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Woodward, Poster, Town /Crier, &c., Pioe: street, A BERDA RE, Public and Tradesmen Rents the Largest -eS^TIONe in the District, and is iv. 6 Orders for Posting, &c., in i nl.L mail> Hirwain, Cwmdare, Cwm- ^0ther Paris of the District. t on Application. O-eta, made per Quarter or Yearly. d College, Swansea. PRINCIPAL: M A- (Glas- B.D. (Edin.) sheltered situation, healthy fin*<v°Pna'- epaoiou8 plav-ground, •well- _oA, ne8> ^parate bed for each boy U diet, discipline strict but J power. Backward puplis Twelve pupils passed fttions in 1881. Terms strictly 9 Hotel, Aberdare. bfk^L P^INAlaY at this Hotel W » i "1 ^u^ure at One instead of j • ,° c^ock as previously. nr. J» r informs tbe public that ENT ^t,^FEE' TEA' and BE- *>AR m connection with the lob *& been fitted up with every onTenience and comfort. SL. OXENHAM, Proprietor. ) R. SMITH'S or treatment by the Positive Remedies. "YO if 'flJerll form of Bebilly and Nervousness. 'le,o Work, 144 Paces, free by post. in 18 reeeipt of Threw Stamps, to p Postage. SING AND HELP TO INVALIDS ■ EKING FROM DEBILITATING A SPECIAL MEDICAL WORK ON iE. SYMPTOMS AND TREATMENT, T4TING AND NERVOUS DISEASE, [1'8'8 POSITIVE REMEDIES. IPHLBT gives a LIST OF DEBILITA- SPECIAL DISEASES AND THEIR REMEDIES, describes the CMJKS ad Medicine* used by the Doctor -in him. FOR THIRTY YEARS It is written a correct f their diseam. By the aid of this book, a diseases caused by indiscretion will find iption of the disease they are suffering be Instructions which "ilJ enable the d a Cure, without PERSONALLY CON. L MEDICAL MAN. IS ADVICE and INSTRUCTIONS by h boasaods have been Cared of Nervous Blushing, kit. Hysteua, Hity. Timidity, De- Self-distrust, Dizziness, ,ftUe Hmrt, Lore of Solitude, e Ifea4 and Groundless Fears, r MnBCulur Relaxation, &c., K >' resulting from ex- and hnustion of Nerve V Power, the effects of Overtaxed Energies, '0, Enervating Habits and K&Ck. ether abuses of the » Sjstem. "111 The found everything COUNTRY ■hdald know te Set art Health, Strength, IS'r?'e* avo'^ 'he ) tifiimitie of Old .Caies of Nervous Debiltv Cered DDial. (IYeD. the Invalids' Hand-Book an ol all Diseases. -Sent, free bJ p.øt ,for Three 8taanps to in oveloot. eks cann now oe left at the Post for, ion] in the sender's own name. :1 SMITH, 8, BURTON CRESCENT, LOKBOV, W.C, J*/J* CLARKE'S VB ~41 PILLS rtmted to cure all discharges from the, •1 m,e^her sex, Acquired or constitu- j Pains in the Back. Sold'in n.eac"» by all. Chemists and Patent i > or aejit to any address for 60 ( The Lincoln & Midland 7jg Comp4ny( Liacoln," Consulting H*U, Lincoln.—Wholesale BOSS, benden, and all the sOINTM ,EN.-1- '> RtANT DISCOVERy. Suffering I. t JRroTe<' ^n mvaluabla El! 2»cr or near the k conveyed to oat WoJS^fr. jftnd ulcere of the spinal marrow L.UNCS, akp ^nd all diseases tlti* Ontant caa •W^ia tlec<1 despair beumatism, 3d Neuralgia. umidablt aad drtado^ diseasesi, with noch,«,* i l twitchwn, etamps, and sciatica^ni Mtcd by flw Oinnjfent. It is most important wat be tkorougnly and effectually conveyed area of the skin^to the affected parts,, upon xiiw its soothin# influence to b«or, and thus xafort, and tectvky. The Pills should also be Priat* dose« to lessen the inflammation, and to dB k Bad Breasts, Old Wounds, (Vcera«lon8 of all kinds. Ohrt»n«nt heals, in a remarkable yyy TOfciMion, softens the stiff or contracted 'f^P/toh to disappear, and foul and loath- het« C0B*er1'«d into healthy healing "»• eaects a*c not tenpoiary, but are radical and Old Skin Diseases. c^Sj^eme^Lan of skip, j«r j- ifariy- ringworm, blotches, >le ^0,C^rs' a'9 once eradicated Ma. M, Professor HOLLOWAV'S »««dor«f 1-fndoo; also by nearly lai throughout the Ovilised "• 'W., ts. 9d., 48. 