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JHJiADUWS, ABJHtlJAKE. ( )RESTBRS* ( TE (it GALA. BAN? HOLIDAY. Y, AUGUST 4th, 1879. I to the amount of Y,60 for j Competition. ■lids, Fireworks, Balloon Ascents, &c. 1 S: ar particulars will shortly appear. —1 K C. e' .,r, b. t: L 0 C:( S' "H & CLOCK MAKKU R QOEUH AND HOYAI. FAMILY, And by Special Appointment t > JM the PRINCE OF W A I. E S L THE KMPL KOR OF RUSSIA, 'AP.AJARS of RURDWAN & JOHORE. I,dllls- Lt;)NDON, DUBIIN, AND PARIS. B K a SOW'S LTCHEs GOLD and SILVER JEWELLERY. ai, KaPhs The Latest Fashions. ETEI-S, BRACE I ETS, BltOOCIIES, LEVERS, EARRINGS, LOCKETS, *TION, .NICK LAC IS, CHAINS, IS» RAILWAY KINGS, SIDDS, I SnLDIfR"I' and PINS, CU"MSKS, ETC. N'S WATCHES ALSO IN DIAMOND!. 4 STRENGTH. AUD PRECIOCS ATONES. I Ji 8 ■ Glare E;;ifb0dyio" Si,ver Watch. » ofe, £ 3 38. (Warranted.) J* 15 HoS'g OCXS SILVER & FLEC- < 'Il, at 1 to 1(1(1 TRC-PLATE. ru, Por Pretentatien, etc. ( THRBK-P TINIHG SERVICES, LIFW TIA AM. BREAKFAST I IT- .» E' SHVICES, F ,ND ULHR«E CRUETS, BASKET,, ] INKSTA>DS, CLARIT U JUGS, SPOOKS, { «RACKIT, eti, FOKKS, F.ic. "8 'Tarly English" Wood or < u Clocks, decorated with Blue China, wood, &c., from £5 5s. Made solely ( D8!:n. ,O?\'8 NEW ILLUSTRATED PAM 8 on TURRET CLOCKS, WATCHES, S PLATE, and JEWELLERY sent te, 2 Stamps. Watches sent safe by parts of lhe World. es repair* d by skilled workmen. Plate, ), "W a ich es, bought and exchanged. Lit, Shippers, aDd Clubs t-uppli'd. am Factory and City Shotv ROOfflS- GATE HILL, LONDON. TP est-end Eviablisknient- OLD BOND STREET. Established 1749. tPORTANT DISCOVERY. No More Suffering J J I of th's Ointment HAS proved an invaluable ""sands of sufferers; when nibbed over or near the 1 tH*' lls. rare Balsamic propertied are conveyed to p us it haals inward >vounds and ulcers of the 'F „'WK,S> OR WOMB, strengthen* spinal marrow •w. 8n">us weakness and depression, and all diseases larw ..UN'9S. AND CHBST. NB invalid need despair this Ointment can be obtained. t, Rheumatism, atnd Neuralgia. ,n<* dreaded diseases, with nocturnal h8n T** tw'tchings, muscular cramps, and sciatica, will treated by this Oinftnent. It is most important the ^°rougRly and effectually conveyed will v?'* 'be skin to the affected, upon 11 bnn| its sootJung influence to bear, and thus atvn eon?^t. and Security. The Pills should &1k> be l° 'cssen l^e inflammation, aud to ^e8«, Bad Breasts, Old Wounds, knd Ulcerations of all kinds. PPjieation of this Ointment heals, a rtnaHnM. -*3y klnd «f Ulceration, softens the stiff or contracted 'proud to disappear, and foul and loath- to become converted into healthy healing- iaaent effeeU Me nt* but We ofula and Old Skin Diseases. ^s?n!B?nt a remedy for all diseases of the skin, aiSP i°r eomPl»cated. Scurvy, ringworm, blotcnea, cutaneous diMrders, are at once eradicated *ble Unguent. £ *? And Pills are sold at Professor HOLI.OWAT'S °>tfor<l S««t, London; also by.neiriy in Vendor of Vledicioe throughout the Civilised ani BOM», AT is. ijd., «s- jd., 6d., us. aas. are affiW to each Pot and Box, and p "y Wgnajre. •-AdTiw eu be ebteiaed, free of charge, b- J-V the abeve addresa, daily, between th *ad 4,« bjloUer I. Uft nuirr nn w iufmuui — -— a DPENING of SHOW ROOMS AND GENERAL SHOW IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. W. SAEVIS VIII, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 9th and 10th of April, and following days, HOW A VERY LAAIGE I'ND WELL-ASSORTED STOCK OF SPRING Summer GOODS In every variety, including all the Novelties of the Season. SOLICITING THE FAVOUR OF A CALL. SELIG, SONNENTHAL, & CO., :anufacturers and Contractors for Railway and Engineers' Plant of Special AND GENERAL DESCRIPTION. P O 1-+} Hj P M CI O H- KJ S |r0,5'^?3 2 f g P crq* o P § ts053 p O S S P- OJ ? I-"81 kj I p *$$Z s. P »s P it cf „ ffl 3 W O CT p pj P 3^ O^O 5. O g P 53 P §• H 5^ J] ,B <o 4 s a g S. 3 H 5 O p w —^ Me W I p O p- P 4 bj Ji" P-1'3 g* J—' s' ■' hi p S- a1 9 p 8 L'l |rs» s s | ? is r p T P « Fixed and Portable Engines, Lathes from to 24 inch. 