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MERTHYR TYDFIL UNION CONTRACT FOR SUPPLIES FOR THE WORK- HOJ8R. MERTHYR, AND THE ABERDARE j INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL. THE Guardians desire TENDERS for the Supply of Sides ot Bet f, and L, gs cut close to the rum p. Mutton, Pork, Bacon. Br. ad, Flour (plain tie), Oatmeal (Irish). ] Potatoes. Buller, Cheese. Milk. ] Coal, Coke, and Small Coal. Out-door Supplies at Merthyr, Dowlais, Hirwain, Aberdare, and Mountain fsh. Beef, Mutton, and Pork. The T" fur Bread, Meat,'Bacon, Butter, JUVes*, Flour, Oatmeal, Pota-oes, Cwal, Cokr, and Small Coal, to bp for Three Months only, viz., from Jure 28th, 1879, to Hei tenob*r 26th, 1879, bothrnclusive, and Milk Nine Months, to M rch 16tb, 1880, Sureties to be uannd in Tender. Samples where practicable All goods to be delivered at the "\V<>rkhou-e, or at the Aberdare Industricil School, at the option of the Guardians. Payments quarterly, but Bakers. Butchers, and Grocers may draw <m accouut otice in Ibtt middle uf the quarter. Tenders 1u he sent in on or before SATURDAY, June 21st, 1879, in the Furm8 to be had on frpnliualion to the Ma-Ur at the Workhouse, ar hi the Aberdare industrial School, who will tur-ish all ax\r particulars. Tenders, unless received on SATURDAY, Jane 21st, 1»79, at Ten a.m., will not be Opened. By order, FRANK JAMES, CI rk. nigh street, Merthyr, May 31st, 1879. No goods to be supplied, or work done for the Workhouse or the Industrial School without a Written Order, signed by the Clerk. All accounts for the June quarter to h' made up to June 25th, and sent in to the MaMer by that day. .A. B E R D A- :Et E BEER HOUSE AND SHOPS FOR SALE. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, The following valuable FREEHOLD and LEASEHOLD PUOP WRITES ALL that Messuage or DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP, situate and being No. 54, High-street, Aberdare, aforesaid, and adjoining The Farmers' Arms. with the back kitchen, stables and workshop.-t)ehind, and right of way from the basement ovir the area into the yard. r. This property "is held for /he residue of a term ^f 99 years from'the 1st da*' of August, 1873, and will be sold subject to aq. apportioned ground rent of £ 4. Ids. All that JCESSUA^E or DWELLING HOUBE and SftOP, situate and being No. 18, Canon-street, Aberdare, with the Bakehouse-and IStoTe Room behind and the right of way through the passage adjoining the Carpenters' Arms, in the occupation of Mr John Protheroe. This property is held for the residue of 99 fears from the 25th day of March, 1854, And will o cold supject to the apportioned ground rent of £ 2 Is. 6d. It is let to Mr Protheroefor 21 years from the first June, 1814, at the yearly reut of JE34. All that FREEHOLD BEER HOUSE, called The Bush," situate and being No. 71, Mill- street, Trecyoon, Aberdare, in the occupation of Mr Thomas Hughes, as a yearly tenant, at a r»i4 of £ 20. This house was until recently let at £ 38 peranaom. These properties are situate in the best streets in Aberdare, and offer a rare opportunity to persons wishing to invest their savings upon DUsiness premises of an improving character. Arrangements may be made for leaving part of the purchase money of any lot on Mortgage of the same. y Further particulars may be obtained on ap- plication to Mr. H. P. LINTON, Solicitor, Aberdare. Aberdare, April 7th, 1879. TO CONTRACTORS AND BUILDEB.S., FpHE COMMITTEE of the BAPTIST? J CHURCH, Cwmaman, are preparetj^ accept TENDERS for the BULL DIN Ct NEW HOUSE. WJ The Plans fold Specification may "be insff cted at R. Davies, 4*2, Fforchapian Roadvpv^naman, Aberdare, froto Momjity, June ttke'^jf, until Monday, the \6thy^m which day the Tenders are to be sent td sde. jjjL.' For further instructions aflqumr of Mr E. Griffiths, Architect, 41, High-street, Aberdare The Committee do not bind themselves to the lowwt or any tender. DA VIES. AGENTS WANTED to seii LUBRICATING OILS. Commission 10 to 1-5 per cent. BETA Sidmouth Lodge, Park Road, Richmond, S.W.' ABERDARE LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH. OUTFALL SEWER-CONTRACTS 2To. 1 &No. 2 TO CONTRACTORS. rpHE BOARD hereby invites TENDERS 1 from persons willing to contract for the execution, completion, and maintenance of the $ttork-s required in the construction of a MAIN OUTFALL SEWER, to extend from Trecynon, Aberdare, to Pajknewydd, in the Parish of Lianwocno, in the Cotlnty of Glamorgan, and other works in connection therewith CONTRACT No. 1 will comprise the portion of the sewer to be made between Mountain Ash and Parknewydd, and will cousist of about 7600 lineal yards of 28 inch brick barrel sewer, 220 lineal yards-of timber sewof on stone piers, and 75 lineal yards of 28 inch cast iron socket pipe sewer, with straining t&oks and other works. CONTRACT No. 2 Will comprise the portion of the sewer to be made between frecynon and Mountain Ash, and will consist of about 6100 of lineal yards of 24 inch, and 700 lineal yards of 21 inch, and 18 inch brick barrel sewer, 95 lineal yards of 24 inch cast iron socket pipe sewer, and 1000 lineal yards of 15 inch glazed stoneware socket pipe sewer, with other works. Plans, Sections, Detail Drawings, and Specifi- cations of th9 works to be executed may be seen on application to Mr T. LI. Edwards, Surveyor to the Aberdare Local Board of Health, and at the office, in Merthyr Tydfil, of Mr Harpur, Engineer of the. works, on. and after Monday, June 16th, 1879 Printed Specifications with bills of quantities, forms of Tenders, and Schedules for prices may be had on payment of One Guinea per set. Sealed Tenders, endorsed Tender for Outfall Sewer." "Contract No. 1" or "ContractNo. 2," or Contract No. I and No. 2." as the case may be, to be left at the office of the derk to the Aberdare Local Board of Health, on or before Wednesday, July 2nd, 1879. The Board do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender. „ R. ORTON GEKY. Clerk. Town Hall, Aberdare. 29th Vlay, 1879. AT YSGOLION SABBOTHOL. Newydd ei Gyhoeddi, Ail-argrafflad o "EGWYDDORIG 0'$, IAITH GYMREIG, ¡ Yn cynwya GWERSI HAWDl] O'R YSGRYTHYRAU, I DDTSGO BARLLEN A SILLEBU, pris 1 c., neu 9c. y Ddiosin. X LYFRAU O bob mattr yn Gymraeg a Li Saesneg, at wasanaeth Ysgolion babbothol ar werth gan JONES .A-'X IMCA-B, SWYDDFA'R "ABERDARE TIMES," CO:J.MHACIAL pxucs, ABERDAE3. -■> YNYS MEADOWS, ABEEDAEE. |; FORESTERS' nIx FETE & eiLA. BANK HOBDAY. MONDAY, AUGUST 4M, 1879. Prizes to tUe/dmount of 160 for Competition. Brass Bands, Fireworks, Balloon Ascents, &c. Further particulars will shortly appear. C W Ts/L A IV3: -,a,. N • -.I SHOP TO LET, bt/^OEGE YIEW, with power to have ani^ut-door License to sell Beer. Apply to Mr. Cll HOPE, Cwmaman.


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