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—a—« H. Evans's Announcements. I > GOVERNMENT Emigration OFFICES, London. LTION TO QUEENSLAND. FREE GRANTS OF LAND. us not having before resided in Queens- Daying their own full passages to receive a X30 Land Order-equal of Land-for each member of their a years and upwards, and a JE15 Land- ch child between 12 months and 12 Assisted Passages are now given to ins without restriction as to age. HENRY JORDAN, General for Emigration for Queensland. Agent for Aberdare, Mr. Thomas H. oneer, &c., Cardiff Castle Hotel. UILDERS AND OTHERS. JNDSEY is prepared to receive )E RS for the ERRCTIONof a VILLA, f Aberdare. Plans and specifications at the Office of Mr. Evan Griffiths, Aberdare, on and after the 23rd )6. be sent in on or before the 5th day of to Mr. Lindsey, Old Mill Brewery, ij does not bind himself to accept the Tender. EDUCATION. THE JOSEPH GEORGE, » a few pupils at his residence, ), CANON-STREET. TERMS MODERATB. A. T BARGAINS BOOTS AND SHOES, AT wrrcHEL s, THE NOTED .ND SHOE ESTABLISHMENI, IA HOUSE, ABERDARE, POSITE THE QUEEN'S HOTFL, ill find the largest and cheapest Stock in the town. norals, 2s. lid. Women's kid elastic sides, stout bottom- rived, at 3s. 9d. a pair. lote, at 9s. 6d. Men's elastic-sides, at s cossacks, at 5a. 6d. Babies' slippers, ;e Stock of Men's patent and plain is to be sold cheap, 4s. 6d. a pair. Boys' L S'ock of home made work at a low »t raited to given satisfaction. Boots r, in all the newest styles. lone on the premises on the shortest 0 ill profits and Quick returns. FEE NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD.P batim Report of the magnificent delivered at Chester by the Rev. J. tor of Neath, and President of the Council. DUT THE WELSH COLONY! of manv of the letters received he Welsh Colony by the last mail. NOW READY, E ONE PENNY EACH. id from all the Newsvendors. Very i to the trade. Persons desiring to er of the above pamphlets are request- nicate at once with Mr T. Cadivor er, 21, Werburgh-street, Chester. SD TO PURt HASE, crOUSE PROPERTY EVERY DESCRIPTION, APPLY TO [UGH PRITCHARD, Cardiff-Street, Aberdare, TO THE EXETER BUILDING SOCIETY. y Lent on House Property. igent, Rents collected and guaranteed y paid monthly in advance. Life and ce effected in the Caledonian Office, of iding Licensed Valuei. cription of Builder's work measured t the shortest notice. P'S OCTOBER BREWINGS. it-LID IJII VIKST CLASS CONDITION, AT THIS I HARP STORES ABERDARE, ,asks of 18, 36, and 54 Gallons. ad families supplied on the same terms the Brewery, Burton-on-Trent. JAMES BEYNON Agent ITY COMMISSION. ter of the Charity called "The Exercise it ion Ground." in the Parish of Aber- c County of Glamorgan. ition of the Board of Charity Com- iners for England and Wales, NOTICE IS 'EN, that an order is proposed to be said Board after the expiration of one ith, to be computed from the publi- a notice, having the following object ishment of a Scheme for the manage- above-mentioned charity. Bed by the said Scheme to provide that ard of Health, for the district of Aber- 2 Managers and Directors of the above. round, to be henceforth called The 3lic Park," and to prescribe and establish ders. aid Regulations for the manaae- vation, disposition, and care of the said the proposed Scheme may be inspected ie-day during the space of fifteen days, ted from the first publication of this e offices of the Local Board of Health, ict of Aberdare, in High-street, Aber- n the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. tions to or suggestions on the proposed e made or transmitted in writing to the at their Office, No. 8, York-street, St. ure, London, within 21 day next after >lication of this notice. J fifteenth day of February, 1866. HENRY M. VANE, Secretary. SDARE BURIAL BOARD. Ive Board are desirous of receiving C, rs for Cutting Graves in the Cemetery. may be obtained at my office. Tenders t to me on or before Monday, the 5th By order of the Board, W. ROBINSON SMITH, d Offices, Clerk. ibruary, 18GG. LLYFR CENEDLAETHOL. Yn arcr yn barod, y Saethfed Ban o'r GEIRADUR BYWGRAFFYDDOL, 0 ENWOGION CYMRU, Yn Wyr Llen a Gwyr Lleyg, o'r oesoedd boreua hyd yn awr, yn Feirdd, HynafiaE thwyr, Gwyddonegwyr, Pregeth wyr, Offeiriaid, Llenorion, Cerddorion yn nghyd £ phob un o Enwogrwydd