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':E;1£NS 0 N'S,: S WATCH & CLOCK MAKER '1' o THE QUEEN AND ROYAL FAMILY, lj Appointmentt to the prince of wales l' 11 Ml. THE EMPKROR OF RUSSIA, M ,AnA..AjiH!5 of BURDWAN & JOHORE. it « -ills—London, Ddbun, AND PABlS. II E HOIS o.^ATches GOLD and SILVER a I de",i ption-Nusfable ITBWELLEFEY. C^^OI,oeKAPHs Tke Latest Fashions. LETS, BROOCHES, U88KKTA EAEP.INGS, LOCKETS, *JE»»8ATT TI°N, NECKLACFS, CHAINS, ^VJ4R1)S,B^» RAILWAY HIN<58, STUDS, a PINS, CB^SES, ETC, IUT?-e W'ATC«B« ALSO IN DIAMONDS OTRBN0TH. AN O PpiCIot's STOKKS. f jojjtr.. 4j ab°t« Eo)zb«h Liver, ai Cry«tal G« Everybody's SU^e> Watch, 88» a* abore, f 8 3s. { Warranted.) II :N ? all kind SILVER 6c ELEC- „ M**» at I f0 TRJO-PLATE. ri^lCn J<' jpnutfltattjin, etc. TtBsET ^KWlCES, Ou1 A°1I tlBiME* '1'tA Ait>" .BueaKFast Kr» 6 AsiD I)p .iSl*TIC £ 9, U|IM C.UIM, B.sket., Sfiop, IMSTAKDS, CLARET A*T«BRAcirFT Spoons, E,c' feioinn English" Wood or ^^Rwnft^S' ^ecorated with Blue China, Benson' from £ 5 5s- Hade solely SON cfe^S°onSTtT|:W ILLUSTRATED PAM- ^Ks, np?LR R ET CLOCKS, WATCHES, Free JTE- and JEWELLEKV sent 1 to »n' Iannis. Watckfes sent saf* by J^atch ,0flheW<"W-. r^8'r^ by skilled workmen. Plat'1. St, 8' e8» bought and exchanged, 'Pp^rs, and Clubs supplied. X,Tj *aclory and Q'tty £ jl0tl, Jtooms— u«ate hill, london. 2 j ^'esi-end Establishment— OLD BOND STREET. Established 1749. MUSICAL STUDENTS. Mr. Abraham Nehemiali James, OF the Royal Academy of Music, and Ac- companist of the Abordare Choral Union, desires respectfully to inform the Gentry and the Public generally of Aberdare and its neigh- bourhood that he gives instructions in Harmony and Singing, and lessons on the Pianoforte and Harmonium. Pupil Teachers prepared for their Examina- tions in Harmony. Reference to past pupils furnished on applica- tion. Pupils waited upon at their own residence, if desir«d. Sound -systematic teaching guaranteed. ■ Terms very moderate. Address-38, Bute Street, Aberdare. N.B. Hirwain visited twice weekly. Mr. A. N. James would also draw the atten- tion of those connected with the management of Eisteddfods, Oratorio and Miscellaneous Con- certs. Festivals, and similar Entertainments that he is open to engagements as Accompanist, on most reasonable terms. A UTl FIClAL TEbTH. PA 1N1.ESS DENTISTR Y. Established 25 Years. With an the latest and most Modern Appliances. Messrs. G. POOLE'& SONS, C'ievedon Villa, Store's Croft Road, Bristol PATENTED System of ARTIFICIAL TEETH surpas8eb all otheTs for economy, dura- bittty, mastieetion, articulation, and natural appearance, being iodtstruotibte. They never change color or decay. Every case guaranteed. A Set, from E5. W; a Tooth from 5s. Enamel Stopping, 2s. 6d. and 59, Dental Operations of every Description. A VACANCY, FOR A PUPIL, Atlend&nce at the Temperance Hall; Aberdare, every Tuesday, between the hours of 12.40 and 4.30 p.m. UNITY HOUSE SCHOOL /CLASSICAL AND COMMERCIAL), HIGHLAND PLACE, ABERDARE. EsXAB-WeHEpl^ifS. C^SUCTEDDV REV. J. JOSEP.H GEORGE '■PHE Schoolroom is w f.nd Capacious i situated in one ofAhe healthiest parts ef the district. Education, \asfd on sound principles, is eminently practicaly/and adapted to business purposef. Separate attention is given to each pupil. TERMS modebate. STIFF'S STARCH Is warranted FREE FROM ADULTERATION. MESSRS. STIFF AND Co., however, cannot guarantee any Starch to be their manufacture, unless the Box or /'Packet boars their' lir Mark, E 9 "QUEEN BESS. e Dfe. AliTHU^ 1HLL HAS- rtT ^as ^Analysed our Search, and/reported it to be a *Y>ure, gfenuine, and well mannfacjrared article, and equaV-'m every respect to the Best Stiffening Starch he ever examined." The ac- curacy of this