6d., US. 22S. to each Pot and Box, and ri0s can be obtained, the above addr fl" If Ihsrge, b, .e.. aboYe dagy. between thO 4, 01' by lettel. SUMMER FASHIONS FOR 1882. HENRY LEWIS'S s owm IAOOMS Are now OPEN with a Choice Selection of all the Latest Novelties in MILLINERY, MANTLES^MESS & FANCY GOODS, &c., i SUITABLE FOE/THE COMING SEASON. 11, Commercial Place, Aberdare. ■ SAN IX" White's London Cement, Piaster Paris, Mortar l-J air; &c., all offtfíe best quality, at EVAN THOMAS & CO.'S, Ironmongers, and/Miner's Lamp Manufacturers, 4BBBB.4BB PR ICE" ON APPLICATION. STATIONERY & FANCY WAREHOUSE "ABERDARE TIMES" OFFICE,. 31, Commercial Place, Aberdare. JONES & SON, PRINTERS, BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, &c, DESIRE to inform the PUBLIC that they have in stock a large and varied assortment of PLAIN and FANCY STATIONERY and FANCY GOODS, suitable for PRESENTS &c., to which they invite attention. A large Stock of Mosical Instruments, including Concertinas, Flutes, Banjos, Tambourines, Drums fiarmonicars, Mouth Organs, &c. The largest and best selected Stock in Town of HOME and FOREIGN MADE TOYS. Dolls in great variety, Chess, Drafts, and Draftboards, Dominoes, Houlette Games, &c. Workboxes, Money Boxes, Fancy Boxeg, Rimmel's Soap and Perfumery, Ink and Inkstands, Conversation Cards, &c. Combs and Brushes of the beet quality. Pipes and Tobacco Pouches, Cigar Cases. Ladies' Bags, Purses, Albums, &0., &c. :0: OBSERVE THE ADDKESS— f ABEHDABE TIMES" OFFICE 31, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE LLYFIiAU CYMUEIG, AR WERTH GAN JONES A 1 MAB, 3 1, C () M M K H C 1 A L-P L A C K A BElt D A HE. Pris e> hoeddiedg. Pris cyny £ ■. 8. iC S. d Esboniad Burkit ar y Testament Newydd 1 11 6 1J6 Eto, vn rbwym 1 10 0 Esboniad y Parch Chiistmas F.vanp ar Lyfr Dadguddiad 6 2 6 0 2 0 Geii-iadur Pu%%iTiyddol neyegrytliyr(-k gar, j climfddai- I'tirch J. T.Jones ..060 0 6 6 y Nef a'r Ddaear,eto 0 13 0 0 13 0 Atinoniaeth Trefn Iacliawdwriaeth gan Walker, yn rhwyrn .016 0 1 0 CorlT Duwinyddiaeth Brown, o Haddington .090 07o ,yd(liaoth Browr., o' Haddingtoii 0 9 0 Fto, ynrliwjm •. •• d90 Gwyr dy dion se f A wdlau, Cywydd, i, Traethodau, &o., Eisteddfod laan erchyroedd .026 0 1 0 Traddodiadau yt Hynafiaid, gan Caledfryn .OOC003 Hymnau Newyddion, gan J. Wilson .0 6 0 0 6 Haues Bywyd a Chyr.gorion Meddygol H. Jenkins, yr hwn a fu byw 169 o flynyJdoédtl .010 0 1 0 Traet'nawd ar y Prynedigaeth gan Dr. Lew;f <• ..Olo 010 Daearyddiacth Ysgrythyrol, eto 0 13 0 0 13 0 ''o ''o T ome A The DOME BLACK &0- t froui ttic ordinary kinds irv the fo IMPORTANT POINTS;- LJT It is manufactured only from sele(I A.Matg- M. a -fdlb' the rials of the BEST QUALITY. and beina o b-,r y rL ,y ilitt'le lm prepared by a special process, it not onlyy r FOIISHES QUICKLY, but Ow adhere4 at ,u oil I" t W adh,' once to the stoireor grat*,therebyAVOIDIN(i the." .by 1.(i L?ij V A D LNJ-URYTO TIELE FURNITURE ft-omdunk 'R TC 'I." t LNJ-URYTO TIELE FURNITURE ft-omdunk 'R TC 'I." 8"6 MAKERS r4,0 u SOLD BY-GROCERZ .Iql A LARGE AND CAREFULLY-SELECTED STOCK OF SCRAPS, Suitable for SCREENS, SCRAP ALBUMS, &c., is now on Sale at the "Aberdare Times" Office, 31, Commercial Place, Aberdare. PAIN KILLERIkii ▲ mm and speedy CUM for SORB THROAT, COUGHS, COLDS, pITTHKRlA, CHILLS, DIAB&KCKA, CRAMPS, CHOLERA, SICK HEADACHE, NEURALGIA, RHEUMATISM, BRUISES, CUTS, SWiAINS.JcT^ Perfectly ta/e to Waa internally or externally, and certain to afford relief. Every family should know that this remarkailo medicine in sotu BT ill CHEMISTS, and supplied IN BOTTLES FROM Is. iW* TO tOs. 6d. PERRY DAWS & SON, Providence, R.L, U.S., Bole Proprietors. LONDON DEPOT, OT. BVBBBIX BT. BTHLDINGS. W.O. patppMeta ttee. CMAI/C RICHMOND GEM OlVIUKVt. BIRD'S EYE. Cut from Choicest Virginia Gold Leaf. jn PACKETS only, 5d per oz. HENRY K. TERRY & Co., 55, Holbom Viaduct, London, E.C., Wholesale Agents. FOR THE SOZODONT TEETHE& inS*and are speedily removed by SOZODONT, the fragrant purify- K F A I H tying defect l, The gums are made rosy and healthy by it* use, and the morti- I H ■ •unply because it?