mewn ystyr wladol neu Grefyddol. TREFNIRy G wraith yn ddwy Ran :—1. Hanes T y rhai sy givedi marw 2. Hanea y rhai sydd yn awr yn fyw. DAN OLYGIAETH PWYLLGOR 0 LENORJON. AMODAU. I. Pod y gwaith i ddyfod allan mewn o 20 i 25 o ranau Swllt yr un bob 6 neu 7 wythnos, raor agos ap a gellir a phob un l dalu am y rhanau wrth eu derbyn, nes ei gorphener. H. Y neb a roddo ei enw am saith Llyfr, ac a dalo am danynt, a (faiff un am -ei drafferth. Gall y neb ft gael y gwnith yn ddidraul drwy y Post 1 Er mwyn ei wneyd yn Llyfr Cbnedlaethoi>—nid ENWADOL —dymuna y Cyhcddwr hysbysu ei fod wedi sicrhau gwaaan- aeth rhai o brif Lenorion y Genedl, yn mysjj gwahapol Gyf- fuwadau Crefyddol Cymru, i gasglu hanes yr Enwogion per- thynol iddynt, megys y rbai canlvnol: — Egiwtswye :—I'areh. J. Griffiths, Person Caste])nedd,&c Bedyddwyb :—l'archedifjion T. Price, A C Ph.D., Aber- dar; W. Morgan, II.D., Caergvbi; W. Roberts, (Nefydd,) Blaenau Gwent; J. R. Morgan, (Lleurwg,) Llanelli; T. E, James, T. ab Ieuan,) Glyn Neath; Thomas Lewis, Caerfyr- ddin; D. Evans, Dudley, &c. AirifiBYifWTiz PttTchcdigion Tixomas ICesH, li.U., Ab6r- awe; David Hughes, A.C., Tredegar W.C. Williams, Groes Wen; William Eees, (Gwilym Hiraetho;) Le'rpwl; John Davies, Glandwr Joshua Lewis, Henllan; Hugh Hughes, Tegai,) Aberdar; Simon Evans, Hebron; W. Thomas, ^wlehnewydd. Trefnyddion Calfinaidd :—Parchedigion Owen Jones anchester; Edward Mathews, Eweni. Wesleyaid Parch. W. Rowlands, (Gwilym LIeyn) Undodiaid :—O. Evans, Cefncoedcymer. Un o brif ddiifygion ein Llenoriaeth, fel Cenedl, yw hanes Henwogion. Hiraethai y Cyhoeddwr er ys talm am weled yw un cymhwys yn ymaflyd yn y gorchwyl pwysig hwn, ond i. n gwbl ofer; gan hyny, efe a benderfynoddymgymerydar vnturiaeth ei hun fel y peth diweddafo'j eiddo, mewn hvder y od-bjnia gefnogaeth angenrheidiol ei Genedl, i orphen J eWaith yn anrhydpeddus.. Y mae tu»6,00a o enwogionein Cenedl wedi eu casglu eisoes Eir yn mlaen wrth yr Egwyddor. Y llythyren i'w chymeryd yn ol y cyferiw (surname ) Taer erfynir ar ein eyteiljion i wneyd eu goreu dros y Jly/r drwy gasglu enwau ato, ao anfon y .cyfrywmorfuan ag y bydd moddi'r Cyhoeddwr, J.T. Joszs,S\tyc*dfo'r"AberdareiTmes HEALTH and HAPPINESS for the NER- JH vous and DEBILITATED.—A single ropy of a New Medical work., written by one of the mo-t eminent medical men of the present day, solely for the guidance and benefit of that class of sufferers whose affections are often self- inflicted, and who desire a speedy and j rivate cure, yet too often become the dupes of designing London quacks. For such suflerers tbi" work is intended, showing a certain nienns of cure in all cares of nervous debility. iclaxation, organic or local weakness, langour, blushing, debility, and various other nervous symptoms; also showing how all the so-called impediments to marriage may be effectually re- moved with numerous illustrative cases of parties who bave been restored to the blessings of health by following the advice laid down in this work. Sent free to any address, on receipt of stump to pre-p iy postage. Address to the Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Birming- ham CAUTION.-Parts of the altove book have been'copiep by several quacks. Fersous should be caretul in whose hands they intrust their health, and read this work before applying to any one. IMPORTANT NOTICE. nnn Ann sterling guar 3* E KANTEEDbj GOVERN- MENT, to be allotted to the Subscribers in various sums upwards to £ 20,000. Any person by investing JEI can realise £ 20,000. For Prospectus containing full particulars (which will be sent gratis,) apply by letter, addressed-J. A. RINCK, 14, Duke-street Adelphi, London, Yvc. MONEY.—To*1end on Leasehold Property, sum 8 of t50 to £ 400.—Apply to Mr. Isaac D. lie es, Solicitor, Aberdare. November, 1805. TEA. FULL, RICH, HIPE, AND PURE/ In Silver Packets of Two Ounces, Quarter, Half and Singh; Pounds supplied only by rpHE CHINESE AND EAST-INDIAN TEA JL COMPANY, 79, Upper Tliames-street, London. Present Wholesale Prices No. I,-Fair Sound Tea Is 6d per lb. „ 2.—Stout heavy Tea .2s Od „ „ 3.—Excellent Tea 2s 6d „ 4.—Extra Fine Tea 3s Od „ „ 5.