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ABERDARE LCIAL AND CLASSICAL SCHOOL, CO.NDUCTED BY THE J. JOSEPH GEORGE, VXJTY ROUSE, IILA AD PLACE, A HERD ARE. Established 1865. thorough conducted on sound prin- ciples. ate attention is given to each PupiL TERMS :-ONE GUINEA. HY SUFFER?" TRY ONE BOX OF EVANS'S US AND LIVER PILLS, ioh is the best known remedy for md Liver Complaints, the Piles, and Gravel. leqiunce of numerous private recom- ations, the Proprietor has at length ced to bring these valuable Pills into íC2, feeling assur* d that a general trial fully prove their superiority and sub- the important testimonials already )ills consist of a careful and peculiar of the choicest Vegetable Aperients; every recommendation of mild optra- acceistdl effect, and ri quire no restraint rnent w'hiJbt taking them they act y on the liver, and disperse morbid ac- is; the intestinal functions are rendered r their use, and their regularity con- r the Pills have ceased to be taken. be found a most efficacious remedy for ?mettts of the digestive organs, and the rifties of bilious and liver complains, y more or less of the following symp- .quentsickn<?8a, acidity or heartburn, giddiness, spasms, flatulency, tender- region of the liver, costiveness, piles 1, yellow jaundice, drowsiness, loss of r,'inrl, depression of the spirits, pains loi3 and back, scrofula, scurvy, impurilio of the blood, rheumatism, he stomach and sides, indigestion, in- t, palpitation, pimples en the f;ic< &c. 'ills speedily remove irritation and a ate of the Stomach, correct the morbid 'f the Liver and organs subs1 rvient io and promote a due aud healthy secre- e. Sold in Boxes, Is. 1*d ui,d 2.?. 9d. each by Host, Is. 4,d. und 3a1., direct from Ike Proprietor, T. N EVANS, M.R.P.S,, Dispensing Chemist I 14, Commehcial-strket, ABERDAllE, GLAMORGANSHIRE; Asd from all respectable Chemists. }^k"lAfale Agents—London, IF. Sutton Sc Co., and y m. Mather Jiristol, Pearce if Co.; Aelicrman, yosser, Leonard Co. Retail—Aberametn, Sims, Gadlys, Williams) James Lewis, George "own, Jtferii'n/r P>-yiimnwr, A. AI. Jones; Pentre, B. A. Ueorye lihymncy, F. Dixon Mountain Ash, Abel James; Uanelly, Jacob Ilughes. MRS. TILLEY, TEACHER OF ENGLISH AND ITALIAN SINGING, PIANOFORTE, &c., VfSITS AfiERDARE every Week. For I further information apply to Mps. Tjlley, 22, Glo'strr- errace, Aberdare. Pupils itained for the Profession. ^■i-oeo-Linsbib Lozfkgks, ft medieatud linseed extract, I post tree, 7d. Kay Bros., Stockpcrt, and all Chemlats. B. T. PRICE, BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR, CATHERINE STREET, ABERDARE. < £ > House Repairs of every description done satisfactorily. XAT', ConroTTKB UsrBKCS OF LiTtstiBD, for Colds and Roughs, cores nine oases out of ten. Fold by all Chemiatt. 20 Universal Patronage. T>t nlj sufferers frnm penernt or IkcaI rli.-easp tnkf heart nnrt Mlow in fiie iwVe of tliniwand^ vh« ascribe their restoration health t.f> tv.c C Of Hoi.f.ow AY'S OINTMENT AJfH PIMA "heamatism in the er jc.lnts. gouty points, nonrah'te 1. rr.i nil'i spti/vn»clic t'l\tr1'8" rlt'J't'1't undo]- the f"llr,loyltlf\l1t, .)f tbew itwb'e remedies. Bad lots', nll Mih1,j sWniio«k, nleevs, wives, ll11rn.. cutaneous Inflammations, urn COgqucTro. The refutation Ointment '1M" .■lis hure n<-<]uirnd fkron^bmit the habitable Rlolie should ■ uduce eyery nfflictj'i niTtu to privc them a fair trial before Ht^jsniring „[ or ttbandouing .hotJe. Bronchitis, Diphtheria, Sore Throats, Coughs, and Colds. Thi, Olitment. w:j euro, when erory ether meons hare flÚled, It j, a soyi"vii-q r in»vl r f<M- :111 ilaranaemsnTs of the ♦hjDRt «ri<1 elia^t. eotvrbs or wbeeztug ivill be promptly *^nisvbd b;, rubbing in the Unguent. Bae Legs, Bad Breasts. — Old n 9 Wounds, Sores, and Ulcers. It is surprising how qnicfcly a Pore, ulcer, or "wound, deprives the body ot strem,'rtj and luifit'. it for the duties of life, and it no tag worderftrl to twU'Ii th« eScct of Hollon-ju s lunikij: when it is ufod according to tlio printed direetioni, *1 Msistac) by appropria te doM!! of the Pills. Gout and Rheumatism. Wtu be cured with the gTeataht cerif tergs <}OMt{H<M the Ointment be well wifktxi into tha