Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



ABERDARE COMMERCIAL AND CLASSICAL SCHOOL, CONDUCTED BY THE KEY. J. JOSEPfi GEORGE, UNITY/BOUSE, HIGHLAND PLACE, ABERDARE ESTABLISHED 1865. Education thorough conducted on sound prin- ciples. -Separate attention is given to each Pupil. TERMS :-ONB GUINEA. WHY SUFFER?" TRY ONE BOX op EVANS'S BILIOUS AND LIVER PILLS. Which is the best known remedy for bilious and Liver Complaints, the Piles, and Gravel. cor.Sfqucnce of numerous private fecom- rr1enciatioirs\ the Proprietor has at length been induced to bring these valuable/Pills into public notice, feeling assur d that a.general trial vnll more fully prove their superiority and sub- s'ftntiata the important testimonials already received. These Pills consist of a careful and peculiar ^mixture of the choici st Vegetable Aperients; they unite every recommt ndation of mild opera- tion with successful effect, and rl quire no restraint confinement whilst taking lliem they act sI".cifititlly on th^liver/and disperse morbid ac- c"Tnuiation^; the iritestirial functions are rendered *<'gular by their usVand their regularity con- 1'tiues after the Pills have ceased to be taken. Tl>ey will bs found a most efficacious remedy for fcU de rang I mellts of the digestive organs, and the •fcvem) varieties of bilious and liver complains, Stt(-),d.-d by more or less of the following symp- toms — Fr qnent sickness, acidity or heartburn, I'e-ad-.icbe, -giddiness, spasms, flatulency, tender- ll<^s in thf region of the liver, costivenfS", piles L>rav«l, yellow jaundice, drowsinesB, loss of hPpPlite, wind, depression of the spirits, pains across the loins and back, scrofula, scurvy, ^rvsiptlas, iropurilits of the blood, rheumatism, pMiis in the stomach nnd sid• s, indigestion, in- fidf-flrnation. palpitation, pimples on the fac. &c. lb-ge Pills speedily rnn<>ve irritation and a feverish state of the Stomach, correct the morbid corditi^n of the Liver and organs subservient o digestion, and proraute a due aud healthy secre- tion of bile. Sold-in Poxes, Is. I iii :alld 2s. 9d. eaeh by Post, 2 Is. 4.d. and 3s., direct fiom the Proprietor, T. ff EVANS, M.B. P-S, Dispensing Chemist \i 14, CoMMEt-ClAL-STKEET, ABERDARE, GLAMORGANSHIRE; And from all respectable Chemists. H'hvht, w. Mai Rosser, L drugg i-it 7'own, 11 Centre, ■Mountain Slight's. m ENGLI Visn V fu 22, Gio's Chlobc; d POSt JI ale Agents—London, Jr. Sutton 5c QI., and her; Bristol. Pearce <$' Co.; Acker/nan, eonard CII. J Id ail—A leva man, Sims, Gadlys, Williams J dines Lewis, George ■lerihijr; H-njiunnwr, A. M. Jones; B. A. George; lihyytinesl, F. Dixon; Ash, Abel James, IJunelly, Jacob IRS. TILLEY, TEACHER OF SR AND ITALIAN SUSTGESTG-, f PIANOFORTE, &c., 'S A^ERQ^RE every Week. For rther iinkjr^atioii apply to Mrs. TILLEY, iter- erra^, Aherdare. Pupils trained for the Profession, Linsmb Lozbngis. v medicated linseed extract -ee 7d. Kay lSrosy&tockpcrt, aud all Chemist* T. PjftCE, DER AND CONTRACTOR, SERINE STREET, ABERDARE. onse RepaV ot every description done rily. — or I*n?a*ii>t for Colds and -es nilie cases QuVof ten. J* old by all Chemists. rn rn Universal Patronage. offerers from gwernl or local flifefisc tnke heart- Imd t^ake of thmismvls who ascribe tbpir restoration the use of Hot.t.OWAY'S OINTMENT, AND Pn,I.R. I in the mn.clcs or joints, pouty jttuns. ncuraiinc imps and spa*mf.dic twitchcs depart. under the .f these noble remcMe*. nø teps, all kinds ulcere, lares, hurn. eiitttDecmy inflammations, are inercd. Tlie reputation HolUrwav's Ointmeut and acquired throughout the taj&itable Globe should r afllicted person to piv« Irheni a fair trial before f relief or abandoning kovff. jhitis, Diphtheria, Sore roa", Coughs, and Colds. Intwwri "wiH coff, whm every other meflna have • a /T^nwdy for all dernneremcrcts <vf the fcwiwcoafbs or wheezing wilt be promptly f rabWnk in/he Ua^icnt. Legs, Bad Breasts. — Old ounds, Sores, and Ulcers. irprising ho-wqnlckly « sore.Bloor, or wound, deprives »f strength and unflt* it for the duties of life, aud it wndsrfal to watch, the rffeet of Hollowar's healing nrfeen it is used according to the printed directions, I by appropriate doses of the Pills. Jout