- Very Choice Tea.38 Gd „ „ 6 -The Company's Curio Mixture..4s Od „ WALTER WOOD, M ANAGEH. Agent in Aberdare :-Mr. W. J. THOMAS Ahemist and Stationer, Aberdare and Mountain, Ash. KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. THE experience of more than a quarter of centuary has wonderful properties ol this Valuable Medicine. During that period, thousands of persons who were Hastening to the Grave, from one or other of the many forms of Disease to which the Human frame is liable, have, by tho usr of KAYE'S WORSDELVS PILLS, been restored to Health and HArriNfSS and the proprietor has received many thousands of spontaneous testimonies to their virtue", a sciociion trom which is enclosed with each box. The use of these Pills can be confidently recommended in Youth or Age as, being purely vegetable in their composition, they may be taken with perfect safety by the youngest infant and the oldest person. FEMALES will find them most useful at every period of their lives The unanimous opinion of all who have tried these Fills is that thew are The best Fanily medicine. Sold by all Chemists, and other dealers in Patent Medicines, at Is. 1 £ d.' 2s 9d, and 4s Gd. Wholesale Depot, 52, Bread-street, Londoa. TAFF VALE RAILWAY. NOTICE.—On March 1st, the Times of Departure and Arrival of the Passenger Trains on this Railway will be altered. See Printed Train Bills. By Order, GEORGE FISHER, General Superintendent. Cardiff, 19th February, 1866. TO economistsTconnoissedrs, and LOVERS OF TEA. THE GREATEST BOON OF THE AGE I Tea doubled in Strength Reduced half in price SEA SICKNESS AN^I'HE ILL EFFECTS OF DRINK PREVENTED, AND HEALTH RESTORED, BY THE 3VE^-C5-ISrXJ3Vi: IPIFLOIVnOTTTIVl OR THE INDIAN TEA IMPROVER. TEA, which alone is simply a refreshing beverage, by the admixture of this Invalu- vble Compound is made so strengthening and VBLE COMPOUND is made so strengthening and nutritious, so beautiful to the nerves, that no emi- grant should do without it. It effectually prevents Sea Sickness, and not only imparts a rich taste and more strength to the Tea, which it so resembles as to show no trace of its presence, but, acting as a tonic on the stomach, strengthens the whole system rendermg it equally as desirable to the man of business or pleasure as to the most delicate Female.. One Penny Packet will last a week in most families, and will save half the tea. DIRECTIONS. Take of the Magnum Promotum one half a Tea spoonful to three of Tea or in the same proportion make as usual, USE NO SODA, and the Tea will be ofund double the strength. Sold in Packets at Id., 3d.. Gd.. and Is. each.. The above mentioned Article has been profession,- ally Analysed and proved to contain the q)if, stated. Sold wholesale and retail by Jones & Son, c.- dare Times Office. TEVAN THOMAS, IRONMONGER, I SAFETY LAMP MANUFACTURER, j||| T, CA RDIFI STREET, ABERDARE, SAFETY LAMP MANUFACTURER, j||| T, CARDIFF-STREET, ABERDARE, Davy >Imps, THE ONLY MAKER IN THE PRINCIPALITY, ClanyLamps, 48. 5s. 3d. EGQ, to call public attention to his large and varied STOCK of Paraffin and other Lamps, now ready for inspection. Miners' Lamps repaired at the shortest notice. Kf* An Apprentice to the Lamp trade wanted. B LAC K LION B it E W E R Y" IR T H U it .TONE WHOLESALE DEALER AND RETAILER OF WINES f AND SPIRITS, BEGS respectfully to return his sincere thanks to his friends and the public, for the kind sup- port he has received in Aberdare for the last fifteen years, and to inform them that, in addition to his well-known STOCK of WINES and SPIRITS, he is prepared to supply families and the trade with the Ales of Allsopp & Son, of Barton, and Flowers & Son's celebrated Pale Ale, at the same terms as at the Brewery, Guiness' Dublin Stout, &c. PER GALLON. X'W? OALLOW. line London Gin 12s to 14s, Do. Brown rrr.• to *8* OU Irish or Scotch Whisky 168*0 20s. Very pie do pagne, Moselle, &c. Allsopps & Flower's fine Pale Ale, in Bottle, 4s. per duzeu. Inn ies, Mout F 6 do., 4s. per dozen. 