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tJ uh Iit itofe, [A CARD.l TA L. MORRIS ■o Messrs. E. G. Price$Co.,) BUILDER, & CONTRACTOR, to VALUE PROPERTY for PREPARE BUILDING PLANS oard, and undertake CONTRACTS 1, &c., &c. ILLAS, ton Street, Aberdare. OUTH WALES LINE." TEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN R D I IF IF AND THE es of America and Cardiff. Wales Atlant c-Steam Ship Com. ew First-class tall-powered Clyde 2500 Tons 500 H.P. 2500 „ 500 „ N ..3000 „ 600 „ arly from Cardiff to New York, igers at through rates to all the in the United States and Canada. ilhips are built expressly for this d up with all the latest conveni- Jomfort and convenience of all ngerø. lation, apply to E. G. PRICE, Emigration Offices, Aberdare, nt to Country Patients. N BY LETTER WITHOUT FEE the Eminent Specialist for the cure of all •iseases, will, for the benefit ef Country )t consult hkn personally, on receiving r Case, send his opinion, with advice and Inost suoeessful restoration to health and "m of correspondence containing questions *tient in describing his case will be sent ig a directed envelope. mials to Dr. Henry Smith. is received up to date March 22nd, Hundred and Eighty written n Patients who reside in the coun- isjsuccesaful treatment conducted ee onlya- UlTH, ji, Bnrton-Creecent, London, W.C. ishe<^ post free for Two Stamps, HliALTH; or ADVICE AND for the cure of Nervous Debility. By M.D. of the University 01 Jena, Author Manual," &c. B4LTH is a New Medical Work ou the of all Disesi-es of the Nervous System, rlentsl an.I Physical Depression, Palpita- foieef in the Head acd Ears, Indecision, cl Memory, Indigestion, Loss ot Energy as in the Back, Timidity, Self-distrust, f Sol'tude, Groundless Fears, Weakness, on, &c.. resulting irom Exhaustion ot ? INSIKUC1 IONS for the development the human body, how to acquire health re long life, and avoid the infirmities ands have been restored to health by the book. Illustrated with Testimonials frem ent Free by post to any address, on,receipt PB. Smith, 8, Burton-Crescent, London, W C VrCTtTALLERb- E TEA COMPANY, lIy TItBIR APPOINTED AGENTS CpPLT THH. PUBLIC WITH PURE, AND UNADULTERATED It lowest possible pricos. d -Q-, tn amber wrappers, at 2s. per lb. ?*• *n ontrifre wrappers, at 2s. 6d. per lb. '*ed Tej .in chocolate wrappers, at 3s. per 11}. I oYllne Green Tea. in light-green wrapper. fid'Jw'l'b Black Teat 111 hlno and j iaoi> nrl^ ioz., and in canisters of 21b3., Packet bears trade mark, name, & price, VrjJ 'to* PURE Tea Company's Tea^ Dt-VII Q°oT%f\ P. Smyth, Manager, LONDON BRIDGE, S.E- y UR^ IIvG. — Messrs. JAY are el experienced dressmakers and mil* J?, any part of the kingdom, free of ex- the emergencies of sudden or nn- #la I 6 Immediate execution of mourmnj? cn them dresses, bonnets, and millinery, r '^r yard nud upwards from the piece, all w. an.l at the same price as if purchased at «nou»e ir| Resrent-street. Reasonable esti- i,Ior honsKhold monrnin* at a jfreat savins p1* THE LONDON GENERAL MOURN. ^8*5. 217. 240, and 251, ftegent-st.. London. H MEDICINES"; ■PREPARED BY MAUI,T & CO., BUTICAL CHEMISTS, ttJE VIVIIENNH, PARIS. a MEDICINES offered to the pnst, none have bees so pene- ■Medical Profession, as those prepared t and Co. "Rations we may especially mention & Co.'s Q-uarana. 1872. speaking of this produotion, Mke t-< like Guarana ? jji tasted Guarana P Parana agree with you ? \wiII "frhiips be asked Bit over Kngland ,u R.8/ 'n past eent.nries, our ancestors and ♦ r they thought of thoFencrvel a v> Trowl in Brazil, and Bt>ri.b, peeled, dried, and reduced to fkl vegetable production is sufficient yIOLK?T SICK HEADACHR. 'e remedy against diarrhcea, dyrenteru, r??)e?''n,2 from derangement of the U, ™his powder is indispensable for all "*»• per packet, SSjja. Asthma. RfMADTiT & Co.'a ,rettes of Cannabis Indica. tb.;to employed to relieve Asthma have nn Varifl form?, based on belladonna, ftl^i.