester Capt. J. J. Halcrow Bosphor lis Capt. H. Manning City of Dublin Capt. J. Eynon City of Durham. (Building). City of Cork Capt. H. Tibbits. The Rates of Passage from Liverpool or Queensto. in to New York are as follows: Cabin Passage by the Mail Steamers sailing every Wednesday, Fifteen Guineas, Seventeen Guineas, and Twenty-one Guineas each berth, according to the size, situatio nand accommodation of the State lioovns all having the same privileges in the Saloon, in regard to meal sand attendance. Children, under 12, half fare and Infants free. Cabin Passage by the Saturdays' Steamers, Thirteen Guineas I. A liberal table will be kept for Passenger's at these rates, ext sept Wines and Liquors, which may be had On hnxril, thprp hpinjy nnjnrtra r-Viargrp. fnr Stewawla' W.. Five Pounds deposit is required to secure a Cabin Berth; the balance to lie paid the day before sailing. Lugga/e (of which 20ft. for each Adult is allowed free) will f 50 on board with the Passengers in the Tender, that leaves the Landing Stage for the Steamer on the IT [nrning of sailing. The average Passage of these Steamers is from eleven to thirteen days.-The Cargo Wharf in Liverpool is at t- he East-side of the Hoskisson Dock. Forward Passengers, Five Guineas each Adult (£5 5s.) Childre D under Eight Years of age; half-price, and Infants under Twelve months £1 Is. Passages can be engaged b; r a Deposit of Three Pounds on each Berth. Post-office Orders to be made payable to the undersigned, with particulars of Name, Age, and Occupation of each Passenger. • Apply in New York to John G. Dale, at the Company's Officef t, 15. Broadway; in Philadelphia to John G. Dale, at the Company's Offices, 109, Walnut-street; in Queen stown to C. and W. D. Keyrnonr & Co.; in London to Eives and Macey, 61, King William Street; and in Liverpool to Messrs, Lamb, and Co., 41, Union-street. J. A PROGKR; PLUMBER TO THE ABERDARE AND MOUNTAIN A SH WATER WORKS COMPANIES, JENKIN STREET, ABERDARE, St 13, TRIA lITY STREET. CARDIFF, BEGS to inform the Inhabitants of Aberdare and neisrhbourh ood, that he is PREPARH D to RECEIVE ORDERS for t PL U M B 1 SJ « W O K K, in all its branches. Experienced Workmen kept. All orders s ent to either of jthe aboviaddresses will receive prompt attent ,ion. E V A N D A VTI) HOUSE, SIGN, ANp) ORNAMENTAL PA-fNTER, GLAZIER, PAPBR-SANaEE, <S5C., H I G H S T liE E T, ABERDARE. Experienced workmen sent to all paris of the country. IMPORTANT NOTICE. IF you want a HAT or CAP, go to E. H. Evans's, Clo th Hall, 8, Commercial-itreeit, Aberdare. IF you want a good SUIT OF CLOTHES Cheap, go to E. II. Evans's, Cloth ilalL, 8, Commercial street, Aberdare. I IF you want GUOD OVERCOATS for the Winter, go to E. H. Ijhrans's, 8, Cloth Hall, Com- j_ mercial street, Abcrd 're. ir F you want any PILOTS, WHiT:<EYS, or BEAATERS, go to II. Evans't, 8, Cloth Hall, Commercial street, Aheroare. IF you want any SEAL SKINS or MOHAillb, go to* E. 11. Evans s, Cloth Hall, 8r Commercial" street, Aberdare. IF you want a good Suit of BOVS' CLOTHIN(>, go .to E. H. Evans's, Cloth Hall, J 8, Commercial- street, Aberdare. IF you want good BLANKET COATS or VESTb, go to E. H. Erants, Cloth Hall, Commercial- street, Aberdare. TF you want any UMBRELLAS or KNICKERBOCKERS, go to E. H. EvanPsrCtoth ilall, X 8, Commercial-strept, Aberdare. IF you want any SHEETS, QUILTS, BLANKETS, or COUNTERPANES, go to E. H. Evans's Cloth Hall, 8, Commercial-street, Aberdare.. IF you want VVOOLLEN SHAWLS or SCARFS5, go to E. H. Evans's, Cloth Hall, 3, Commercial- stroet, Aberdare.. t stroet, Aherdare. IF you wdiit any FttENCH MERINOES or COBU UROS, go to E. 11. Evans's, CI Jti Hall, 8, Com- mercial-street, Aberdare. F you want CHEAP CALICOES, go to E. H. Evans s, Cloth Hall, 8, Commercial-si.reet, Aberdare. IF you want STOCKINGS of any description, goto E. U. Evans's,Cloth Hall, 8, CiTi nmercial-street, Aberdare. 