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Preliminary Announcement. ~j%/| R. T. W. EVANS lias been favoured with IVl instructions frotn Mr David Hart, 11, Canon street, Abe; dare, (who is leaving the neighbourhood) to$rELL BY AUG HON", on W PDNESDAy & Thursday, 14th & loth JUNE, and following davs the whole of his valuable HOUSEIIOIrP FURXITU RE and Effects. Particulars Will be given in a future issue. Cwmbach and Aberaman Co-operative Society. y TO PAINTERS Ai0 OTHERS. 1" THE Committee\ iuyÚe TENDERS for i PAINTING, &k,,a.t both branches. All information may be obrained by applying to Mr. Jno. Rees, Manager, at Aberaman. SEEDS! SEEDS! SEEDS! T. WHITTY EVANS BEGS to inform the Public that he has just received an entirely NEW STOCK of all kinds of GARDEN SEEDS from the best London Growers, viz., Giant Musselburgh Leek, Lon- don Flag Leek,White Globe Onion, I$ifjf>li ditto, White Spanish ditto, Blood Red dj^lffo, Taylor's Broad Windsor Beens, Green Windsor ditto, Long Pod ditto, Champion of England Peas, Daniel O'Rorude ditto, Dwarf Peas, Lettuce, Radish, Extra Curled Parsley, Mustard. Cress, Parsnips, Carrocs, Turnips, Savoys, Broccoli, Couliflower, Celery, Cucumber, Wheeler's Im- perial Cabbage, Sutton's Champion purple top Swede, Mangolds' Shallots, Petatoe Onions. Scarlet Runiigrs, Apierican White Seeded Banners, Dw%rf Kunners, Superphosphate Manure, &c., &<W-' All kinds of Garden Seeds at moderate prices, highly recommended by all purchasers of last season. An early call is respectfully solicited. NOTE THE ADDRESS:— T. WHITTY EVANS, Chemist and Seed Dealer, Commercial Street, Aberdare. FLOWER, VEGETABLE, AND FARM SEEDS. The Largest md Best Stock in Town. ALL SEEDS GUARANTEED NEW. POTATOE SEEDS in prime condition, viz., JE Magnum Bonum, School Master, Ashleaf, Climax, Beauty of Hebrofi, American Rose. Shrubs, Spruce, Scotch Fir, Quick's Fruit Trees, Roses, on the shortest notice from E Williams, Nursery, Carmarthen. I have ei&mineclyour New Stock ef Flower, Vegetable, ani\ Farm Seeds, and found them in food condition,N^Jtue quality and true to name, have grown your Seeds for years and found them to my satisfaction at all times. I can highly recommend to any gentleman.—Yours faithfully, J. WILKINSON, Head Gardner, Aber- narrt House, Aberdare." NOTE THE ADDRESS :— DANIEL TUDOR WILLIAMS, SEED MERCHANT, Medical Hall, Gadlys-road, & Whitcombe St. ABERDARE. THE OLDEST IRISH WHIS KEY IN THE MARKET. Tj /X J\| J\| -THJS PUREST AND MOST WHOLESOME. BOTTLED IN H M. CUSTOMS STORES. OME Qu^ £ ity ONLY, for Home i Trade £ 8&portationTH R BEST. < In ca^s containing Two Im- PEBIAL GALLONS each. Regular quality and ABSOLUTE PBftlTY are guaranteed by the y sole shippers, WHISKEY/ JAMES SKV 80* A BANN WHISKEY MAY BE Vj/ OBTAINED FRoM WINE MER. CHANTS EVERYWHERE. SOLE AGENT FOR ABERDARE M. R. DAVID, Rock Brewery. PHOTOGRAPHY. MESSRS. FtOOKS & WALKER BEG- to announce that they have OPENED their STUDIO at 13<J, CANOK STREET, and trust that, by production ot First Class Work combined with Moderate/charges, they will merit a share of patronage..andsupport. Portraits in any style of ttjfe art from Locket Size to 4 ft. by 3 ft. -1 Oil Paintings on Canvas, |vater Colouring,&c. C. D. V's. 5s. 6d. per dojt., 3s. halfdoz. Gems 9 for 7id. NOTE\THE ADDRESS :— FLOOKS^ WALKER, iCanon Street, Aberdare, Nearly opposite the Welsh Harp Inn. FOR DYEING AT BOMB. CRAWSHAW 3 Colours. JnPackets Id.,2d.,3d. &6d. eaofi Bent by post for one stamp extnf I 1 AKYONE CAN USE TH/*I. I kuW Bibbom, Feathers, Nack Ties, presses, 4c., maybe made look glial to new. One 8iroeimy#aoket will Dye a Lady's Dress. Crawshaw cI. Co. 8w, Fann St., Aldersaate St., LONDON. I.C. ND OF ALL CHEMISTS. VTERYOUS AND PHYSICAL DEBILITY X^l A gentleman, having tried in vain every advertised remedy, /f1as discovered a simple means of self-cure. /He will be happy to for- ward thli particulars to any sufferer on receipt of a stamped a|idy&irected envelope.