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SgHHK A LLAN LIFJ Ej -I SlJOKTESX OOKAN PASSAGE TO AMERICA. ^Wen^ First-class Royal Mail t-'lJ1i>rl\. »tnj Tw*6 ÐAYS-From Liverpool, every Tuesday <U"' to'Canada, and evrry aliernate j and Baltimore, forwarding •*d il.hV-8 Tn 6asy terms to all parts of Canada State! • i»n^war^e88e:s provided free for nil Paso asmigprs. ^Prs secure their Tickets before ^•'?Pru 'l 1?^ ar £ ro«-t at" the'Railway Station in °n aHP"in,ed Agent of thcComp»y,n 'p eharge "ntil tiny go on borda nn &nVt rnoient grouts ASSISTED XUrrie.i P by the "ALLAN LINE" to Strvan,' n' Labourers and Female Domtstie ^1"Lam -ii1^8 I1 or Pa««ace, 'pHy t0 Jann,8. BorHnis & Co., Alexandra Building", Antei. re^ Liverpool; or to Jones & Son, *hK liMlcs Office, Aberdare. E C L 0 C K- S WATCH & CLOCK MAKER "0 THE QUEEN AND ROYAL FAMILY, H R And by Special Appointments to •H. THE PRINCE OF WALES ^fll.M. THE KMPKKOR OF RUSSIA, Tolt WAiuBAiAiib of BUHDWAN & JOHORE. '2e ^dals— Los don, Dubtin, AND PARIS. In E S O :N 8 Of VRATCHES GOLD and SILVER JE-WELLEE.T. ^oghaPhs T1'c Latest Fashions. Key^*<ieTe'18» Bracelets, Brooches, Earrings, Lockets, \it WAtiok, Necklacks, Chains, Oc»!*T^Bs' Railway Rings, Studs, W0R Pins. Crosses, Etc. of jfJiEN s, Watches At-so in Diamonds RA Strength. And Precioi's Stones. ftEKSOK'S Wn.t » v, « 5,. UV"' a,w w.H. „ 43 3»- ( Warranted.) B.L, N 1* 0 CLOCKS SILVER & ELEC- Of "ll kindt at 1 to 1(( TRO-PLATE. guineas. ]-or l'retentution, etc. £ fiT7RCn, Ttjbret Hiking Services, ^age, Chime* Tia a'ni> BkeaKFasT DiKijio VT. Services, Hoom Dra™ Crvkts, Baskets ?AU., Sunp ImesTa*ds, Claret LfBnARY R„' Jugs, Spoons, • f^ACKtT, etc. Fokks, Etc EkNSOH'S "Farly English" Wood or jjtoolii Clocks, decorated with Blue China, 5{Jgwood, &e., frcm £ 5 5s. Katie solely °y Benson. P^NSON'R NEW IILTJSTR ATKD PAM- Cliw?JS on TURRET CLOCKS, WATCHES, IW" v' PLaTE' and J E\V ELL E !< Y sent j» *rfe> 2 Stamps. Watches sent safe by ,0 all parts of the World. j "jches repnirid hy skilled workmen. Plate, u*7,ry> w.«ich es, bought and exchanged, Shippers, and Clubs supplied. Steam factory and City Show Rooms— ^UDGATt; HILL, LONDON. West-end Establishment — 8. OLD BOND STREET. Established 1749. -.c AMW7 -HOLLOWAY S:,Pl, purit.Y of Blood Essential to Life, # 0 Btøo4 I!Slenbal to Life, a, and Strength. all Other known Medicines for Purifying > >««, ts beh>t **fe and yet effective, they are available for and Household remedy. In congestions and *ausL -r i the. Ll'*« and Livek, they quickly remove <trn^»io» l ^sease, and in constipation and disordered Boww.s, they act as a cleansing aperient, matter from the intestinal canal, and 1 fc;i. '• tramps, and painful gripii»gs- 10u* Headaches, Nausea and 0ul Stomach, Loss of Appetite, and Lowness pi Spirits. properties of tW Pills soon produce a SJ% ,n constitution, removing all excess of restcSr*?!. paihe after eating, and giddiness. 8*neral he2tMPPetit*' tlle comPlexion' »nd improve ^e Motker'y Friend. Females' V^pecifics. of a Family should .know the value of these |pPrWt»d^n* *ocumulatioB« and restoring suspended or ?**y ar. *?#t'ons at various critical periods of female life ^le. ^*fu,! Wond measure thry can be taken safely by, A^tts, ajod arc invaluable ui all children s Deb T hr t ttate4 Constitutions, Trem- 1tIlII, and Loss of Nervous Energy. *1 tTTeauU11- «neurpM»«l u Nervine Tonics th«y and weakn«»ea. They act so kindly. yet so U r«v?v^f tyu°nL fttnetiens of digestion, that the ^olef.°°d> ai,<1 *U^L e blood P»"fied, and the muscles in *v«ry fn^J ^fe'efore sufferers from Nervous •^fconld give them a fcir and honest trial. SubuS1 *nd »ouTrProfeftsor Hollow^'S 535. Oxford Street, London, ^80 by W«3d uJT*ble V«»«ior of Medicine throughout the Civilised and 33^^ £ "«dP<*s, at Is. 9d. 41. 