1 m. A. J. supplies families with his own Brewings in Casks, from nin^Oallons a 1 upwards,, and rTrauo as usual. FROM LIVERPOOL OR QU EELVSTOWN TO NEW YORK, FOR FIVE GUINEAS (£5 5s.) Forwarding Passengers to all parts of the United States, British Columbia and C anada. ZD =1 THE LIVERPOOL, NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA STEAM ,aj^|>3K SHIP COMPANY'S Jm nH" KEW FULL-POWERED BRITISH IRON SCREW STEiM SHIP CARRYING THE UNITEO STATES MAILS. City of Paris (Building.) City of Limerick Capt. T. C. Jones City of Boston Capt, J. Kennedy. Edinburgh Capt. 1. F. Roske Citv of London Capt. P. C. Petrie. Etna Capt. P McGuigau City of Baltimore Capt. J. Mirehouse Kangaroo Capt. W. lVidgman City of Washington Capt. S. Brooks Glasgow Capt. O G'u City of Manchester Capt. J. J. Halcrow Bosplhorns Capt. H. City of Dublin Capt. J. Eynon City of Dm ham. (Buildinc). City of Cork Capt. H. Tibbits. The Rates of Passage from Liverpool or Queenstown to Neio York are tlS follows: Cabin Passage by the Mail Steamers sailing every Wednesday, Fifteen Guineas, Seventeen Guineas, and Twenty-one Guineas each berth, according to the size, situation and accommodation of the State Kootds all having the same privileges in the Saloon, in regard to meals and attendance. Children, under 12, half fare and Infants free. Cabin Passage by the Saturdays' Steamers, Thirteen Guineas. A liberal table will be kept for Passenger's at these rates, except Wines and Liquors, which may be had on board, there being no extra charge for Stewards' fees, &C. Five Pounds deposit is required to secure a Cabin Berth, the balance to be paid the day before sailing. Lu^srai-e (of which 20ft. for each Adult is allowed free) will go on board with the Passengers in the Tender that leaves the Landing Stage for the Steamer on the morning of sailing. The average Passage of tu^stjamers isfrom eleven totbirtgn da^-The Csggo^Wharf in Liverpool is at the East-side of Forward Passengers," FiveGtfmeas each Adult ( £ 5 5sJ Children under Eight Years of age half-price, and Infants under Twelve months £1 Is. Passages can be engaged by a Deposit of Three Pounds on each Berth. Post-office Orders to be made payable to the undersigned, with particulars of Name, Age, and Occupation °f ADDWPinSNe5eYork to John G. Dale, at the Company's Offices, 15, Broadway in Philadelphia to John G Dale at the Company's Offices, 109, Walnut-street; in Queenstown to C. and W. D. Seymonr & London to Eives and Macey, 61, King William Street; and in Liverpool to Messrs, Lamb, and Co., 41, Union-street. J. G. PROG ER, PLUMBER. TO THE ABERDARE AND MOUNTAIN ASH WATER WORKS COMPANIES, JENKIN STREET, ABERDARE, q. 13, TRINITY STREET, CARDIFF, BEGS to inform the Inhabitants of Aberdare and neighbourhood, that he is PREPARED to RECEIVE ORDERS for P L U 111 B It N folc W O 15 It, in all its branches. Experienced Workmen kept. All orders sent to either of the above addresses will receive prompt attention. |p^ EVAN DAVID, ^$;o(iS3c, Sign, an'1J |JatiUcv AND G R A I N E R, tJ: V A. P & c. BPw CHEAPEST HOUSE IN TOWN FOR WIllE-BLINDS AND GILT MOULDINGS. E C ° Experienced Workmen sent to all parts of the Country. IMPORTANT NOTICE. —— IF you want a HAT or CAP, go to E. H. Evans's, Cloth Hall, 8, Commercial-strett, Aberdare. TF you want a good SUIT OF CLOTHES Cluap, go to E. 11. Evans's, Cloth Hall, 8, Commercial i street, Aberdare. 7 F you want GOOD OVERCOATS for the Winter, go to E. H. Evans's, 8, Cloth Hall, Com- I merciat-street, Aberdare. JF you want any PILOTS, VV HIT:* EYS, or BEAVERS, go to E. H. Evans's, 8, Cloth~llull," JL Commercial street, Aberoar,. —F you want any SEAL SKUsS or MOHAIRS, go to E. li. Evans's, Cloth Hall, 8, Commercial- street, Aberdare. IF you want a good Suit of bOVS' CLOTHING, go to E. H. EvWsTCloth Ilall, 8, Commercial- street, Aberdare. —— —v you want goocj BLANKET COATS or VESTS, go to E. II. Evants, Cloth Hall, 8, Commercial- street, Aberdare. -r"|r y0U want any UMBltELLAS or KNICKERBOCKERS, go to E- H. Evans's, Cloth Mall, I 8, Commercial-street, Aberdare. T"F you want any SHEKTS, Q,TJILTS, BLANKETS, or COUNTERPANES, go to E. U. Erans's, 1 Cloth Hall, 8, Commercial-street, Aberdare. -r F you want WOOLLEN SHAWLS or SCARFS, go to E. H. Evans's, Cloth 8, Cmnnierchil- | stroet, Aberdare. TF you want any FRENCH MERINOES or C013OQ R'iS, go to E. H. Evans's, Clut'i UaU, 8, Com- -I uiercial-street, Aberdare. jTTyou want CHEAP CALICOES, go to E. 11. Evans's. Cloth Ilall, 8, Connn. rcial-streut, Aberdare. IF you want STOCKINCS of any description, go to E. 11. Evans's, Cioth Hall, 8, Coin n.reiji-street, Aberdare. TF vou want WELSH FLANNELS, go to E. II. Evaos's, Cloth Hall, 8,Commercial-street, Aberdare, i where you will find the best assortment of the ai»ove Goods in South Wales. TRY COPELAND'S