1 IF you want WELSH FLANNELS, go to E. H. Evans's, Cloth Hall, 8,Commereial-3 treet, Aberdare, where you will find the best assortment of the above Goods in South Wales. TRY COPEl.AiND'S FOR CHEAP MEN & BOYS' CLOTHING, 6, COMMERCIAL PLACE, ABERDARE. AND BRIDGE HOUSE, JI« 1 s r t ■ v ASH. NOTICE OF' n:EMOVAL. W. SMITH BEGS to return his sincere thanks to the inhabitants of Aberdare and its ^vicinity, for their kind patronage during the last ten years, and to inform them .that he b as REAIOVED his BUSINESS in the PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPARTMENT TO HIS ESTABLISHMENT IN CANON STREET, -A. near the entrance to St. Elvan's Church, where he is determined to spare neither e xpense nor exertion to ensure the utmost success in the art, by which means he hopes to deserve a continu ation of their support W. s. begs also to say that after November 8th, his HAIR-DRESSING BUSINESS will be REMOVED to Maesydre, (next door to the Queen's Hotel,) where Ladies_and Gentlemen will fir d a competent Hair- dresser kept, and comfortable private rooms. LEWIS THOMAS, CABINET-MAKER AMD V P H O L ST E R E R > 4, CAN 0 N S T B1 E E T, A3 ERDARE, BEGS respectfully to inform the gentry, clergy^ and public of Aberdare and vicinity, that he has OPENED in the above Business, on SATURDAY, the .201 h January, and trustf that he will receivea share of their patronage. He has a large stock of home-made Goods of the best wot kmanship. Observe T headdress, „ 4, CANON-STREET, aberdare. h. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. | .1 >°' L I NOTICE OF REMOVAL. ST A F FOR DSllIRE HOUSE. A. M U L L IN G S BEGS to return his sincere thanks to the inhabitants of Aberdare and neighbourhood for their patronage during the last six years, and to inform them that he has REMOVED his BUSINESS as CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE DEALER to y 24, CO M M E RI A L-P LACE, (Next door to the Boot Hotel,) where he hopes, by keeping a well-assorted Stock, to merit their continued support. A. M. begs also to state that he has TOYS & FANCY GOODS IN GREAT VARIETY. GREAT BARGAINS BOOTS AND SHOES, AT S. B. WITCHEL S, THE NOTED BOOl AND SHOE ESTABLISHMENT, VICTORIA HOUSE, ABERDARE, /OPPOSITE THE QUEEN'S HOTFL, Where you will find the largest and cheapest Stock in the town. I Womenls balmorals, 2s. lid. 200pair!s of Women's kid elastic sides, stout bottom- ing, jast arrived, at 3s. 9d. a pair. Men's half boots, at 9s. 6d. Men's elastic-sides, at 8s. 6d. Men's cossacks, at 5s. 6 d. Babies' slippers, at 5Jd. a pair. Also, a large Stock of Men's patent and plain leather leggins to be sold cheap, 4s. 6d. a pair. Boy s' 2s. 6d. a pair. Including a Stock of home made work at a low price, and warranted to given satisfaction. Boots I made to order, in all the newest styles. Repairing done on the premises on the shortest notice. Small profits and Quick returns. BENSON'S WATCHES. CLOCKS, JEWFXLERV, SILVER AND ELECTRO PLATE. JW. BENSON, Ludgate Hill, London, E.C., • (Established 1749), Watch and Clock Maker by Warrant of Appointment to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, has fitted up extensive Worshops with steam machinery for the production of Clocks and Timepieces of every description. WATCHES adapted for every class, climate and country. Wholesale and Retail. Chronometers, Duplex, Levers Horizontal, Repeat. ing. Centre Seconds, Keyless, and Chronograph", at jE2 109. to 2 0 Guineas. CLOCKS; Drawinr, Dining, and Red-room, Bracket, Carnage, Church, Turret, Stable, or Office, at 2 1 Is. to 1,0<0 Guineas. OPINIO* S OF THB PMSe. The movements are of th« fluest qua,1tLl. U10 -t -t Jo Mp«ble of producing."