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WOODWARD, •oster, Town. gner, &c., G& street, a ber d a re, ^eraWk^f Public and Tradesmen STATTOVa/• Rents the Largest «eb« 7??^in the district, and is cberatn r^T.8 Posting, &c., in other »^51wairi. Cwmdare, Cwm- rerP^t8 of the District. on Application. made per Quarter or Yearly. j 1 College, Swansea. hrnt.1.1> u.. B.D. (Ed,ifi.) GAIl WILLIAJ/S M.A. (Glas. ^-roo^' situation, healthy lo4it,1T-^0usPlay-ground well- whril.1 separate bed for each 1>oy 0 teaoW6 discipline 6trict but 1 Power. Backward puplis Twelve pupils passed 0118 ln 1881. Terms strictly s Hotel, Aberdare. I *hL 9&MNABY at this Hotel tie n' 1 ^uturQ at One instead of rii,kas.Previou3ly- infifl aLso informs t ie pnblic that ^T COFFBE, TEA, and R £ [»k i,*n connection with the mso been fitted up with every ^eme&jce and comfort. SL. OXENHAM, Proprietor. IR. SMITH'S of treatment by the Positive Remedies. rye of e"t,y form of Debil ty and Nervoume&s. re" Wcrk, 11.4 Pages. free by post, in I t1 receipt of Three Stamps, to p Postage. !JNG AND HELP TO INVALIDS EKING FROM DEBILITATING A SPECIAL MEDICAL WORK ON E, SYMPTOMS AND TRKATMENT, ^TING AND NERVOUS DISEASE, iH'S POSITIVE REMEDIES. PHLET gives a LIST OF DEBIZ.ITA- SPEC1AL D SEASES ANy THKJR REMEDIES, describes the Causes d Medicines used by the Doctor in hib ?OR THIRTY YEARS It is written to enable Invalids to form a currect their disease. By the Mid of this book, 1 diseases caused by indiscretion will find ption of the disease they are fulfilling Instructions which will enable the )■»&• without PERSONALLY CON. MAN. •Thon E and INSTRUCTIONS by lie Aj 8aric's have been Cored of ervo., Blushing, ility Hysteiia, 'liVsi!»..i Timidity, ^e- Self-distrust, 'thft tt I'izzinfSB, jj_ ea,V Lore of Solitude, a Groundless Fears, Muscular Relaxation, &e., 'fht A resulting from ex- haustion of Nerve Power, the effects of [y> Overtaxed Energies, Enervaiinj! Habits and other abuses of the k wii) r System. ihon JL °MDd everything COUNTRY ng.isf ROw te Serort Health, Strength, D q e' a,)(* avoid the ) ufirmitie of Old >nia, 868 °f Nervous Debiltj Cured tb *lVei». LeL5r.alid«' Hand-Book an Sent ,e °* all Diseases. in EnV-"y post for Tbree Stamps to looks cauhot now ne left Fit the Post ed for, unless in the sender's own name. y SMITH, 8, BURTON CRBSCEKT, LOKOON, W.C. ky •antf.51, CLARKE'S Jt 41 PILLS tQs Cnre discharges from the >1 ln either sex, Required or constitu- I'» v ^ains iiy-^tbe Back. Sold in 1(j ac by all/Chemists and Patent tin 1* '«0r sei^* any address for 60 /The Lincoln & Mid and l0J^ 0ttPj!fhy, Lincoln," Consulting ici Al njr H J1» l^iRColn.—Wholesale VIR SONS, Louden, and all tbe hmiaaiBia K99SSBSSSBSSS5^9 f Blood Essential to JUife, ealth and Strength. Medi«nes l^r Purifying ic and Houwhold rem^' 7 available for the LUNQS *ad TO"Se tlons apd >e disease, and jn cotiTt'irlfei 1u,c:kly remove « BOWELS, they tct >1?^? a?d disordered mt matter from the "g aperient, s, cramps, and gainful grip^gs. canal, and Headaches, Nausea and :omach, Loss of Appetite, 1 Lowness of Spirits. « properties of those Pills soon produce »ge in the cwnstitution, removing aH excess of palpitation, sains after eating, and giddiness. 'et appetite, Mear the complexion, and improve ■Un. ^ther's Friend. Females' Specifics. r" = £ a Pamily should know the value of these £ *¥ accumulations and restoring suspended or at various critical periods of female life Dey%»d measure they can be taken safely by are invaluable in ail children* ited Constitutions, Trem. ,.nd Loss of Nervous Energy. ^urpasted as Nervine Tonics they correct 1 th« ^'efflc.QCSSes- They act so kindly, yet so bkm>i vulct,ons of digestion, that the whole body Purified, and the muscles become firmer w,LI sufferers from Nervous Weakness in ^lvg them a fair and honest trial. 9jntment are sold at Professor HOLLOW AY'S ju i j or^» Street, London, also by nearly is aru? r> r d'c,ne throughout the Civilised ■rots, at is. ijd., as. gd., 4s. 6d., us., 22s., are affixed to each Box and Pot, and ^,aaKu*ge. can be obtained, free cf charge, by address, daily, between tb« •» or by letter. 1 SUMMER FASHIONS FOR 1882. HENRY I* S W I S 'S SHOWROOMS Are now OPEN with a Choice Selection of all the Latest Novelties in MILLINERY, MANTLESydffiESS & FANCY GOODS, &c., SUITABLE Fqf/TKE COJIIXG SEASON. 11, Commercial Place, Aberdare. ■ SAND. ■" White's London Cement, Piaster Paris, Mortar Hair, &c., all of the best quality, at EVAN THOMAS & CO.'S, Ironmongers, and Miner's Lamp Manufacturers, ii -E, n -D .11 is -E P R ICE ON APPLICATION. STATIONERY & FANCY WAREHOUSE "ABERDARE TIMES" OFFICE, 31, Commercial Place, Aberdare. JONES & SON, X PBINTEBS, BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, &c, I DESIRE to inform the PUBLIC that they have in stock a large" and varied assortment of PLAIN and FANCY STATIONERY anu FANCY GOODS, suitable for PRESENTS &c., to which they invite attention. &c., to which they invite attention. I su L A larg# Stock of Musical Instruments, including Concertinas, Flutes, Banjos, Tambourines, Drums Barnionicars, Mouth Organs, &c. The largest and best selected Stock in Town of HOME and FOREIGN i/1 AJDE TOYS. Dolls in great variety, Chess, Drafts, and Draftboarda, Oominots, j Roulette Games, &c. Workboxes, Monoy Box«s, Fancy Boxes, Itimmel's Soap and Perfumery, Ink and Inkstands, Conversation Cards, &c. Combs and Brushes of the beat quality Pipes and Tobacco Pouches, Cigar Cases. Ladies' Bags, Purses, Albums, &c., &c. ———— :0:- OBSERVE THE ADDRESS— 'ABldiDABE TIMES" OFFICE 31, COMMEHCIAL-PLACE. ABERDAEE