and Rheumatism. cured with the grmttxt eewwztv If ^ree (rnantlHe* ntment be well worked iiuo the afflicted parts, sieak mtut 1« porsovcrkiglT taHcwed for »bted hy powerful daem *t HnUoway's pills. Jhebe lid soothing r»raa#m dwwd'tt*AmTest awntion of liable to rhettoucusaa, unit, orxAAxtr pajnfal of the muscle*, neproB, or JoWfc. »nk kxA PHlfl ir* kt ftBtesaflr BotiiOWA-T's MB*. l £ t. Oxford eSte itmtor «t M^o^e thrcra^hnut tb £ A^Hlsed la. lid.. ML 4bl »«•. The 'Box ofVUht coagatas four dawn; aud tA« Hpntlesk Pot of Ototmait OM enae*. d dteBnU«as ut afiU«* t« ett^b So« »o<) Pot. and con ftnjriMgwflt «rak in TBHdsh, Arabic, Axaiduian, KfMtM, or cahMM. l. HENRY LEWIS FOR MILLINERY, MANTLES, COSTUMES, AND FANCY DRESS MATERIALS SHOW ROOMS ARE NOW OPEN". 11, Commercial Place, Aberdare. „ CARPETS! CARPETS!! CARPETS! Cretonnes! Cretonnes! Cretonnes I H. LEWIS, 11, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE, w ILL show on FRIDAY, the 31st instant, and following days, several THOUSAND YARDS OF HEMP, FELT, AND TAPESTRY CARPETS. The Largest and Cheapest Stock he has ever offered. JHarcn 27th, ] 876. R II Y S ETNA JONES Has just received an excellent VARIETY OF WOOLLEN CLOTHS, And i\ prepared to make up v GOOD MEN'S SUITS from £2 5s. Ode to £3 15s. Od. IMPORTAN T NOTICE! EVAN LLOYD, IR -A PER, A- B IR, 3Vl A. UNT Being about to remove to his NEW PREMISES, will offef tlie whole of HIS &TOCK at an IMMENSE REDUCTION!. NEW GROCERY ESTABLISHMENT AT 35, COMMERCIAL STREET, ABERDARE. D. L. PRO PERT, of Cw IN bach, BEOS to inform his friends, aid tKe Pul>lic grnerall}', that hp ha.s just, OPENED the above PKKMI8KS (formerly in the fcofcupatioTi of the late Mr. DAXCE), with a Large and Superior Stock of all kinds of GROCERY fltTd PROVISIONS. -:0:- THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES CHANGED fOR ALL GOODS. T. WHITSUN JONES, AUCTIONEER- HOUSE AND C 0 M M ISSION AGENT, 35, C 0 M M E R C IiA L < P L A C E, ABERDARE. Auction Rooms and Second-hand Furniture Stores. lETTER FROM THE DUCHESS OF LAUNDRESS am very much plersed with your SQUARE BLUE. I have now used some tinie, and both for COLOUR audECONOhiY it any I have hitherto used. Yours respectfully, IN GARDNETT." SQUARES. 0 Is the FINEST for the LAUNDRY, super- secies Thumb and Indigo Blues, is uiioquaUed Q I for Beauty of Tint, for Econonw in usfc'an-d BEWARE OF jf Mf HBi for not injuring the Clothes. INfERIOR IMITATIONS To be had of most respectable Grocers, Oilmen, &o. -T" STATIONERY & FANCY WAREHOUSE "ABERDARE TIMES" OFFICE, 31, Commercial Place, Aberdare. JONES & SON, PRINTERS, BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, &c., DESIRE to inform the PUBLIC I- H?'e in stock a large and varied assortment of PLAIN and FANCY STATIONERY and FANCY GOODS, suitable for PRESENTS, &c., to which they invite attention, A large Stock of Musical Instruments, including Concertinas, Flutes, Banjos, Tambourines, Drums Harmonicars, Mouth Organs, &c. The largest and best selected Stock in Town of HOME and FOREIGN MADE TOYS. Dolls in great variety,,Chesa, Drafts, and Draftboavds, Dominoes, Roulette Games, &c. Workboxes, Money Boxes, Fancy Boxes, Rimmel's Soap and Perfumery, Ink and Inkstands, Conversation Cards, &c. Combs and Brushes of the best quality. Pipes and Tobacco Pouches, Cigar Cases. Ladies' Bags, Purges, Albums, &c., &c. -:0:- OBSERVEaTHE^ADDRESS- ABERDARE TIMES" OFFICE, 31. COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE. i LLYFRAU CYMREIG, AE WEKTH CAN JON-ES A'l M A B, 31, COMMERCIAL-PLACE. A B E R D ARE. Pris cyhoeddiedg. Pris cynygedi £ B. d. £ 8. d Es boniad Burkitt ar y Testament Newydd •• •• ..1116 il ( Eto, yn rhwym • • ji". 1 10 Esboniad y Paroh Christmas Evans ar Lyfr Daaguddiad 0 2 6 0 2 Geiriadur Duwinyddol ae Ysgrythyrr'l gan y diweddar Parch J. T,Jones ..0 6 0 0 6 Hanes y Nef a'r Ddaear.eto 0 13 0 0 13 Daearyddiaeth Ysgrythyrol, eto •• •• h 0 13 0 0 13 ( Parhad mewn Gras, eto a 6 0 0 Hanes Alfred Fawr, &c., eto 0 1 o I I Catecisjn y Parch. D. Davies, Pantteg, y dwsin •0 3 0 0 2 1 Eto, y Parch. W. Davies, Rhydyceisiaid,, eto .?