6d., IIS- "la" eaoil caa he'k^j Erections are affixed t« each Box and Pot, and language. Advice can be obtained, free of charge, by ltoii¥M ny at the above address, daily, between the °f 11 and 4, or by letter. • J? Cardiff and MARKET STREETS, ABERDARE. OPENINCTof SHOW ROOMS AND GENERAL SHOW IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. W. SARVIS Will, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 9th and 10th of April, and following days, 7 SHOW A VERY I.AiiUK AND WELL-ASSORTED STOCK OF SPRING & SUMMER GOODS. In every variety, including all the Novelties of the Season. SO LICIT I NG THE FAVOUR OF A CALL. j|R| PATENT EARTH-BORER. —For boring holes for Palisades, jM? Telegraph Posts, for Fences and Scaffolding, Tube Wells for planting and testing ground, &c. j PATENT MOORINGS for Anchoring Buoys, Floating Docks, ;-— j ) i Pontoons, Lights, &c. ti m PATENT SCREW ANCHORS, for Anchoring Ships. They |i|l^ securely hold the Lightest Lifeboats, as well as the Heaviest IMb^ W Hp(• Armour-plated Vessel. H||H^ PATENT- ^CUEW PILES, for Bridge Foundations, &c. JjjH AUTOMATIC REVOLVING SCRAPEUS _for Koad-making, Jii Excavating, Ditching, Levelling, and Draining. yy V SHE LICENSEES: SELIG, SONNENTHAL, AND CO., Manufacturers & Contractors for Railway and Engineers' Plant of Special And general description, LAMhETH HILL, QUEEN VICTORIA STREET, LONDON, E.C. S'l VI lOiN KIO & FANCY WAKEHOUfeti "ABERDARE TIMES" OFFICE, 31. Commercial Plae^: Aberdare. JONES & SON, PRINTERS, BCOESELLER^ STATIONERS, &.c,, DESIRE to inform the PUBLIC that they lidve in stock a large and varied- assortmen to PLAIN and FANCY STATIONERY ai(a FANCY GOODS, suitable for PRESENTS &c., to v\ hich they invite attention. A lar^e St<ck ot Musical Instruments, in^ludiifg Concertinas, Flutes, Banjos, Tambourines, Drums Harmonicai'K, Mouth (organs, &c. The ^arge« and best selected Stock in Town of HOME and FOREIGN rVlADE TOYS. Dolls in gr^at.'Variety, Chess, Drafts, and Draftboards, Dominoes, RoutptteGamts.&e. Workbuxes, Money B^xe.% Fancy Boxes, iiimmel's Soap and Perfumery, Ink and Inkstands, Conversation Cards, &c. Combs and Brushes of the best quality. Pipes and Tobacco Pouches, Cigar Cases. Ladies' Bags, Purses, Albums, &o., &c. -:0:- OBSERVE THE ADDRESS— ABTRTAPE Tl^ES" OFFICE 31 COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE. MUSICAL STUDENTS. Mr. Abraham Nehemiah James, OF the Poyal Academy of Music, and Ac- companist of tlie Aberdare Choral Union, desires respectfully to inform the Gentry and the Public generally of Aberdare and its neigh- bouvhood that he gives instructions in Haimony and Singing, and lessons on the Pianoforte and Harmonium. Pupil Teachers prepared for their Examina- tions in Harmony. Reference t<p past ptipils furnished on applica- tion. Pupils waited upon at their own residence, if desired. Sound systematic teaching guaranteed. Terms very moderate. Address-38, Bute Street, Aberdare. N.B. Hirwain visited twice weekly. Mr. A. N. James would also draw the atten- tion of those connected with the n.anagement of Eisteddfods, Oratorio and Miscellaneous Con- certs, Festivals, and similar Entertainments that he is open to engagements as Accompanist, on most reasonable terms. ARTIFICIAL TEhT H.! PAiNl.ESS DENTISTRY. Established 25 Years. With all the latest and most Modern Appliances." Messrs. G. POOL-E & SONS, Cievedon Villa, Stokk's G&oft Road, Bristol PATENTED System of XlUTFICI AL TEETH surpasses ill othe/4 for <^onomy, dura- bility, mastication, njfiiculation, and natural appearance, %eing iiij^structible. They never change color or decett. Every case guaranteed, A Set, from t'S.Jyr; a Tooth from 5s. Enamel Stopping, 2s. 6d. and 5s. Dental Operations