'J 2 Planing, Drilling, Screwing, and Punching Machines, Saw Beilches, Pumps, Pulley Blocks, Lifting Jacks, Twist Drills, Lathe and Drill Enlery Wheels and Emery Grinders, and a great variety of American and other Tools. rT Prices on Application. Screw tutting Gap Treadle Lteah, inch. 5 ft. Bed, C-22 10s., packed, delivered in London. LAMBETH HILL, QUEEN VICTORIA STREET, LONDON, E.C. MUSICAL STUDENTS. i Mr. Abraham Nehemiah James, 3F the Royal Academy of Music, and Ac- companist of the Aberdare Choral Union, jsires respectfully to inform the Gentry and te Pubtic generally of Aberdare and its neigh- ourhood that he gives instructions in Harmony lId Kinging, and lessons on the Pianoforte and armonium. Pupil Teachers prepared for their Examina- ons in Harmony. Reference to papt pupils garnished on applica- Pupils waited upon at/^heir own residence, if jsired. Sound systematic reaching guaranteed. Terms very moderate. Address-38, Bute Street, Aberdare. I N.B. Hirwain visited twice weekly. Mr. A. N. James would also draw the atten- ion of those connected with the management of listeddfods, Oratorio and Miscellaneous Con- orts, Festivals, and similar Entertainments, ttat he is open to engagements as Accompanist, n most reasonable terms. VUTiriCiAL T EbTH j PA IN J.ESS DENTISTRY. .stablished 25 Years. With all the latest and most Modern Appliances. Messrs. G. POOLE/& SONS, IIEVEDON VILLA, STORE'S GKOFT ROAD, BRISTOL PATENTED System of ARTIFICIAL TEETH surpasses all othefs for econoiry, dura- ility, mastication, articulation, and natural Ir ppearance, bei g in t'structible. They nevr hangf color or ec Every case guaranteed. L Set, from £5 SB a Tooth from 5s. Enamel Itopping, 2s. 6d. and Os. Dental Operations of every Description. A VACANCY FOR A J'UPIL. Attendance at the Temperance Hall, Aberdare, very Tuesday, between the hours of 12.40 and .30 p.m. UNITY HOUSE SCHOOL (CLASSICAL AND COMMERCIAL), HIGHLAND PLACE, ABERDARE. ESTABLISHED 1865. CONDUCTED BY REV. J. JOSEPH GEORGE !^HG Schoolroom in New and Capacious eituated in one of the healthiest paris ef he district. Education, baafd on sound principles, is eminently practical and adapted to business purposes. Separate attention is given to each pupil. TERMS MODEBATE. STIFF'S STARCH Is warranted FREE PROM ADULTERATION. MESSRS. STIFF AND Co., however, cannot guarantee any Starch to be their manufacture, unless the Box or Packet bears their Trade/Mark, "QUEEN BESS." DR. ARTHURS ILL HAS. 8ALIJ hag imalysed our Stardb, and neported it to be a •' piire, genuine, and well tn an uf actufed article, and equal svjjr every respect to the Best Stiffening Starch he ever examined." The ac- curacy of this high testi- monial is confirmed by the steadily increasing demand for our manufacture. STIFF & COMPY., 29, REDCLIFFE STREET, BRISTOL. John E. Keirby, PATENTEE AND MANUFACTURER OF STKAM PACKING, SWIM. Mill MANCHESTER. Square Platted Elastic Bteam Packing FOR PISTON RODS, PICONS, PUMPS, &c. FRENCH CHALK PACKING, HYARAUUU PACKING, 0 L Y C E\R E PACKING, RED L E Atf ROPE PACKING for Man- Hcles, CyliuderCovers, Steam Joints. &c. WIRE GAUZE STEAM PACKING RINGS, And every description of PacHng, ROUND, i-QUA RE, AND FLAT. Samples and Prices on Application. Under the distinguished Patronage of the Biitisb Admiralty. The Honourable Corporation of Trinity