FOR CHEAP -I MEN & BOYS' CLOTHING, 6, COMMERCIAL PLACE, ABERDARE, AND H I D G K O U S E 9 158- OUIXAI5 As II. I EEWIS THOMAS, CABINET-MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, 4, CANON-STREET, A B E R D ARE, to inform the gentry, and public of anÜ vicinity, that he litq 1B OPENED in the abovo Business, on the, 20th Janu, and will receivc a share of their patronage. He has a large stock of home-made Go of the best I > OBSERVE THE ADDRESS, 4 C A K O N S T II E E T ABERDARE. I ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY. ATTENDED TO. ■ t ,J C, t NOTICE OF REMOVAL. STAFFORDSHIRE HOUSE. A. MULLINGS BEGS to return his sincere ^thanks to the inhabitants of Aberdare and neighbourhood for their patronage during the last six years, and to inform them that he has REMOVED his BUSINESS as CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE DEALER TO 2 4, COMMERIAL-PLACE, (Next door to the Boot Hotel,) where he hopes, by keeping a well-assorted Stock, to meiit their continued support. A. M. begs also to state that ho has jtfj TOYS & FANCY GOODS IN GREAT VARIETY. TOYS & FANCY GOODS IN GREAT VARIETY. ^URE^QOLOURED liA* Is now preferred to all others. S&Jd in Packets by Agents in every Y-owx. Sole A¡{Cnt;11 Ibai'dire :—ThoH'S, Chemisfe and Stationer 30 ,Cj a jisrcisl-pHcd, aad Moaati'n .911. BENSON'S WATCHES. CLOCKS, JEWELLER Y, SILVER AND ELECTRO PLATE. !t -0 W. BENSON, Ludgate Hill, London,JE.C., (Established 1749), Watch and Clock Maker by V/arrant of Appointment to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, has fitted up extensive Worshops with steam machinery for the production of Clocks and Timepieces of every description. WATCHES adapted for every class, climate and country. Wholesale and Retail. Chronometers, Duplex. Levers Horizontal, Keoeat- inp, Centre Seconds, Keyless, and Chronograph*, at £ 2 10s. to 2-i(i Guineas. CLOCKS Drawinsr, Dining, and Bed-room, Bracket, Carnage, Church, Turret, Stable, or O-Kce, at gi Is. to 1,0*0 Guineas. OPINIONS OP THE PRKSS. The movements are of the finest quality which the art of horology is at present capable of producing."—Illustrated Loudon News, November 8, 1865. .r Some of them are of great beautv; and if the English watch-trade only follow up with the same spirit and success this first attempt to compete with foreigners in decorative watches, there seems to be no reason whv we should not get th" t' ade entirely into our own hands."—Times, June 23, 1865. BENSON'S 4-GUINEA LONDON-MADE Patent Lever Watch, Capped and Jewelled, strong Silver Cases, mad- in four sizes, from It to 3 inches in diameter. This Watch is suitable for everybody, and is without doubt the best, cheapest, and most accnrate Watch manufactured in this country. BENSON'S £ 2 10s. HORIZONTAL WATCH Jewelled &c strong Silver Cases, 14 to 2 inches in diameter, a sound and useful Watch. Ii BENSON'S 5-GUINEA LADY'S GOLD WATCH. Horizontal Movement, Jewelled in four boles, and all the late improvements, combined with a rich artistically engraved case and dial, making it a model of elegance. BENSON'S 6.GUINEA. GENTLEMAN'S GOLD WATCH. Horizontal movement. Jewelled in four holes, and all the late improvements, with a pure white enamelled dial and elegantly engraved or ensrine-turned case. 20,000 OTBERWATCHES in stock. tor prices of which see the pamphlet. The above Watches are sent free and safe by post to all parts of England Scotland, Wales, or Ireland. If to India or the Colonies 5s. each extra. A PROFUSELY-ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLET ofWatches Clocks, and ('hains, descriptive of every con struction of Watch made, with their prices. post free lor two stumps, from which buyers can select. Also a catalogue of Silver and Electro Plate, containing 300 illustrations, post free for six stamps. UKL J. W. Benson, maker of tilti-pat Clock for the Exhibition. 1802, and of the Cbronotrrnph ilial. by which was timed The Derby of IS'">2, IS64 and 18%. Prizo Medallist, Class 33, and Honourable Mention, (Mass 15. LUDGATE HILL, LONDON. General Provident Assurance Company, -B_ LIMITED. CAPITAL HATJF A MILLION. Directors. TROM \S H \TTEIlSljfi V Eeq /Chairman.