afliiotod ptrts. *treatiiMmt mn&t >f«jrs«'w.'rinKj,v foUowod for some time, aw3 (tajy a^aitoted iT powvrfKl dunts of Itnlloway's PflU. These and soothing mmedies demand the earnest attention of 11aWe to rheumatism, gciattea, ortuber painful *aeotloo6 ot the mnaclee, ncrr«j, or jeinte. Th* Ointment and TtCs "V wM at Tttftmor Kot.IX)VAA-'S üJ1, Oxford Stragt, IiOiiteB; aleo hy nearly Verwlor 'if Mediem* thixm^liout the Civilisud Worlrt. in Boxes a*id-fiits, li l^d,, 3s. 9d-. ftfL. 11a., '22^ anil The iroaTl«H B»>x of PHls contains fwtr ('■vnen and t06 ¡; I'ot or Clntiuont one ounce. ^11 printed direetjons ara afllxeii to eaeh Tiox and Pot, and can w bad In any'language, even in TuvkUh, Aftibic, Armenian, Periii.n. or Ciiinese, Ko. 16—{ H E N.R Y LEWIS FOR MILLINERY, MANTLES, COSTUMES, AND FANCY DRESS MATERIALS! SHO W BOOMS ARE JST O W OPEN- 11, Commercial Place, Aberdare. CA RPETS CA 11 PETS CA H P ETS Cretonnes! Cretonnes! Cretonnes! H. LEWIS, 11, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE, WILL show on FRIDAY, the 31st instant, and following days, several THOUSAND YARDS OF HEMP, FELT, AND TAPESTRY CARPETS. The Largest and Cheapest Stock he has ever offered. il larch 11th, 1876. RHYS ETNA JONES Has just received an excellent VARIETY OF WOOLLEN CLOTHS, And is prepared to make up GOOD MEN'S SUITS from £2 5s. Od. to £3 15s. Od. I IMPORTANT NOTICE I EVAN LLOYD, DRAPER, ABERAM AN, Being about to remove to his NEW PREMISES, will offer the whole of his STOCK at IMMENSE REDUCTION! NEW GROCERY ESTABLISHMENT AT 35, COMMERCIAL STREET, ABERDARE. 4-" "1 D. L. PROBERT, of Cwmbach, BEGS to inform his frieTidn, and the Pullie generally, tliat he has just, OPENED the above PKEMISLS (formerly in the occupation of the lata Mr. DANCE), with a Large and Superior Stock of all kinds of GROCERY and PROVISIONS. & F ————:o:.———— THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PHICES CHANGED FOR ALL GOOt>S. T. WHITSUN JONES, AUCTIONEER, (Iou SEA N D C O M mission AGE NT, 35, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE. -F- Auction Rooms and Second-hand Furniture Stores. ——o—gaaainap—^mammi—yan—bpbpw—■a————w—— lETTER FROM THE DUCHESS OF EDINBURCH'S LAUNDRESS "I am verv much pleased with your SQUARE BLUE. I I have now used it sonie timelaild hoth for BEAUTYof COLOUR and it far S1:RPASSES any I have hitherto used. Yours iesDE'ctfullv, 1^9 SARAH GARDNEU." IN SQUARES. Is the FINE.3T for the sodes Thumb and Indigo Blues, is unequalled Q w B for Bcfluty of Tint^for Economy ia use, and BEWARE fcdBW To be had of most respoctable Grocers, Oilmen, &c. -r- ;r'. -r STATIONERY & FANCY WAREHOUSE "ABERDARE TIMES" OFFICE, 31, Commercial Place, Aberdare. JONES & SOIM, PRIMERS, BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, &c., DESIRE to inform the PUBLIC hivp in stock a large and varied assortment of PLAIN and FANCY STATIONERY and FANCY GOODS, suitable for PRESENTS, &c., to which they invite attention. A large Stock of Musical Instruments, including Concertinas, Flutes, Banjos, Tambourines, Drums Harmonicars, Mouth Organs, &tc. The largest and b £ st selected Stock in Town of HOME and FOREIGN MADE TOYS. Dolls in great variety, Chess, Drafts, end Drafthoards, Dominoes, Roulette Games, &c. Workboxes, Money Boxes, Fancy Boxes, Rimmel's Soap and Perfumery, Ink and Inkstands, Conversation Cards, &c. Combs and Brushes of the best quality. Pipes and Tobacco Pouches, Cigar Cases. Ladies' Bags, Purges, Albums, &c., &e. :9; OBSERVE, tTHE^ ADDRESS— "ABEKDARE TIMES" OFFICE, 31, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABEHDARE. LLYFRAU CYMREIG, AR WEKTH GAN JONES A I M A B, 3 1, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE. Pris cyhoeddiedg. Pria eynygedig £ 8. d. £ a. d- Esboniad Burkitt ar y Testament Newydd 1 11 6 110 Eto, yn rh wvni •• •* • *■ •• 1100 Esboniad y Psrch Christmas Evans ar Lyfr Dadguddiad t. 0 2 6 0 2 6 Geiriadur Duwinyddol ae Ysgrythyro\ gan y diweddor rareh J. T.Jones 060 0 6 0 Hanes y Nef a'r Ddaear, eto 0 13 0 0 13 0 I Daearjddiaeth YTsgrythyrol, eto •• •• •- 01300 13 0 Parhad mewn Gras, eto 0 6 0 0 C Hanea Alfred Fawr.