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ABERDARE. M n. JOHN MORGAN Has been instructed to offer for >'ale by A ICTSM, At tbo Queen's Hotel, Aberdare, On THURSDAY, the 3rd d it) uf/ULY, 1879, At i o'clock in the Evening precisely, rpHK fnlWmo. valuable FREEHOLD and J LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES LOT 1. 1.:1 tnat Messuage or Dwelling House and Shop Sitm-.te and being No. 54, High Street, Aberdare aforesaid, and adjoining "The J1 ;irmors Anns," with the Back Kitchen, stable, nnti workshop behind, and right of way from the basement over the area into the yard. This property is held for the residue of 99 years from 1st of August, IS'}; a.nd will be sold subject to an apportioned/ ground rent of .£4 1.5s. OJ. LOT 2.—All that MESSUAGE or DWELL- ING HOLSE and SILOP, situate and being >io. 18, Canon-street. A'berdare, with the Bake- house and store Koonj behind and the right of way through the/passage adjoining the Ca'-p^nt^rs' Anas, \A the ooccupation of Mr John Protheroe. This is held for the residue of 99 years from 2oth Muroh, lS,ji:. and will bo sold subject to the apportioned ground rent of £ 2 Is. (jI. It is let to Mr Protheroe for 21 years from the first June, 1574, at the yearly rent of £ ,M. LOT :3 -All that FREEHOLD BEER HOUSE, called "The Jusb." situate and being Ko., 71, Mul-strt-et, Treeynon, Aberdare, in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Hughe,s as a yearly tenant, at a rent of f20. This house was until recently let at JL38 per annum. Tti'^so properties are situate in the best streets in A he:dare, and otFer a rare opportunity to persons wishing to invest their savings upon business premises of an improving character. Arrangements may be made for leaving part oi the purchase money of any lot 0:1 Mortgage of the same. Further particulars may be obtained on ap- plication to the AUCTIONEER, at No 23, Pembroke Stioet, Aberdare, or to Air. 11. P. LlN'i'i^Y. Solicitor, Aberdare. Aberdare, June 17th, 1879. FOR SALE, 'TWO llOl SlvS in GLYXCWYX STREET, Mountain Ash, being Nos. o2 and 53. For particulars apply at the CARDIFF CASTLE. Aberdare. A GENTS WANTED to Sell LUBRICATING OILS. Commission 10 to 15 per cent. iirTA, Sidmouth Lodge, Park Road, iiichiuond, s.w. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. EXCURSION TO sea SIDE. On Mox- ..J. DAY, JUNE 30th, a CHEAP EX' 'UhSION TRAIN for SWANSEA, will leave Pontypool Road at 8.10 Pout, poel Town 8.18, Cmtnlin 8.35, Tredegar Junction 8.43, Rhymney -junction 8 50, Llaricaiach 9.0, Clunker's Y ard\ 9.1^, Mountain Ash 9.20, Aberdare 9.30. 9.10, Abernant 9.22, Llwydcoed 9 v8, linwain 9.45, Glyn Neath 10.5, ■•, 10 Lt. and Aberiylaia 10.24a.ui., re- turning same day, See special bills J. GKIERSON, General Manager. ABERDARE LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH. To Scavengers, Hauliers, and Others. r U "IlE Local Board of Health for tho District I of Aberdare, are prepared to receive TENDERS for SCAVENGING and Clearing away the REFUSE, STi.EEI SWEEPINGS, ASHES, &c., daily, or as often as the Surveyor may require, from the 7th day of July, 1879, to the 30th day of June, 1880. from all the Roads, Streets, Lanes, Courts, Alleys, and Thoroughfares, situate within tho following Districts and Divisions, viz TREGIBBON, TRECYNON, No. 1 DIVISION, No. 2 DIVISION, No. 3 DIVISION, CAPCOCH, FFOXCHAMAN, CWMIiACH,. Ill: i WAIN/ and CWMDARE. The Extent and Boundaries of the several Districts and Divisions, with the localities of the Depots, can be ascertained on application to the Surveyor. The Contractor to have the privilege of dis- posing of all Refuse collected by him provided such Refuse has not been deposited on the spots selected as Depots. Parties Tendering will be required to name in their Tender the price per day at which they will be willing to supply Horses and Ca.