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|ABERDARE LOCAL BOAltD OF HEALTH. i The ordinary bi-monthly meeting of the above Board was held on Thursday, when there were piesent, H. H. Rhys. Esq., (chairman,) Messrs. 1). E. Williams, D. P. Davies, D. Davies (Canton House,) E.Thomas, W. 'lhomas, J. Williams, Ü. Davies (Canon street,) and S. il. Gilroy. The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed, after which the finance business was. transacted. THE SCAVENGING CONTRACTS. I It was ordered that notices be sent to the present scavengers to terminate their contracts at the end of the present month, Æmd that ad- t vertiseiBonts be issued inviting fresh tenders. THE, GAS LAMPS. Mr E. Thomas asked if any arrangement had been made with the Gas Company tor th £ supply of iron pipes and fittingsfor the public lights. The Chairman No; but last year there was a committee, and I think you were one, to confor with the gas company as to the lighting of the district generally, and when the year terminated that committee became defunct, I intended to move that that committee be i reappointed. I think it w&uld be very desirable. Mr. Thomas said the price paid for pipes, &c., appeared to be enormously high. The Chairman subsequently moved the re- appointment of the committee, and that they be asked to ascertain from the Gas Company their terms for extending the gas to the outly- ing districts, and also their charges for making connections with the Board's lamps. The members named on the committee were Messrs E. Thomas, W. lhomas, and D. E. Williams. This was agreed to. THE BRIDGE ACROSS THE TAFF VALE RAILWAY. Mr Gilroy called attention to the state of the footbridge across the Taff Vale Railway opposite the Gas Works at Aberaman. He wished to know who were responsible for keeping the same in repair. The Chairman said he did not think the Board were responsible. The matter was brought before them about six weeks ago, and they in- structed their Clerk to write to the Taff Vale Railway Co and Lletty Sheukin Company, but the lattter made no reply. The Taff Vale Railway Co. wrote to say that they would not contribute towards the repair of the bridge and suggested that it be taken down. There was a bridge a little higher which the Board had taken to and put into repair. He did not think the Board could be expected to contributed towards a bridge made for the convenience of the colliers employed by the various companies. Mr. Gilroy said it had been mentioned to him that the Board had recognised their responsibility in reference to the bridge in question. i he Clerk read the correspondence which had taken place on the subject. Mr D. Davies (Canon-street,) said the approach to the Abergwawr bridge was in a very dangerous condition. The Chairman thought the best course would be for the Surveyor to meet Mr. Gilroy on the spot, and if the Powell Duffryn Company would give their consent to keep the road open, the Board would probably repair the. approach to the latter bridge. NEW RATE. The Chairman, having explained the various calls on their funds, moved that the finance committee be summoned on that day fortnight to prepare an estimate for a new rate for the INSPECTOR'S REPORT. ensuing half-year. The Inspector of nuisances reported feur fresh cases of scarlet fever and seven fresh cases of typhoid fever, but no death from either disease. Several nuisances were also reported, which the Board ordered should bo dealt with. 1 he Clerk was directed to write to the Market Company calling attention to the want of a water-closet at the slaughter house. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. water-closet at the slaughter house. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. Ihe surveyor recommended the passing of several building plans, which had come to hand. SEWAGE LOAN. The Chairman stated that Mr Arnold Taylor, of the Local Government Board, attended the Board-room on May 21st to hold an enquiry in reference to the proposed loan of £ 25,000 for so age purposes. No objection was. raised and Vi r Taylor promised to report favourably. It was expected that the Board would be able to borrow .E2t),000 at aï per cent. repayable in thirty years, and the remaining £ 5,000 at 4 per cent, repayable in forty years. The Board also sanctioned the issuing of advertisements inviting tenders for the work. PROPOSED NEW ROAD TO THE MAERDY. The Chairman, in accordance with a notice of motion, said he thought the Board were in duty bound to construct a road between this place and the Rhondda Vach Valley, as they would now be contributing towards the rates. A great number of people passed between the two valleys, and it would be very convenient to have a good road connecting both places, in- stead of the present circuitous railway com- munication. The xtistance across the mountain was something like 4i miles, whereas it was 4 twenty miles by rail. He proposed a committee, consisting of Messrs W. Thomas, D. P. Davies, E. Thomas, and S. B. Gilroy, to accompany the Surveyor over the ground, in order to make a preliminary report to the Board on the subject. Ho would also accompany them himself if possible. mi_ • ■» This was agreed to. HARRIET- STREET BRIDGE. It was ordered that the foundations of the above bridge be put in by the Board's men, under the superintendence of ttie Surveyor. STONE BREAKING. Mr D. P. Davies drew attention to the difference in the cost of breaking stones for road-work by the stone-crushing machine and bv hand, and, after a discussion, it was agreed that the stones used for the roads on the upper side of the Gadlys trip be broken by the stone- crusher, and on tLe lower side by hand. ABERNANT ROAD. The Surveyor was ordered to report upon the eost of making a pathway along tho road to Abernant. THE CHAIRMAN AND TIIE BOARD. On the motion of Mr J. Williams, seconded by Mr D. E. Williams, a vote of thanks was given to the Chairman for his efforts in prevent- in,, the separation of the Maerdy district from that of Aberdare. The Chairman, in reply, said he did not ex- pect a vote of thanks. He, however, felt very strongly the unfairness of taking that part away from Aberdare He mentioned that Sir George Elliott and Mr W. T. Lewis had rendered great assistance in the matter. The Government Inspector sent down had formed a preconceived notion of taking away that part of the district from them, and that gentleman was very much annoyed because he did not succeed. The Board then separated.




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