• < 03002 1 Hanes Bywyd Duo Wellington 0 2 6 0 2 ( Oratoria M or Tiberias 0 8 0 0 8 Drych i Blentyn, gan y diweddar D. Evans, Ponygraig, y dwsio 0 1 o 0 0 i Rhodd Mam, y dwsfn 0 1 0 0 0 Ty Tad yr lesu, neu olygiadau ar j Nef, yn rhwym 0 2 0 0 2 ( Udgem Sion, (Llyfrau Toaau) 0 2 6 0 -2 I Clorian y Cysegr 0 4 0 0 3 • t; > SPRING & SUMMER FASHIONS, 1876. WILLIAM SARVIS, CARDIFF & MARKET STREETS, ABERDARE, I BEGS to announce that his New and Extensive SHOW ROOMS will be Opened on SATU*DAT, the 6th of M^y, when an early call will be esteemed. DEPARTMENTS. -:0:- MILLIftEEY. MANTLE SHOW ROOM. Large and Choice display of Millinery and A most extensive collection of French and Trimmed Chip Bonnets, Plain and Trimmed Chip English Elegancies in Silk, Matelasse and Fancy and Fancy Hats in a great variety of Shapes, Textures, the new French Polonaise and Princess Caps, Head Dresses, Feathers, Flowers, &c., &c. Fichu; some very beautiful designs in Lyons e Silk Velvet Mantles and Paletots.. The Dust COSTUMES. Wrap in all Shades, &c., &c. New and Select Paris Designs in Black and LADIES' OUTFITTING. Colored Silk, and also Silk and Fancy Textures Ladies'Outfitting and Children's Department, intermingled. The styles are exceedingly attrac- Fancy Petticoats, Dressing Gowns, Toilet Jackets, tive and varied. Dinner, Walking, and Morning &c., &c. Children's Dresses, Boy's Suits, and Costumes, in all the Fabrics of the Season. Infant's Millinery of all kinds. COFFINS! COFFINS!! COFFINS! SAMUEL MORRIS, CARPENTER AND BUILDER, 64;. BUTE STREET, ABERDARE, BEGS to inform the Public that he is prepared to supply COFFINS of all kinds, at prices as low if not loW'T than can be obtained of any other person in the neighbourhood. 8. M. also takes this opportunity of thanking the Public for the support he has received during the past twenty years, and trusts he may merit a continuaree of the samo in the future. SAND. White's London Cement, Plaster Paris, Mortar Hair, &c., all of the host quality, at E. y A N T H O M A S' S, Ironmonger, and Miner's Lamp Manufacturer, .LIBÆBBdBE. PRICE ON APPLICATION THE EMPEROR OF RUSSIA AND THE CITY OF LONDON. His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Russia has conferred on Mr. J. W. Benson the appointment of Goldsmith to the Imperial Court, in appreciation of Mr. Benson's artistic production of the Gold Casket presented to the Empl ror by the Corporation of the City ot London. T \\r TJENSON, «| • TV* JLJ Jo the Queen and Royal Family fW To H. R. H. the Prince of Wales (special appointment). II .innil SH Maker ot the Cbronojrapli, by which the Uerby and all great races 'BL (iliifilflil IS are t'Bied. Pr<ze Medallist of London, Dublin, aud Pari*. LUDGATE HILL, LONDON, E.C25, OLD BOND ST. T TIT T>KNSON invites attention to the tineq nled| J* VV • J3 yautage* »hic iie is enabled to offer to purchasers by the uae of "team power and thet-mployment of a staff of skilled English and foreign workmen The highly satisfactory performance of his Watclies aud Clock* is recognized by the Press and the Public. The prices changed, in erery instance are the lowest, compatible with "ound workmanship and high tuish. Jgr "I^IOVELTV. English Clocks, far superior to foreign, designed by 1/m/■ English artists, manufactured on the premises, aod to be ob- il Mtaintrrf only at the al><>*»- establishments Clock Cases made to H! £ f harmonize with the architecture of oiansims, country houses, I'/FLFN^PV IT 11 \^c-> and with their furniture. j (II 11 ES. From 2 to 209 Cuineas. Railway Guards, Sailors i i yUn^sT M » Sol'liets,'Miners, and Workmen's Watches (of extra strength), r c LO.( KS. From I to 1,000 Guineas. JEWELRY and Plate for Presentation, Ac. i! JjWJffl Watches and Clocks repaired by skilled workmen. I { lil sSsyJKg Old Jewelry, Silver, and Watches exchanged. Watches ..el, t to all parts, safe by post. Merchants and Shippers supplied. The new Pamphlets on Turret and Church Clorks (with testimoninls), Watches and C otks. Jewelry aud Plate (profusely illustrated), sent The new Pamphlets on Turret and Church Clorks (with testimoninls), Watches and C otks. Jewelry aud Plate (profusely illustrated), sent The abovesketch-represui.t* tin- I'erpetual Calendar, post free eaeh for two rtamp!