—Ulastrated London News, November 8, 1865. il Some of them areofgrett beauty; and if the English watch-trade only follow up with the same spirit and success this first attempt to compete with foreigners in decorative watches, there seems to be no reason why we should not get the trade entirely into our own hands."—Times, June 23, 1865. BENSON'S 4-GUINEA LONDON-MADE Patent Lever Watch, Capped and Jewelled, strong Silver Cases, mad" in four sizes, from If to 2 inches in Iiami-ter. This Watch is suitable for everybody, and is without doubt the best. cheapest, and most accnrate Watch manufactured in. this country. BENSON'S zC2 10s. HORIZONTAL W \TLH Jewelled &o strong Silver Cases, 1. to 2 inches in diameter. a sound and useful Watch. BENSON'S 5-GUINEA LADY'S COLD WATCH. Horizontal Movement, Jewelled in four holes, and all t11 a late improvements, combined with a rich artistically engraved case and dial, making it a model of elegance. BENSON'S 6-GUINEA GENTLEMAN'S GOLD WATCH. Horizontal movement. Jewelled in four holes, and all the late improvements, with a pure white enamelled dial and elegantly engraved or engine-turned case. 20,000 OTHERWATCI1ES in stock, tor prices of which see the pamphlet. The above Watchf-s are sent free and safe by post to all parts of England. Scotland, Wales, or Ireland. If to India or the Colonies 58. each extra. A PROFUSELY-ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLET of Watches. Clocks, and Chains,- descriptive of every con utruction of Watch made, with their prices, post free for two stamps, from which buyers can select. Also a catalogue of Silver and Electro Plate, containing 300 illustrations, post free for six stamps. J. W. Benson, maker of the Great Clock for the Exhibition. 1862, and of the Chronograph i)ial. hy which was timed" The Derby" of 1862, 1861 and 1805. Prise Medallist, Class 33, and Honourable Mention, Class 15. LUDGATE HILL, LONDON. The General Provident Assurance Company, LIMITED. CAPITAL HALF A MILLION. DIRECTORS. THOMAS HATTERSLEV. Eeq. rCtaairman.) JOB CAUDWELL, Esq., F.R.S.L. (Doputy-Chairnun.) Captain CEORGK BAYLY- I FRANCIS BROUIGAN, B»q J.P.\ W. PAUL CIIFr, Esq. JOSIPH A. HORNBR, Esq. The Rev. ROBBRT MAGOIRK, M. The Right Hon. LottL, TayiwmAm. General Manager.—HUBRRT (JEO. CKIST, K>q. F.S S. Resident Actuary.—GKOBCE HOITSNAIL, Esq., A.I A. NEW and 1M PORTANT featoii-e-i orlife -Vssitrance have been introduced by this Company with marknd success ADVANCES, to a large amount, have bee* made upon undoubted Securities. DEPOSIT NOTES issued for sums of j?10 aud upwards, upon which interest is allowed at the rate of 5 per cent, per annum. DEREN'rURES."wiLb, Moutbl* Sub^ciptinns, similar to the Shares of Bu Iding Socie'ies (but free from the risks of membership) beaiing compound interest at ii per cent., and withdrawable at any time, granted. IIONA FIDP, INVESTORS, desirous of a rufe allll per- manent means of emp oyiog capital. may obtain a few of the unalloted £ 1" Shares. Deposit,Trn Shillings on