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A* ALLAN LINE SUOBTE8T OCEAN PASSAGE TO AMERICA. )oa.d of Twenty First-class Royal Mail nt. 'KG DAYS-From Liverpool, every Tuesday hursday, to Canada, and every elternate y to Halifax and Baltimore, forwarding :"1'8 on easy terms to all partai of Canada United States. f" and Stewardesses provided free fur all uf PasbVigers. 'tigers vtyo secure their Tickets before b me arejUtt at the Railway Station in ,1 by an appointed AgeuL of the Compay,H .('8 charge of them until tiiby go on borda lnter. aradian Government grants ASSISTED CKs by the" ALLAN LINE" to i Farm Labourers and Female Domestie s. Rates of Freight or Passage, apply to BROTt. ItS & Co., Alexandra Buildings, ,trt,ut, Liverpool; or to JONES & SON, kE TIMKS Office, Aberdare. ;'EN'S O'N:;S' 'e, C L 0 K 3 CH & CLOCK MAKER fiE QUEEN AND ROYAL FAMILY, And by Special Appointments tiJ THE P R 1NCE OF WALES 'M. THE EMPHtOR OF RUSSIA, *'hAKAJAus of BURDWAN & JOHORE. M..dals- LONDON, DUBIJN, AND PAEIS. 38 K a m O W » A-TCHES GOLD and SILVER dJt^p^jn^ultahle JEWELLERY. <tl%mates, froih 2 o >efu, QHAPHS ^ie latest Fashions. ^ETEHS, BRACELETS, BROOCHES, !91 LEVEUP, EAHHINGS, LOCKETS, TATION, NTCKLACKA, CHAINS, ^as> KAJLWAT KINGS, STUDS, i SfLDiEBs* ind PINS, CEASES, ETC. EN s WATCHEs ALSO IN DIAMONDS U STRENGTH. AND PRECIOUS STONES. Jc English Lmr, a* *5 5s. ( H arranted.) il r>i Everybody's Silvpr Watch, as above, £ d 3s. ( Warranted ) u 0 C K s SILVER & ELEC- it TRO-FLATE guinea*. *or Presentation, etc. »R_ PINING SBKVICES, lTJBBET, TEA AWD BRFAKFAST A^HAME' SekviBES, AND DRAWIKO CRUETS, BASKETS, J INKSTAKDS, CLARET ,.H2.P' JUGS, SPOONS, F. OJIACKEX, etc. FOKKS, ETC N "Early English" Wood or flu Clocks, decorated with Blue China, )wood, &c., from Y,5 5s. Made solely enson. SON '8 NEW ILLUSTRATED PA\t- S on TURRET CLOCKS, WATCHES, .S, PLATE, and JEWELLERY sent r* 2 Stamps. Watches sent safe by a" parte of the World. repaired by skilled workmen. Plate Watches, bought and exchanged, ktpo Shippers, and Clubs supplied. earn Factory and City Show ROQms- •GATE HILL, LONDON. West-end Establislullent- OLD BOND STREET. Established 1749. tw I-, V of Blood Essential to Life, Health AFTD Strength. Nil,, SURPASS all other KNOWN Medicines for Purifying • "EING safe and yet /tflfective, they are available for ^"LESTIC and HOUSEHOLD remedy. In conge-<ions and ,115 the LUNGS ahd LIVER, they quickly remove OF the disease, aad in constipation and disordered "7 THE BOWELS, Ahay act as a cleansing aperient, "Titiwit Biatter/from the intestinal canal, and PFRSMS, cramps, AND painful gripings. Headaches, Nausea and ^TOMAKH, Loss of Appetite, an Lowness of Spirits. '^NSIN^-P'ROPERTIES of these Pills soon produce a J CHANGE in the constitution, removing all excess of AChe, palpitation, pains after eating, and giddiness. ,E the annetite clear the complexion, and improve health. Mother's Friend. Females' Specifics. POTHER of a Family should know the value of these R^OVINJJ all accumulations and restoring suspended or '» AT various critical periods of female life beyond measure they can be taken X TS A" AGES, and are invaluable in all children ilitated Constitutions, Trem- S» and Loss of Nervous Energy. ?'HS are unsurpasstd as Nervine Tonics they correct "A^TIES and weaknesses. They act so kindly, yet so J "Y°NTHE functions of digestion, that the whole body *NE blood is purified, and the muscles become farmer rm 'I. T'LERE'ORE sufferers from Nervous Weakness in OU*D give them a fair and honest trial. '5 and Ointment are sold at Professor HOLLOWAY 3 ,^ENT;,531, Oxford Street, London, also by nearly POTABLE Vendor of Medicine throughout the Civilised ^"OXEI and POU^KT is. ijd., as. 9A, 4»- 6D-> IIS > 22S » I'J*? DIRECTIONS are affixed to each Bo* and Pot, and LN ANY language. 'Advice can be obtained, free of charge, by ^8 at the above address, daily, 11 and 4, pt by letter. 4.