>. IndepeiiUeiit Seconds, Key'ess Watch. The hand«, j w Benson., N ew W(„k> Ti,ne and Time Tellers," published by without being re-set fion time to time for leap y«r> Hardwicke, Piccadilly. Plain, 2s. 6d.; Gilt, 3s. keep a perpetual register of seconds, minutes, holir! days, weeks months, aod years-show old and new CAUl ION — I he P.iMic arc cautioned against misrepresentation* style; phases of the moon, BlJd variatiolls of heat 5c cold. alld attempts to sell Spurious Imitations Coaguuks.— Kav's best Cement for Brokeu Articles, 6d.. ls.,2s Sold elsewhere. K!;iy Bros., Stockport. Just Published, post free NERVOUS debility, and how TO cure IT, WITHOUT EXPENSIVE CONSBIjTATIONS and EXORB1TANI' MEDICAL I- EES..sowing the nefarious system ot terrorism and extortion >5racti ed on real or in.aginary suSerers from nervous iufl other disorders by a certain class of medical practitione^sT This pamphlet ■» not an adveriisement or preface to e*$eni?ive consultations and high medical fees, but is deigned as a warning and a caution ti> those who suffer frtim nervous debility, at the same time pointing <\t the weans ot se;f treatment (which can be followed without ■■ refeience to the author) and containing the necessary Prescriptions and dietetic rules to be observed during therfeatujent; by one wl>° nas suffered from misplaced confidence in medioal impositiou and j from misplaced confidence in medioal impositiou and j quickery- London; H, 15, Edith Villas, North End,S.W. KAY's CoMPOtJKD LursBZD, t demulcent ex- pectorant, lor Coughs ai^d Colds. Sold by all ChemistB. 23, IRONMONGER LANK, LONDON. p (THE OLD HOUSE^' JOHNSTON'S CORN FLOUR IS THE BEST "QUITE FREE FROM A DULTERATION."—Lancet. IT IS DECIDEDLY SUPERIOR."— Lancet. I have examiwpd J^instfn's Corn Flour and find it per- fectly pure and mcit excellent in quality. "hen boiled with milk it affords i om^lete uourishment for Children and per- sons of week diger-tion-" Chables A. CAMERON-, M.D., F.R.C.S.I. Professor of Chemistry, Royal Callege or Surgeons, Dublin. HEARSES AND MOt'ENDfc COACHEF. ISAAC THOMAS, TJJSTJDBft'l'A.KIBR,, e 21 and 25, SOTOIJK-STEET, ABERDARE, 3 T3EGS to itifornVO'e public that he has pur- 0 £ > chased the HEAKSES and MOUIINING 3 COACHES from Mr Sarvis, draper, and con- 5 sequ^ntly is prepared to und, rlake the entire 3 mansgement of Funeja^s. He can now supply 3 Coffins, Shrouds, Hears's, Mourning Coaches, and 3, will also undertake the building of Brick Graves, 0 so that relatives may be relieved of all care in this ) respect. His charges will be found to be less S than any other in the Principality. He is also ) prepared to send Hearses, wilh leather plumes, or 0 Mourning Coaches to any part of Wales, the whole$being of the best description that CItJl be 5 produoed. 3 OBSERVE THE ADDRESS — U 24 & 25, SEYMOUR-STREET, JJERDAR < Select Classes for Young Ladies. THE MISSED JONES ARE open to receiveXoung Ladies for instruc- tion in Music, Ringing, French, Drawing, and Dancing, on vjry advantageous terms.— For further particulars apply at Gadlys Terrace, Brynhyfryd, Aberdare. Inventor of the Chifionnier Organ. N Z o CHIFFOKNIER ORGAN. THE ABERDARF. Harmonium and Chiffonnier Organ MAN UFA CTOR Y. B. H. PHILLIPS, Harmonium Manufacturer Inti Inventor of th-c iff on ni-er?*Organ, RESPECTFULLY thsrtiks the Profession, Clergy, Gentry, and\th^ Public in peneral for their kind patronage in (Tie past (havii g sold over 400 Harmwmmis ChifEnnnie'- Organs), and hopes to have a continuance of their favour. Trade supp ied with all kinds of Fittings, Pianra, merican Organs and Harmoniums, by Alexandre aId Cliristophe and Etienne, always in stock at makers' prices. Harmoniums repai cd on the shortest notice. Harmoniums supplied to Churches, Chapels, and Good Templars on very easy terms. Experienced workmen always on the premises. 811 0,1/ ROOMS—6, Gadlys-road, and 5, Per- se erance place. lestimonial—From Professor Parry, Pencerdd America- I- Fellow Countrymen,—I have much pleasure in recommending the Chiffonnier Organ for its mellow and pipe-like tone, and for its external appearance. Wishing the maker all the patronage he deserves.