^.ea8an^.breath, is completely remedied by it. SOZODONT has become the staple dentifrice of the world, '^breath. V86. even for a week, without perceiving its hygienic effect upon the teeth, the grums and pow ay all the prinoipal Chemists and Perfumers at 2s. Cd.. Ojje BOTTLK wii.l LAST SIX MONTHS. I BM It is the best Liver, Stomach, Spleen, ■ ■ I 1% MM WL I and Fever Doctor in the war Id! Jlun- | I J I I dredt of thousand* bear testimony! All ages and botKexesS,*B w I M M Try one$le convinced! Stop Dosing! abstiutely certain removal of tlle Holm an Pad the jhost marvellous remedy for the MM. ja ■Bl^. dangerous drugs, it ia NatuSIft^' t^lat 'without drenching the delicate stomach with M&|l all price by thousands who have and sa/est remedy, and is valued b«yond Bk D H 10s. Special, 15s. We earnesth^ J^ 'S. 5r the world. Price of Regular Fad, I B free to any address. TheHobn»^ reader^-to send for Book of Testimonials; I M J|j Q*- Rusa^ll-st. BuiMings, London, W.C. ■ Mm —r S M O KE °^AUTIESe THE GENUINE /PRrc?c:r> OtZMU I 11. O AMRPP TIPPED CiGADc SalivaProof. Will Not Stick to the Lips TTES. H. K. TERRY &CO., 65fHolborn Viaduct, ALLEN t OINTER, Ma^facture^clm^ USA f c AN OPEN DOOR TO HEALTH. IN HI F/ST I O M A* OPEN D00B TO HEALTH. I >1 m^0 | ^^1 Bm I a Every person suffering from Indigestion, T)vs- Order," should ^nd for a Pgnphlet respectins: the positive cure by the^ o'f°? a ftom?1v 0,,t °f and letters from Medical Mewm every part of the world, showins? result«f^» LACTOrKPTINE, and road the caws Cheats, Z PX have certified to the remarkabfe^ffi^^r^^ViP^m^ \T° D°< ,theorv of its action, and disorders of the Digestive Organs. Price J. ed in 1S 1 attached; and can be sent by post. Each bottle contains 43-10 grain doses. It is airreeab?^ t v in either wine or water after meals. LACTOPEPTINE is SOLD BY CHKMISTB kvkrX^kr t vl ^en JOHN M. RICHARDS, (Successor to Carnrick, Kidder & Co.,) Laboratory, Great mSSIfstwt ilndon. COUGHS, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, INFLUENZA, NIGHT COUGH, &c. i -■■■■ ■ — ■! ■■ See aboye Trade Hark on every Bottle, and insist on having POWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEED, Sold by all Chemists & Medicine Yendors throughout the World at 1/lf & 2/3. The iiidm burgh Me Assurance Company Founded in 1823, and Incorporated by Act of Parliament: HEAD OFFICE: 22, GEORGE STREET, EBlNBURGH. BIRMINGHAM BRANCH 16, BENNETT'S HILL. LIFE BUSINESS ONLY IS TRANSACTED BY THIS COMPANY. EXPLANATION OF THE EDINBURGH LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANrS NON-FORFEITU RE SYSTEM IpHIS System is not confined to any particular class/bf Assurances. It applies to all the Ordinary Policies issued by the CotEpnny at full rates, a$well as to Policies effected by a Fixed Number of Annual Paymt-uts (5, 10, 15, 20, or 25), and to Endowment- Assurances payable at a specified age or at death. Policies issued. under this System participate fiont their commencement in the Profits of the Company (Polices on the Without Profit" scale aloue excepted), on the equitable plau of distribution followed by tbib OfDce. The