appli. cation, and Ten Shillings on allotment. Dividend t. per cent. per annum. INFLUENTIAL AGENTS, prepared to work energeti- cally. n quired, on LIBERAL TIRHS, in all parts of the United Kimgdout. HUBERT GEO. GRIST, P.S.S., General Manager Chief Offir«!s t70. Strand, tendon, W.C. Agent: Mr.J. RICHARDS, 209, Cardiff-road, Abframan. WANTED TO PURCHASE, HOUSE PROPERTY Of EVERV DESCRIPTION, APPLY TO MR. HUGH PRITCHARD, Cardiff-Street, Aberdare, SURVEYOR TO THE EXETER BUILDING SOCIETY. Money^Lent on Housfl Property. HOUSE A^ent,ReutS collected and guaranteed Money paid monthly in advance. Life and Fire Insurance effected in the Caledonian Office of 60 years' standing Licensed Yaluei. Every description of Builder's work measured and valued at the shortest notice. IF YOU WANT WORK DONE WELL GO TO A MAKERS F-rllF, Cheapest House in Aberdare for repairing « Watches, Clocks, and Jewellery of every description is at E. WEIGHTS, 399, CARDIFF-ROAD, where work will be done in the best possible style with a warranty of 18 months, at one-fourth less than at any other shop in the neighbourhood. E. W. can produce a list of upwards of thirty church and public Clocks made under his own im- mediate superintendence. Observe the address :— EDMUND WEIGHT, Practical Watch & Clock Manufacturer, Working Jeweller, Silversmith, and Engraver, 399, Cardiff-Road, Aberdare. A NEW HEARSE, BEAUTIFULLY OfiNAMENTHD, CONSTRUCTED on an improved plan so as to carry six persons inside and two out, in addition to the corpse, drawn by two horses, may now be hired of ISAAC THOMAS, Undertaker, 11, Seymour-street, Aberdare, or of D. NICHOLAS, Queen's Hotel, Aberdare, at the following rates I £ s. d. Lowest price from Aberdare to tfie Cemetery 0 10 6 Ditto highest, including velvet patis and plumes for the horses, cushions, and black cloth trimmings m m 0 16 6 Lowest price fromAberaman 0 12 6 Highest ditto 0 18 6 Lowest ditto from Cwmbach, Cap Coch, Cwmaman, and Mountain Ash 0 15 0 Highest ditto I 10 Mourning Coaches may also be obtained by giving timely notice. PRICES OB\COFFINS SUPPLIED BY ISAAC 1HOMAS Coffin for grownup person, ornamented outside, and covered with npnnel inside I 0 0 Ditto, covered with black Coburg and registered trimmings. 1 li 0 Ditto, French Polished 1 11 0 Ditto,with Black Cloth and Nails. 2 76 Ditto, with Black Cloth and Britannia Metal 00 Ditto, with best Britannia Metal 3 10 <• Ditto, for Child six month's old 0 6 0 and upwards according to age and style. Oak Coffins may be obtained at a slight additional charge. Isaac Thomas is prepared to undertake the care of funerals according to the above prices. "THOUSANDS HOW use Johnson, Johnson&Co's PURE TEA Because it is better in quality than all othezi The Prices are all now reduced EIGHT-PENCE PER POUID. /Former price 3/4, Reduced to 2/8 (Former price 3/8, Reduced to 3/. uTormer price 4/ Reduced to 3/4 Former price 4/4, Reduced to 3/8 Farmer price 4/8, Reduced to 4/. Mutate"11 See that the name of Co • -is. on each -Packet. Sold in Packets by Agents in every TwWN. LOCAL AGENTS. ABERDARE :-Thomas, Chemist, 10, Commercial Place. Aberavon Jones, Printer Newport.Thomas, 129, Com- Aber<ycban.MM-tin. Post marcial-street r, r N» tyglo.. Allen, Post-Office iiriajjeod. Jones, Chemist POD ty pool. Ed ward*, Printer i-rceon Hall, Chemist Pontardawe Evans, Pos* Brynraawr..Jones, Stationer Office Cardiff.Drane. II. Bute-St Portbcawl..Joneg, Chemist Dowlais.. Lewis, Chemist Swansea.. Andrew, 14, Castle Hay Watkins.Post Office Square Llanelly.Morgan