House, London. ESTABLISHED 1864. STAFFORDSHIRE BLUE BRICKS, CORINGS, QUARRIES, RIDGES, ROOFING TILES AND TERRA METALLIC PAVINGS, SUITABLE FOR STABLES, FOOTPATHS, HOUSES, PIGGERIESf KENNELS, COURTYARDS, && &c. Five Gold and, £ jH!ver Medals. First Class, Awards London, Paris, and Brussels Ex- hibitions, First Class Award, Silver Medal, Paris, 1878 JOSEPH HAMBLET, West Bromwich. NO MORE LAWYERS BILLS Now Ready, Sixteenth Edition, carefully revised and corrected, containing upwards of 3,000 state- ments on points of law, verified by the addition of Notes and References to Authorities. Crown 8vo, price 6s. 8d. (saved at every consultation), strongly bound in cloth (postage 6d.) EVERY MAN'S OWN LAWYER:, A Handy j Book of the principles of Law and Equity. BY A BARRISTER. Comprising the Rights and Wrongs of In- dividual Merchantile and Commercial Law, Criminal Laws. Parish Laws, County Court Laws, Game and Fishery Laws, Poor Men's Lawsuits, the Laws of Bankruptcy, Bets and Waggers, Bills of Exchange, Contracts and Agreements, Copyright Elections and Registrations, Insurance, Libel and Slander, Marriage and Divorce. Merchant Shipping, Mortgages, Settlements, Stock Exchange Practice, Trade Marks and Patents, Trespass, Nuisances, etc.. Transfer of Land. etc., Warranty, Wills and Agreements, et&. etc. Also, Law forXLandlord and Tenant, Master and Servant, Workmen, and Apprentices, Heirs, Devisees and Legatees, Husband and Wife, Executors and Trustees, Guardian stod Ward, Married Women and Infants, Partners and Agents. Lender and Borrower, Debtor and Creditor, Purchaser anc Vendor, Companies and Associations, Friendlj Societies, Clergymen, Churchwardens, Medica Practitioners, etc., Bankers, Farmers, Contractors Stock and Share Brokers, Sportsmen, Gamekeepers Farriere and Horses Dealers, Auctioneers, Housi Agents, Innkefpers, etc., Bakers, Millers, etc. Pawnbroker,s Surveyors, Railways and Carrier Constables, Seamen, Soldiers, etc,, etc. What it profess to be—a complete epitome o the laws of this country, thoroughly intelligible t, non-professional readers. The book is a handy on to have in readiness when some knotty point re quires ready solution.Bell's Life. CROSBY LOCKWOOD & CO., 7 Stationers' Hal Court, London, B.C. THE AB ERDARE DOG, POULTRY, PIGEON, AND CAGE BIRD SOCIETY. President: RIGHT HON. LORD ABERDARE. IMPORTANT TO EX HIBITORS. OPEN TO ALL. THE SECOND ANNUAL SHOW WILL BE HELD IN THE MARKET HALL, ABERDARE, On WEDNESDA Y AND THURSDAY. JULY 16th and 11th, 1879. Classes for Dogs 40, Poultry^SS, Pigeons 20, Cage Birds 9. Entrance Fees Low. Nearly X300 in prizes, besides a number of Silver Cups and Special Prizes. Judges :-Dogs, Rev. Grenville F. Hodson and W. Lort, Esq.; Poultry and Pigeons, E. Hewitt, Esq. PRIZE LISTS ON APPLICATION. 1NTRIES CLOSE 5th JULY. W. SARVIS, HoN. SEC. NOVELTIES FOR SPRING, 1879. MADAM, I purpose making my FIRST SHOW of NEW SPRING GOODS, In every Department, on TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, APRIL 29th, APRIL 30th, MAY 1st, aid following days. The display for this Season embraces the latest and most choice pro- ductions of the ENGLISH, FRENCH; and GERMAN MARKETS. Special care has been given to the selecting of MILLINERY, STRAW HATS and BONNETS, FLOWERS, FEATHERS, MANTLES, FANCY DRESS MATERIALS, and all other FANCY GOODS. Hoping you will visit my SHOW-ROOMS on one of the above days, I remain, yours most respectfully, HENRY LEWIS, 11, Commercial-place, Aberdare. sand. I White's London Cement, Plaster Paris, Mortar Hair, &c., at! .of the best quality, at EVAN THOMAS & CO.'S, Ironmongers, aM Miner's Lamp Manufacturers, « £ IF X! Mt JO -B PHICE ON APPLICATION WORTHY OF NOTICE. A. W. WHEELER, 7, DEAN