benefits of the System arc enjoyed froii the outset of each Policy, so that whether the Premiums are discontinued after One, Two, Three, or any other number of AlJnual Payment?, the Policyholder is equally secure of receiving an equivalent for the money he has paid. The rapid increase of the Company's business sh< ws that the advantages oj this System are appreoiuted by the Public 1. he Syste m was adopted in its presrnt form in the year 1872, and the following Table exhibits the progress of the New Bufiness transacted by the Company since that time Amount of New Assurances. During Year ending 51st March, 1872 £ 3^4,100 „ „ 1873 467,215 it J „ 1874 550,936 ,i\ t 1875 632,482 »» 1876. 656,720 „ J „ 1877 683,002 The Edinburgh Assurance Life Company's Bonus System. This System <* peculiarly javouruble to Good Lives. While all Policies on the With Profit" scae share from ili^ir commencement in the Profits of the Company—those on Young Lives receiving a fail and equitable Kate ef Bonus—the Policies which continue leng in existence, and so aontribute more than otheis to the Surplus Funds, ft ceive the Larger Share of Profits to which they are entitled. AGENT FOR ABEllDARE: MR. T. L. JONES, "Aberdare Times" Office. wlu When I a s r; get it! j|g||lL As bad qualities are often substituted. The Genuine is used by the Laundresses of THE PBIMCESS OF WALES AND DUCHESS OF EDINBURGH. J 0 ————-—-——' 1' 4d. I SINCLAIR'Sper. lb. OF ALL tTT- GROCERS & OILMEN Twl"A COLD V^ATER| OB*. Beware of QjfS AD Imitations! Ask for SHJCLAIR'S." IMil^ A lady /rites to The Qumn, I mmend it to every HI -JiJ&iA bousemfe; it saves time ™ matOTal; economises fuel, u the dothea require leas rw- Yirm and no boiliny JAMES SINCLAIR, Soutfwark, London,SX MATTHEWS^S^ MA17H "Y Avoid the many dangeroiy II I and doubtful comi>otmas sop I* E 11 I f** Hi as Toilet Powders; always aflk ■ E i\/ for Matthews'* Prepare# Pullers f* A a ■ Earth, used in the RayalJinmeries, I™ K I Bol and highly recommendia by the p** m I | | Faculty; it protect* thaJBrfn from cold winds chaps. &e M«1 preserves th £ (wmpkjdST^OIJ) BY ALT, CHUTISTS ROUSE Co., lOwJCMORE STREET, LONDON. ,,< TO WX$L am XSSP WIN, TAXX BRAfifi'^VEGETABLE CHARCOAL It absorbs\U the Stomach and Bowels, aad thus givesYMtftby tone to the whol« system. Sold in ALL CHKMI8TS RRAG&'S CHARCOAL BtSCtHTS ■^Children like them. ^seedily eradicate Worms. & Tins is., 2s. &4»EACH. SOUJDYALL CHEMISTO. Also BRACC'f CHARCOAL LOZENCEt. In Tins U. lid. A GENTS WAN'1 push first-class xlL Lubricating1 Commission 10 to 15 per cent.—Box 32C. Post Office, Livorpool. GEOHGE OKIIFiTllS JONES. Registrar of Marriages. OFFICES 5, CANON STREET, ABERDARE. Persons giving notiee at this Office may marry either at the Edgier Office, M erthyr, or in any licensed in or Merthyr. NITY HOUSE SCHOOL (CLASSICAL AND COMAfEHOIALj, HIGHLAND PLACE, AHERDARE. ESTABLISHED 1865. CONDUCTED BY REV. J. JOSEPH GEORGE 'I~ HE Schoolroom is New rtnd Capacious I situated in oue of the liealthiest parts cf the district.' Educatio d on sound principles, is eminently practical and adapted to business purposes. Separate attention is given to each pupil. JTERMS MODEBATK. I ,(.5> SMITH'S PURIFYING PILLS, A.I, ARE A POSITIVE CURE FOR ALL DISEASED of the Urinary Organs, Recent or Old Standing; Weakness, (travel, Backache, and all Discharges, &e., all and everv Dii<ea»e for which M Tcury #nd Copabia are usedno the injury ol the Patient's Constitution Alter using jf\ete fills, the body and nerves are restored to Health anjf Vigour Sold in Hoxes (containing sufficient for the Core) priee 4e. 6d. Sixty Stamps may be sent. May be h/d direct from the Proprie'ors on receipt of the amount iyf Stamps. Sent by post to any addres?. H. & H. SMITH St t'o.'s Po8itive Repedy Laboratory, 26, Southampton How, Lon<jbn, W.C. -L 1 .