Griffiths Swansea.Themas, 65, Oxford Mert hy r. Edwards .Georgetow Square Mountain Agh Thomas, Tredegar.. Crowe, Post Office Chfmut Y»t«lyfera, Davies. Rooks^Uar Hewport.Thomas, 170, Com. t mercial..trwet Wholesale Warehouse, 17 Bloomfield-gtreet, City, London. UNITED KINGDOM RACING CLUB, 15, Series Plaoe, London, W.O., Established 1856. Bankers,—London and Westminster Bank. H. READ, Secretary. HPHE Directors inform their friends and the public generally, that they have commenced business for the Season, and are now executing Commissions on the Grand National Liverpool Steeple Chase, 2000 Guineas. Derb\and all the Principal Races. ""J*" Tattersell's odds^bf-lhe-day to any amount always obtainable, by letter only. Money guaranteed and remitted the day after the Race. Our transactions are so extensive, that we are enabled to charge only 2t instead of the usual 5 per cent. commis- sion on winnings. 0- P. O. O'.to be made payable to Herbert Read, at the Strand Post Ofhce. Cheques crossed, London and Westminster Bank. for Ten Shillings £ 250 for Five Shillings! £ l2f for Half-a-Crown UNITED KINGDOM RACING CLUB, (LIMITED,) No. 15, Series Place, London, W.C. Established 1856. HERBERT READ, Secretary. Out Subscribers are respectfully informed that our celebrated Sweepstakes of Three Grand Events each, for the Season 1866 bave now com- menced. LIVERPOOL GRAND NATIONAL STEEPLECHASE. Elooo Sweepstakes. JB500 First Horse.— £ 200 Second Horse-?— £ 100 Third Horse, and £ 200 divided amongst starters. Tickets, 10s. each./ £ 500 SWEEPSTAKES. £ 250 First Horse:— £ 100 S^ond Horse.— £ 5q Thud Horse, and-^lOO dpafred amongst starters, each. £250 SWEEPSTAKES. £ 125 First Horse.— £ 50 Second Horse.— £ S5 Third Horse, and £ 50 divided amongst start- ers. Tickets, 2s 6d. each. Post Office Orders made payable at the Strand Money Order Office, to Herbert Read Esq., Secretary. Cheques crossed, London and Westminster Bank. Stamps taken. N.B.—To prevent disappointment, early appli- tion is necessary. appu THE PRINTING BUSINESS. WANTED,—A respectable youth as an f1 APPRENTICE to the abore trade.—Apply at the office of this Paper. raw V.- ■ w ;.a } -1 » -» MESMERISM & PHRENOLOGY TEMPERANCE HALL, ABERDARE. TWO GRAND GIFT NIGHTS, AND POSITIVELY THE LAST WITH PROFESSOR MORGAN AND MISS ST. GEORGEj Friday and Saturday, February 9th and t Oth. PROFESSOR" MORGAN, THE unrivalled DEMONSTRATOR of MESo MERlsM and PHRENOLOGY, will give a series of his unique and graphic illustrations of Mesmeric power, in the above ball, making an in- structive and mirth-provoking entertainment. He will be accompanied by Miss St. 0EORGE, the great serio-comic and characteristic Vocalist^ who will appear each evening. 'i' See Bills and opinions of the There will also be distributed atnoSP&he audience nightly, a large number of costly gifts. Doors open at half-past seven, to commence at, eight o'clock. Admission :—Is., 6d., and 3d. Professor Morgan will commence at Cardiff, on Monday, February 12th. ELISHA ESLICK BEGS to inform the public of Aberdare and JLF neighbourhood, that he has OPENED an omot AT No. 6, WHITCoMBE-STBiBf. ■—^SL iNSTJBAlf OE AHD 8rntral Commtsisjt^n Agent All matters entrusted to him will receive prompfc and careful attention. Rents collected, and Tradesmen's accounts made up on moderate tehns. Life, Fire, Boiler, J«te-Glass Insurances effected on advantageous tefms, in first-ellae Offices. Note the address. No. C, WHITCOMBE-STREET, ABEEDARH. 