STREET, A BERDARE, IN returning thanks for past Patronage, desires to inform the PUBLIC that he is prepared to J. receive orders for Cleaning, Scourinp, or Dyeing Men and Boys' Clothing of every description. Also Ladies' Shawls, Dresses, Mantles, Skirts, &c., Furnitures, including Moreens, Damasks, and Table Covers, Carpets, and Hearthrugs. Kid Gloves and Felt Mats Cleaned and Dyed equal to New. When ask r i'JARNING- fo' See that r you get it! A a bad qualities are often substituted. Ba Tile Genuine is used by the Laandrewee of THE OF WALE8 AND DUCHESS OF EDINBURGH. I The Edinburgh Life Assurance Company Founded in 1823, and Incorporated by Act qf Parliament. HEAD OFFICE: 22, GEORGE STREET, EDINBURGH. BIRMINGHAM BRANCH 16, BENNETT'S HILL. 0 LIFE BUSINESS ONLY IS TRANSACTED BY THIS COMPANY. EXPLANATION OF THE EDINBURGH LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANTS NON- F.ORFEtTURE SYSTEM. THIS System is not confined to any particular class of Assurances. It applies to all the Ordinary Policies issued by the Company ai full rates, as well as to Policies effected by a Fixed Number of Annual Payments (5, 10, 15, 20, or 25), and to Endowment-Assuranoes payable at a specified age ol at death. — Policies issued wider this System participate from their commencement in the Profits of the Company (Polices on the Without scale alone excepted), on the equitable plan of distribution followed by this Office. The benefits of the System are enjoyed from the outset of each Policy, so that whether the Premiums are discontinued litter One, Two, Three, or any other number of Annual Payments, the Policyholder is equally secure of receiving an rquivalent for the money he has paid. The rapid rease of the, Company's business shows that the advantages of this System are appreciated by the Public The System was adopted in its present form in the year 1872, and the following Table exhibits the progress of the New Business transacted by the Company since that time. Amount qf New Assurances. During Year ending \31st Marob, 1872 £ 364,100 1 „ 1873 467,215 i »> V»»" 1874 550,936 r »» ,,1875. 632,482 [ » 1876 656,720 1877 683,002 |» The Edinburgh Assurance Life Company's Bonus System. Zkis System i8 peculiarly favourable to Good Lives. While all Policies on the With Profit" scaei s share from their commencement in the Profits of the Company—those on Young Lives receiving a fail and »quitable Kate Bonus—the Policies which continue lone in existence, and so contribute mor« than otheis to the Surplus Funds, receive the Larger Share of Profits to which they are entitled. e '—'———————-———————————————-————' AGENT FOR ABERDARE: II MR. T. L. JONES, "Aberdare Times" Office. AU ( ^"gSpLjfHMHHEr' ( I I CHEAP COFFINS! ISAAC THOMAS, UNDERTAKER, I 24 & 25, Seymour-street, Aberdare, < DESIRES to infercp the Public that he still continues to carry on the business as t usual, and < Supplies Coffins ot4he best quality, at a lower j rate than any'other in the Principality. lie also undertakes the sols care of FTJMERALS, and furnishes HEARSES and MOURNING II COACHES which cannot be surpassed in Wales. HEARSES and MOURNING COACHES will be charged at a lower rate in cases where he con- I tracts to supply Coffins. 1 Further, he will undertake the work of sup- t plying Brick Graves, white-limed and draped, for i the low sum of £ 7 10s. The fact of his having supplied 16,000 Coffins ( dsring the last Sixteen Years, is a sufficient 1 guarantee of the mannir in which he carries out ( his duties. f c ——————————————————————————.——— t "TPOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE."—. J Jm 8ee Deuteronomy, chap. xiL, verse 23. n WORLD FAMED mmmtmJEa I' m 1 ■■■■'■■■ ill Til ( Trade Mark, Blood Mixture. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER St RESTORER t ] Thousands of Testimonials from ail Parts. f For cleanairgand clearing the blood frontal] imparities can not bA too highly recommended 1 ( For Scrofula, Scurry, Skin and sore of all kind It is a never-failing and pertnanent cjire. It Cures Old Sores Cures Ulcerated Soreeon the neck ( Cures Ulcerated Sore Lees » Cures Blackheads, igif Pimples on the Pace Curen Seitrvy <orej/ Cures Cancerous Incer Cures Hloqd and.«kin Diseases Cures GlanMulftr Swellings Clears the Blood from all impmre Matter From whatever cause arising. I As this mixtureSs pleasant to the taste, and war- I ranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitution of either sex, the Proprietos solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. 1 Thousands of testimonials from all parts. I Sold in Bottles, 2s. 6d. each, and in cases, con- taining six times the quantity, lis each-sufficient to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of long-standing cases,-by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the United Kingdom and the world, or sent to iiny address on receipt of 30 or 132 stamps by F. J. C'J- ARKK, Chemist, Apothecaries Hall, Lincoln. Wholesale All Patent Medicine Houses. London Depot 150, Oxfor d Street. T. W. Evans, 14, Cominerical-street, Aberdai" in J.RICHARDS, 12 and 13, Cardiff-street, Aberdare. Ff^ffWS^arar^i If J J BI -A 1mB GEORGE.S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. Patronittd by tneral tmiiunt Phftieiant and Surgeon*, and UHIVSMALLY hold in high ttUem. Though you haTe Buffered anddeapalredfor 78&n and tried Remedies In Tain, be aaaured there 18 still a *&fe and speedy cure for you at a emallpoet by urine GEORGE'S PILE AN^KGRAVEL PILLS, which are now recognMd bv all as being the best Medicine yet discovered /br PILE AND QRAVBL. as well as for the folfowing pains, which, in Ninety-nine Cases out of ererVHuudred, are caused by these painful MaladiesJ PAIN IN THE BACK, FLATULBNCY.QRIPINQ, COLIO, A SENSE OF WEIGHT IN TJHE BACK AND LOINS, DARTINQ PAINS IN THE REGION OF THE HEART, LIVER, AMD KIDNE/S, CONSTIPATION, PAINS IN THE\THIGHSi SOMETIMES SHOOTING DOWN TO THE CAL^"OF THE LEG AND FOOT, SUPPRESSION AND RETENTION OF URINE, PAIN8 IN THE 8TOMACI^AND ALL UVER CQMPLAINT8. rbooaanda h«T. Wn «rU ^th«. PUU.^ m.ny who M hMu uronnintNl bovilMi IWTI tho»8|Wy ruiitfw 10 hMitfa their OH. OH »OX WILl *c*PT,°" t)u JoU6<n*f ferau 1118 j..u.g ferm' No. 1—GEORGE'S PILE & GKAVELPILLS. Mo. 2 GEORGE'S GRAVEL Ho. 3—GEORGE'S PILLS FOR THE PILES. Important TtttimonUd* from Doetort, C>umi*f, Invalid*, from ctU part* of th* eountrjr, wtU b* form* to any addrtt* on reecipt of a tUunpcd env4lop€» Sold in Boxes, Is. lid. and 9s. 94., by aU respectabU Chemists; by Poet, Is. 4d. and So., in postage stamps. ETKXT BOX IS PBOTECTED BY THE GOTKBIUIXBT tTAHP. NOTICE.—The title" PILII AND GRAVEL PILL*" is Copyright, and tnltrtd at Stationer*' Hall. Proprietor, J. E. GEORGE, M.&.P.S* HIRWAIN- GLAMORGANSHIRE. GEORGE GRIFFITHS JONES. Registrar of/litarriages. OFFICES 5, C 7ON STREET, -A. S DARE. Persons giving notioe at this Office may marry either at the Register Office, Merthyr, or in any licensed chapel in Aberdare or Merthyr. H. W. GRIFFITHS, D.D.S., DENTIST, DOCTOR OF DENTAL SURGERY, (Philadelphia Dental College, V.S.A.J 6, BEIDftE-STBEET, NEWPORT, MON, Attends at 3a, Victoria-street, Alerthyr, every Thursday, from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. Patients attended at their residence by appointment. ONE BOX OF CLARK^S B 41 PILLS is warranted to cure a^ discharges from the Urinary Organs, in either sex, acquired or constitu. I fcionalr Gravel, and Pain^ in tile Back. Sold in r Boxes, 4s 6d each, by all Chemists and Patent j Medicine Vendors or ^fent te any addiess for GO stamps by the Maker, F. J. CLARKE, Consulting Chemist, Higl| StreeVLincoln.