} JOB CAUOWUtt, F'q" F.R.S. fO-p'.ty Chairman.) CaptV:n O.korgk FUvly FRANCIS BPOOIIHN, tfsq J.P. W. P* i! L IFf, Esq. JO-IKPH HornRk, Esq, The Rev. Robkrt VliOdiRK, M. The Hihht Hon. 1.0'111 TbynH.'M. General Manager—Hi bkrt CRIST, E-q. E.S S. Resident Actuary—tinoacK IIoksvul, Esq, A.1 A. NEW and IMPORTANT feature-, of Life Assurance have been introduced by Company with trarked success A l)V ANO KS, to a larte an'ount, bare been made upon II n,Jollhte,1 Securities. DEPOSIT NOT ES issued for sums of jfiMO and upwards, upon which interest is allowed at the rate of 5 percent per annum. DEBEN'I (JliES. with Monthly Subscriptions, s'mi'ar to the Shares of Bit lding Societij»(b"t free from the risks of membership) healing compound interest at 5 per cent., and withdrawable at aliv ti'e,J!rauted. BON A FIDE INVESTORS, desirous of a .afc and per- nim ent means of emp'oyioir capital may obtain a few of O-L the unalloted £111 Shares. Deposit, IVn Shillings on appli- cation, and Ton Shillings on allotment. Divideud 71 per cent. per annum. INFLUENTIAL AGENTS." prepare I to work energeti- cally, required, 011 LIBERA I, tkkms, in all parts of the United Kimgdotn. HUBERT GEO. GRIST, F.S.S., General Manager Chief Offices 370. Strand, Uon-.lon, W.C. I Agent: Mr.J. RICHARDS, 209, Car:tiflT-road, Abeiaman. IF YOU WANT WORK DONE WELL GO TO A MAKERS fTMIF, Cheapest House in Aberdare for repairing Watches, Clocks, and Jewellery of every description is at E. WEIGHTS, 399 t'p RDIFF-IWAD, where work will be done in the best possible style with a warranty of 18 months, at one-fourth less than at any other shop in the neighbourhood. E. W. can produce a list of upwards of thirty church and pnMic Clocks made uuder his own im- mediate superintendence. Observe the address :— EDMUND WEIGHT, Practical Watch & Clock Manufacturer, Working Jeweller, Silversmith, and Engraver, 0 31)9, Cardiff-Road, Aberdare. THE IT -a T E London OFFICES Queen Insurance Buildings, Gracechurch-st., E.C., AND 13, Regent-street, Waterloo-place, S.W. LIVERPOOL OFFICES Queen Insurance Buildings, Dale-street. Capital Two Millions Sterling-. HOME & FOREIGN FIRE A LIFE INSURANCE of every description at moderate rate, A discount of Five per cent allowed on Foreign Fire Insurance effected in this country. All losses settled with promptness and liberality APPLICATION FOR AGENCIES. The Directors invite application for Agencies from gentlemen of position and influence, where the Company is not already efficiently represented. Every information will be afforded on application at the chief Ollices. 1 Persons bavin* Fire or Life Insuraiicc at com- mand will be treated with liberality. Presreetuses and Annual Reports to be h&d on applicmion to the undersigned, J. T. jones, ABERDARE TiMEs Office, Aberdare. T^/TR W. E. JONES l.e^s to inform his friends and i.VJL patrons, that the only authorised portrait of Richard Fotheraill, Esq, will be issued shortly by him and also to caution the public that he has nothing whatever to do with the en.r.tving which has lately been effjred for sale 1y Air, Sheldrick. -7 Mr. Ga&gfra Eoaaer^ArBnim .J.- i ■ GEORGE ROSSEK, AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, ACCOUNTANT, INSURANCE & GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT, BEGS to inform his friends and the public that all matters entrusted to liim will be punctually and carefully attended to. Rents collected, Valuations for probates and administrations prepared. Fire and Life Insurances effected on advan- 'o administrations prepared. Fire and Life Insurances effected on advan- tageous terms, in a society ofaixty years standing. OFFICES:—31, Canon-street. ABERDARE. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP, being No. 22, in Canon-street, Aberdare, in the occupation of Mr George lkrkell. A portion of the purchase money can remain on Mortgage of the p remises, if desired. For further particulars, apply to Mr Isaac D. Rees, solicitor, Aberdare. January 2nd. 1866. New Edition, by post two stamps. XfERYOIJS DEBILITYiitsCATJSE&CURE. Jl>I Dr. MIS1H, who bas had Twenty year's practical ex- I perienee in the Treatment and Cure "of NERVOUS and PHYSICAL DEBILII'Y, LOSS of APCKftTE, PAINS in Ca BACK, and INDIGESTION, which, iineniected.resnttin housumpt;on, &c.. has just published a New Edition of 10.0110 (pies of the WARN) NC VulC H, or Private Medical Friend 38 pages.) 