— Address, Mr. J. T. Se^jSLl, Mayville, Hammersmith, Lendon, W. Lendon, W. Men as Agents and tv Canvassers, gopd Commission given. Apply A. and G. Taylor, Photographers, 27, Whitcombe-street, \Berdare. jj«™ TTTTB BLOOD IS THE LIFE."— WORLD FAMED mmmnŒüJl[I Trade Mark,—" Blood Mixttire." THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER & RESTORER For cleansing and clearIng the blood fronf all impur ties can not bit too highly recomm$6ded. Por Scrofula, 8cnrvy, Skin Diseases, Aínd 80rel of allltind It is a never-failing and perinanent carr. It Cures Old Sores Cures Ulcerated Sores on the neck Cures Ulcerated Sore Le^i -Carffi BLaekUe&rta, ,)r rimples on the Ptc* Cure* Scurvy ";01'68 Cures Cancerous Cures Blood and Skin Diseasel Cures Glandular Swellings tilears the Blood from all impure Matter From whatever cause arising. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and war- ranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitution of either sex, the Proprietos solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. CURE OF RHEUMATISil AND SCORBUTIC ERUPTION "The Elms, North Cheam, cnrrey S. f. Sir —I had been suffering trom rheumatism for several years, together with scorbutic eruption 01 the skin, ofaioal nature, about the size of the palm of the hand and was in- duced to try your Blood Mixture in consequence of two gentlemen in my neighbourhood having been cured of obsti- ■ nate sores on the body. After taking two bottles, I became much better, and continued it up to tLie-tenth bottle wh n 1 founu the rheumatism had left me and my arm w s healed, 1 consider it a moet valuable medicine. ou are at hberty to use this letter iu any way you think proper, for the benefit of others. Faithfully yours, To Mr. F.J. Clarke." TAOIIAS WAITS.' Sold in Bottles, 2s. fid. each, and in cases, cun- taining six times the quantity, 11a cach -suiii 'ient to affect a permanent cure in the great majority of long-standing cases,—by all Chemists and Patent iVteuicifie- Vendors throughout the world, or sent j < a. receipt of 30 or 132 stamps by j The Lincoln & Midland Counties' Drug Company, Lincoln. New Clothing for Whitsun. JONES & SONS, THE nil Aberdare Clothiers, Vi )4 J EG to announce having just returned from < London and othe^fcarkets and are now pre pared with the-omost fcstCELLEN T STOCK of Ever offered in Aberdare, for Men and Boys of READY-MM)E CLOTHING all ages, at prices lower than any other establish- ment in the town. Remember at JONES & SONS, Canon-street, A. B "B Ptx> A. Tl -B. GRE \T WESTERN RAILWAY. WHITSUNTIDiTkoLIDAYS. F^XCUR>ION TR\IN8 will run as under Li Saturday, May 27th, to READING and LONDON, leaving Merthyr at 9.50 a.m., Abernant 10.0. Aberdare 10.7, Hirwain 10.21, Glyn Neath 10 38, Hesolven 10.46, ^*ontypool Road 10 30, and Abergavenny at lfro7 a.m. to return May 31st or June 2nd or 3fd. Saturday and Monday, May 27th and 29th, to Shrewsbury, Llangollen, Wrexham, Chester, Birkenhead, Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Rhyl, and Abergele, leaving Aberdare, at 9.5, th Mountain Ash 9.15, rthyr 8.55, Quakers Yard 9 26, Dowlais 8,55,.< Pontypool Town 10.12 Pontypool Read 10.30,/and Abergavenny 10.57 a.m. Passengers on May 27th return any week day to June 3^1 an#' those on May 29th any week day to Ji^oe ^th. Samedaystoxifrmingham, leaving Aberdare at 12.40 p.m., Mountain Ash 12 50, Merthyr 12.35, Quakers Yard 1.0, Dowlais 12.30, Pontypool Road 2 10, a.dd Abergavenny at 2.34 p.m., to re turn May 31st or June 3rd For fares, &c., See special bills. J. GR1ERSON, General Manager. cl TO BUILDERS. TENDERS are required for the NEW CHURCH at Aberaman, near Aberdare. For further particulars apply either to Mr. J. NOEL, Aberaman\yjsrks, or to 8. H. L. BAltKER, Esq., Architect, 1. Palace Yard, Hereford. t CTIVE MEN, Abeial&i-e and throughout the UNITED KUvGDOM, having time to call on Shops,, wijrt hear of a profitable AGENCY on writmjfto M., 20, High Holborn, London.

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