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Hk A L L A N LINE Lf V^. L A- SIJOKTEST OOliAN PASSAGE TO AMERICA, IpflS.d ft Twenty First-class Royal Mail 1'1'8. p|N<J ^AYs—From Liverpool, Very Tuesday 'o Canada, and every slternnte 'J I'lfilit'ax and Haitim<ire, forwarding f-M on p*«y terms to ail tf Canada H C (sited Slates. Stewardesses provided fr-1-* for all 'iM-ciigers. "g< rs who secure their Tickets before I, n;f5 yre n! t at lilt, Railway iStation in <H)| by an appointed At in of the Compay,n WJS 'IVn'ge of tlit»ri uulii tlo'y ^o on borda Utf-t-r. I-aliladian Government grants ASSISTED A p by tli, aLLA?c I INE" to rarrti Labourers and Fema\r. Porn fstie Is 'iUs <»f Freight or Passage, apply to "fcoTntus & Co., Alexandra Building- SRRETT, Li-t,pool; or to JONES & SON, I Vlvh ilMKfr Office, Aocrdare. CH & CLOCK MAKKK 1£ QUEEN AND ROYAL FAMILY, And by Special Appointments tJ THE p R1 N C E OF WALES M. THE KMPI-KOR OF IIUSSI,, iiAPAJAH> of BURDWAN & JOHORE. ^L-DULS— LONDON, DUBI IN, AND PAIIIS. SB JH & ETCHES GOLD and SILVER ^SS'FO JEWELLERY. 'ds. IUpri s The Latest Fashions. METERS, BRACEIKT8, BuOOCllES, LEVERS, EAKP.INGS, LOCKETS, ATL";>'» JNECKLACKS, CHAINS, R- Railway KINGS, STUDS, ldilrs' -IND PINS, CEASES, ETC. 31 O Watches ALSO IN DIAMONDS A STRENGl H. And PRECICLS STONES. *V- '"KHAN'S ENNLICI, T- os. ( Warran'ed.) Llvtr- a* 1 C;i»y8 1)0(1-Vi." Siivor Wntrh, )0fe, i3 3,s. (Warranted) 18 & M ]$;, w 0 C K S SILVER & IJLEC- 'itd. at 1 10 i TRO-PJLATE. ens. lor Presentation, etc, IUKKET DINING SJJUVJCKS, E) CHIME' ^IA AFLD BKEAKFAST N SEIVJCKS, HAWING CRUETS, BASKETS, INKSTANDS, CLARET HOP. JUGS, SPOONS, UIUCKrT, etc. FOKKS, ETC. 'S "parly English" Wood or u Clocks, decorated with Blue China, wood, &c., from £ 5 5s. lade solely nson. ON'r, NEW ILLUSTRATED PA on TURRET CLOCKS, WATCHES. '» PLA TE, and JEW ELJ.EkY sent e, 2 Stamps. Watches sent safe by 11 parts of the World. es repaired by skilled woikmen. Plate WHichep, bought and exohanged, *» Shippers, aDd Clubs supplied. 7m Factory and City Sltow Roonis- GATE HILL, LONDON. IVest-end Establishment— OLD BOND STREET. Established 1749. ORTANT DISCOVERY. No More Suffering! 'Vfcrv of this Ointment has proved an invaluable ?nds of sufferers; when rubbed over or near the Its rare 1 balsamic properties are conveyed to > 1 hus it heals inward wounds and ulcers of the i»UE'*S 0k strengthens the spinal marrow \T~V(TUS depression, and all diseases ST' A,U>GS) AND CHKST. No invalid need des.pair this Ointment can be obtained. Rheumatism, and Neuralgia. Y formidable and dreaded diseases, with nocturnal OUs twitchinfgs, muscular cramps, and sciatica, will WSated by this Ointment. It is most important litment be thoroughly and effectually conveyed I] ?°res the sk'.n to the affected parts, upon bring its sooth> ng influence to bear, and thus ;• comfort, and security. The Pills should also be )r°priate doses to lessen the inflammation, and to ood. gs, Bad Breasts, Old Wounds, d Ulcerations of all kinds. cation of this Ointment heals, in a rema/cable Kmd vf Ulceration, softens the stiff or contracted proud" flesh to disappear, and foul and Joath- to ^ecome conv-ertecl into healthy healing tit. hese effects are not temporary, but we radical LlIa and Old Skin Diseases. 'S a eer^a'IJ remedy for all diseases of the skin, 1 otL°>r C0,;1P''ca'etl. Scurvy, ringworm, blotches, Ot},¡er Cutaneous disorders, are at once eradicated luable li ngucnt. Pills are sold at Professor HOLI.OWAY'S ■ta'blp^' <)xford Street, London also by nearly ot, endor of Medicine throughout the Civdised en. -1 Boxes, at is. ijd., 2S, fS., 4s. 6d., lIS. 225. directions are afflxecj to each Pot and Box, and any bnguage. at^Ti°e caa Stained, free of charge, b; tae above address, daily, between th 1 and 4, or by letter.