— I am, your humble servant, JOSEPH PARRY, Mus. Bac." Catalogue and list of Testimonials on application. Money to LENofcn good freehold or LEASEHOLD/SECURITY. For further particulars apply to M/. J. T. Howells, Solicitor, Publip Hail OHieCiy Trreberbert. KaVs Txo Pius, a gpepiffc in Neuralgia, Fnoeadie, &«., are soU bf all Chemigts, .|fay Brotiors, Stockport. MONEY TO LEND, good Freehold or Leasehold Btjcurity. — Apply to DAVID Rioharm, Solicitor, ^/tanoc-street, Abordare. "ttI GLENFIELD. GLENFIELD. THE QUEEN'S LAUNDRESS SAYS THIS STARCH 18 THE BEST SHE EVER "USED, GLE NFl E L D. G LEN F IE LD. I ^"ipOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFH.W— See Deuteronomy, chap, xii., verse 23. m. WORLD FAMED Trade Mark,—" Blood Mixture." THE CREAT BLOOD PURIFIER & RESTORER SKIN DISEASES, Eruptions, Blotches, Ulcerated Sore Legs, Old Sores, Glandular Swelling, Cancerous Ulcers, Spots, Pimples, Pustules Bi-,ils, Carbuncles, Ringworms, Scald Heads, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch. Scurfs, Discolors ations of the Skin, Humours and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name or nature, are literally carried out of the system in a short, time by the use of this world famed Medi- cine. Thousands of Testimonials from all Parts. TMPORTANT ADVICE TO ALL. Cleanse the vitiated Blood whenever you find its impuri- ties bursting through the skitt in pimples, eruptions, or sores, cleanse it when you find it ,obstructed and sluggish in the veins cleanse it when it is foul, and your feelings will tell you when. Keep the blood pure and the health of the system will follow. As this Mixture is pleasant to the taste and warranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitution of either sex, the Proprietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. CLARKE'S WORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIX TURE is seld in Bottles, 2s. 6d. eaeh, and cases, containing six times the quantity, lis. each sufficient to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of cases, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the United Kingdom and the world, or sent to any address on receipt, r. 30 or 132 stamps by the Proprietor, Wholesale All Patent Medicine Houses London Depot 150, Oxford Street. F. J. CLARKE, Chemist, High-street, Lincoln. T. W. Evans, 14, Commerical-street, Aberdare AND .RICHARDS, 12 and 13, Cardiff-street, Aberdar DR. HUNTER'S Special Lectures to Young Men. on HEALTH, ITS RESTORATION, AND HAPPY MARRIAGES.—When to marry, with advice to those who contemplate marriage, pointing out certain impediments which render married life unhappy, and directions for their speedy removal. Shonld be read by all who vulue health, strength, and manhood, and wish to attain a happy old a £ e.—Post free on receipt o two stamps.—Address, Secretary, Institute o Anatomy, Birmingham. TICKS, LICE, SCAB, FOOT & XOUT14 AND ALL CONTAGIOUS DISEASES. The "Glycerine Dip" (HARDWICKE, GUERIN AND CO.'S) THIS non-poisonous Dip is a certain preventative and cure of Scab, and is unrivulled for the complete destruction of Ticks, Lice, and Parasites of every description infesting the Skins of Sbeep, catt e and other animals. It has gained a high reputation, for it possesses the double advantage of simultaneous- I y repelling contagion and cleansing the skin trom tf 1th. It docs not discolour or act injuriously upon the natural yolk bf the wool, but feeds the 3eece, ( maiwtains-the natural lustre, aud wonderfully prowotes its growth. Tie ,reat r,sk incurred by introducing newly-purchased Stock amongst healthy animals already on the farm way be entirely avoided hy dress- ing them with this Dip." For particulars and Testimonials of the highest order see pamphlet, sent free on application to the Sole Manufacturers and Exporters, TOMLINsON, HAYWARD"& BISHOP, LINCOLN Price Sixpence per pound-in Tins of 5 and 10 Ills. j and Drums of 2U, 30, 40, 50 and 100 lbs. each. N.H.