-rts for General Haulage in connection with the High- ways, Scavenging, &c. Further information and Forms of Tender may be obtained, and form of Contract and Specification, &e., may be seen. on application h) Mr T. LI. Edwards, Surveyor to the Board. Separate Tenders will be required for each of the Districts and Divisions, but the same person may tender for the whole or any number of the Districts and Divisions. 'lenders to be sent to me on or before Wednesday, the 2nd day of July next, endorsed, "Tender tor Scavenging ——— The Board do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. 1h order of the Board, It. ORTON GERY, CLERK. Aberdare, 5th June, 1879. LEWIS & MEREDITH, MINERAL & LAiTD SURVEYORS, ARCHITECTS, cScc. Surveys and Levels Accurately Made. BuIlding" Plaas Prepared at th3 Shortest V Notice. TERMS, MODERATE. Offices: BUTE STREET, ABERDARE. To Capitalists, Merchants, Shop- keepers, & Tradesman in general. Ml?. JOHjjpLEWlS, Of Nos. 13, Canon S+ ,et, and 18, Soymour Stieey Aberdare. 1) BGS to inforny tho above classes and his B ) numerous friends that he has started business as an AUCTIONEER & APPRA bEn. and is prepared to undertake Sales and Valua- tions upon the most reasonable terms. larties removng or emigrating, can have their goods valued and purchased on advantageous terms. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. pOYAL AGRICULTURAL SHOW AT I KILBT/RN. On Mojiuir, J I;XE 30th, an EXCUil.-TON T LILY for READING and LONDON, calling at Westboume Park, will leave Meithyr at 7.40 a.m.. AhernauC 7.51. Aberdare 8 0, Uirwain H.1J, Glyn Neath H 32, R':solven 8 42\ Poritypool Read 7.3"). A ber- gavenny 8.0, LlViyjhangei 8.15, Pandv 8-0. Pon.rilas 8.30, stV Devereux 8 40, irain Inn 8.4o, Presteign 7.30. Kington 7.45, and Hereford 9.40a.m., returning on Ju'yoth. Westbourne Park station is one mile from the Show Ground, and '•pecial Omnibuses will run to and fro every 10 minutes on each day of the bhow. See special bills. J. G RIEHSON, General Manager. TO PAINTERS. ri "'ENDEKS areherebv invited for PAINTING I the BOO i HOTEL, Aberdare, and No. 2, MARKET STREET; Aberdare. For particulars apply t't9 Mr. D W* PKICK. assistant overseer's office, Aberdare, or at the Hotel. "0 LET,—A Gi »OD Gb'O ER'> SHOP- Plate Glass Front-convenient dwelling house attached. — Fixtures Jtn shop complete— for whicn no payment wilVbe ivq lred, No. f 0, road. ALtcJl'am n. Jwrlllf'. fm ne ii. te possession — rent tnoiitWxe. A ply to TJjil; • x JuuX KEAitCE, IVn- '.rye, Ct-in, M>-i;,hyr. 0; S MOOT H-B O R E E N F I E LD i'lFLRv, kill at 1,000 yards with ball. 40) with shot, warranted prcof, 6" Gd. each. Caps to fit, 2s. per 250 —sent to any address IT, reci^pt of t'.O.O., payable at Uroad- street Post Officer,- to Fredk. Hill, Government Stores, Broad-street, Sheffield. YNYS MEADOWS, ABERDARE, FORESTERS' FETE & GALA. BANK HOLIDAY. MONDAY, AUGUST 4Ik, 1879. Prizes to the amount of cE60 for Competition. Brass Bands, Fireworks, Balloon Ascents, &c. Further particulars will shortly appear. rpHE LO'l.lOX JOURXAL is the Queen o FnK'i-h story • journals. Its articles, romances. love stories anli novelettes ure un quelled. The ,I",we, s to Co respondents t'irmquif-t rornancss nl real life.