1 his Work contains his highly snceesstul and only saetreat. went, and is illustrated with cases and test,momalo from patients, with plain directions lor perfect restoration ts health. Sent post Iree to any address, secure from cbserva tion. on receipt of two postagestamps. Letters of enquiry or details of case promptly answered. BgF Address, Dr. SMITH, 8, Purton Crescent London W.C. THOUSANDS NOW USE Johnson, Johnson&Co's PURE TEA Because it is better in quality than all others The Prices are all now reduced EIGHT-PEN6E PER POUID. Former price 3/4, Reduced to 2/8 Former price 3/8, Reduced to 3/. Former price 4/ Reduced to 3/4 Former price 4/4, Reduced to 3/8 Former price 4/8, Reduced to 4/. jfcggi-jy See that the name of Johnson,Johnson&Co is on each Packet. Sold in Packets by Agents in every Towa. LOCAL AGENTS. ABERDARE Thomas, Chemist, 10, Commercial Place. Aberavon Jones, Printpr Newport.Thomas, 129, Com- Abersvchan Martin. Post meroial-street Office Na tyjflo.. Allen, Post-Office Bridpena.Jones. Chemist Pontvpool.Edward", Printer "recon Hall, Chemist Poiitardawe Evans, Post Krynmawr..Jones, Stationer Office Cardiff.Dram. !l.Bute-St Porthcawl..Jones, Chemist Krynmawr..Jones, Stationer Office Cardiff.Drano. !l.Bute-St Porthcawl..Jones, Chemist Dowlais.. Lewis, Chemist Swansea.. Andrew, 14, Castle Hay. Watkiiis, f ost Office Square Lhinelly. Vorgan Griffiths Swansea.Themas, e5, Oxford Merthyr.Edwards,Georq;^tow Square Mountain Asli Thomas, Tredegar.. Crowe, Post Office Chemist Ystalyfera, Davies, Hooka^Uer Newport.Thomas, 170, Com- Chemist Ystalyfera, Davies, Hooka^Uer Mountain Ash. Thomas, Tredegar.. Crowe, Post Office Newport.Thomas, 170, Com- mercial-street lHlfe Wholesale Warehouse, 17 Bloomfield-street, City, s- London. UNITED KINGDOM RACING CLUB, |p. 15, Series Place, London, W.e., Established 185G. Bankers, -London and Westminster Bank. II. Head, Sccretaaf, I rFIIIE Directors inform their friends and the i public generally, that they have commenced business for the Season, and are now executing Commissions on the b Grand National Liverpool Steeple Chase, 2000 Guineas. Derby, and all the Principal Races. Tattersell's odds of the day to any amount nlways obtainable, by letter only. Money guaranteed and remitted the day after the Race. Our transactions are so extensive, that we are enabled to charge only 2-j instead of the usual 5 per cent. commis- sion on winnings. ggf P. 0. O's to be made payable to Herbert Re"d, at the Strand Post Office. Cheques crossed, London and Westminster Bank. foOO for Ten Shillings £ 250 for Five Shillings! £ 125 for II alf-a-Crow n UNITED KINGDOM RACING CLUB, (Limited,) No. 15, Series Place, London, W.C. Established lS.r>6» Herbert READ, Secretary. Our Subscribers are respectfully informed that our celebrated Sweepstakes of Three Grand Events each, for the Season 1866 have now com- menced. LIVEHVOOL GRAND NATIONAL STEEPLE CHASE. £1000 Sweepstakes. JB500 First Horse.— £ 200 Second Horse— £ 100 Third Horse, and jE200 divided amongst starters. Tickets, 10s. each. £[,00 SWEEPSTAKES. £ 250 First Horse:— £ 100 Second Horse.— £ 5o Thiid Horse, and £ 100 divided amongst starters. Tickets, 5s. e^ch. £ 250 SWEEPSTAKES. X125 First Horse.- £ 50 Second Horse.— £ i?5 Third Horse, and X50 divided amongst start- ers. Tickets, 2s 6cl. each. tL- Post Office Ordn-s made payable at the Strand Money Order Office, to Herbert Read, Esq., Secretary. Cheques crossed, London and Westminster Bank. Stamps taken. N.B.—To prevent disappointment, early appli- tion is necessary. THE PUIXTIKO BUSINESS. Y°UTH AS A» of fi to the above trad.; Arrilv at the office of this Paoer. FP 7 A I I ELISHA ESLICK BEGS to inform the public of Aberdare and neighbourhood, that he has OPENED an OM(,O AT No. C, Whitcombe-Stbebt, AS J INSURANOB AND 6 General CommtjEfjStoti Sutnt. All matters entrusted to him will receive prompt and careful attention. Rents collected, and Tradesmen's accounts made up on moderate terms. LIFE, FIRE, ACCIDEN1AL, PLATE- GLASS. INSURANCES 1 effected on advantageous terms, 4n first-clasa M f :¥' Note the address, r:t. No. 0, WHtTCOMBE STREET, ABB ED ABB..J^E PU BUSH ED, THE PïU!" ";M,L CRONICL "y CYMR^l A PIEW-CLASS 1 FAMILY & NATIONAL NEWSPAPER J In the Welsh I anpuage. It it conducted on fair principles, with a staff of emine^f Writers from North and South Wales To he had in