high testi- monial is confirmed by the steadily increasing demand for our manufacture. STIFF & COMPY., 29, REDCUFFE STREET, BRISTOL. John E. Keirby, PATENTEE AND MANUFACTURER OF STKAM PACKING, SWIATOX, NEAll MANCHESTER.. Square Platted Elastic Steam Packing FOR PISTON RODS. PISTONS, PUMPS, &c. FRENCH CHALK PACKING, HYDRAULIC PACKING, GLYCERINE PACKING, RED L E A\D ROPE PACKING for Man-Hiles, CylinderCovers, Steana Joints, &c. WIRE GAUZE STEAM PACKING RINGS, And every description of Packing, ROUND, SQUARE, AND FLAT. Samples and Prices on Application. Under the distinguished Patronage of the Biitish Admiralty. The Honourable Corporation of Trinity House, London. ESTAPLISHED 1864. WAYS Purity of Blood Essential to Life, Health and Strength. Phese Pills surpass all other known Medicines for Purifying theHLOOD being safe and yet effective, they are available for alias a Domestic and Household remedy. In conge tions and obstructions of the LVXGS and LIVER. they quickly remove the cause of the disease, and in constipation and disordered condition of the Bowses, they actasacteansins: aperient, removing irritant matter frojp the intestinal canal, and relieving spasms, cramps, and painful gripings. Bilious Headaches, Nausea and Foul Stomach, Loss of Appetite, and f-owness of Spirits. The cleansing properties of these Pills soon produce a. wonderful change tb« constitution, removing all excess of bile, headache, palpitation, pains after eating, and giddiness. They restore the appetite, clear the complexion, and improve the general health. The Mother's Friend. Females' Specifics. Every Mother of a Family should know the value of these Pills in removing all accumulations and restoring suspended or nerverted seeretions at various critical periods of female life they are useful beyond measure they can be taken safely by females of all ages, and are invaluable in all children's. •smplaints. Debilitated Constitutions, Trem- blings, and Loss of Nervous Energy. These Pills are unsurpassed as Nervine Tonics they correct all irregularities and weaknesses. They act «> k.ndly. y«so enLr-efically on the functions of digestion, that the whole body i^eSfved, the Wood is purified, and the muscles become firmer and Wronger; therefore sufferer from Nervous Weakness m every form should give them a fair and honest trial. Pills and Ointment are sold at Professor Holloway s EstabUshmcnt, 533. Strect, ^ndon a so by nearly every respectable Vendor of Medicine throughoiit thc C.vilised World, in Boxes and Pots, at is. ijd., as. gd., 4*- 6d-> lxt > S2S > and 33s. each. Full printed directions are affixed to each Box and Pot, and can be had in any language. H B. Advice can be obtained, free of charge, by applying at tha above address, daily, between w boors of 11 and 4, or by letter. No. 17 4. THE ABERDARE DOG, POULTRY, PIGEON, AND CAGE BIRD SOCIETY. President: RIGHT HON. LORD ABERDARE. IMPORTANT TO EXHIBITORS. OPEN TO ALL. THE SECOND ANNUAL SHOW ¡ WILLIE HELD IN THE MARKETH/ÁLL, ABERDARE, On WEDNESDAY AN¡j THURSDAY, JULY 16th and 17th, 1879. Classes for Dogs 40/ Poultry 33, Pigeons 20, Cage Birds 9. Entrance P'ees Low. Nearly £ 300 in prizes, besides a number of Silver Cups and Special Prizes. Judges: -110gs, Rev. Grenville F. Hodson and W. Lort, Esq.; Poultry and Pigeons, E. Hewitt, Esq. PRIZE LISTS ON APPLICATION. INTRIES CLOSE 5th JULY. W. SARVIS, BON. SEC. NOVELTIES FOR SPRING, 1879. MADAM, I purpose making my FIuST SHOW of NEW SPRING GOODS, In every Department, on TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, APRIL 29th, APRIL 39th, MAY 1st, AID ,'¡ FOLLO^M^ DAYS. The display for this Season embraces the latest and most choice pro- ductions of the ENGLISH, FRENCH, gnd GERMAN