- Til best family j.1umal in existence Its illustrations equal thsse tiio best maaizines."—See Timex, Review, T 02* DON JOU11NAI. KK.KL.Y, One Penny Four intPiio"lv interpsti:ig Norelv every w ek by tlie mvst popu'iir Authors. I lustrated !\v Kic Artists—D naestie Short 'l'aies — Illustrated Arlicl j^on the leadin Kv^uts of the Ihxy—I's-iays oil t-oci i fe^SoiiMl and i opie:3- Cliarmint; Poetry — old Kecei,.is—Facetia;, Corres- pondence. &c. A T ONPON JOUKVA y MONTHLY Si' I'PLEMFN'T. .J Contain* a omplate Novel by an Eminent Author Beautifully III strr.t. d. /I'rice Id. T ON DON JOIiiNVT, MONTHLY PART. Price K/L Includes, in to the iihovf; varied and tjrert linini; ni'tter, A Sr.?ti$i-P'tge Tsul'ien' Sipple;n:nf of Fashions and Needlework, o d PIAdp. of t CI" Latest Paris Modes express.y denignttlf w.lh patterns for Cuttiiw Out. Post Ire" I lid r ONDON JOU'?N-L. HOLID \Y SCM3KR Price 2d. the I)ouu¡e j\ulllu<Jr. A complete Love Story, nt. V h ilABICL," iiiuatiated. '• Of cxeeediu. beauty and put, n>s." -.d.kertiser. T ONDON JO 1* RN AL. CHRISTMAS NUM CKU Price 2d th'1 Double Number, i ontaining a eonneeted eries of Stories for t.:11l"i,tm,,< Firesi es, with a host ofse"olJabl" Articles, short Poetry, Scraps, Facts said Fancies, &c. The ITiilS-i/enrly Volnne is. 6X, cloth, formi a beautiful for all .-e.isons. Advertisements on the Cover* of Monthly Part Monthly Supplement Holiday Double Sumber, and Christmas Double A-umber All having enormous Family Circulation, so im. mediately Yaluble to Advertisers.—Apply to MATIIKK & Co, 71, F eft Street. The largest Cireul it on abroad and at home. CJllice 3-J2, Straod, and at all Bookstalls hud Railwiivs ABEUDARE SCHOOL BOARD TO BUILDERS. rJ"HE ABERDAP.L SCilOOL BOARD are 1 desirous of receiving TENDERS for the erection of a StJHOOL aud OFFICER, at JilaengAvawr, Aburdaru, to accommodate 7;)0 Children. Plans and Spec'ficat.'ons prepared by Mr. E. H. Linger Baker, Architect, Hereford, can be seen, and Bills of Quantities obtained OU, ap- plication to tho undesigned, oil and after the 1st day of JuU" next. Sealed TEViXE iS, endorsed "Blangwawr Schools," to bjseat to me on or before Wednes- day, the ltf;h day of July, LS79. The Boai-ti do not biuci themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. R. ORTON GEttY, Clerk. I own Hall, Aberdare. June 23rd, 1879. OAK STREET, ABERDARE Desirable Investment. R. T. WHITNU^ JOXES has been i*| favoured with /instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, at the 0ARLHFF CASTLK HOTEL, on Thursday, the 3i(| day of July, 1879, at Seven o'clock in tho/evening, all those TWO MESSUAGES, being^Nos. 5 & 6, Oak-street, Aberdare, now in /the occupation of Thos. Thotwas and John Jenkins, producing a gross yearly rent^pt' £ lV Us. Od. The premisfe^drc held under a lease from Griffith Davies, Esq.. for the term of 99 years computing from the 1st day of May, 18(10, at the annual Ground Rent of £ 2 9s. Od. For further particulars apply to the Auction- eer, 35, Commercial-place, Aberdare, or Mr. E. Thomas, 5, Seymour-street.

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