°r °P'um- Recont experiments msd* [0j. aTe Proped that onr Cisrarettes mnde Hemp possess remarkable virtues lo«r 88 We M R*R'nst Hereon* couqlit, ¡,>rUlle_" tall (of voice, faeial neuralgia, oe In. 9,¡. per case. ^P.'s Syrup and Wine of ?iall Bark and Iron. >u an agreeable form, the active 10 the best of tonios, combined "M«t 1C'Pftl bases of the blood. It rapidly « nn'j 'tomach complaints caused by al*<? °^or discomforts to which ladies o excellent for pale, lymphatic, and XtrraS^y* 'Xcitet the appetite, proinote^ beneficial to all persons whoso r: r*h<>d by illness, or lontr and ditScult *«e~ oyrup, 2s. 9d.; Wine, 4s. 6J. JiMAULT & Co.'a pup of Horse Radish. tHb»titute for Cod liver Oil. It ha» t th^CIBIncn^;8 ma^e 'n the priucipal Hos- ohfW oyrup has always produced results I ■„lne<' from thp. above-mentioned Oil, ^iTOble to take. bip_f he adduccd in which pale, lym- 1(J V Bwellini; of the glands, to eruption -ion b °r "'e face» cr other evidences rom'uave this syrup without deriv. i ivt» use. Price 4s. 6d. ^IIVIAULT & Co.'s ^Pophosphite of Lime. Sffl, 'or alt'ections of the chest; it *tient? Ppevel>ts nocturnal perspiration, inCe isk-7 This syrup M the only ^esultp^ x invariably been attended 'loved r, dije to the purity of the tault 8ure to observe that it bears «it and Co. Price 2s. 0d. 'JIMAULT & Co.'s ^6 Matico Capsules. 'inU^aHc°» 0(;iIibiued witb the Balsam of a 111 thB form of Capsules, coated and is superior all B, liquid or solid, cubebs, rhatany or 11 the opiate8 known. These Capsules V: ybstinate cases, and never fatigue the ritJe 4s. 6d. per bottle. S EWBERY & SONS, iTE-S TREET, LONDON. LOCAL AGENT. 'ROMAS, Chemist, Aberdare, EVAN DAVID, DECORATOR, PAUSTTESB, &c., HIGH-STREET, ABERDARE. A large and varied Selection of Englisli and French Panel Decorations and Paperhangings in RENAISSANCE, POMPRIAN, and AltAB- ESQUE Styles on view, mounted to show the side of a room as finished at from 92 10s. to f50 per room. Every description of Painter's work at Loivest Prices. ESTIMATES FURNISHED ON APPLICATION. VENETIAN AND WIRE BLINDS MADE TO ORDER. H. A. WELLSTED, BUILDER, PAINTER, PAPER HANGER, &C., Woodbine Cottage, Clifton Street, Aberdire. Jobbing of all kinds done/ expeditiously and Cheaply. J PAPER HANGINGS RANGING FROM lit). PER PIECE. ALL ORDERS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO. =- THOMAS WHITSUN JONES, AUCTIONEER, HOUSE AND COMMISSION AGENT, 35, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE. .=:=:-=-==-=-==:=- Auction Rooms and Secnd-hand Furniture Stores. C. it. VIDAL, 1, OXFORD-ROW, GADLYS ROAD, ABERDARE, Accountant, House and/Commission Agent, RENT AND DEpT COLLECTOR. Agent for the London Assurance Corporation. NEW HATS FOR 187 3. HEN 11Y LEWIS, II, COMMERCIAL PLACE, ABERDARE, HAS JUST RECEIVED Several Crates of New Felt and Silk Hats, Also Several Cases of New SCARFS, TIES, COLLARS, GLOVES, &c., for the Season. CHRISTY'S BEST HATS ALWAYS KEPT IN STOCK. LEWIS H. EVANS, House, Sign, Ornamental- Painter and Glazier, J PAPER HANGER, &c., 9, WHITCOMBK-STKEET, ABERDARE. All Orders puncluull] attended to. Aberdare, Mountain Ash, and Hirwain .Co-operative Permanent Benefit Building Society. Shares7 £ 1 0 each—Entrance Fee, 6d. per Share. The Shares may be paid up in one sum, or by instalments, either monthly or quarterly, &c. Monthly instalments from One Shilling and upwards, according to the number of years which they run. Each Member is unlimited as to the number of Shares he may hold, and no liability can attach to any investor. TRUSTEES: Mr. W. Morris, Commercial-place; Mr. W. Dyke, Commercial-place. DIltECTOltS: Mr. W. Dyke, Commercial-place Mr. B. Evans, Cwmbach Mr. W. Morris, Mr. J. Hughes, Clifton-street Mr. W. Lloyd, Canon street Mr. J. Hammett, Werfa Mr. J. W. McEwen. Station-street Mr. E. David, High-street Mr. David Davies, Canon-streft Mr. D. C. Bayne, Maendy-place Mr. Richard Jones, Clifton-street Mr. H. A Wellstead, Clifton-street Mr. John James, Gloster-street Mr. Theophilua Williams, Aberaman Mr. Leyshon Rhys, Bvvllfa Mr. John lties, Cwmbach. SOLICITORS: Messrs. Rosser and Phillips, Canon-street. SURVEYOR: Mr. Evan Griffiths, High street. SECRETARY: Mr. C. R. Vidal, Gadlys-road. BANKERS Messrs. Wilkins & Co., Aberdare. OBJECTS OF THE SOCI LITY.