MARKETS. Special care has been given to the selecting of/MILLINERY, STRAW HATS and BONNETS, FLOWERS, FEATHERS, MANTLES, FANCY DRESS MATERIALS, and all other FANCY GOODS. Hoping you will visit my SHOW-ROOMS on one of the above days, I, remain, yours most respectfully, • I HENRY LEWIS, 11, Commercial-place, Aberdare. < SAND. I White's London Cement, Plaster Paris, Mortarl Hair, &c., all of the best quality, at EVAN THOMAS & CO:S,. Ironmongers, and Miner's Lamp Manufacturers, .j si a is it .t it n P II I C E ON APPLICATION WORTHY OF NOTICE. A. \V. WllliKLEK, 7, DEAN STREET. ABERDARE, IN ^turning thai ks for pa?t Patronage, desires to inform the PUBLIC• that he is prepared to receive ordtrs for CI aninp, ScouriBg, cr Dyeing Men and Boys' Clothing of every description. Also Ladies Shawl?, Dresses, .Mantles, s&irty, &c., Furnitures, including Moreenf, Damasks, and Table Covers, C arpets, and Hearthrugs. Kid Gloves and Felt Ilats Cleaned and Dyed equal to ISeic. When you ask for gg*0f&L/ you get it! IgSiii^ f A s bad qualities are often substituted. jBta Thor Genuine is used by the Laundresses of THE PRIXCESS/QF WALES AND DUCHE88 OF EDINBURGH. fPATtiNT EAltTH-BORER.— For boring holes for Palisades, Telegraph-for Feccts and Scaffolding, Tube Wells for planting and testing ground, &c. r V-i PATENT MOTOfltlNGS for Anchoring Buoys, Floating Docks, PontootiSj: Lights, &c. V" j(« PATENT SCREW ANCHORS, for Anchofing Ships Tliey .securely'hold:'tlie Lightest Lifeboats, as well as the Heaviest Armour-plated Yessel. MSHT PATENT SCREW PILES, for Bridge Foundations, &c. AUTOMATIC REVOLVING SCRAPERS for Road-making, Excavating, Ditching, Revelling, and Draining.. yy PATENT SCREW PILES, for Bridge Foundations, &c. AUTOMATIC REVOLVING SCRAPERS for Road-making, Excavating, Ditching, Revelling, and Draining.. yy V SOLE Vl^ENSEES: S E L I G, SONNENTHAL, A N D CO-, Manufacturers & Contractors for Railway and Engineers' Plant of Special And general description, LAMBETH HILL, QUEEN VICTORIA STREET, LONDON, E.C. YNYS MEADOWS, ABERDARE. ir oBESTERS' FETE & GALA. BANK HOLIDAY. i MONDAYx^pGUST 4th, 1879. \y—— prizes to the amount of £ C0 for Competition. Brass Bands, Fireworks, BaUoon Ascents, &c. Farther particulars will shortly appear. STAFFORDSHIRE BLUE BRICKS, COPINGS, QUARRIES, RIDGES, ROOrlKG TILES AND TERRA METALLIC PAVINGS, SUITABLE FOR STABLES, FOOTPATHS, HOUSES, PIGGERIES, RUNNELS, COURTYARDS, &c., &c. Five Gold aod Silver Medals. First Class, Awards London, Paris, and Brussels Ex- hibitions, First Class Award, Silver Medal, Paris, 1878 JOSEPH HAMBLET, West Bromwich. CL 9 CHEAP COFFINS! ISAAC THOMAS, UNDERTAKE, 24 ymour-atreet, Aberdare, DESIRES to inform the Public that he still continues to cafry on the business as usyal, and Supplies Cofijns of t'he best quality, at a lower rate than kny other in the Principality. | He also undertWs/the sol» care of FI3:\ERALS, and furnishes HEARSES and MOUKNING COACHES which cannot be surpassed in Wales. HEARSES aud MOURNING COACHES will be charged at a lower rate in cases where he con- tracts to supply Coffins. Further, he will undertake the work of sup- plying Brick Graves, white-limed and draped, for the low sum of £1 JOs. The fact of his having supplied 16,000 Coffins ( during the last Sixte, n Years, is a sufficient guartint-ee of the manner in which he carries out his duties. •TJIOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE."— J <ila See Deuteronomy, ch»p. xit., verse 23. WORLD FAMED j 11€ H 11111H J. I m fl III V Trade Mark,—" Blood Mixture." THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER & RESTORER OKIN DISEASES Eruptions, Bitches Ulcerated 0 Sore Legs, Old Sores, G,4n<1ular Swelling, Cancerous Ulcers, Sp,'rt.,l. Pimples Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, Bin/worms, Scald Heads, Sore Eyes, Erysi ela^fltch, Scurfs, Discolor- ac^ions of the Skiiy^ Humours and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name or nature, are literally carried ojft of the system in a short time by the u&e/ot this world famed Medi- cine..y 1MPORTAOT ADVICE TO ALL. — Cleanse the vitiated>Blo^a whenever you find its impuri- ties bursting through the skin in pimles, eruptions, or sores, cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it when it is foul, and your feelings ] will tell you when. Keep the blood pure and the health of the system will follow. As this Mixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitution of either sex, the Proprietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. Thousands of testimonials from all parts. Sold in Bottles, 2s Gd. each. and in cases, con- taining six times the quantity, 1]¡1¡ each-sufficient to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of long standi ng cases,- by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the United Kingdom and the world, or sent to any address on receipt of 30 or 132 stamps by F. J. CLARKE, Chemist, Apothecaries Hall, Lincoln. Wholesale All Patent Medicine Houses. London Depot 150, Oxfor d Street. T. W. Evans, 14, Commerical-street, Aberdar AID J RICHARDS, 12 and 13, Cardiff-street, Aberdare. EEBEEEEBS »J»MI GEORGE'S t PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. Patrosimed by nmtoI eimat Phfioian* and Surnfont, amd UtHTMOAU-T held i* bifk etUtm. Though you have apffcrad and despaired for yeara and tried Remedies In vain. be assured there is still a •ate and speedy cure for you at small cost by uning £ Q liG E'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLii,.which are now recogniscd by all as being tiïe best. Medicine yet dit;covered for PILE AND '-OR'AVEL all well »s ior tfie following pains, which, In NI-Ilety-ninp Cases out o^every Huudred, are caused by these painful Maladies \-f- PAIN INTHiE BACK,FLATULENCY,Q^IPINQ, COLIC. A SENSE OF WEIGHT IN THE BACK AND LOINS, DARTING PAINS IN XHE REGION OF THE HEART, LIVER, AND KIDNEYS, CONSTIPATION. PAINS IN THESWRIGHS, SOMETIMES SHOOTING DOWN TO THE CALF OF THE LEG AND rOOT, SUPPRESSION AND RETENTION OF URINE, PAINS IN THE STOMACH, AND ALL LIVER COMPLAiNTS, Thmiuandt h*V* b»«l BO'«J by thfti Pills, and jtnjhad KOBOQfictd hoptlcu hnw bwn thoroughly rcitorM to b> their uac. OMB BOX WII.L CONVINCE THE MOST SCEPTICAL Of THUIK trMCACT. In oritr I* rail mil M)I he mferinf fto** oi?%0r £ 1^1/ IfoldiiM, th4 Ft oi>rutor pre parti ikU VtfttebU Statuig Ml the folio My form llo. 1—OBOROE'SPILE & GRAVEL. PILLS. Ko. 2 -Gt&ORGE'S GRAVEL PILLS. No. 8-GEORGE'S PILLS FOE THE PILES. Important Tutimonialt from Doctor*, ami InViiluU, /rum aU parti of the country, wiU kjorrllartù4. t\;¡ any addreu on receipt of a stamped envelope. Sold in Boxes, Is.'l^d. and 9". 9t1., by mil respectable Chemists; by Post, Is. 4d. aud Stt., in postage stamps. ,E"4*V,30* ^OTIC&^TL-titU^-PHiit 'Atib &R irBL PILL*" 6 CypurtQ\t. and Staliuneri! HalL ProprietorsJu- R. GEORGE, M.E..P.8., HIRWAtK-TiLAMORGANSHlRE: GEORGE GRIFFITHS JONES. Registrar of Carriages. OFFICES 5, CA^ON STREET, > A^ei^are. Persons giving at this Office may- marry either at the Hfegi^teT Office, Merthyi', or in an}' licensed chapel in Aberdare or Merthyr. H. W. GRIFFITHS, D.D.S., DENTIST, DOCTOR OF DENTAL SURGERY, (Philudelphia Dextal College, TJ.S.A ,J 6, BRIDGE-STEEET, NEWPORT, MON, Attends at 3a, Victoria-street, Merthyr, every Thursday, from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. Patients attended at their residi-nce by appointment. ONE" BOX OF CLARKE S B 41 PILLS is warranted, fq cure ajldischarges, from the Urinaiy,Qr.tra.n^fcio Ç¡t.