« l/ii I || ill i la'pl'>M^a<WflW'lly| What is your disease—"W^fiat is your Remedy ? For answer—^Sead The Invalids' Guide BooJ( of Positive Eclectic Remedies for Sjfelf-Treatment. Gratis and Post Free to any Pirt of the World, on receipt ot two stamps toprepav postage. INVALID?' GUIDEBOOK OF POSITIVE JL KEMEDIES FOR TlI., CURE OF ALL DISEASES. EVERY HOUSEHOLD, fVEBr MAN AND WOMAN SHOULD POSSESS A COPY. GUIDE-BOOK-give. instructions for Developing and Strengthiug the Body. How to Hf>I; Lost Health. GUIDK BOOK OF POSITIVE MEDICINES. All Invalids should read tbe Chapter on Geueral Diseases. GUIDE BOOK OF, POSITIVE REMEDIES.—The Nervous Dyspeptic willf find information for the Cure of GUIDE-BOOK OF JpOSITIVE REMEDIES mnst be studied by those whof have broken down their health by Hijth Pressure Busines^ Life, City Work. Worry, Over taxed Energies, and Late Hours. GUIDE-BOOK OF/ POSITIVE REMEDIES is the book for Young Men. Hov^to Kegain Lost Health GUIDE-BOOK Og POSITIVE RKMKDIES -All who w'sh to see what are brought on by Modern Life should read this W orK> GUIDE-KOOK O* POSITIVE REMEDIES is the book to be studied by Females. Contains a Chapter on DiscaMes Peculiar to Women.? GUIDK-I^OOK op POSITIVE RPMED 1ES give, also a l»«st ot I>isea»es restating from Loss of Vittl Power GUiDE- OOK £ >r Dise s. s of Old Age or Decay of Nature, Nervnns Ptbstratton Ac. U I DK- BOOK ^o Cure Coustitutional or Hereditary Diseases. Scrofula^Consumption, Pimples, &c. *^OOK ol Medicines for Cure of Diseases of Wmler Coutrhs, Bronchitis, Asthma, Jtc. G(W DE-BOOK gives what Medicines will Cure Diseases reaulttag rom Impure Klood, all .Skin Diseases. Ac SelfTreattuenv is Easy, Safe, and Ktlectual by following tbe liu\es given fu this Rook. Gmto^Kuufe OF POSITIVE REMEDIES treats on Wasting \DiseAes, and gives a Positive Bemedy for all Diseases. S&As a GUIDE-BOOK of Positive Medicines which should be kept in every hou-e as a Guide Io the Cure of Diseases without the aid of a Medical Man. Send for a opy of tne—Gratis. Two Stamps must be sent to pay the Postage. May be had Direct from the Publishers, H. SMITH & Co., Positive Remedy Laboratory, 26 Southampton Row, London, W.C. AMERICA £ 4 108. Od. New Line Steamer weekly to New York direct and direct to Boston about evory 10 days. For Passage and full particulars apply, en- closing stamped directed envelope, to W. C. Thomas, Passage!Broker, 35, Union-street' Liverpool. N.D.-Passengers also booked to Australia w Zealand, and all other parts of the world' team and Sailing Ships at lowest rates A CERTAIN CURE FOR NERVOUS DEBILITY, s GRATIS, a MEDICAL WORK, showing sufferers how they may be cured and re- cover Health and Vitality, without the aid of Quacks with Recipes for"purifying the Blood and removing slyn Affections. Free on receipt of stamp to prepay postage. Address, Secretary, Institute of AnatoMy, Birmingham. LIKSBES LOZEJIGBS, a solidified linseed tea, laxative and demulcent, 6d.; post free 7,d. Kay Bros., Stockport, and all Chemists. MONEY.