- Fint- For the easy, safr, and profitable investment of the savings of industrious individuals, in either large or small sums. Second—To lend money to its Members for the following objects — (1) To buy freehold or leasehold property. (2) To erect or improve buildings. (3) To pay otf existing Mortgages. (4) To raise money, for business or other purposes, by mortgage of property. INVES 11NG DEPAKTMENT. — First-For individual or family provision, either for sickness or old age. Second-For apprenticing or starting children in business, &c. Third—For Securin"- marriage portions. Fourth—For the remunerative investment of sums of money preparatory to borrowing of the society for purchasing or building a house. Fifth—A person making a monthly payment of 13s. 4d. for ten, or 7s. 6d. for fifteen years, will receive, at the end of that time, £100 and his share of the surplus profits of the Society by way of bonus. BORROWING DEPARTMENT.— Borrowers may obtiin advances of money on mortgage of either freehold or leasehold property, which they may use for any purpose they desire. Tables of rates for the subscriptions of either investing or borrowing members may be had on application to the Secretary. Members can be enrolled from half-past Six to Eight o'clock, every Monday and Thursday, at the Aberdare Library and Reading Room. THE FIRST SUBSCRIPTION MEETING Will take place on Monday Evening, 14th July, and the second Monday Evening in every month following. LLYFIiAU CYMREIG, AR WERT El GAN JONES A I MAB 31, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE. Pris cyhoeddedig. lJr "■ cynygedig Esboniad Burkitt ar y Testament Newydd 1 li 6 1 8] *0 Eto, vn rhwylll 1 10 0 Esboniad y Parch Christmas Evans ar Lyfr Dadgllddiad 0 2 6 0 2 6 Geiriadur Duwinyddol ac Ysgrythyrol gan y diweddar Parch J. T. Jones (J 6 0 0 6 0 Hanes y Ncf a'r Ddaear.eto ..0 1,'j o o 13 0 Daearyddiaeth YTsgrythyrol, eto 0 13 0 0 13 0 Parhad mewn Gras, eto 4'0 6 0 0 4 Hanes Alfred Fawr, &c., etc # ..01o 0 1 0 Athloniacth Trefn Iachawdwriaeth gan Walker, yn rhwym ..016 013 Traethawd ar y Prynedigaeth gan Dr. Lewis 0 I o 0 o 6 Traethawd ar Swyddogaeth Barn, a Daifelydd, gan y Parch. W. Jonps, Ncfyn -016016 OratoriaMorTiberias •• 0 8 0 080 Drych i Blentyn, gan y diweddar D. Evans, Penygraig, y dwsin ..010 0 o 9 Rhodd Mam, y dwsin 0 1 o 0 0 6 TyTadyrIesu,npuoIygiadauaryNef,ynrbwym 0 2 G 0 2 6 Udgorn Sion, (IJyfrau Tonau) 0 2 6 0 2 6 Clorian y Cysegr •• -.040 03 (j Eglwys Crist, gan y Parch. H. Jones, Caerfyrddiu •• -.0 3 6 0 3 G Hanes Bywyd Due Wellington •• -.0 2 6 0 2 0 Geiriadur Arlonwyson, awdwr Trysorfa yr Athrayvon, at wasanaeth yr Ysgol Sabbathol •• -.Olo 0 1 0 Anianyddiaeth sefyllfa ddyfodul Dr. Dick 0 3 6 03G Cofiant y Parch. W. Havard 0 1 0 0 0 !I Hanes Ninefeh, yn rhwyni 0 6 0 0 6 0 Catecism y Purch. D. Davies, Pantteg, y dwsiu 0 o 0 2 6 Eto, y Parch. W. Davios, Rhydyceisiaid, eto 0 3 Q 0 2 G II [STATIONERY & FANCY WAREHOUSE "ABERDAKE TIMES" OFFICE, 31, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE. JONES & SON, PRINTERS, BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, &c., DESIRE to inform the PUBLIC that th^y liavo iust received a large and varied assortment of PLAIN and FANCY STATIONERY anu FANCY GOODS, suitable for PRESENTS, &c., to which they invite attention. A large Stock of Musical Instruments, including Concertina*, Flutes, Banjos, Tambourines, Drums Harmonicars, Mouth Organs, &c. The largest and best selected Stock in Town of fiOME and FOREIGN PvIADE TOYS. Dolls UK great variety, Chess, Drafts, and Draftboards, Dominoes, Roulette Games, &c. Workboxes, Money Boxes, Fancy Boxes, Riminel's Soap and Perfumery, Ink and Inkstands, Conversation Cards, &c. Combs and Brushes of the best quality. Pipes and Tobacco Pouches, Cigar