}¡ç;.rsç,¡¡, acquired or constitu- tional tfravel, and PaiBsdn the Back. bold in Boxes.. 4srGd-each, by ..CJieraists and Patent ■ Medicine Vendors or sent to any addiepa fur (i0 stamps by the Maker, F. J. CLARKE, Consultm*' Chemist, High Street, Lincoln—'Wholesale Agents BARCLAY & "tsGKS, Londuu, and all the Wholesale Houses. Local Ayetitsy-T, VV. EVANS, 14, Coronifrcial- stred. Aberdare t.nd J. RICUARDS, 12 and 13 Cardiff-strett, Aherdare. THE RIGHT THING IN IMS RIG Hi P LA CE, BE EC HAM'S PILLS ARE admitted l>y thousands to be worth abate « GUINEA A BOX, for bilious and ocrVous disorders such .is w ind and pain at the stomach,sick headache, giddiness, fullness and swellness srffcMf inealb,'dizziness and drowsiness cold chills, fliMhhtgs of be-at, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, costive* ness, scurvy, blotches on the skiu, disturbed sleep frightful dreams, and all n' rvoua and fremhliar sensations, &c., &c. The first dose will give cekeT 2.1 minutes. This is no fiction, for they have done it in thoa sands of chs-s. The Proprietor of these Pills have- ing ohtained (lit great expense) a patent fer them. be challenjres the w,huie wofld to produce a* medciut equal to them for Vemoving the above-named com- plaints, and restormgthe"patient iosouadaod UatiBg health. Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try one bQ o these Piljfij and they will be Hrknowfledged to be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For females of all ages these Pills are invaluable, as a few doses of them carry off all gross humours, ripen all obstructions, and living a'«>"t all t -W is re- quited. No female should be without tkkein^ Tbrre is no medicine to be found ttf equal Beecham'* PUIS, for removin^-any obstruction or irregularity of th* system. If taken according to the directions givert with each box tliey will soon nslore females of all iges to sound and robustyliealth. Beecham's Iffiagie Oaugb Pills, As a remedy for toughs in general, Asthma, Difficulty in Bnatljlnp:, Shortness in the Breath* r^htness and Oppr/ssior of the Che^t, Wl\ee?iRg, &c., these>J,'ills siadU unrivalied an-1 anyone labour- ina' under ajpy of tip above ,co°iiplaints need enly try ONE BOXyto pwve that they are the best ever rtffVred to thevpj^ilie, Asthmatic and Consumptive a V40 Loughs, Hoa -ness, and opprdssion of the Chfst. riiey speedily remove that sense of oppression and iifllculty of Breathing, which nightly deprive the patient of rest. They give almost instant relief and comfort to tlios, alHicted with the abuve distressing ind., when neglected, dangerous complaints. Let iny persons troubled with any of the above com- plaints givd BEECHAM'S COU(;H PlLLSatrfal. The most violent Counh nill in a short time be re- no veil. ■ Facts are more conclusive than arguments, and te comment upon snch facts as the above wouWrbe itiperflunus. The extrajordinary sate ot Bee<ham> Pilb prove unmistakably that they are one of the 5est and safest medicines at the present díè) fet- list ase and sjeknegs will not be found in any house, aft<> taking a few doses of these excellent Pills. Caution—The public are requested to notice that the words BeechainV Pills, St. Helens," are oa the Government Stamp affixed to each box of the pills; if not "n, they are a forgery. Prepared onlv, and sold wholesale and retai the1 proprietor, V. Beecham, Cheniist, St. Helen Lancashire, in boxes at Is. lid. and 2s. 9d- eae Sent post free from the proprietor for 11,15, or stamps. Sold by all Druggittt and Patent Mediei>u Z^euleT •# United Kingdom. N.H.