-To be obtain id of wostChemtsta, or should any difficulty aiise, 20 lbs. or over will be sent to any Railway Statiou, Carriage paid, oa receipt of P.O.O. THE "GRANULAR BROWNING" SHOULD liE USED IN EVERY HOUSEHOLD. IT IMPARTS a RICH COLOUR and SUPERIOR FLAVOUR to Roasted Meats of every description, Cbickeu and Game, Gravies, Sjups, Beef Ten, &c. Sold in bottles at Is and 2s 6d, by the Sole Manu- facturers, TOMLINSON, HAYWARDk& BISHOP, LINCOLN And obtainable through every Chemist, Grocer or Italian Warehouseman t .rorg-hout tue K ngdum. TOMLINSON & CO.'s BUTfEIi POWDER MAKEfe FIRM and SWEET BUTTER all the iVJL yeaKoufncl, prevents it turkiug rancid, removes the Flavour of sour, weeds, or rack herbage quickens the churning, and increi-ses the value 2d to 3d per lb. Price 6d, Is, and 2s 6J, at any Chemists or Grocers. ABERDARE LOCAL BOARD WATER WORKS. rpHE BOARD are prepared to reO'ive Ap- X plications ;or LAYING SERVICE PIPES, &c., and SUPPLY IN (/ WATER to Iious<-s at Hirwain, Llwydco?d,X^w.ndare, Abcrnaut, Cwm- boch, and CiJV Coch/ Applications^rj/r que^t.d to be made at once to Mr. DAVID Hcghks, at tur Local Board Oifioeg, Town Hall, Aberdare. R. ORION GERY, May 16th, 1876. Clerk Sale of Very Desirable Leasehold Property on the YnyscxBfon Estate. •/—— rpo he Sold by Private treaty, ELEVEN 1 COTTAGES of DWELLING HOUSES, in one or mom lotion the abuv, estate. Part of the purchase niouey may remain ou mortgage. For Particulars apply to ME. WM. JOXES, Auctioneer, White Hart, Aberdare. CAP COUH, ABERDARE. FOR SALE, by Privt^e Contract, the TWO A. MESSUAGES mdid SHOP, situate and being Nos. 70 and 71* John-stkekt, CAP Cocn, in the occupatittyi <>f Henry Ward and Francis Powell.—For particulars apply to D. Richakds, olicitor, Aberdare. T R E C Y I* O N. ^l^O LET, with immedi&fB possesion, a HOUSE X aod SHOP, situate on the corner ot UtMETKRr-uoAD Vnd MiLLJBTRELT, TBBCYKON, ately in the occupation of Mr. Griffith Gterge, Draper. — Apply to D. Rjchards, Solicitor] Aberdare. 1 WAMTED, a StfpUg Aetive GIRL as Gen r SerTant.—Address, "S, J.Post Ofl « Alerdare. V" ♦ • Covfotjn PstFwtjc or aod: Bronchitis are humedisteJy relieved by it. Scid by me Chemist*. GIVEN AW AY for the benefit of nerrou» Bufferers who m.iy cure tliemseWes by tCe new «y«» of treatment, which has been sUcces^M in thousand* of rases øf nerroUB and reneral debit ty, Joss of memory, failing sight, epilepsy, consumption imiienntion, pidHine*^ headache, aui the long list ot tearful diseases known a* ner- ous cova plaints, many nf wbirkv had been sriveu up by the doetnis as quite incnrrable. Send four PtlUDY stamps to, Dr. THOMSON, 55 Bartholomew-road, Keotish Town. London, and he will forward, post free. six doses of the medicine, with directioas for use, by the aid of whieh every one may ree<»»er permanent heilth in a very short time. thus saving themselrpn from a lite of noisrry, and the tortionate charges of those who advertise to cure these- diseases. Extacts from peneral Testimonials: "My general health is so mnillb improred that eren my friends have re- marked the change in my appearatce. R. W." My. ittWBaeb is in a healthy state, and I can enjoy my meals now. J.W." I was so nervous before t-tkinj? your medicine, that I was unable t" write. J.T." "Thetrembtingofthe bands and knees is gone, TJ T have palpitation of tbe heart or headache, since I took it Mri«. Cr.L." My wife suffered for years from nervousness, giddiness is the head, piin across the forehead, and toss of appetite; I am thankful to your niedicHie cured her in a very short time. G.G." My friends consider cure of my case a perfect ",iracl.. Rev. J H»rcf>"rt BEARDLESS FACES & BALD SEADS. A Physician who for thirty years ha* practised io Diseases of the Hair, ba< d scoTered a POMADE which he pledges his honour will in every case Restore the Hair in balilness from any cause, and produce whiskers and mous- tachios, eyebrows, &c. For general and toilet use, it nourishes and preserves the hair^s:renethens and preve»tg its falling: off, checks drynesss, and restores the proper colour, eradicates scurf and rbndriff, keeps the bead delightfully c:ean and cool, and the hair soft and glossy. Ladies willfi»,d it promotes the curl aud wave uf tbe hair,, aid that the exquisite perfume is mi que a-d not at- tainable in any oiber compound* Being tree from any injurious mineral or ether admixture, it is used by thousands of Mothers in/the Nursery to beautify ebildren's hair, and prevent baldness, scurf or any failing in after life. The Recipe, io plain En^lioh, which any one