&c.,eto •• •• ..010 10 ¡ Catccisrn y Parch. D. Davies, Paniteg, y dwsio 0 3 0 0 2 0 Eto, y Parch. W. Davies, Rhydyeeisiaid, eto 030026 lianes Bywyd Duo VV'elliugton •• •• 0 2 6 0 2 0 Oratoria Mor Tiberias •• .*• ..080 080 Drycli i Bientyn, gan y diweddar D, Evans, Penygraig, y dwein 0 1 0 0 0 9 llliodd Mam, y dwsin •• •• ..0 1 0 0 0 C Ty Tad yr Icm. nou olygiadau ar j Nef, yn rhwym •• 0 2 6 0 2 6 Udg^rn Sion, (Llvfrau Touau) 0 2 6 0 2 6 j Clotiaoy Cysegr 0 4 0 » 3 t SPRING & SUMMER FASHIONS, 1876. WILLIAM SARVIS, CARDIFF & MARKET STREETS, ABERDARE, BEGS to announce that his New and Extensive SHOW ROOMS will be Opened on SATURDAY, tho 6th «f MAY, when an early call will be esteemed. DEPARTMENTS. I ELLIOT, -:c Large and Choice cis^lay of Millinery and Trimmed Chip Bonnets, Plain rond Trimmed Chip and Fancy Hats in a gr^at variety of Shapes, Caps, Head Dressfs, Feathers, Flowers, &c., &c. COSTUMES. New and Select Paris Designs in Black and Color; d Silk, and also Silk and Fancy Textures intt mingled. The styles are exceedingly attrac- tive and varied. Dinner, Walking, and Morning Costumes, in all the Fabrics of the Season. ):- MANTLE SHOW ROOM. A most extensive collection of French and English Elegancies in Silk, Matelasse and F-iticy Textures, the new French Polonaise and Princess Fichu some very beautiful designs in Lyons Silk Velvet Mantles and Paletots. The Dust Wrap in all Shades, &c., &c. LADIES' OUTFITTING. Lndies' Outfitting and Children's Department, Fancy Petticoats, Dressing Gowns, Toilet Jackets, &c., &:c. Children's Dr-sses, Boy's Suits, and Infant's Millinery of all kinds. I COFFINS! COFFINS!! COFFINS! J SAMUEL MORRIS, CARPENTER AND BUILDER, 64, BUTE STREET, ABERDARE, BEGS to inform the Public that he is prepared to supply COFFINS of all kinds, at prices as low JD if not low r than can be obtained of any other person in the neighbourhood. S. M. also takes this opportunity of thanking the Public for the support he has received during the past twenty years, and trusts he may merit a continuarce of the same in the future. -%T SAND. White's London Cement, Plaster Paris, Mortar H air, &c., all of the best quality, at EVAN TH 0 M A S'S, Ironmonger, and Miner's Lamp Manufacturer, .IÆ IS E JI D .1 It E. PRICE ON APPLICATION THE EMPEROR OF RUSSIA AND THE CITY OF LONDON. His Impf-rial Majesty the Emperor of Russia has conferred on Mr. J. W. Benson the appointment of Goldsmith to the Imperial Court, in appreciation of Mr. Bt-nson's artistic production of the Gold Casket presented to tie Emperor by the Corporation ol the City of London. I W T> ENSON, /Zfr v T ■ -L> I'o the Queen and Royal Fatni'.y jw To H. II. H. the Prince of YVaien (special appointment). |1 ijpJ'liiVV IB Mnicer of ihe Clnono:raph, by v liich tbe Deiby and all great races 8re ze Medallist of London, Dublin, and Paris. LUDGATE HILL, LONDON, E.G.; & 25, OLD BOND ST. T W/~ "OKNSON invites attention to the uneqnaled -d JS. *» J3 vantages whic be is i-ncMed to uflVr to purchasers by the use of steam power and theemployruentof a large staff of .killed English and foreign workmen The highly satigf.ictory performance of Inti \s and (. locks is recognized by the Pres8 and the Public. pricen cha'jred, in in>tai>re are the low, coujpatible with >"lInd., \orkW3lJ:sb ¡p an<:l high "V" OV Ky < English Clocks, far superior to foreign, deftipned by If ftEnglish artists, manufactured on the premises. ;.nd to be ob- §iUJ/f\3LrK only at the ai«iv»* est;il)li«huinits tliock Cases made to u JnPlvL harmonize with the architecture of iuuusii.ii*, country hou*««, I tfr (_ 'i r 1M &C"' aUC' l'lL'ir lui uiture. lljj | || flfl I In ^,rom Guineas. Failwav Gnard«, Sai'ors «|l KS Soldiers, Alinerii, aud Woikmen's Watches (of extra utreugth), ^LOCKS. From J to 1."00 Guitiea«. J ELRY and Plate for Presentation, &e. ill s/fj Jijjf atches and Clocks repaired by skill^i workmen. JeWelrV' ^er' au#' dutches exchanged. \Vatches went to all parts, safe by post, Merchants and Shippers supplied. 