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tpttblii IJirtia. [A C,%ILID.], JA L. MORRIS to Messrs. lJ. G. Price ct Co.,) BUILDER' & CONTRACTOR, to VALUE PROPERTY for PRfcPAfcE BUILDING PLANS undertake CONTRACTS i. &c., &c. It. LAB, ton Street, Aberdare. IOUTH WALES LINE." TEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN B D I P F AND THE es of Ameriea and Cardiff. Wales Atlaof c'Steam Ship Com- ew Firat-chea full-powered Clyde f 2600 Tons 500 H.P. V.2500 500 „ -1^ 3000 „ 600 larly from Cardiff to New York, ngers at through rates to all the in the United States and Canada. ships are built expressly for this d up with all the latest conveni- comfort and convenience of all ingers. nation, apply to E. G. PRICE, Emigration Offices, Aberdare. tnt to Country Patients. )N BY LETTER WITHOUT FEE the Eminent Specialist for the cure of all -naouee, will, for the benefit ef Country L«* consult him personally, on receiving LR Case, send his opinion, with advice ana most successful restoration to health and no of correspondence containing questions atient in describing his case will be sent ng a directed envelope. onials to Dr. llenry 8mith. as received »> to date March 22nd, i Hundredf and Eighty written m Patieutt who reside in the coun- lisjsncceaefal treatment conducted *fe enly/ MATH, M Barton-Creitcent, London, W.C. US^D.^OET free for Two Stamps, A LT H HEALTH; or ADVICE AND a for the euro of Nervous Debility. By M.D. of the University oi Jena, Author s Manual," 4c. ZKLTH is a New Medical Work ou the of all Disesfes of the Nervous System, Mental AMI Physioal Depression, Palpita- Noiaes in the Head and BarB, Indecision, id Memory, Indigestion, LosB. of Energy ins in the Back, Timidity, Self-distrust, of Sol;tude, Groundless Fears, Weakness, ion, Sc., resulting from Exhaustion of IN8TRUC UON8 for the development the human body, how to acquire nealth are long life., and avoid the infirmities sands have been restored to health by the I book. Illustrated with Testimonial frsm Sent Free by post to any address, on receipt apt. Smith, 8, Durtoa-Creaoent, London, W C SENSED VICTUALLERS' IE TEA COMPANY, By THSFR APPOIXTBD » ABENTS THE PUBLIC WITH PURE, AND UNADULTERATED, the loweat possible prices. Pure, tn amber wrappers. lit SR. per lb. Tea, IN orange wrappers, at 2S. 6d. per lb. Tea, in chocolate wrappers, at 3«. per lb. "oyune Green Tea, Ja light-green wrappers. flrw Black Tea, in *dark blue and 41 1)01 lb* VL^ i'H.. and toz., and in eanistera of 21b»., "••EN paoket bears trade mark, name, & price. 5^ALN THE PURE Tea Company's Teas, ^P&T: George F. Smyth, Manager, -KgET. L0ND6N BRIDGE, 8.E- JOuSNING. — Meaarg. JAY are J?S WITH experienced dressmaker* and mil- <* to any part of the kingdom, free of ax- tne emergencies of sudden or nn- the Immediate execution of mourning I* I, them dresses, bonnets, and millinery. Per yard and upwards from the piece, all and at the tame prioe as if purohased at ""CHOUSE in Beffent-street. Reasonable ejtl. • WS. 847. M9. and 451. Regent-st.. London. 'H MEDICINES, ^bkpabed BT tMAULT & CO., CgUTICAL CHEMISTS, RV2 VIVIENNE, PARIS. 