can prepare at borne, for a few pence, will be sent free by post, on receipt 01 a directed envelope and six. penny stamps, by Mr. H. ERNEST, 17, Crown Terrace Haveratock Hill, London. ADVICE GRATIS. A Medical man up- JLA. wards of tweaty-six yearti in Londou practice, ba. published a work shewing the tiue cause of Nervous Mental, and Physical Debility, lownes* of ppirits, Indira tion, want of ener. y, premature decline. &c.; with the means of cure; wta<?rby the following maladies are speedily and permanently removed and rigorous health restored. ETery form and variety of debility, spermatorrhoea, last situde, depression of spirits, loss of erergy and appetite, paiDs in the back and limbs, timidity, self distrust, diz- ziness, of solitude, gruundls#s fears,.palpitation of the heirt, noises in the head audearg, indecision, impaired- sight and memory, indigestion aod bodily prostratioo of the whole system. fbemoet inJloortant fact that these- alarming complaints, may 'be easily removed is clearly demonstrated, ajid the entirely new and uoilormly sHccesa- ful u-eatment as followed out by the author fully explained, by which all sufferers are enabled to cure th^msehes por. fectly, and at the leastpossiblw cost. without taking quack medicine, or riiiinini; a doctor's bill, The book will btt sent on receipt of a stamped and directed envelope, by Or. RUSSELL, til, CLAKKNCE Rt)\D. KRN I'lSH TOWN, LONDON. Tlwu,:I [¡ù,¡ of sufferers who have fallen into a bad state, have borne grateful testimouy to the value and simplicity of the advise given, which has perfectly restored them tr beaJtb.1 TO THE NERVk)US-ANJ) DEBILITATED. EVERY MAN HfS OWN DOCTOR, A New Work on ti e Relf-Cure of all diseases, hv a, never failing mode of treatment successfully practi»cd by a Hospital Physician for many years past Ttoi* HoMk. is a true guide to sufferers from depression of spirit*, loss of intniory, headache, dimness of sieht, deaf news, indigestion rbenmatism, paiiw in the back an A 1imhs, loss ot appetite, palpitation of the heart, congh, premature decline, consumption, proj-ti ation, lassit"(le, nervaus de- bility, and any form of mental or physical weakness, resulting from loss of vitalty or nerve power, which, if not arrested, ends in early death or chronic disease. In hundreds of c ses patients have cored themselves, after electricity quack medicines. aDd ordinary medical men, have failed to give relief. A eopy will lie sent free, all, receipt of two. penny stamps, by the publisher, twlr. Ermlst, 17, Crown Terrace, Haverstock Hill, London. "hia remarkable Work, by an accomplished Physician will bring comfort to tuany who have been the victims of quacks, imptwtorsaud incapalle practitioners."—Medical Journal. "There is no qnaikery or learned mystery in this book, but a plain exposition of the causes symptirus, and rational treatment of this pernicious clans of disease, all set forth with the clearness of a practieal man, who wishes to be ttnderstood, and the earnestness of a cott acieotious man, who only wishes to be useful. Dirblin Hospital Gazette- "This work is popular in every sens*- of the word, and its worth is antsld, to tbo-e who ADuel from a feeling of shame, coasult tbe family phyiiciuv' — Belfast Magastne. rl'HE MAGIC REMEDY.. ONE BOX OF 1 THE VERNON FILL instantly lelievies and speedily cares nervousness and general weeknens. T-tae first dose will convince the sceptic of its mar^eltopa jewer is any oases of iadueslion. depression of spirts, covvli, palpitation of tbe heart, rheumatism, deatneu, headache, stomach atid liver complaints, and all forms of nervon* irritability. It stre^gtheas, renovates, and gives healthy tine to the braiaand nervous aytKetn. A box xentpett free. receipt of four penny stenips. by Dr. VERNON, te Ry))Htd Road, Kf-ftiah To, Londoa. Thousaads of testimonial* from grateful patients attect The woaderfal eacaev of the Verkok I'likt. NERVOUS DISEASES aod THEIR SPERBY tlURK. An original Work am tfeo re* onuses of IMI-AIRED VITAL ESKltGT, I'RBMATURM' 'GF -rB DECUXK. Kl'KC'll1 KAL DERARGUMENTS and tho various disorders of the EH\ E 81 KLC Ti. BK&. This l~.yaay has been justly confeidcted the 08EATE8T MIC £ I6aZ, WOHK OF THE AG I'. t describe the causes, symptoms, and mode of treatment to be udoptfd to effect a permanent cure of 1111 tbe tugst dangerous tual dies. Amongst these NKRTOUS DKHILn V leading "to a thorouch breaking up oi tbe consitution; AfFEt 1)0X6 of the EYES and KAR8, endiucia IOTAL BLINDNESS and UF. A IN ESS M ELASf- CUOLY and DEPRESSION 011 SPllilTS. tftn,iBaiinl! in INSANITY PAINS in the JfAl'K and LOINB. forornnoera of FATAL AFFECTIONS OF 'I HE KIDNEYS. Ao. Ur.