1 he "f* Pamphlets on Turretand Church Clock, (with teiit'monials), _j„_ Watches and C ocks. Jewelry aud Plate (profueely illustrated;, sent l he abovesketch represents tbe I'erpetual ( alendar, post fiee eaeh for two ftamp~ Independent Seconds, Key ess Watcb. I he hands, w „ without beinir re-setifron t,n>e to tin,e for le.p year, v: .lien.s>on 8 New "Time and Time Tellers," published by keep a perpetual repute,"of "eco^ds n.innte-. hour.! Piccad.lly. Plain, 2s. 6d, Gilt, 3s. days, weeks months, and >ears: show old and new CAUTION—The Public are cautioned against misrepresentations xtyle; phases ul the moon, and variations o! heat i cold. aild attempts to sell Spur ious Imitatiuais Coaouline.—Kar's best Cement for Broken Articles, Hd., IS.,28 Sold elsewhere. Kay Bros., Stockport. HEALTH A SOURCE OF HAPPINESS. IMPORTANT MEDICAL AND SOCIAL WORK. By HENRY SMITH, M.D. JenH). Lnlargad Edition, Ho pages, free by post, two sUmps, i envelopes. rjEBILITATING AjStD NERVOUS DIS r*—^ EASES their Cause. Symptoms, Cousequenees, ana Cure THIS WORK GIVES DR. SMITH'S TKKATMEXT (the result of Twenty.six ypars' spe ial piactice) for the Cure of all Diseases of llie xScrvous ^ysiem, Ner\'<5ns Uet-lily, Aleotal e arH Physical Depressiou, Palpitation of the heart, Noises in tho Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired bi^ht anti Memory, Indigestion, Loss ol Energy, Pains in.the Back, Constipation, Blushing, Hysteria, Tiniiditv, Self-djstrust, Kizziness, Mns. eular Kelaxation, &c., resulting trfim Exhaustion of Nerve Power, the enect of Over-taxed Eufergies, Enervating Habits, Brain 1 oil, Late Hours, Over Work, aud other abuses of the •ystem which, if nogleeted, end in premature decline. GI\ r.S AJJVICE AND 1N$TBL'CTION, Illustrated with Cases and Tp>tiruorials, with means used in each case Glossary of Medical Terms. ^Important Rules to be observed by Patients. Free by post (! 12 pages), seven stamps in envelope. WOMAN; lier Duties, Relations, and Position. Subjects treated Girlhood Maidenhood, Courtship, Marriage, Motherhood, Female Education, Woman lill R Wife, Woman as a Mother, &cv &e. It is a treatise on suhjrets of vital importance to oman. JN.B,—A Special Edition, Ueal'tivully Illustrated with Engravimgs ON Wood, Cloth gilt, One Shilling IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY PATIENTS. DIv. H. SMITH", the Eminent Specialist, who has devoted twenty-six years'to the treatment of Nervous and Debilitating Diseases, will, for the benefit of 1.hose who cannot eontult hiin personally, on receiving descrip- tion of Ihnir case, seud his opinion, iree of oKargo, with advice, lor their restoration to health. A co Confidential" form of co: r 'spoudence sent free by post. Address Dr. H. SMITH, 8, Burton Crescent, London, W.C. Just PubUshed, post free 34d. NEKVOUS DEBILITY, and HOW To Ct'RK IT, WITHOUT EX1' ENS1VE CONSULTATIONS and EXOHBITANT M ElJtCAL 1- EliS. m 0wing the neKrious system of terrorism and extortion practl ed on real 01 iibaguiary su.^ererB from nervous ,.ud other disorcter. by a certain class of medical practitioners. 1 lus pamphlet not au adverusement or prelace to expens-ivo consn tations and high uifdual fees, but is desi <ned as a warning and a caution to tho C. wtio -.utter from nervous debility, at the same time pointing out tlu- means ot se f treatment (which can he followed witUout reference to the author) and containing the necenwry prescriptions and dietetic rlllc- to be observed during the treatment; by one who àas sufftred from mi.-placed confulence in medical imposition and quackery* London; H Browi-bv, 15, Edith Villas, North End,S.W. Kat's COMPOUND Esskncb OF Linseed, a demulcent ex- pectorant, tor Coughs and Colds. Sold by all Cheunsta. 23, ironmonger LANE, London. (THE OLD no use ,y JOHNS TO N'S,, CORN FLOUR IS THE BEST "QUITE FREE FROM ADULTERATION."—Lancet. 11' IS DECIDEDLY KU I'ERI OB."—Lancet. I liave examined Jolirston's Corn Flour and find it per- fect.y pure and most exoelleut fn quality. When bailed with milk it ftlfords complete LourishmeBt for Cbildrea and per- soub of west digeftion-" CHAELLB A. CAMERON, M.D., F.R.C.S.I. FrofesKor of Chemictry, Boyal C",I1ege of Surgeons, DuWiu, Select Classes for Young Ladies. THE MISSES JONES ARE open lo receive Young Ladie* for instruc- ZA- tion in Mu"ic, Singing, French, Drawing, and Dancing, on very advantageous terms.