Cases. Ladies' Bags, Purses, Albums, &c., &c. -:0:- OBSERVE THE ADDRESS- "ABERDARE TIMES" OFFICE, 31, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE. imi it p | I i (, ■~>)Mlisht GNLYON ihe EQX M THE PUBLIC ARE CAUTIONE0 AGAINST 7v I R. C. LEACH BILL POSTER AND TOWN CRIER, G3, sCardiff-ifreet, ABERDARE. All orders promptly attended to. No connection with any other Bill Poster. ~YJ ESSRS. MASON & CO., STOCK and SUA RE DEALERS, 12, Great Win- chester street, London, E.C. Holders of Mining Shares difficult of sale in the open market may find purchasers for same through Messrs. Mason and Co's agency. Every description of Shares bought and sold at the best market prices. M Daily Price List on application. DIt. HUNTER'S Special Lectures to Young Men,on HEALTH, ITS RESTORATION, AND HAPPY MARRIAGES.—When to marry, with advice to those who contemplate marriage, pointing out certain impediments which render married life Hjihappy, and directions for their speedy removal. Should be- read by ail who vJue health, stirength, and manhood, and wish to attain a happy old age.-Post free on receipt o two stamps,—Address, Secretary, Institute o Anatomy, Birmingham. ESTABLISHED 1860. SECURITY IN CREDITING. FLINT iND CO.'S BKIT1SII ANU FOREIGN COMMERCIAL INQUIRY OFFICES. Head Offices Cheapside, and 1, Bow Lane, E C. Bra.tlches-M anchester 88, Mosoly-street, and 6, 8, and 10, Bond-street; Blackburn, 3, lucfcetts-st.reet; Leicester, 42, Helvoir-street Kdinburgb, ri, Princes-street New. castle, 53, <irev-street; Glasgow, -<J. KenlieUt-street, Ar^ryle-street; Cork, 70, South Mall; Dublin, io Henry- street. IN the interests of trade, and at a heavy ex- <. penditure of time and capital, these Offices have been established. The Agents and Correspondents, both British and Foreign, have been selected with care.^ Constant communication is maintained with the various Bureaux des lienseignements of the Con- tinent, the Intelligence Offices of the United States, and the British-American, Indian, Aus- tralian, and other Colonies.. A trusted confidential vehicle of information a plain answer to a plain questions given. Truth in the report, safety X the transaction, is the end desired and sought/for. What Members are entilted to for £3 ?<—- ENTITLED to- 40 Inquiries on Great Britiiin- 4 three E!tiil ps each Inquiry—every inquiry gent to three or tour cor- respondents. „ Gazeke /eekly, and index quarterly (rjgfsler contains over a million names.) Any additional number ot inquiries at Is. 9d. each. „ Legal advice at any time, or any num- ber of times, free of charge, on any commercial question. Debts applied for subject to the follow- ing commission 5 per cent, from 1;2 to A;20 H per cent, from E20 to £100, and It per cent. beyond or subjeot to prior special arrange- ment. „ Monthly settlements. Facts fur Members: This Office make each and even/ inquiry (no matter how closely it follows on a previous inquiry) the subject of a fresh investigation. References to more than 10,000 firms. Our system of Debt Collecting is much approved 1. Our Registers and Reference to Correspond- ents at once show Debtors ability to pay. 2. No spending good money after bad. 3. Special facilities in County Courts. 4. Judgment against Debtor in 12 days. 5. Attendance to prove debt unnecessary. G. Commission. 5 per cent. under zC20, 2 £ p^r cent. above. 7. Prompt Remittance. A carefully revised list of Swindlers, with then latest aliases kept at this office. NOTICE.- Ii this office, a Debt, after ap-" lication is made, is not Kit to die a natural death. Promp, efficient, and voluntary adviee is given to Subscribers as to best means of recovering sam". If in London, a clerk waits upon him (inthr country, by post) and obtains from him such iu struotions as will enable us to recover debt with- out any further trouble to Subscriber, and with- out any attendance of Subscribers being neces- sary. Trims £ 3 3s., 1:5 5s., and £ 10 10s. and upwards, pei annum. N.B.