8 MEDICINES offered to the TJJfcyyeari past, none have been BO jarene- »ae Medical Profession, as those prepared 11 t and 00. PA^ations we may especially mention 1- !Rlt & Co.'s G-aarana. t, 1872, speaking of this production, asks :— L^ke Guarana P tasted Guarana P Parana agree with you P Will perhaps be asked all over England in past centnries, our auoestors not Other what they thought of those novel ? and tea, Gnarttna grows in Brazil, and a shrub, peeled, dried, and reduced to of this vegetable production is sufficiont the MOAT VIOLENT SICK HEADACHE, SUABLE remedy against diarrhoea, dyievttru, J. prooeeding from derangement HT the ?8* This powder is indispensable for all «d. PER paoket. jthma. A-sthms. ^HlMAtJLT & Co/s QjJpttea of Cannabis Indioa. J^THERTO employed to^EYLEVE Asthma have »n varied foray, based on belladonr«, OR °PIUM- B*OENT experiments mnd» » haveproved,'that our Cigarettes made .Indian Hemp .fkwsess remarkable virtues V«*|nt, as well'as against nervous couqht, of voice, facial neuralgia, IS. 9D. per case. o.pal Syrup and Wine of LX Bark and Iron. in an agreeable form, the aotive ILVWD Bark, the best of tonics, combined principal bases of the blood. It rapidly RRT* stomach complaints oauaod by other diaoomforts to which ladies exoellent for pale,, and u. tastly, IT rxcitet the appetite, promotes *WE>AELY beneficial to all persons whose ^?**RTSHED by illness, or long and difficult ^BYRUP. 2S. 9d.; Wine, 4*. 6d. 3JIMAULT & Co.'8 -Pyrup of Horse Radish. mbrtitute for Cod-liver Oil. It has HS 'JPWIIWIIT# made in the principal HOS- LE XV • ^YMP has always produoed RFRSNLTA I_-°"tained from the above-mentioned Oil, to t«ke. GJ7REE can be adduced in which pale, lyra- TO swelling of the glands, to eruption e head or the face, or other ovidonres T #R?N> ,^ATE taken this syrup without deriv- P««N its use. Prioo 4C. 6d. QRIMAULT <fc Co.'a gyp^-BPhite of Lime. of the chest; it prevents nocturnal perspiration, R *■ This syrnp is the only » 1867, has invariably been attended 1NL^7I A 'AE* ^AA to the pnrity of toe ^Y«OYED. BE SURE to observe that it boars and Co. Prioe 1*. #d. SKIMAULT A Co.'a ^ble Matiop Capatileg. JTNJ combined with the Balsam of in the form of Capsules, coated f aotive medioament, and is superior TO N»I !??' "LUID or solid, cubebs, rhatany o* S DI L OPIATES known. These Capsules ALA eaees, and never fatiirue the Price 4s. 6d. per bottle. ltla for fyt giiiieir ^mglrxrm— NEWBERY & SONS, JATE.S TREET. LONDON. LOCAL AGENT. THOMAS, Chemist, Aberdare. EVAN DAVID, ^HvpyJ^ 1>ECORATOB, PAISTER, &C-, HIGH-STREET, ABERDARE. it* SXX W A large and varied Selection of Fnglish and French Panel Decorations and Paperljangings in RENAISSANCE, PO.MPEIAN, and ARAB- ESQUK Stales oo view, mounted to sbow the side of a room as finished at from J02 lOs. to S50 per room. Every description of Painter's work at Lowest Prices. ESTIMATES FURNISHED ON APPLICATION. FT WELL ST ED, BUILDER, PAINTER, PAPER HANGER, &C., Woodbine Cottage, Clifton Street, Aterdire. Jobbing of all kinds do%e expeditiously and Cheaply. —W- PAPER HANGINGS RANGING FROM 3JD. PER PIECE. ALL ORDERS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO. THOMAS WHITSTJLF JONES, A U C T I 0 NEE R -7 House AN D Commission Agent, 35, COMMERCIALVPLACE, ABERDARE. Auction Rooms and Second-hand Furniture Stores. WILLIAM DA VIES, (LATE TAFF VALE/RAILWAY,) FLOUR AND N MERCHANT, HOUSE AND GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT, v Clifton Street, Aberdare. C. It. V I D A L, 1, OXFORD-ROW, GADLVIO-ROAD, ABERDARE, Accountant, Commission and Estate Agent, RENT AND DEBT COLLECTOR. Agent for the London Assurance Corporation. NEW HATS FOR 187 3. HENRY LEWIS, II, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE, HAS JUST RECEIVED Several Crates of New Felt and Silk Hats, Also Several Cases of New SCARFS, TIES, COLLARS, GLOVES, &c., for the Season. CHRISTY'S BEST HATS ALWAYS KEPT IN STOCK.