of every Description. A vacancy for A pupil. Attendance at the Temperance Hall, Aberdare, every Tuesday, between the hours of 12.40 and 4.30 p.m. UNITY HOUSE SCHOOL (CLASSICAL AND COMMERCIAL), HIGHLAND PLACE, ABERDARE. Established 1865. CONDUCTED BY REV. J. JOSEPH GEORGE HE Schoolroom is New .,nd Capacious I "ituated in. otle of the healthiest parts cf the district. Education, baSed on sound principles, is emineutly practical and adapted to business purposes. Separate attention is given to each pupil. TERMS modebate. STIFF'S STARCH Is warranted FREE FROM adulteration. Messrs. STIFF AND Co., however, cannot guarantee any Starch to be their manufacture. unless the Box or /Jacket bears their Trade Mark, QUEEN BESSyT Dr. ARTHJ/E HILL HAS- ^SALL has /Analysed our *Starcb, andr reported it to be aV purey'genuine, and well rozuvii^^tured article, and equal in every respect, to the Best Stiffening Starch he ever examined." The ac- curacy of this high testi- monial is confirmed by the steadily increasing demand for our manufacture. s STIFF & COMPY., 29, REDCLlFFE STREET, BRISTOL. John E. Keirby, Patentee AND Manufacturer OF STKAM PACKING, SWIMOX. NEAR MCIIESIEii. Square Platted Elastic Steam Packing to It PISTOIf HODS, flSTONS, PUMPS, &c. F R E IN C H C^ 'ALK PACKING, HyW^DLIC PACKING, G L Y C Eii IKE PACKING, RED L K A D R () V E PACKING for Man- HrJeiS, CyiindfrCov-rs, Steam Joints, &c. WIKE GAUZE S1EAM PACKING RINGS, And every dt script ion of i'ac\ihg, ROUiND, tQUARK, Ai\D FLAT. Samules akd PritM'S on AI plication. Under thu distinguished Patronage of the Blitish Admiralty. The Honourable Corpora lion of Trinity House, London. ESTABLISHED 1864. STAFFORDSHIRE BLUE BRICKS, j COPINGS, QUARRIES, BIDGES, BOOFlNG TILES AND TERRA METALLIC PAVINGS, 5 SUITABLE FOR ( STABLES, FOOTPATHS, HOUSES, PIGGERIES, KEGELS, COURTYARDS, /&C., &c. Five Gold antVtilver Medals. First Class, Awards London, Paris, and Brussels Ex- hibitions, 1 First Class Award, Silver Medal, Paris, 1878 JOSEPH HAMBLET, West Bromwich. NO MORE LAWYER&' BILLS I Now Ready, Sixteenth Edition, oarofully revised and corrected, containing upwards of 3,000 state- ments on points of law, verified by the addition of Notes and References to Authorities. Crown 8vo, price Gs. 8d. (saved at every consultation), strongly bound in cloth (postage 6d.) EVERY MAN'S OWN LAWYER A Handy Book of the principles of Law and Equity. BY A BARRISTER. Comprising the Bights and Wrongs of In. dividuals, Merchantile and Commercial Law, Criminal Laws. Parish Laws, County Court Lawe, Game and Fishery Laws, Poor Men's Lawsuits, the Laws of Bankruptcy, Bets .and Waggers, Bills of Exchange, Contracts and Agreements, Copyright, Elections and Registration's, Insurance, Libel and Slander, Marriage and Divorce. Merchant Shipping, Mortgages, Settlements, Stock Exchange Practice, Trade Marks and Patents, Trespass, Nuisances, etc., Transfer of Land. etc., Warranty, Wills and Agreements, etc., etc. Also, Law for Landlord and Tenant, Master and Servant, Writkmen and Apprentices, Heirs, Devisees and Legatee^ Husband and Wife, Executors and Trustees, Guardian and Ward, Married Women and Infants, Partners and Agents. Lender and Borrower, Debtor and Creditor, Purchaser and Vendor, Companies and Associations, Friendly Societies, Clergymen, Churchwardens, Medical Practitioners, etc., Bankers, Farmers, Contractors, Stock and Share Brokers, Sportsmen, Gamekeepers, Farriers and Horses Dealers, Auctioneers, House Agents, Innkeepers, etc., Bakers, Millers, etc., Pawnbrokers Surveyors, Railways and Carriers Constables, teamen, Soldiers, etc,, etc. What it profess to be—a complete epitome of the laws of this country, thoroughly intelligible to non-professional readers. The book is a handy one