-Full directions are given with eacfcfeea. DR. SMITHS System of treatment Positive Remedies. For the Cure of eve ry form of Debil ty and Nervousness. [important New Work, 164 Pages, free by post, is Envelope, on receipt of Tbree Stamps, to p Postage. A WARNING AND HELP TO INVALIDS SUFFERING FROM DEBILITATING DISEASES, A SPECIAL MEDICAL WORK ON THE CAUSE, SYMPTOMS AND TREATMENT, OF DEBILITATING AND NERVOUS DISEASE, By DR. SMITH'S POSITIVE REMEDIES. This PAMPHLET gives a LIST OF DEBILITA- TING AND SPECIAL D SEASES ANt) THEIR POSITIVE REMEDIES, describes the Causes Symptoms and Medicines used by the Doctor in bit PRACTICE FOR THIRTY YEARS: It is written and published to enable Invalids to form a correct knowledge of their disease. By the aid of this book. sufferers from diseases caused by indiscretion will fiad a clear descr tion of the disease they are suffering from, also the Instructions which will enable the invalid to find a Cure, without PERSONALLY CON. SULTING A MEDICAL MAN. Also GIVES ADVICB and INSTRUCTIONS br which Thousands have been Cured of D seases of the Nervous Blushing, SysteH^ Hysteria, Nervous Debility./ Timidity, Mental and Physical De- Self-distrust, pression, Dizziness, Palpitation of the Heart, Love of Solitude, Noises in the Head and Groundless Fears, Ears Muscular Relaxation, &e., Inecision, resulting from 'ex- Impaited Sight and haustion of Nerve Memory, Power, the effects of Indigestion, Overtaxed Energies, Loss of Energy, Enervating Habits and Pains in the Back, other abuses of the Constipation, S.) ate. In this work will be found everything COUNTRY INVALIDS should know to Secnrt Health, Strength, Energy, a Long-lifo, and avoid the ) nfirroitie of Old Age. 50,000 Cages of Nervoes Debiity Cured 2,500 Testimonials given. This is the Invalids' Hand-Bock an Guide, to the Cure cf all Diseases- Not ice Sent, free b) post for'Three Stamps'to any address, in. Envelope. u Notice Books cannot now ce left atthe Post Office till called for, unless .in'the sender's ovrn'name. DR. HENRY SMITH, 8, Bukton Crescent, London, W.C THE LATEST MARVEL. The Latest Marvel. The Latest Ma. el. r^EORGE'S COUGH BALSAM. George's Cough Balsam- George's Cougl. Balsam. A WONDERFUL .EXPECTORANT, ANTI spasmodic, nh-F DenouJc^nt* AWONDERfUL £ \l Ei TOR A NT, ANT spastnodii' and Der>' ulcen-t, AWONDERFUL EXPECTORANT, ANTI- spiifiuodic, and D mulcent- GEORGE'S COUGH BALSAM. George's Cough Balsam. George's Cough Balgarn. IT CURES NHEN OTHER REMEDtE i fail. IT CURES W HEN OTHER REMEDIED fail. TT CURES WHEN OTHER REMEDIES A fail. GEORGE'S COUGH BALSA M. George's Cou^h Bale* it. George's Cough Balsam. The heM specific for Coughs, Colds, few- chifts, Ii.floenza, Hoarseness, fitting, Hooping Cough, anil all disorSTeiffir Chest, Throat, aud Luots, Note. One dose relieves, a few iotes eure. testhaujn^ls^1 Suable and in teres testimonials around each bottle. CAI)TION.-The public are particularly requested ob-erve that the words George'. C,.ugU Bals.m are staraped on every bottle, bone genuine sold in Bottles at is. lAd. aMI 2s. Vd.. by peal .0 Chemists and patent medicine venders in the werlil or from the Pi prictor, H. A. Geokor, Family Chemist, Pentre, Pontypridd. INFANT'S POWDERS. IilFANTS' roWDERS. — Marvellous are the e>erte 1. of the EUROPA LIKE PRESERVERS' upon the Tufant System. They are not ionl)" the-very Best and SaftSt Medicine moth is ran viva tbt^r little ones tturint: the nnxious per.xxl of Teelln?^, but hey act as a certain Spec fie ior Fih, Infl .mmatiwn, Hronchil's. Diarrhtn, ^mall-pox. Srarlariiit, \c., &c. Soltl b) inoft Chemists, in packets, el is. Ijd. »cd 2s. "M.; or trom (he Proj>rit-t<»r, B. A. ¡';()RGE. Pell lrt', POllt} prlo1d.. N<)TE.— Read tlie unpoit«nf anrt interesting testi* uouialsarouiiii i:a« ;i pacivt-t.

-BALANCE SHEET, 1878-1879.