- I For further particalars apply at 3, Gadlys Terrace, Brynhyfryd, Aberdare. I Inventor of the Chiffonnier Organ. H fol- 'im H 9 yhm—-l § I a M CHIFFONNIER ORGAN. THE ABERDARP. Harmonium and CMffonnier Organ MAN UFA (XT OR Y. B Hv. yw I L L I P s Harmonium Manufacturer and Inventor of the Chiffonnier Organ, RESPECTFULLY thanks the Profession, Clergy Gentry, and the Public in general for their kind p&t.ion<ij £ e in the p«i$t (hfivipg sold over 400 Chiff.mnier Organs), and hopes to Luve a continuance of their favour. liade supp ied with all kinds 01 Fittings, rianrs ^meri^caii Organs and Harmoniums, by Alexandre a'id Christoplu: and Etienne, always in stock at makei-H* prices. Harmouiiinif repsti.ed on the shortest notice. Harmoniums supplied to Churches, Chapels, and Good Temrlarll on very easy terms. Exptricnccd workmen always on the premises. sliolv ROOMS—6, Gadlvs-road, and lJ, Per- se eranoe place. Testimonial—From Professor Parry, Pencerdd America— Fellow Countrymen,—I have much pleasure ia recommending the Chiffonnier Organ for its meliow and pipe-like tone. and for its external appearance. Wishing the maker all the patronage he deserves. -j I am, your humble servant, Joskph PARRY, Mus. Bac." Catalogue and list of Testimonials on application. MONEY TO LKND.^gootVFREEHOLDor M LKASEHOLD SECURITY. For further 1 particulars apply tÇ) Mr. J. T. HowttLs, Solioitor, Public Hall Offiees, Treherbert. Kay's Tic PiLM. t tpecifio in Neuralgia, F»ee»obe. Stc^ | F are sold by all Chenustf. toy Brothers, Stockport. \/TONE\ TO LkND, on good Freehold or i- Leasehold Security. — Apply to DAVID Richahdb, Solicitor, ^4, Cutton-street. Aberdare. j j-Q-LENPIELD. GLENFIELD. THE QUEEN'S I LAUNDRESS SAYS THIS STARCH IS THE BEST SHE EVER USED. GLE-NFIELD. GLEUEIELD. "TpOR THE BLOOD IS THfi LUPI!.W— Jf See Deuteronomy, chap. xii., verse sa. I WORLD FAMED Trade Mark,—" Blood Mixture." THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER & RESTORER for cleansir.g and clearing the blood from all impurities car: not bo too highly recommended. For Scrofula, Scurvy. Skin Diseases, and sore etf all kind It is a never-failing and perfnanent cure. It Cures Old Sore Cures Ulcerated Sores on the neck Cures Ulcerated Sore Legrs Cures Blackheads, r Pimples on Face Cures Scurvy ^or?s Cures Cancerous Uloer Cures Blood and Skin Diseases Cures Glandular Ssv.-Hinj^ I Clears the Blood from ali impve MattO From whatever cause arising. As this mixture is pleasant o the taete, and war- ranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitution of either sex, the Proprietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. Thousands of testimonials from all parts. Sold in Bottles, 2s. Gd. each, and in cases, con- taining six times the quantity, lIs each-suffieient to effect a permanent cure in the great m jority of long-standing cases,—by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors t-hroughont the United Kingdom and the world, or sent to any address oa receipt of 30 or 132 stamps by (CLARKE'S WORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIX TURE is sold in Bottles, 2s. 6d. each, and cases, containing six times the quantity, lis. each sufficient to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of cases, by aU Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the United Kingdom and the world, or sent to any address on receipt, f 30 or 132 stamps by the Proprietor, Wholesale All Patent Medicine Houses London Depot 150, Oxford Street. F. J. Clarke, Chemist, High-street, Lincoln. T. W. Evans, 14, Commerical-street, Aberdare AND RICHARDS, 12 and 13, Cardiff-street, Abenlar 1 \R. HUNTER'S Special Lectures to Young U Men, on HEALTH, ITS RESTORATION, AND HAPPY MARRIAGES.—When to marry, with advice to those who contemplate marriage, pointing out certain impediments which render married life unhappy, and directions for their speedy removal. Should be read by all who vwlue health, strength, and ma»ho»d, and wish to attain a happy old age.-Polt free on receipt o two stamps.—Address, Secretary, Institute o Anatomy, Birmingham. Established i860. SECURITY IN CREDITING. FLINT AND CO.'S BRITISH AND FOREIOS COMMERCIAL INQUIRY OFFICES. Head Ojfictl :-58, Cheapside, and 1, Bow Lane, E-C. B,.a,hu-l\Jallchester, 88, Mosely-street, and 6, 8, and 10, Bond-street; Klaekburn, 3, f acketts-street; Leicester, 42, Helvoii-street Kdinburph. 