to have in readiness when some knotty point re- quires ready solution,"—Bell's Life. CliOSBY LOCKWOOD & CO., 7 Stationers' Hall Court, Lopdor, E.C. NOVELTIES FOR SPRING, 1879. Madam, I purpose making my FIRST SHOW of NEW SPRING GOODS, In every Department, on TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, April 29th, APRIL 30th, MAY 1st, AND FO L LO W IlCr DAY W. The display for this Season embraces the latest and most choice pro- ductions of the ENGLISH, FRENCH, and GERMAN MARKETS. Special care has been given to the selecting of MILLINERY, STRAW HATS and BONNETS, FLOWERS, FEATHERS. MANTLES, FANCY DRESS MATERIALS, and all other FANCY GOODS. Hoping you will visit f my SHOW-ROOMS on one of the above days, I remain, yours most respectfully, H EN R Y L E W IS, I 11, Commercial-place, Aberdare. 1 SAND. White's London Cement, Plaster Paris, Mortar Hair, &c., all of the best quality, at EVAN THOMAS & CO.'S, Ironmongers, and Miner's Lapip Manufacturers, it m it m> .a MS je PRICE ON APPLICATION WORTHY OF NOTICE. A. W. WHEELEii, 7, DEAN STREET. ABERDARE, I N rfturnirg thar ks for past Patronage, dpi-ires to inform the PUBLIC that he is prepared to .i_ receive ordtrs for CLaning, Scouring, cr Dyeing Men and Boys' Clothing of every description. Also l,adieq' Shawl 's, I)ress(-s, Niantle-, Skirts, &c., Furnituies, including Moreens, Damasks, and Table Covers, Carpets, and Hearthrugs. Kid Gloves and Felt Hats Cleaned and Dyed equal to New. I I II-.— ■ ■■■ ■■ II ■■■■»■ .1-1 ■ —I — ■■ n you "o -r 1 See that you get it! As bad qualities are often substituted. Bpsjgl \The Genuine is used by the Laundresses of JP~^2 THE PRIMCESVOF WALES AND DUCHESS OF EDINBURGH. The Edinburgh Life Assurance Company Founded in 1823, and Incorporated by Act of Parliament. HEAD OFFICE: 22, GEORGE STREET, EDINBURGH. BIRMINGHAM BRANCH 16, BENNETT'S HILL. LIFE BUSINESS ONLY IS TRANSACTED BY THIS COMPANY. EXPLANATION OF THE EDINBURGH LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY'S NON-FORFEtTURE SYSTEM. THIS System is not confined to any particular class of Assurances. It applies to att the Ordinary Policies issued by the Company ai full rates, as w^ll as to Policies effected by a Fixed Number of Annual Payments (5, 10, 15, 20, or 25), and to Endowment-Assurances payable at a specified age or at death. Policies issued under this Sysiem participate froii, their commencement in the Profits of the Company (Polices on the Without Profit scale alone excepted), on the equitable plan of distribution followed by this Otfice. Tlte benefits of the System are enjoyed from, the outset of each Policy, so that whether the Premiums are discontinued atter One, Two, Three, or any other number of Annual Payments, the Policyholder is equally secure of receiving an (quivalent for the money he has paid. The rapid increase of the Company's business shews that the advantages of this System are appreciated by the Public The System was adopted in its present form in the year 1872, and the following Table exhibits the progress of the New Business transacted by the Company since that time. \Amount of New Assurances, During Year ending 3I*t M^rch, 1872 £ 364,100 11 1873 467,215 1874 550,936 „ It 1875 632,482 I II 1876 656.720 t, M 1877 683,002 The Edinburgh Assurance Life Company's Bonvs System. This System is peculiarly favourable to Good Lives. While all Policies on the With Profit scael share from th. ir commencement in the Profits of the Company—those on Young Lives receiving a fair and i quitable Rate of Bonus—the Policies which continue long in existence, and so contribute more than otheis to the Surplus-Fund., receive the Larger Share of Profits to which they are entitled, AGENT FOR ABERDARE": MR. T. L. JONES, Aberdare Times" Office.