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blix llofe. [A. CARD.l L. MOEKIS essrJ. E. G. Price Co.,) $&BL, & CONTRACTOR, VALUE PROPERTY for PARE BUILDING PLANS and undertake CONTRACTS &c. 3, street, Aberdare. 'H WALES LINE." ,M COMMUNICATION BETWEEN 3, ID X IF F AND THE if America and Cardiff. S3 Atlapf c~Steam Ship Com- nrst-cla&s full-powered Clyde 2&00 Tons 500 H.P. /2500 „ 500 „ 3000 „ 600 „ from Cardiff to New York, at through rates to all the 1e United States and Canada. are built expressly for this ) with all the latest conveni- ort and convenience of all a. ri, apply to E. G. PRICE, Emigration Offices, Aberdare. to Country Patients. Y LETTER WITHOUT FEE :minent Specialist for the cure of all es, will, for the benefit of Country nault him personally, on receiving e, send his opinion, with advice and successful restoration to health and correspondence containing questions in describing his case will be sent lirected envelope. s to Dr. Henry Smith. :eiveq.p to date March 22nd, indrad and Eighty written iti^fnts who reside in the coun- tacessful treatment conducted nly, [, S, Burton-Crescent, London, W.C. post free for Two Stamps, :ALTH; or ADVICE AND the cure of Nervous Debility. BY of the University oi Jena, Author lual," &c. ra is a New Medical Work ou the ,11 DISEASES of the Nervous System, TL ami Physical Depression, Palpita- in the Head and Kara, Indecision, ?mory, Indigestion, Loss of Energy I the Back, Timidity, Self-distrust, :tude, Groundless Fear., Weakness, tc-. resulting from Exhaustion ot 'STRUCTIONS for the development human body, how to acquire nealth Jng life- and avoid the infirmities I;ave been restored to health by the Illustrated with Testimonkls from 1], Free by post to any address, ou.receipt b, 8, B'irtOR-Cresaent, Loudon, W C rSED VICTUALLERS* TEA COMPANY, THETH .iPT'URXTKD AGENTS Y THE PUBLIC WITH JRE, AND UNADULTERATED, owest possible prices. re, in amber wrappars, nt 2a. por lb. In orange wrappers, at 2s. (lei. per lb. TRTA, in chocolate w rappers. at 3s. per lb. a Green Tea, in LISHT-green wrappers, very fine Black TEAR in dark blue and par lb. and 2oz., and in canisters of 21bs., pficket bears trade mnrk, name, & price. the PURE Tea Company's Teas. t: Qeorgfl'F. Smyth, Manager, ET, LONDON BRIDGE, S.E. KNIN G. — MESSRS. JAY are th experienced dressmakers and mil- any part of the kingdom, free of ex- LON THE em^rxoncieg of suddou or un- •E the Immediate execution of monrninrf them dresses. bonnets, and millinery, er yard and upwards from the PIECE, ALL LIKI at tlie same price as if purchased at USE in Reifont-street. Reasonable esti- HCNIHCHOLD mnnrnini? ,t great ,-ling THE LONDON GUN ERAT-I MOURN. S, 247, 219 and 251, Regont-st., London. nvTEDTG INTS, REPABED BY kU]-,T & CO., JTICAL CHEMISTS, VIVIBNNE, PARIS. [EDICINES offered to the years p,ist, none have been so geno- ledical Profession, AS those prepared d CK>. ;ions we may especially mention — & Co/s Guarana, i, speikiugof this production, asks :— jQ G-uarana ? tasted Guarapja. P ana agree with you P II be asked all over England s. in past- centuries, our ancestors ilior wlint tlwy tlionerbt, of those novel tea. GUARINIA prows in Brazil, and brub, peeled, dried, and reduced to ihis vpgatible production is sufficient most VIOLENT 8T0K HEAPACHK. 3 remedy AGAINST diarrhoea, soeedin? from DERANGEMENT of tlie This p >wder is iudlspousalile for all per packet. na. Asthma. M.AULT & Co.'s ttes of Cannabis Indica. rto employed to relieve Asthma have n varied form", based on belladonna, or opium. Iteoeut experiments niacU haveproved that onr Cigarettes made L ,an Heuip possess remarkable virtues as well as attainst nervous couqhs, senest, loss of voice, facial neuralgia, La. 9<1. per oase. o.'a Syrup and Wine of -I T_ ivim.ii xtars ana iron. resents, in an asrreeable firm, the active ivian Bark, the best of tonics, combined -he principal bases of the blood. It rapidly fretting stomach complaints caused by leg, and other discomforts to which ladies I also excellent for pale, lymphatic, and 1. Lastly, it excites the appetite, promotes extremely beneficial to all persons whose Impoverished by illness, or lonpr and d.fHcult ".rice—. Syrup, 2s. 9d. Wine, 4s. 6d. RIMAULT & Co.'a .Syrup of Horse Radish. best substitute for Cod liver Oil. It has by experiments made in the principal Hos. AT this Syrup has always produced results obtained from the abave-montioned Oil, ID ao disagreeable to take. tance can be artduccd in which pale, lym- ubject to swelling of the glands, to eruption the head or the face or other evidences utiou, have takeu this syrup without deriv- from its use. Price 4s. 6d. GRIMAULT & Co.'s Hyppphosphite of Lime. L emedy for all affections of the chest; it Actually prevents nocturnal