- Vernon has for T» ENTY Y EAUS devoted himself tbw class of diseases, ipd has discovered a most hlilfLli MKTHOl) OF IKP*VTJNG THEM, without the use ol sot deleterious drug. It i worthy of note that until recently tb<a physic an had a deliucy in treating oases of Debility. s mply because such ahsoi ders did bot reecive due attention, and were thus leit I- ui>qHahfi< d persons, much to the pre- judice of the sufferer. Such a state of tfeiaps had induced the autlior to publish his experience for the benefit of tikos* t requirieg aid fiora legitimate scurces Pent post free on receipt owo penny stamps by Dr. Yemon, IB, Hyland itoad. Kenluh Town, London. "VJ EUVOUS AND PHYSICAL DEBILITY." X\ Resulting from errors or any o her c&uae. not as treated by Quacks with mineral -poi#o«i and, coloured water, ti efiectually otited 4>y a novel anil. hijfhty successful icvde of treatmeafy discovered by the advertiser who after many )ours Pf extreme auffering was completely restoced to *"XW beiltb. Pretnptod' by feelings of humanity, he tt,.c¡, makes Uem men is by which every bufterer iK/eaabled to cure tiiwaett. perfectly AND AT the least/possible coat, without hav- ing rt course to advertising empirics or their vaunted 4 nostrums. He will be happy-<6 forward the pat^icnlars tp a" sufferer on rec ipt of a staa p!d and direi ted emrelepe. -Address Mr. J.. T.. SKWKLL, 7, Mus^rave Credent, Fulham, London- LOANS and MORTGAG, £ H.—M"0N EY to LEND in SUMS of £ 50"aml upwards,upon Personal security,-at. Five per cent, interest, repay-1 able from one to seven yeajc*. Also, several bU.\l& apon Mortgage of frcehol^md Leasehold Property,' from SA per cent. Terayf, ten to twenty-one yeata. Xo commission cl|art;Qd.— Apply, personally, Cpre- fericd,) or bir lievan, 10, Lincoln'* Inn Fields, London." W.C. K B,—Interest i«pay-" hie half-yearly, and is not rtquircd in advance. HEALTH A t-OUUCE OF HAPFIX^SJl. IMPOHTAN'B MEDICAL AND SOCIAL WORK. ZZ- Bv HENRY SMITH, M.D. Jena). 1.1IIa¡'¡;óKI E<llt10Il, 110 p iL<'s fr!"e, [" p't, two et, i. cii "¡ D::iULITATlXfi A^l) NK«:VOUSMS- E \di.S lueir (. au»o, S} tuptoms, sn< £ I HI-* W'liv: GIVES Oli. SMirirn TSJkCtMKXT (tha result of wfin -PIX years' tpe ial p. ac ticei('fc 'be Cure of all' l.'inojv^t s in ihe Nervous Sv>tem, i-r\#jl^ iity, Meatai an t Physical Uepression, Palpitation o(Ahe heart, Noises in-1 the Head aud Ears, Indecision, Inipaic^d Siebt and Memory. Indigestion, Loss ot Energy Paius !i*"ihe Back, Constipation,- Blushing, Hysteria Timidity, Sell'^fistrnst, flf/zir.ess, Mus- cular Ueinxation, &:c., resulting Itom Kihausfion' of Nerve Power, the effect of Over-t nod J^aergu-s, Kiien-atiii^ Habtta,' Brain l oil. Late I-I olin: Over Wnru, «ud (th-r »I'ukes of the- system which, ij negleetedU eud in preiuature decline. GIVl S ALVli. i. A.NH ^VS l itUOTlO.N. iUu.trated with Cases and l'e>6inioriHls, ,Itlt means Wktd in each cwt.* Glossary of Medival l'orma. Im^ortaat liules to bo observed by Patients Free by post pages), seven stamps in envelope Vjy Oil AN; Her lluties, lielations, aad- Positiou. SiiKj >ets treated Girlhood Maidoniioe^ ourt^hjp. Marriage, Motheiho«>d, Female Kdu tttion. Wo. ig a M tie, Womall as a Mother, &o.. te It is a trfati*" oir Tit.1 to A Oman. ,H.A Kciition, BsAUTirvixr ILLUSTILILT- WUK Enghavikgs ON WOOD, Cloth pilt, One Shillitlg- IViPORTANT TO COUNTRY PATIENTS. DE. fl. SMITH, tin- Eminont Specialist, w io has devoted twenty-si* f.-a, (0 the treatment of Nervous -and lieMHating. JJiae«^. » the -u.. ° those who eanaot eofKMilt him p.r««u»lly,on receiviu^de rip k>n o< their c«h«, send his o»<in -i. free r_# advioo, lor their restorti a to health. A «« Con9 '.m orm of eokrespoadencA free hr i. 9 — Address: Dr.H SAiIT^I, 8, BurtM^CMSOM^