72, Priaeet-ttreft New. cattle, 53, (irev-street; Glasgow, 33, Rentield-streK, Argyle-street; Cork, 70, South MaJJ: Dublin, 10 Hanrv- street. TNthe interests pf trade, and at a heavy ex- I penditure of time aud capital, these Offices have been established. The Agents aud Correspondents, both British and Foreign, feave been selected with care. Constant communication is maietaiDed with the various Bureaux des Renseignements of the Con- tinent, the Intelligence Offices of the United States, and the British-American, Indiau, Aus- States, and the British-American, Indiau, Aus- tralian, and other Colonies. A trusted confidential vehicle of information; a plain answer to a plain question is given. Truth in the report, safety in the transaction, is the end desired and sought for. Terms • 93 3s., L5 5s., and £ 10 10s. and upwards, per annum. N.B.— Banks and their branoheg contracted for. CCf" All telegrams, Accounts for Collection, Com- mercial Inquiries, and all other communica- tions to the London Office only. Dratts crossed National Provincial Bank of Eng- land, to :FUb<T & Co., Loudon. SCy* NOTICE.— In this office, a Debt, after ap- lication is made, is not left to die a natural death. Promp, efficient, and voluntary advice is given to Subscribers as to best means of recovering same. If in London, a clerk waits upon him (in the country, by post) and obtains from him such in- structions as will enable us to recover debt with out any further trouble to Subscriber, and with- out any attendance of Subscribes being neces- sary. *|, A/} s. ft. O HEARSES A.ND MOURNING COACHES. ISAAC THOMAS, UNDERTA.KER. 24 and 25, SEYMOUR-STEET, ABERDARE, BEGS to inform the public that he has pur- tbe HEaRSES and MOURNING CO AC 11KS from Mr Sarvis, draper, and con- sequ ntiy is prepared to undertake the entire inansg&ment of Futieftls. He can now supply Coffins, Shrouds, Hearsts, Mourniog Coaches, and will also undertake the building of Brick Graves, to that relatives may be relieved of all care in this respect. His charges will be found to be less thtin any other in the Principality. He is also prepared td send Hearsts, with feather plunivs or Mourning Coaches to any part of Wales the whole Jbemg of the best description that can be produoed. OBSZRVR THE A DDK ESS: 24 & 45, SHYVfOUK-gfUK&r. BER.D\RE TO BE LET. SEFERAL very co^„i,.„t VILLAS.—Appiv to ». B. Wrtcut^L, Victoria House. Aber- dare.\ LtKflSEB Lozbugss, Ut»**A tea, iMattoa Kit's Cot^r.uxt) of LiKbeed.—Asthma sad ■ -Bronchi«is are iromedimcly relieved by it. Sold by >3 tbemists. GIVEN AWAY for tbe benefit of nervous sufferers who m iy cure them»elFen by tLe new rys- teat of treatment, which F-ati been succe**ful in thollsand8 of eases of nervous and senerai debihty, loss of memory, failing sight, epilepsy, consumption iiidi^-e»tioD, piddineai^ headache, 311-1 the long list ot (earful diseaxes known as neri ons complaints, many of which had been given up by the doctois as quite incnrrahle. Send four penny stamps till Dr. THOMSON, 53, Bartholomew-road, Kentish Town, London, and he will forward, post.-free. six doses of the medicine, with directions for use, by the aW of which everv one tnay reesver rermaneut hearth in' a very short time. thus saving themselves from a life of misrry, and the ex- tortionate charges of those who advertise to eure these diseases. Ex-tacts from general Testimonials: "My general health is so niuch iinprovtdthat eveD my friends hare re- marked the change in ay appearance. R. W." "My stomach is in a healthy state, and I can enjoy my meals now. J.W." "I was so nervous before Uking your medicine, that I was unable tn write. The trembling: of the hands and knees is "goae, TJ I have had no palpitatioc of the heart or beadaehe, since I toek it. Mr*. 