perspiration, patient's strength. This syrup is the only since 1857, has invariably been attended results, a fact due to the purity of the aployed. Be sore to observe that it bears imault and Co. Price 2s. 9d. GRIMAULT & Co.'s tafole Matico Capsules. -Jil ot Matico, combined with the Balsam of MINISTERED in the form of Capsules, coated AS a. very active medicament, and is superior copaiba, liquid or eolid, cubebs, rhatauy or ) all the opiates known. Tht-se Capsules X&OBT obstinate CA^EE, aud never faticrue tlifi U. Prico is, 6d. per bobtle. tts far tbt Slnitrir — NEWBERY & SONS, 'ATE-STKEET, LONDON. LOCAL AGENT. THOMAS, Chemist, Aberdare. EVAN DAVID, &c., HIGH-STREET, ABERDARE. Xi> %'A large mid varied Selection'of English and Frcncli Panel Decorations Sj&2S$and Paperhangings in ,1eN AISSANCB, POSIPEIAN, and ARAB- ESQUE Styles on vieyf, mounted to show the side of a room as finished at from £ 2 10s. ip per room. Every description of Painter's work at Lowest Prices. ESTIMATES FURNISHED ON APPLICATION. VJ^ETIAN AND WIRE BLINDS MADE TO O-RDER. H. A. WELLSTE D, BUILDER, PAINTEB, PAPER HANGER, &C., Woodbine Cottage, .Clifton Street, Aberdire. Jobbing of all kinds done expeditiously and Cheaply. PAPER HANGINGS RANGING FROM 3|D. PER PIECE. ALL ORDERS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO. THOMAS WHIT SUN JONES, A U C T I ON E E R House A N D COM MI SS 10 N AQENT, 35, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE. 'i Auction Rooms and Be cnd-hand Furniture. Stores. C. It. V I D A L, 1, OXFORD-ROW, GADL^S-ROAD, ABERDARE, Accountant, House a/d Commission Agent, RENT AND \D-6BT COLLECTOR. Agent for the London Assurance Corporation. NEW 11 ATS FOR 187 3. HENRY LEWIS, II, COMMERCIAL PLACE, ABERDARE, HAS JD3X LIVED Several Crates wf New Felt and Silk Hats, Also Several Cases of New SCARFS, TIES, COLLAHS, GLOVES, &c., for the Season. CHRISTY'S BEST HATS ALWAYS KEPT IN STOCK. LEWIS H. EVANS, House, Sigu, Ornamental Painter anil Glazier, PAPER HAS GEE, &c., 9, WHITCOMBE-STltEET, ABERDARE. All Orders punctually attended to. Aberdare, Mountain Ash, and Hirwain Co-operative Permanent Benefit Building Society. I Shares, £10 each—Entrance Fee, Gd, per Share. The Shares may be paid up in one sum, or by instalments, either monthly or quarterly, &c. Monthly instalments from One Shilling and upwards, accordiug to the nuitiber of yearswhich they run. Each Member is unlimited as to the number of Shares he may hold, aud no liability can attach to any investor. TRUSTEES Mr. W. Morris, Commercial-place; Mr. W. Dyke, Commercial-place. DIRECTORS: Mr. W. Dyke, Commercial-place Mr. B. Evans, Cwmbnch Mr. W. Morris, Mr. J. Hughes, Clifton-street Mr. W. Lloyd, Canon street Mr. J. Hamraett, Werfa Mr. J. W. McEwen, Station-street Mr. E. David, High-street Mr. David Davies, Cation-stre, t Air. D. C. Bayne, Maendy-place Mr. Richard Jones, Clifton-street Mr. H. A Wellstead, Clifton-street Mr. John James, Olohter-street Mr, Theophilu» Williams, Aberaman Mr. Leyshon Rhys, Bwllfa Mr. John Rees, Cwmbach. SOLICITORS: Messrs. Rosser and Phillips, Canon-street. PURVEYOR :Mr.EvanGrimtha, High street. SECRETARY" Mr. C. R. Vidal, Gadlys-road. lJANKEES Messrs. Wilkins & Co., Aberdare. OBJECTS OF THE S0C1LTY.— First—For the easy, saf-, and profitable investment of the saviugs of industrious individuals, in <-itht-r large or small sums. Second—To lend money to its Members for the following objr-cts :—(!) To buy freehold or leasehold property. (2) To erect or improve buildings. (3) To pay. off existing Mortgages. (4) To raise money, for business or other purposes, by mortgage of property. INVESTING DEPARTMENT. — First-For individual or family provision, either for sickness or old age. Second—For apprenticing or starting children in business, &c. Third—For Securing marriage portions. Fourth—For the remunerative investment of sums of mOIHY preparatory to borrowing of the society for purchasing or building a bouse. Fifth—A person making a monthly payment of 13s. 4d. for ten, or 7s. 6d. for fifteen years, will receive, at the end of that time, £100 and his share of the surplus profits of the Society by way of bonus. BORROWING- DEPARTMENT.— Borrowers may out"in ndvances of money on mortgage of either freehold or leasehold property, which they may use for any purpose they desire. Tables of rates for tile subscriptions of either investing or borrowing members may bj had on application to the Secretary. Members can be enrolled from half-past Six to Eight o'clock, every Monday and Thursday, at the Aberdare Library and Reading Room. THE FIRST SUBSCRIPTION MEETING Will take place on Monday Evening, 14th July, aud the seoond Monday Evening in every month following.

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