—Wholesale Agents. BARCLAY ic SONS, ^ondon, and all the Wholesale Houses. Local Agents-^t W. EVANS, 14. Commercial street. Aberdare, Mid J. niciiAUUs, 12 and 13 Cardiff-street, Aberdare. THE RIG BT THING IN THE RIO Hi PLA CE. BE EC HAM'S PILLS ARE admitted by thousands to he worth abyve a (I GUINEA A BOX, for bilious and iitrvoiis lisorders such as wind and pain at the stomach, sick leadache, giddiness, fullness and swelluess aftjtr ueals,"dizziness and drowsiness cold chills, Bushings )f heat, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, costive- less, scurvy, blotches on the skin, disturbed steep rri>>htfu/ dreams, and all n'-rvous and trembling sensations, &c., &c. The first dose will give relief 20 minutes. This is no fiction, for they have dene it in thou sands of cases. The Propridflr of these Pills have. ing obtained (at great expense) a patent for them. be challenges the whole world to produce a medcine pqual to them for removing the above-named com- plaints, and restoring the patient to sound and lasting lealth. Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try one bo 9 these Pills, and they will be acknowledged to he WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For females of all ages these Fills are invaluable, is a few doses of them carry off all gross humours, >pen all obstructions, and bring about all thai is re* ]uired. No female should be without them. There s no medicine to be found to equal Beecham's Pills, or removing any obstruction or irregularity of the ystem. Iftakenaccordtngtothe directions given with each box they will soon restore females of all iges to sound and robust health. Beecham's Magic. Cough J £ ills. As a remedy for, Conghs in general, Asthma, )ifficulty in Breatfting, Shortness in the Breath, tightness and Op^ressior of the Ch«st, Wheezing, fee., these Fills stand unrivalied and anyone labour- na under nny of the above complaints need only try )NE BOX, to j>rove that tltey are the best ever >ffered to the Hublic, Asthmatic and Consumptive Roughs, Roa/seness, and opprdssion of the Chest, rhey speedily remove that sense of oppression and lifflculty of Breathing, which nightly deprive the ultient of rest. They give almost instant relief and onffort to thos* afflicted with the above distressing tnd, when neglected, dangerous complaints. Let my persons troubled with any of the above com- Ilslnts giYd BEECHAM'S COUGH PILLS a trfal, The most violent Cougb will in a short t-.tiie be re. noved. Facts are more conclusive than arguments, and to ontmeat upon such facts as the above would be uperflueus. The extraordinary sale of Beerham's 'ills prove unmistakably that they are ooe of-the iest and safest medicines at the present dlo.) for lisease and sickness will not be found in any house, lfter taking a few doses of these excellent Pills. CAUTION—The public are requested to notice that he words Beecham's Fills, St. Helens," are on the government Stamp affixed to each box of the pills; f not on, they are a forgery. Prepared only, and sold whnlestfle and retai he proprietor, T. Beecham, Chemist, St. Helen Lancashire, in boxes at Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. eae Sent post free from the proprietor for 11, 15, or i tamps. Sold by all DruggYtI and Patent Medieine Dealer in United, Kingdom. N .B.