6.L." My wife suffered for years from nervousness, giddiness in tbe^iead, pain across the forehead. aa<l>«•» of appetite; 1 am tbankfnl 10 sav yotfr medicine cured her in a very short time. My friends'consider yoar cure of my caae a perfcct mitacle. Bev. J Harcohrt." BEAltDLESS FACES & BALD HEADS. A Physioian who for thirty yeiws has practised hj Diseases of the Hair, has discovered a I'OMADS which be pledges his honour will in every case Restore the Hair in baldness from any cause, and produce whisker* antl mom- tachios, eyebrows, &c. For general and toilet use. it nourishes and preserves the hair, strengthens and prevents its falling off, checks dryness, and restores the proper colour, eradicates scurf and riandrift', keeps the head delightfully clean and cool, and the bair soft and glossy. Ladies will find it promotes the curl aud wave of the hair, ard that the exquisite perfume is un que a. d not at- 1 tainable in any other compound. Being free from any injurious mineral or other admixture, it is nsed by thousands of Mothers in the Nursery to beautify children's hair, and prevent baldness, sci:rf or any failing in after life. The Recipe, in plain English, winch any one can prepare at home, for a lei" pence, will be sent free by post, on receipt of a directed envelope and six penny stamps, by Mr. H. ERNEST, 17, Crown Terrace Haverstoik Hill, London. -» ADVICE GRATIS. A Medical man up- wards of twenty-six years in London practice,'bag published a work shewing the ti ue caase of Nervous Mental, and Physical Debility, lowness of spirits, indig a tiOD J want of ener-y, premature decline. -&c.; with tbe means of cure wherby the following maladies are speedily and permanently removed and vigorous health restored. Kvery form aad variety of debility, fpermatorrboea situde, depression of spirits, lo.-s-of ei-ergy and appetite, ptiins in the back and limbs, timidity, self-distruet, diz- zinrss, !< ve of .solitude, gr.mndlsss fears, palpita-rion of the lie-<rt, rioises it. tbe head aud ears, indecision, impaired and .memory, indigestion aDd bodily prostration of the whole: system. Tbe most imrortant fact to at these alarming complaints, may be easilv removed is clearly demou"tra!eJ, aud the entirdv new and uniformly success- ful trvntment as toUowed out by *h» jwi-bor tn!!v explained, by whrch all suffer.. are euabled to core, tiiena»eiv:> fectly, and at the least possibl-y cost, without tsklnj «, medicine, or rciining a doctor's bill. The book will be sent on receipt of h stamped aDd directed envelope, by Dr. RUSSELL, til, CLARENCE ROVD. KENTISH TOft N. LONDON. TboiwaDds of sufferers who have fallen into a stdte, have borne gratelal testimony to the value and simplicity of the advise given, which has perfectly restored them, tr bea!th.| TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. EVERY MAN Hrs own DOCTOR, A Ne\v Work on the Self-Cure of all Hiseasec, by s never mode of treattrent practiwl. by a Hospital Physician fur mauv years past This Bot4t it a true guide to gufft-rerp from riepressiori of spirits. loss of Birnory, headache, dimnenii of (tight, denfn««s, indigehtioo riieumati^tc, paiuR in the back and limbs, loss of appetite, palpitation of the heart, rough, premature decline, consumption, prostration, lannitwde veneris de- bility, and any form of mental or physical wealcnef#, resulting from low of Tijulty. or -tierve power, which, if not arrested,-ends in early death or clanmic In hundreds of patieirs have enred tbem^lvfs, after electricity quack. m*Hluine«, and ordinary, medical men, hAvc failed to give relief. A eopy will be sent free, on receipt of two penny stnmpii, by the ptibliKher, Mr. Ernkst, 17. t rown Terrace, Havcreiock Hill, London. This reibarkahle Work, by an accomplished Physician will uring comfort to many who have bees tbe victims of quacks, impogtor* and incapable practitioner*—Medical Journal. 4'1 here is no qua, Lery or lenriied mastery in this book, but a plain exposition of the causes aymptotfto* and rational trtiAtnoeat of tbis pernictoua class of di*eAp*t all set forth with the clearness of a practical man, wishes to be Hiider^tood, and the earnestness of a con scieDtious man, who only wishes to be useful.M— Dublin Hospital Gazette- -This work is popular in every of the word, and its worth is unteld, to tho e who anse, from a feeling of shaxue, consult the family physiciaa.