-Banks and their branches contracted for Is.? All telegrams, Accounts for Collation, Com- mercial Inquiries, and all other communica- tions to tlie London Office oniv. Drat t- crossed National Provincial Back of FIig land, to CO., London. j ABERDARE COMMERCIAL AND CLASSICAL SCHOOL, CONDUCTED BY THE REV. J. JOSEPH GEORGE. ESTABLISHED 18G5. Education thorough conducted an sound prin- ciples. Separate attention is given to each Pupil. Tf.kms:— £ 1 Is. and 15s. Duties will be RESUMED on TUESDAY, July 22nd, 1873. NOTICE. | GEO R G VT~1>XRKER, (Son of the late David Parker,) PLASTERER, & c., 69, YNYSLWYD STREET, ABERDARE, DESIRES to inarm the friends of his late father, akd- the public generally, that he intends carrying on the business as hereto- fore, and hopes, by strict attention to all orders entrusted to bis care, combined with moderate charges, to merit a share of public support. Cement and Sand supplied upon reasonable terms. A SINCERE VOICE OF WARNING AGAINST QUACKS, or an unerring guide to the Nervous and Debilated, by J. L. PulvermaCUer. An infallible means of detect- ing the Quack Doctor, and thus preventing the above class of Patients from falling into his clutches, a danger into which they are likely to be entrapped through liis specious and enticing forms of advertisements and Treatises. The well khowjif name and position of the J author is a sufficient guarantee of the truth of his statement. To be had of any Bookseller, or direct of J. L. Pulvermnclier, Galvanic Establishment, 1B8, Regent Street, VV., London. KAYE'S WORSDELLIS PILLS HAVE relieved and Cared thousands afflicted in almost every possible way. They purify the blood, and go at once to the root of disease. i v mwt IB" ij?811 1 ^li ■ i ■ Impurities of the Blopd. Those wornlerfnl rills arp vnlncd at tV.iv?mmW<,Rt hearths as veil as 111 the ): ii;-e:i of euml^rt and vyiCiji. Tiie) wei K i thorough vurifuiitioii lliroughout the system, wUlinnr <li -<irdei intr the I'Mtural fiction of any AirK;tn, an>l era.ilie.ite those jrftrrrn ot eom^.laints ^liich cousi^i lin.s uf thuUMUiils h hil early grave. I" Bronchitis, Diplitheyla, Coughs, and co;ds. No fUcpaKe* are Tnore frequent, and for mw flano;prAus tlirtn alfixtiuiiS of the r<f-pirat'<i y organs; iLo c friv. n-.e t.<> more futal makuiies thtii a Simple Cokl." 'Ibc fi. !» vtou.s miy always be removed by tliewi n-uowned 1 ill S! quickly remedy til- stafmation of blood, moderate ti.e • i 11 ..1 li hill?;, and enable the wind-pipe and luligi to per- v.iu their fuuetioas with ease and regularity. Debility, LOss of Appetite, Headache, ly and Lowness of Spirits. These riB. Tvil1, in ft fw dItYf', effect a truly wonderful in I (no matter their cxcitii.R \,i: -e), as :hev CP. ate a h;.alfbr appetite correct mdiges- ii remove of bile, i.vrromo giddiness, confusion, v'„ k'hea.lae a:.d all th-.sp elo my forebodings aiising from a bad atoma il ur disordered diges.ioii. The Medicine for Females, Young and Old. 0 For ovorco'Tiinpr all f b-tructions and restoring suspended Peer;'ti i s, thiie is no me ieine to be to these Pills. Univ.T-aliy a-'lop ed as the one grand vemedy for Feinak » nip'a liese fills iiiot fail, they strengthen the svstem, UI,a a; .a 'bring about what is required. To females ei'tciing ■ to womanhood, or at Hie turn of life, they are invaluable, ing a ii. rfect safe-tniavd against dropsy, lieadaches, |ia'pita- i;,1 cf the heart, and all uervous affections often distiewjiiig at ll1væ periods. Nervous Disorders. Any florargement of the nerves effects disa^rmislv both •the body ai d the uiind. To the nervous invalid tie-so I'lll- air uf vital necessity, as tbey impart tone and vigour to thonsvrnal orgai s, and consequently to the nervous system which per- vades and connects them. The Tills and Ointment are sold at Professor noj.T.owAY's Establishment, 533, Oxford Street, London; aIm by nearly very respectitble Vendor of Medicine throughout the Civilis. d World, in Boxes and Pots, at Is. ljd., 2s. Ud 4-. Gd., lis., 22s., and 33s. each. The smallest Ih. of Pills contains fuur dozen I and the smallest l'ot of Ointment one ounce, Full printed directions are affixed to each Box and Pot, and can be had in any language, even in Turkish, Aiabie, Armenian, Tension, or CLuitsg. a No. 13-3. G L HN F E L I) "p |t Js the only kind us^cl in Artv^ll jjer Majestys Laundry. If there' are any Ladies who have not yet used he GLENFIELD STARCH, they are respect. I fully solicited to give it a trial, and carefull) follow out the directions printed on every pack- tag", and if this is done, They will say, like the Queen's Levndres.