—WHERE AND HOW TO GET IT. 1"- The'Jtverlasting Perplexing Question. How to Solve the Mystery. Borrfv, it ? Yes. But Where ? Not at a Loan J Office where business is conducted in such a way that it violates all the Laws of Equity. Whtre then ? At the IMPERIAL ADVANCE BANK. Why there ? Because business has been carried 10n at that Estab- lishment for the past six years in an honourable and liberal spirit, never in a single! instance' taking an an- due advantage, :but always treating its numerous customers with leniency. The Itiiperial A.tvance Bark can produce hundreds of letters from borrowers (whose permission they have to do so) expressing gratitude for the liberal treatment they received from this bank and applicants may Jrest assured that busi. ness will be carried ou in the/attire as it has been in the past. The stability of this bank will be at once recognised when applicants are informed that it was built and is IheWoperty of the principal, and is valued at £ 20,000. The Imperial Advance* Bank has at its command numerous sums, varying from £10 to £ 1000, ready to be lent to Farmera.;Private Householders ICLadies or Gentlemen), Shopkeepers, Car Proprietors, Licensed Victuallers, Cowkeepers, Tradesmen, School Pro- prietors, Clergymen, Builders, Warehousemen, Lodg- ing-house Keepers, Professional Gentlemen, Clerks holding permanent situations, Persons about entering into Business, and all other responsible persons. The Imperial Advance Bank requires NO SURETIES, but lends to borrowers without requiring their friends' endorsements. Rent. Executions, and Loans paid off, and every kind of temporary accommodation granted without delay, in any part of England and Wales. For further information call at Bank, or apply by letter, stating amount required, to L. SIMMONS (Piincipal) 70 & 72, VICTORIA STREET, LIVERPOOL. KAY S COMPOUIFB ESSENCE O*' LINSEED, a demuicent expectorant for Coughs neo Cold. Sold by all Chemists. 21:: YORKSHIRE RELISH It is thf most delicious sauce you can have with any course, Taken with soup it hath a charity Willi gravies blending does noltarm; With cold meat i-* a luxury raafe. To eat cold viands it makes jtou dare. The daintiest dishes more delicious; And even renders cheese Wore specious Every dish it doss improve; E'en epicures this sauc&Qo love. Of imitations please h^vare; To get the real sauce e great eare. BOLD EVERYWHKBE IN Is. & 280 BOTTLES. Sole Proprietors, GOODALL, BACKHOUSE & Co., LEEDS. FOR inn /EXCELLENT A|MD hOK lOLI/ PALATABLE HOUSEHOLD RECIPES Write to GOODALL, BACKHOUSE & Co., LEEDS, Enclosing a penny stamp for postage, when you will be pre- sented with a valuable book of 100 papest bound in cloth, and fully illustrated. called GOOD THINGS," MADE. SAID, AND DONE FOR EVERY HOME AND HOUSEHOLD. I Kiy's COMPOUND" 1S*EXCK os LISBF.FD, for Colds and Coughs, cures nine cas«s out of ten. Sold by all Chemists. COAGUMITK.—Kay's best Cement for Broken Articles, 6d., t< 28 Sold everywhere. Kay Bros., Stockport. DOMINION REDUCED FARES.—FromJgTVERPOOL, every THORSDAY. This line books passengers through to all parts of f AME OA, At Special Low Rates./ Saloon, £10 10s.; Inter- mediate, £ 8; Steerages, £ 6 6s. ASSISTED PASSAGES are granted to Manitoba, the North- West Territoty, and/o all parta of OAN ADA. Assisted oceatr rates to Quebec for Agricultural Labourers, their Families, and Female Domestic Servants, f3 per Adult Mechanics, Navvies, General Labourers, and their Fami!ies, £4; Children under 12 years, Half Fare Infants under One year, 10s. For Passage Tickets apply to FLINN, MAIN AND MONTGOMERY, 24, James-street, Liverpool; or to their Local Agents. KA.Y's TIC PILLS. a speciHc in Neuralgia, Faceache, &c., are sold by all Chemiste,. Kay Hroe., Stockport. A Certain Cure for the Nervon^& Debilitated. GRATIS, a MEDICAL WOR^I showing sufferers how they may be cure and recover health and vitality without the aid f Quacks, with recipes for purifying the blood a removing akin affec- tions also chapters of appy Marriages When and Wham to Marry e Temperaments Stam- mering Vits.ITorce; ow Wasted and How Pre- served Galvanic ApoRances and the Wonders