Aberdare, of Messrs J. T. Jones & Son, "Aber. dare Times" Office: Mr W. Davies, bookseller. Also in Merthyr, Dowlais, Mountain Ash, &c., by the booksellers. -:#4/ NOTICE. W. C. MORRIS, Auctioneer, Accountant, Builder's, Contractor's, and Artificer's Measurer and Valuer, WISHES to inform the inhabitants of Aberdare T V and its vicinity, that he has now OPENED an OFFICE at 44, Commercial-street, Aberdare, and trusts, bypunctoal attention to businessto merit a their patronage. Prolicans and in and out going Ten&uta riehte valued. c -e, House, Estate, General JCotmnission and Insurance Agent. Observe the Address: MB. THOMAS, 44, Commercial-Street, Abedrare. S'hrte Warn" 81, Commercial-Piece, ABERDARE. 81, Commercial-Piece, ABERDARE. V alentines 1 Valentines 1! Valentines 11! The A ttention of the public generally is called to a very Large assortment, just received from U London. Such rLlegant emblem, of love & affection certainly could !^Fot possibly be obtained except at this establishmer The prices being low, they are within the reach f all.Indesign they have been pronounced to be ch». ming. N owis the time fox. A thosewishing to give proofsof their$]<ndlesa tion, to examine the extensive & richS T OC j. w. WOODCOCK, A PIA.UO FORTE TTT-NTER ABERDARE. N.B.-A Quadrille Band supplied at the shortest notice. BROWN AND POLSON'S PATENT CORN FLOUR. PACKETS, 8D. QVAEAJVTEED PERFECTLY &UBM, recommended for CHILDKE N'S DIET. FAMILIES who give a preference to this nn- equalled article, are lespectfully invited to refuse other qualities offered instead of Brown and Poisons to obtain extra profit by the sale similar kinds are smetimcs craudulently substituted. Sold in Aberdare, by all respectable Chemist. ABERDARE LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Local Board of Health, for the district of Aberdare, in the county of Glamorgan, intend to aP £ 'y to ooe of Her Majesty's principal Secretaries or Mate, at the expiratiou of one calendar mootb from the publication hereof, to confirm certain Bve Laws made by the said Local Board of Health, on the first day of February, 1866, under the powera piven by the Towns Police Clause:)' Act. 1847 the l'ublic Health Act, 1848, and the Local UoTerumeat Act, 1858, for the reflation of Hackney Carriages plying within the District of the. said Board. And notice is hereby further tiven, that a copy of tiis said Bye Laws lies at the Offices of the said Local Board of Health, in the Old Town Hall, High-street, Aberdare, and may be inspected by any ratepajer of the said District, without fee or regard between the hours of ten, a.m., and four, p.m., for one month at least before the making of such ap- plication. Dated this fiist day of February, 1866. By order of the said Local Board, HENRY J. HOLLIER. Clerk. THE GRAND PROMOTERS OF i HOMQWATg Pit Id. The grand secret of attaining happiness j, to health, without which hie im «:ripped of all • The first irregularity of f..y lunct.ou sho^d V set right by appropriate <1ow.b of them; fiue **«>? which Strengthen the system by ttinrouirlilv^ blood from .11 impurity Th«y b;,lan '» H I e"U,DS tk* remove the cause ot disturbance, acd re.tnr* 'f action. natural power to ev.-ry organ, wi?hl»V. b°rm*1 "»«» or any other dr*wt,ack.. w«auut tucouTenieiioe, pais. Derangement Qf the Bowels, Liver and Till* world ami the cm, l ,u t"verT P»rt >* th« »■ to astoni.sli evervon» i.f Ue* #re bilious and liver "„i I Pre"e™,nei»«» as a returdy for stomach aud bowels ? derangeiuanto of tbr doubt. 18 no 'eer a matter of dispute ae olloway s Pills are the best remedy Jtmoum in the World for the following disease* Fr,5L™8u- Bilious COM- Fevers 0f &11 Scr()fulat or Kiqgls- B,otehes°nthe Sore throat. Bowel Complaints Head acho ^nd G™rel Colics Tiiii;, S«»ttclary Sy»p- Constipation of I„rt °n •t0m" the Bowels i a™matl<>n Tic-Douloure** C.™»»nipti»n r" n' • T"<"u* Debility 7'ver Cornpl»>"ts Ulcars Dmnsv Lumbago Ve>»era»l Affe«- Uis ll'tprw 8 tioB8 Rheumatism Worms of all by5,Ptl8S irfDd. Sold at. the Establishment of I'aorBssoK DoL.. WAY, 244, SiranH, (uw TroipJ* Bar,) London; alt by aj respectable Druggists and Draltra in Medicine thro ugi.out the civilix^ wort-t, at the foi.-twing prices la. lid., 2s. 9J., 4s. 6d., lis., 22a.. and :i3«a each Box. is. a tciifc.ds alJe m,ag lw t»kuv»b. ar^cr izt •