< It is the finest STARCH they ever used. WHEN YOU ASK FOR GLENFIELD STARCH, See that Y-Li g-et it, as inferior kinds an oiiiii substituted for the sake of extra proiits. Beware therefore of spurious imitations. THE GREAT BLOOD PUEIEIEE. THOMPSON'S BURDOCK PILLS. THE extraordinary power and medical proper- tics of the extract of Burdock surpasses everything yet known in meeibnes in its singu lar influence over the blood, which it purifies, strengthens, and enriches, and tiius gives health and strength to the greatest suilVrers. The Bur. dock Pills remove all Pimples and Blotches on the body. and clear the blood from all impure matter, from whatevtr cause arising. THE BLOOD, STOMACH, & LIVER. In those Pills will be found a most etiicaeious remedy for all derangement of tho ij^estive or- gans, and for torpid action of the liver and bowels whicn produce indigesMon, and the several vaii- eties of bilious and liver complaints. They speed- ily remove the irritation and fevtrish state of the stomach allay spasms—correct the morbid con- dition of the liver and organs subservient to diges tion-promote a due and healthy secretion of (¡He, and relieve the constitution of all gouty matt'r and other impurities, which, by circulating in the blood, must injuriously affect the action of the kidneys. Thus, by removing the causes pro- ductive of so much discomfort, they restore the ener^es both of body and mind and by the use of Burdock Pills the foulest blood is purified, and every disease of the liver, stomiich, and head, is I cured, and brought under subjection by the px- traordinary curative power of the Great Blood Purifier, Thompson's Burdock Pill. PILES, GRAVEL, AND PAINS IN t'1iE BACK. All suffering from those j)ainfutcompl..rts: should be aware that they proceed from the- tl .1 state u; the blood, when the Burdock Pills shoutr be immediately taken, as they s >eedily cure the most obstinate complaints after all other remedies have failed. COUGHS, ASTHMA, SHORTNESS OK BREATH, AND ALL COMPLAINTS OF THE CHEST AND IUNGS. Every disease of the chest and lungs may he truly attributed to the morbid matter exiting in the blood, which developes itself into incipient and pectoral complaints, and when neglected or improperly treated, their ravages are so rapid that fatal diseases are the result, s,u<'h as decline, asthma, bronchitis, or pulmonary consumption. The Great Blood Puriiier, Thompson's Burdock Pills, should he freely taken on the slightest symptoms, as they go to the root of the diseases, by cleansing the blood and regulating the bow, Is, that life may be prolonged and illness prevented. FEMALE COMPLAINTS. The Burdock Pills are a medicine long known for their very uncommon virtue in removing j those obstructions, and other disorders more especially incidental to the younger portion of the female sex. They remove all obstructions, heavi- ness, fatigue on slight exertion, palpitation of the heart, lowness of spirits, weakness, and allay pain, head-aches, giddiness, hysterical diseases, &c. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER CURES THE FOLLOWING COMPLAIN IS. Indigestion, wind in the stomach and bowels, palpitation of the heart, liver complaints, bilious obstructions, asthma, tightness on the chest, lum- bago, piles, gravel, pains in the back, scurvy, sore eyes, M'-ad legs, sore throats, sore heads, white swellings, scrofula, king's evil,'secondary symptoms, tic doloreux, retentiunof urine, rheuma- tism, debility, dropsy, jaundice, diabetis, femafe irregularities, weakness, worms, fits, St. Anthony's dance, and fevers of all kinds. Those Pills may be had from allXhemists, and I Patent Medicine Vendors, in boxes at Is. I'd. and 2s. 9d. per box, or direct from the estab- lishment, No. 31. High-street, "Swansea, for 15 stamps. Horniman's Pure Tea is the Best &, Cheapest. c. The valuable properties of ten exist, only in the young leaves. HORNIMAN'S TEA, selected from tho, choirp sprinq crithcrin^, without the usual mineral powder on the leaf,—M very strong and delirious in flavour; bcinsr sold only in PACKETS, vmform quality and rrnl cheapness is Lniarnnteed. LOCAL AGENTS Aberdare. i vans, eheioist JiOllafalll..t.<h II hite, chemist Jones, chemist PoiifijpriJd.3nii\ei, chemist Thomas, ehemist Jjualiiin Hancock, chemist Merthjir Kees, chemist L'1'¡,,1' .fones, ehemist Stephens, ehemist Droroa ii^hfls, bookseller Hirwain George, chemist ^waufea..Richards, chemist Horniman's AGENTS in 'very town, 2,538 Chosr.iols, &r. CARDIFF TO NEW YORK. *Kj» "rxiKEOT STEAM COMMUNI- Xy CATION BETWEEN THE BRISTOL CHANNEL AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND «. CANADA. The SOUTH WALES ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S New, first-class, full-powered, Clyde;, built Steamships, GLAMORGAN 2,.j(>0 Tong 500 h r>. PKMI5ROKK 2,.3M) Tons 500 h.ii CALlMARl HEN U,0i,0 Tons (jofl h.p. Or other 1 iist-cLiss Steamers, will sail regularly between CARDIFF AND NEW YOBK The Steamships are built expressly for the Trade and titted-np with all the latest improvements for the comfort and convenience of Cabin and Steerage Passengers. Steerage passengers provided with mattresses. A Stewardess carried for the female emigrant-. The GLAMORGAN will sail on Saturday, tIe '2th July, to be followed by the PEMBROKE- Fur further particulars, apply to BRISTOL B"d.:ett. James, II, king reel S\\ ANSBA lii linni-on <&<'< NEW POUT VV. Jones, He.inl & Co. OLOUUESTlSK W O- |jac,;y Co" l'ONIYPOOl, r waite .y bop. PONTY1'It 11)1) »h-xan<ler Brothers RISCA John R. iaj.or MKRTHVH TY1)FIL.V. J 1're-swell, l, Castle-street AUKKDAKE ,B- 'rice „ ..Isaac Tliomas, ?4, beyu»our strn-t MA EST EG ot"j u HRYNMAWR A'n- Ju d) ^eaufnrt House or at the Comi any s Ollioe, 1, Dock Chambers Cardiff ,:fWN VV'f" LAND. Mima-rar SPECIAL NOTICE. T II ffi rf EET J*BL b MR. HICIIARD n. BOULTOl ¡". SURGEON DENTIST, dT' CAMBRIAN PLAC CROCKHEH,BTOV, CARDIFF, Attends at ?,Ir. T. Vvr. EVANS'S, Chemist Commercial street, Al'F.RDARE, the first FR1 DAY in each monih, from One to Six o'clock. Established over Ticenty Years. 2HZZZH Recon-mended by the principal Physicians and Surg- «.iis in t!te county*. Artificial TEETH un- rivv.'b.'ti for be;iuiv. comfort, &c., from 4-| to 2i Guineas the compiete set. Filling, Extracting, &c Dates of attendance June (3th, July 4th, and August 1st. IMPORTANT NOTICE. A. W. WHEELER; DYER AND SCOUIIER, 12, DU <E-STREET, ,^BERDARE^ -:r- Men and Loys' Clothea"carefully Cleaned and Pressed at tJlé shortest notice. Carpets, Druggets, and Hearth Rugs Cleaned. Ladies' Cloth Jackets, Mantles, and Kid Gloves Cleaned and Dyed; TO THE NOBILITY, GENTltY, AND PUBLIC OF ABERDARE. GEO. B. JE AN ES GARDEN ES, 21, CANON-STREET, ABERDARE, IN soliciting the favour of their patronage, ac- jL sirts to inform all whom it may concern that be ir,tends carrying on the above line of Business 1': all its branches. Having had c 11- sidernble experience the last 20 years, he ;a therefore prepared to carry out anything tii..c may be trusted to his eare. Gardens, Greenhouses, Stoves, &c., contracted for by the year, month, or day. New Garden< made and laid out in the neatest styles a:>- Croquet and Cricket Grounds formed with des- patch, and all kinds of excavations taken i.- hand. All work will meet with G. B. J's person il superinl endeiice. "IT'OR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE."