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There was a youn j servant of Fife, Whose corns were the plague of her life, For boots she wore master*?" bat with Allcock's Corn Plaster She now gets on those of his wife. ALLCOCK'S OOCV PLASTERS are NO V admitted by tens of thousands to be the best cure for corns ever made. lh 'y^ilay the pain of the worst corn as if by magic, and the tightest boots can be worn with ease. T a E A. "TASTBLES'S CASTOR OIL. Is absolutely pure, almost ellourless, and free from disagreeabte tas e or smol. It is taken by children and adults without the slightest difficulty. Its aperient effects are unqttestionable." -Lancet In Bottles 6d., Is., Is 9d. 3s. and 9s. Ask your chemist to procure it if not in stock. Sole Manufacturers, ALLRNand HANBURYS,London. KEATlNG'S POWDER," so celebrated and per- fectly unrivalled in destroying BUGS, FLEAS BEETLES, #IoTHf, and all insects, whilst quiat harmless to Domestic animals, is sold in (id. and Is. tins by all Chemists It is clean in use. All furs and wollens "should be well powdered before putting away. Beware of imitations. Epps's COCOA.—GTUTEFUL AND COMFORTING —" By a thorough knowledge of the natural laws which govern the operations of digestion and nutrition, and by a careful application of the fiue properties of well-selected cocoa, Mr. ERPs hajj provided our breakfast tibles With a delicatei v flavoured beverage which may save us many heavy doctors' bills. It is by/the judicious use of such articles of diet that s^conscitutioa may bi gradually built up until strong enough to resist: < very tendency ;o disease. Hundreds of subtle maladies are floating aroutvi us ready to attack wherever there is'a wC,1Jk point. We may escape many a fata. shaft by keeping ourselves well forti- fied with pure blood1' and a properly nourished frame."— Civil Service Gazette.-Sold only in Packets labelled—- JAMES BPPS & Co., Homoeo- pathic Chemists, London,"—Also makers of Epps's Chocolate Essence for afternoon use. A CARD.—To ALL WH > SUFFERING FROM THE errors and in discretion of youth, nervous weakness, early decay, losr' ot' manhood, &c.. I will sand a recaipr, that ill cure you, FREE OF CHARGE This, re remedy was discovered by a missionary in ath America Send self- addressed anvelopeo the REV. JOSEPH T. INMA-; Station D, Sew Yi rk City, U. S.A. The most wholesome and nutritious of confec- tions is far less consuuiad th<fn it would b-i were it not for the greatly adulterated articles sold uuder the name of chocolate. /Every cake of Chocolate bearing the name of Catibur" is guaranteed to con- sist solely of pure Opcaa and white sugar, and may therefore be given t<V £ hildren wi h perfect safety Chocolate makern by special appointment to the Q ueen. In the Royal Laundries RECKITT'S PARIS BLUE has been used for some years owing to its unsurpassed beauty and delicacy of colour, and the great economjt ia its use. It can be obtain- ed from all Grocera and Oilmen, &c., &o. Hollotoay's Ointment and Pills effect wonder- ful cures for bad legs and old wounds. This Ointment is detergent and/these Pills are true alterativesIf the^ba used according to the directions which are/wrapped round each pot aud box. there is no wQifnd or ulcer, however obstiuate, but will yellrliih their curative pro- perties. N ambors o £ Rprsons who have- been patients in the large capitals, and under the care of eminent surgeons, without deriving the least benefit, V havo/boeu cured by I!olloway's Ointment and PiLljt, when other remedies have signally failed. ^'Eor glandular swellings arid diseases of the skin there are no remedies that can be used with so good an effect. Harmless, they are yet powerful and though the cure they effect, is rapid, it is also ooaiplete and ennanent.


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