-Full directions are given with each box. DR, SMITH'S System of treatment by the Positive Remedies. For the. Cure of every form of Debitty and Nervousness, mportant New Work, 164 Pages, free by post, in Snvelope, on receipt of Three Stamps, to p P"stage, AWARDING AND HELP TO INVALIDS SUFFERING FROM DEBILITATING DISEASES, A SPECIAL MEDICAL WORK ON mE CAVSE. SYMPTOMS AND TREATMENT, DF DEBILITATING AND NERVOUS DISEASE, By DR. SMITH'S POSITIVE REMEDIES. THIS PAMPHLET gives a LIST OF DEBILITA- TING AND SPECIAL D SEASES AND THEIR POSITIVE REMEDIES, describes the Causes Symptoms and Medicines used by the Doctor in his PRACTICE FOR THIRTY YEARS: It is written and published to enable INVALIDS to form a correct knowledge of their disease. By the aid of this book, sufferers from diseases caused by indiscretion will find a clear description of the disease they are suffering from, also the Instructions which will enable the invalid to find a Cure, without PERSONALLY CON. SULTIN6 A MEDICAL MAN. Also GIVES ADVICE and INSTRUCTIONS by which Thousands have been Cured of D:seaaes of the Nervoqs i'Blushing, System, A Hysteiia, Nervous Debility. Trmidity, Mental and Physical pe- Self-distrust, pression, Dizziness, he Palpitation bf the jReart, Lore of Solitude, Noises in t H d and Groundless Fears, Ears. W Muscular Relaxation," &c., Inecision, resulting from ex- Impaired Sight and liaustion of Nerve Memory, Power, the effects of Indigestion, Overtaxed Energies, Loss of Energy, Enervating Habits and Pains in the Back, other abuses of the Constipation, System. In this work will be found everything COUNTRY INVALIDS should know to SeCOft Health, Strength, Energy, a Long-life, and avoid the I nfirnutie of Old Age. 50,000 Cases of Nervous Debilty Cured 2,500 Testimonials given. This is the Invalids' Hand-Book an Guide to the Cure ot all Diseases. Noi ICE :-Sent, free by post, for Three Stamps to any address, in Envelope. NOTICE :-Books cannot now oe left at the Post Office till called for, unless in the sender's own name. DR. HENRY SMITH, 8, BURTON CRKSCKHT, LONDON, W.C. -7 THE LATEST MARVEL. The Latest Marvel. The Latest Ma.. el. GEORGE'S COUGH BALSAM. George's Cough Balsam. George's CougL Balsam. A WONDERFUL EXPECTORANT, ANTI} spasmodic, and Demulcent. A WONDERFUL EXPECTORANT, ANT spasmodic, and Demulcent. A WONDERFUL EXPECTORANT, ANTI- spasmodic, and Demulcent. GEORGE'S COUGH BALSAM. George's Cough Balsam. George's Cough Balsam. IT CURES WHEN OTHER BBMEDIB fail. IT CURES WHEN OTHER REMEDIES fail. IT CURES WHEN OTHER REMEDIES fail. GEORGE'S COUGH BALSA M. George's Cough Balsart. George's Cougb Balsam. The be,t specific for Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bron. chitis, Influenza, Hoarseness. Spitting of Blood, Con sumption, Hooping Cough, and all disotdera of the Chest, Throat, and Lungs. NOTE. One dose relieves, a few ieses cure. IMPORTANT. Read the valuable and interes testimonials around each bottle. CAUTION.-The public are particularly requested obi-erve that the words George's Cough Balsam are stamped on every bottle, none genuine rrithmit. Sold in Bottles at Is. lid. and 2s. 9d., by most Chemists and patent medicine venders in the world or from the Pi „prietor, K, A. GEORGR, Family Chemist, Pentre, Pontypridd. INFANT'S POWDERS. INFANTS' FOWDERS.— Marvellous are the effects 1. of the "EUROPA LIFE PRESERVERS' upon the Infant System. They not nly the very Best and Sattst Medicine moth ts can five their little oOt's ilurifxi: the anxious permd ot t'eeihing, but 'hey act as a ctrtain Sppc fie tor F;b, lutl^n niatiun, Bronchitis, Diari^koeay fSmnll-pox, Si-urlaiinn, Measl. s, &c„ Ac. Sold by~ hiott Chftnihts, in packets, at Is. l^d. and 2a. 9't.; or from the Proprietor, B. ■• JEORGK, Pentre, Pontyprutd. NOTK.— Read the impoitdiit aud ill iioiiialsaroul%tl ciit-ii