— JL See Douterouomy, chap, xii., verse 23. WORLD FAMED 7 r ..1'1 r. Trade Mark, Blood Mixture." THE CREAT BLOOD PURIFIER S RESTORER tor g and clearing the bloodj^om ail impurities, can- not be too highly- rejwmmended. For Scrofula., Scurvy, Skin Diseases, and sores of all kindt t is a never-Tailing and pbrfnan^it cure. It Cures Old Sores Curci r leeriited Sores on the neck, <'u>-ef)-U!cerated Sore Legs Cut-F. Bi"kheAds., or Pimples on the gaep Curerf ;0; curvy Sores. Cures Canetrous Ulcer Cures Riood and Skin DisMseg Cu'-es Glandular Swellings Clears the Blood from all impure Matter, From whatever eause arising. As this mixture is pleasant to the tastb, and war-, ranted free from anything injurious to the niost delicate constitution of either sex, the Proprietor. solicits sufferers to give it a. trial. to test its value. 1 Thousands of testimonials from all parts. Soul in Lottlesj 2s 3d. each, and. in cases, con- taining six times the quantity, Us each-sufficient to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of long standing cases.-by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the United Kingdom, and the world, or sent to any address on receipt ok 27 or 102 stamps by F. J. Ciarke Chemist, High-street, Lincoln. "Vhcjesale All Patent Medicine Houses. SHORTEST, QUrCKEST, AND SAFEST KOUTfr TO AMERICA. GUION LINE. United Statea Mail Steam ere., Oae of the fallowing or.itluir first-class full 1 power Steamships will be despatched from LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK EVISRT WED NKSDAY AND FRIDAY Captain. Captain. WYOMING .1. Morgan MiNjffesoxA. Jas.Gusrd; WISCONSIN!W.Freeman Manhattan J.B.Price. Idatio. T. F. Freeman 1 Ai6>'TANA. Jas Pncc. NEVADA .W. Forsyth t)AKoTA Building: ..J Are ioteaded t4 oail as follows :— Mwnhattan .f. Wednesday, 16th July. Wyoming V. Wednesday, 2.3rd „ Id tho Wednesday, 30th Minnesota Wedne.-day, 6th August. Calling at QUEENSTOWN the following- day to embark Passengers Hates of Passage from Liverpool to New York Cabin Passage £1.5 15B., £18 18s., and £ 21. Steeragp Passage £ r> (jg. The latter includes an unlimited supply of pro- visions, cooked and served up by the Company's stewards. For passage, apply to GUION & CO., 11, Rumford-stt-eet, 25, Water-street, and Ho, WaHrloo road; Or JAS, SCOif i r;o" (iueenstow it, Ireland; WM. lIAR HIS, If), Harriet-street, Tneynon. Aberdare; HEMLYM. SKOGAN, 2 Seymour. Place. Aberdare. Juet Published for Two Stamps TO THE NKRYUUS AND DEBILITATKQ. Read the New Publieaticm by Bb. J. A. HAEXRS. M D., (U.S.) eniitled 1VTEitVOUS DEBILITY, or WORDS Ojr 1_^ WARNING. A Treatise on the Causes^ Symptoms, and treatment of Nervousness, allq Exhausted Vitality. The Author lias for years given his exclusive tt., tel)tioll to the treatment ot Xcrvuv.s pebtiity. Mental an,1 Physical Depression, Palpitation f tha Heart, Noises in the head and ears, Indecisit>ii( Impaired si;.rht and memory. Indigos-ion, Prostra' tion, La.-sitsdc, Depression of spirits. Loss uj Mierny and appetite, Pains 111 the buck and limbs. Timidity, Self-disgust, Dizziness. Love ot solitude Groundless feara, many other ailments which' if neglected, briinj: the sufferers to an early death. This valuable work, %y4udi has }«•«,, r.rulv called Words ot Warning. illu<st. ateel «iih eases ana testimonials, and. not only uves the eause but tho means of cure. Hundreds gf eases which bar* ^"i have been restored t<t per- •e:, -a tii and vigour after all other means ij.eJ raised. H (|1(> TliK MMilUKI) AND -SI V <; I. K Uj.s b..r»k is inv«hv cut post oii reci-ipl tv/o stauips. (or by ier Pv»sX fhn>e stHinpa. Dr BA.KNKS, I, LuusJ<*ie ware, Hajuslmv Inlportant to 9ountvy J R, li A K N way l>e cotifU tc4il fier-' Ha ly or l>y 1 in h11 private an<l uisr*; an t, f«|r euefit or sMficrers witu .:4.IIÙQt "¡Slt hltll, hè wj, Ifl a (fi'ripuoii cft tiieir < euolosiOiT envelope tor rt*p4y, he tu "in: ins 01)" lip. nature of tile case, "nd the pri&ciple^ gi- treatment oj to effect a perpiaot'iit A,] (I b h lal-edM &$& £ m (f'ftr- t.