* — belfa*t Uag'azine. MAGIC KEMED1 ONE BOX OF 1 THE VERNON PILL instantly telirvia. anfi speedily cares nervousness and gem-rut wrekneM. The first dose will convince the sceptic of its narvelloua power is any cases of iadi estion liepresnina of spirts, -,h. palpitation of the heart, rhenmatiMn, deafneaa, hradack*. stomach and liver complaints, aad all fonita of nervaas irritability. It strengthens, renovates, _.1 gives bwfchy tone to the brain and nervous system. "A be art it post free receipt of four peuny stamps, by Dr. VKItkON, IV.Ryland Road, Kentish Town, London. 1 bo'isands of tustiiiinniuli from grateful pati^uts aKo*t saw. woiuicrial gttcsov mt tbe Vkbnon llill- — NERVOUS DISEASES and THEIR SPEEDS CL RE. An orinnsl Work on the causes of IMPAIRED VITAL KXKK6Y. I'RKMATCHK: DECLINE, FL'5CT1«IKAL DER AKGI- MKffTB and tho various disorders oftbe KEKVE STRL CTt KEP. This Ka.••r has been justlv considered the 1JBEATE8T MKDICaL V\ ORK OF TllE AGE it deacriW thp muses, svmpt«<M, and mode of treatment to be adorted to Ptfect. pena- cure of ai I the irnxt daneerrms maladies. AIDOD(8t these nre N KEVOUS DEHlLITy letutiDj to a thorough breaking up ot the coasitution AFFECMOXS of the EYES aad EAKS. endine in I OTA L BLI XDNESS an4 LEWVltSS CHOLV and DEPRESSION OF 8PIKITS terminating in INSANITY PAINS in the BACK and LOINs. forerunner* of FATAL AFFECTIONS OF 1 HE KIDNEYS. &e. i 'r. Vernon has for TWENTY Y EARS devoted himaelf to thie class of diseases, and has disoovered a most SlU^fLK METHOD OF TREATING THEM, without th» nse ot«ny deleterious drog. It 18 worthy of note that until recently 'he physician had a delicacy ill treating oaaes of Debibtv s raply because such disorders did not receive due attention, and were thus left to unqualified persons, much to the judice of the mflerer. Soch a state of thmes had indocr-el the author to publish his experience for the benefit of tlii^e requirieg aid fiom legitimate son roes Sent poet free receipt owo penny stamps by Dr. Vernon, 1S», Kyland It aad. Kenlish Town, London. "lyERVOUS AND PHY8ICAL DEBILII Y. ii KesultiHg from errors or a«y o.ber cauee. not as treated by Quacks with mineral }.oi»OB8 and coloured waler, ks efiectaally cured by a novel hQtl bithly successful mude of treatmeat, discorerad b. fise' advertiser who after mallY years of extreme sagerilc was completely restored to sound health. Prompt. by feelings uf humanity, be thus makes knowa miMm by which every siiflerer is enabled te cure tiiiBholf perfectly AND AT the least possible cost, without IIIn- ing recourse tq advertising empirics or tleir v-,suntod- nostrums. He will be happy to forward the partienlare to trny •' sufferer on reI; ipt of a stamped and direr tod envelope. -Address Afr. J. T.; Seweii,, 7, Musgrare CiMeGt; Fuiham, London- LOANS and MORTGAGES.—MONEY to LEND in SUMS of £ )>0 and upwards, upon Personal security, at Five per cent, interest, repay- able from one to seven years. Also, setera: SUM* upon Mortgage of freehold niad I^eafehold Property-, from 34 per cent. I erms, ten to twenty-one years'. No commissien charged.—Apply, personally, ferrcd.) or by letter, to Messrs. BeTan, 10, Linooln'd Inn Fields, London. W.C. N.B.—Interest is pajr- ble ha-f-yearly, and is not required in advance. A.BERDARE LOCAL BOAUD WATEE WORKS., THE BOARD are prepared to receive Ap»" pi'cations for LAYING SERVICE PIPES, &c., and SUPPLYING WATER to Houmb at Hirwain, Llvrydcoed, Cwindare, Abernant, Cwm- bach, AMci Cap Coi-h. 4 App ic<tions'ar« requested to he made at once" to Mr. IhvlD HnHus, at the Locttl B.)ard Oftio. Town Hall, Aberdare. It. ORTOS GRRY. Kith, 1RT6. Clerk. ABERDARE. DES I RA B LE I NVE ST MENTo MR. DAVID EVANS HAS r»eei>ed instructjoiw to^ SELL BY PLBLIC AUCTIOX, at the Bbitce Arms,. Buts-STBCET, Abehdirb, on FRIDAY. the 26tk day of MAY instant, subjcct to such ceodlfions as shall he then and there produced, Two LEASE- HOLD CQ IT AGES, situate in Elizabeth-street, Aberdare, now in the oocupatioa of Diniel fv<tt1;- and another, and producing the Yearly Rental of 924 la. Od. The pruiriiees are held under a LeU1 for tlires lives, and 99 Years, from the he day > f N'ovanj. ber, 1824, at the low Yearljr Gioq ii R t of £1 15s. aid. to Commence at Seron 0 lItork p.m. -• For further par ieulars, nupiy to th4 u t hi. o«< N., it. cM.rjl.„ML AWdiJ^ Phi" May 18tb. r