of the Microscope In tecting Various Complaints. Pott free for Tw, ps. Address, Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Bir- mingham. ALLATI LINE SUORTE8T OCEAN PASSAGE TO AMERICA. Composed of Twenty First-class Royal Ma Steamers. SAILING DAYS—From Liverpool, every Tuesday and Thursday, to Canada, and every alternate Tuesday to Halifax and Baltimore, forwarding passengers on easy terms to, all parts of Canada and the United States. Surgeon and Stewardesses provided free for all classes of Passengers. Passengers who secure their Tickets before leaving heme are met at the Railway Station in Liverpool by an appointed Agent of the Compay,n who takes charge of them until they go on borda the Steamer. The Canadian Government grants ASSISTED PASSAGES by the "ALLAN LINE" to Married Fa Labourers and Female Domeste, Servants. v" For Rates of Freight or Passage, apply of ALLAN BBOTUEKS & Co., Alexandra Buildings, James-street, Liverpool; or to JONES & SON, ABERDARE TIMES Office, Aberdare. John E. Keirby, PATENTEE AND MANUFACTURER OF STEAM PACKING, SWINTOR. NEAR MANCHESTER. Square Platted El&stio^Ste&ni Packing F2 R ptTrS l^DS' n^ONS, PUMPS, Sc. FREMCH vCHA^K PACKING n T JYDlhULjC PACKING, RIB PACKING, m tf1, • oPE PACKING or Mali- Hdes, CylinderCoverø, Steain Joints. &c. WlltF. GAUZE STEAM PACKING RINGS, And every description of PacYmq, ROUND, SQUARE, AND FLAT, rr J Samples and PrioeB on Application- Under the distinguished Patronage of the Biitisb Admiralty. The Honourable Corporation of Trinity House London. XSTABLISHED 1864. lEE RIGHT THING IN THE HIGH* PLACE. BEEOHAM'S PILL ST' ARE admitted by thousands to be worth above* <»U1NEA A BOX, for bilious and ntiVoii* uisorders such as wind and pain at the stomach sick mealrd^zi^T'. fal'"eSS <U)f' wellness 'aft* of hi»'f i r an ^owsmes-cold chills,flushing* of heat, loss of nppetite, shortness ofhreatfi costir«- ness, scurvy, blotches on the skin, di/tuK sensaUons V81" ""t a'« DtJ, V0'JS and Iremblioy 20 minutes'. duse wi» tfive relief This is no fiction, for they hHve daoo it i» «!.— sands of cases. The Proprietor of these Pills faare. inp obtained (at great expense; a patent for them, challenges the whole world to produce a medcik equal to them for removing the above-named c#n»- and restor,D»tbepatiea'tto»ouBdaud lasting Every siilferer is earnestly invited to try one bo o these 1 ills, and they will be nckaowledged to be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For females of all ages these Pills «re invaluable, as a few doses of them carry off al{, gross humoars! S #|j,,™ct7Vllfl''»g 111 that is re- quired. No female should be without them. There is no medrcme to be found to j^ual Beecham'a Pilla, svstJm °VJ f? Ty o ro' t'or#r irregularity of the s>stem. If tykeo ttcrordiof to the a:«AM With each box they will sJn rZore f?m7A of .M ages to sound and robust Jiealth. oi ail Beecbam's B&gic Coug>li Pills. TM tU'^> "R»B,Sh8or!ness^n^'lle ^Jrefct2' Tightness and Oppressior of the Chest, Wbeeshtv' &c, these Pills stand onrivalied aud anyone laboSl ONF KAxy» » above^complaints peed only try 1 ?[(?ve tf5at th«y are the beW ever offered to hie pabhc, Asthmatic and Crnsomptlrl ti'«? ""d opprdssion or the Cbest. m speeoiI^tflBnioye that seuse ofoppretskmHiRt difficulty of liTeathirig, which nightly depriveihe conf^rtt it,81' mey R'iV^ alm,,8t^'nstan't relief and comfort to thosif afflicted with the above distressing and, when neglecfed, dangerous complaints^ 'Let any persons troubled with any of tbe above «e<n. plaints givd BEECH AM'S COUGH PlLlTItiS mJhe most violent CouKb nil! in a shirt Facts are more conclusive than areuments to comment Bpo„ such facts as the above w^old bJ superfluous. The extraordinary sale of Beec.ham's Pills prove unmistakably thai tbey are one of the best and safest medicines at the present d*v for disease and sic kness ^ill not be found in any house after taking a few doses of these excellent PilU CAUTION-The^ublic are requested notice that the w-jrds Beecham's Pills, St. Helens »n> «J Gevemment Stamp affixed to each box of Sr n.lls' if not on, they are a f«»n;ery P,,l8» Prepared onlv, and sold wholesale and retai the proprietor, T. Beecham, Chemist, St Helen Lancashire, in boxes at Is. lid. and 2s 9d iw? stamps!"41 fr°m proprietor for 11,15, or UnUedd%^l^99M'and *>•*» te N.B.-Full directions are given with each box. CiaLouo Limsxzi) Cougai'LoxesGRe, a medical linseed extruct, 6d.¡!post Kay Bros.. As" V i)7A* wr SPE.niALLY' ANDS; SUITAPLE FOR FRONTS. CoLiARS.. '9- The Money Order Bank Limited. Chief Office: 10, King William^treet, London. Registered Office: 4, George-street,Edinburgh. OEDERS issued sine-lv^nd any sum uSerIkfJl? for on J 0*7 a i rates Vflxviop* from 33 to 87 per cent, belo* those of the pJstOffiJ? I hese orders are readHy negotiable in all at home arik abroad/and may be passed from band to ha^i as /Jaeh or paid into a Bank t fiL u SL or Agencies roughout Agents are now ap- pointed in all the larger Towns and Villages. A„tgen! f?r„thi8 District: D. M. RIOHABDS, Accountant, 9, Gadlys Terrace, Aberdare. EIGHT PRIZE MEDALS. J V 4r4 EIGH ZE MEDA'T.Sf v TAGBS. Are entirely om &14ELL .he not POlS OtTB Without PIPOOPRO Are perfbg ?,tly hilrmlesa to the OPE TIC Are very Damp P700t CitMPLOYlU) Are not 17.ble t0 ispontaneous Combuatioa Light only on the Box. KAT'B COXIIOUND E atirel ov LxwSlZD,-Asthms and Brouehitis are relievod by it. Sold br &U Chemists. Chemists. V NO MORE LAWYERS' BILL8 I I Now Ready, Nineteenth Edition, carefully reviaed and corrected to the end of last Session cSESi ing upwards of 3,500 statemente '72 St law, verified by the addition of Notes ferences to Authorities. Crown 8vo 8d! (saved at every consultation), strongly bound in cloth (postage 6d.)", EV Rn\ MfANu'S 0WN LAWYER i A Handy BY A EA BBIST'E R PrinCii,leS U" Md diTC°X*in £ tlue niZhta and Wrongs of In- OrTminii r Merohnantile and Commercial Law. Criminal Law. Parish Law, Couaty Court Law Laws" of R 1SiGry LaW £ P°°r Men'8 ^a^snits, the Laws of Bankruptcy, Bets and Waggers, Bills of Exchange, Contracts and Agreements, Copyright, Elections and Registration, Insurance, Libel aad «-lander, Marriage and Divorce. Merchant Shipping, Mortgages, Settlements, Stock Exchange Practice, Trade Marks and Patents, Trespass, Nuisances, etc., Transfer ef Land, etc., Warranty, Wills and Agreements, etc., etc. Also, Law for Landlord ar.d Tenant, Master and servant, Workmen and Apprentices. Heirs, Devisees and Levees, Husband and Wife, Executors and Trustees, Guardian and Ward, Married Women and Infants, Partners and Agents. Lender and Borrower, Debtor and Creditor, Purchaser and venucr, Companies and Associations, Friendly societies, Clergymen, Ohurchwardons, Me.lical Fractitionerfi, etc., Bankers, Farmers, Contractors Stock and Share Brokers, cportanien. Gamekeepers! Farriers and Horses Dealers, Auctioneers, House Agents, Innkeepers, etc., Bakers, Millers etc Pawnbroker,s Surveyors, Railways and ( Hiriora Constables, -Seamen, Soldiers, etc, etc. °air,era it to a epitome of t1Je laws of ,UI18 conntry, tIAorou" hly ll1tclligible toO non -profes-sic)rial reader-. 'rh- b-c)ok is a haii(ly one to liave in i eadiiiiLAs when sunie knotty poitit re- laires ready -liol,utiori.Bell',i Lif, CROSBY LOCKWOOD & CO., 7 Stationers' Ha 1 Court, London. E.C.