81, \Comniercial-Place, ABERDARE. V aJentlnea! Valentines IL VabutirLmllf The Attention of the public generally i. called to to very Large assortment, just received from London. Such Hdegant emblems of love & affection eertamlv nonld N-0t, 3ouiblybe obtained ejUX41t at this establishment. JL he prices being lew, they are within the reach of all.Indesign they have been pronounced to be charming. N ow is the timejfor thosewishing to give proofsof their Endleal affeo* tion, to examine the extensive It rich S TO K J. W. WOODCOCK, PIANO FORTE TXTISTEH ABERDARE. N.B.—A Quadrille Band supplied at the shortest notice. BllOWN-^rN|> POLSON'S PATENT CORN FLOUR. PACKETS, 8D. GVAXAITTBED P E X p JJ C T L T J? V It M. recommended for CHILDRE N'S DIET. FAMILIES who give a preference to this un- equalled article, are iespectfully invited to refuse other qualities offered instead of Brown and Poisons to obtain extra profit by the sale similar kinds are smetimes craudulently substituted. Sold in Aberdare, by all respectable Chemist. ABEBDARE LOCAL BOARD OSFV HEALTH. NOTICE IS HEREBY <JIYEN, that the Local Board of Health, for the district of Aberdare, in the count; of Cl»Hior(iao, intend to apply to one of Her Majesty's principatSecretariea ot State, at the expiruiiou of one calendar mooth from the publication heveof, to confirm certain Bye Lnwsmade by the said Local Board of Health, on the first day of Feb. uary, 1868, under the powers given by the Towns Police Clauses' Act. 1847, the Public Health Act, 1848, and the Local Government A< t, 1858, for the legulatinn of Haikney Carriages plying within the District of the said Board. And notice is hereby further given, that a copy of ths said fye Laws lies at the Offices of the said Local Board cf Health, in the Old Town (Hall, HiRh-sireet,?Ajiterdare, and nuv be inspected by any ratepajer of the said District, without fee or reward between the hours of ten, a.m., and four, p.m., for one month at least before the making of such ap- plication. Dated this first day of February, 1866. By order of the said Local Board, HENRY J. HOLLIER, Clerk. THE GRAND PROMOTERS OF HEALT ii«n.owAjn» ;pi ng, AVSAS! Ihe first irregularity of any Junction khonld be rheckad and *eK rh BtreDrth^n0?^ d°8e8 of pu'ifyiuif PilW. bl^ frolu »u X'«rrt^Th« l>t^r0U^'T cWu„nif th. remove the ransa A^i? "cy disordered action, or any other drmwblriL wuhout »Uco..»euiei.c«, pa la, Derangement of the Bowels, :Liver and Ti,; Stomach Complaints. world* ^"e is *° we" knowu in erery part of UH» »s to v. c"rCB eftected ita "■« »re so wonderful I'iliou, r,eryODe* IU «» « remedy for ■tomarh J li .lVer ,con>P'a,nt» • •n<1 derangemonu of thr doubt. bow*ls» '• no • »tfatter of dUpute o« doubt. HoUoway s Pills are the best remedy known in tie world (or the following diseases •— Ague Feiiiiilelrregu. Retention of Asthma lantie.9 Urine Bilious cow- Fevers of all Scrofula, or King% pi.itits Ion is Evil BloW,e8°ntb. Fits Sure throats Rnwol rn.n i • i ut Stone and Gravel Colics ^8 S ache Secondary Sjrnap- P Indigestion tonas Constlpittlon or Inflammation Tic. Douloureux the Bowels Jaundice Tumours Lons-unption L'ver Complaints Ulcers fbir.ty Lumbago Venereal Affec- "ropsy Piles lions D* sentery libeumatism Worms of all Erjsipeles kinds Sold iit tlw Establishment of ('RorassOR Het,t,w WAY, 244, Strsnil, (near Tempi# Bur.) London al-i by mi I respectable Dru^cigts and Dealers in Medicine tUru ugliout the civilized world, at the fouo-vinic pricesIs. 11,1., 2s. 9&1" 4s. 6d., lis., 22s., and Mq Oitch Box. Thrra in a considerable I r takine V • arger u" *• i: "t