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MOUNTAIN ASH LOCAL BOARD. The usual fortnightly meeting of the above Board was held in the board-room, Workman's Hall, on Monday afternoon last, when there present Messrs T. Edwards (chairman), J. Griffiths, It. Evans, U. J. N. Gray, W. Little, W. LI. Herbert, W. Bevan, G. Jones, D. Davies, and T. Yeo. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed. RAILWAY BRIDGES. The Clerk intimated that a letter had been received from the Taff Vale Railway Company, stating that the estimate for the proposed maintenance of the bridges and their approaches by the Board had come to hand, and the matter would be considered. A similar letter had also been received from the Great Western Railway Company. THE VACANT SEAT. In accordance with a notice of motion at last meeting, Mr G. Jones said he should have preferred if some other member had nominated a gentleman to fill the vacant seat at the Board. However, he assured Mr Gray and the Board that he was not going to propose anyone that would not consider the interests of the colliery company (Messrs Nixon & Co.) and the rate- payers as well. He wished to follow the pre- cedent that had already been established, and which now had almost the force of law, in the present case, by proposing a gentleman con- nected with the colliery company. He there- foro begged to propose Mr James Davies, of Forest Cottage, to take the place of Mr W. Pritchard. Mr Davies, as they were aware, was successor to Mr Pritchard as colliery manager. Mr Yeo said he would not detain the Board long, but he just wished to make a remark in connection with that proposition. It was simply this: it would be in the remembrance of the Board that two members, he believed, were elected to represent each company—the leading colliery companies in the placs. Their good friend, Mr Bevan, who was still a member of the Board, had left the employ of the Penrhiw- ceibr Company, and at present that company was only represented by himself. Now the re- presentation of the Penrhiwceibr Company had been much longer in abeyance than Messrs Nixon's Company; so, he should say, couteous ly and reasonably, they were entitled to the seat vacated by Mr W. Pritchard. It was true that Mr Pritchard belonged to the yonder side of the district; and it was equally true that another gentleman was put in nomi- nation-pretty well a third representative of Messrs Nixon's Company. He wished to quote this as a precedent, which was really on his side. Mr Lewis Edmunds once represented the interests of Messrs Nixon's Company. He ceased to represent that interest, but did not cease to be a member of the Board, and another representative was elected in the place of Mr Lewis Edmunds. Taking this as a precedent, he (Mr Yeo) thought it altogether in his favour. He did not, however, wish to press the matter on that occasion but hoped, when the next vacancy occurred on the Board, the interests of the Penrhiwceibr Company would be considered as kindly as that of Messrs Nixon's Company. The Chairman You have a perfect right to move an amendment. Mr Yeo: I do not wish to do that. The Chairman: I quite endorse your remarks. Mr G. Jones remarked that Mr Bovan still represented the West ward. They were all anxiou&to-see the Penrhiwceibr Company fairly represented at the Board. Mr W. Little said Mr Yeo was quite in order and thought they should adhere to the arrange- ment as far as possible. It was a kind of un- written law. Mr Yeo I only wish that our position should be recognised. There being no amendment, Mr James Davies was declared duly elected. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The following was read :— Gentlemen,-I. I beg to report that, in ac- cordance with your instructions, I have ordered and fixed a rain gauge in the garden at the back of your Medical Officer's residence. The gauging will date from this date. II. I beg to lay before you a letter from Mr Morgan respecting the ash depot at Graig Quarry. I accompanied Mr Morgan to the said place, and was then informed of the necessity of discontinuing the tipping of ashes in the Upper Quarry at Graig. Mr Morgan isdeirous that the Board should, for some time to come, use they Lower Quarry at Graig for the deposit of ashes. Should you carry out the suggestions contained in Mr Morgan's letter, it will be necessary to metal the lower road to the quarry and con- tinue the formation of such road for a distance of about 50 yards. The costs of such works would be about £12. III. I beg to report that I have to complain of the nuisance which still exists upon the premises in the occupation of Mr Jones, chemist, in Pryce-street, the property of Mrs. Jones, Victoria, Cwm. I would recommend that further notice be served upon the said owner to carry out the works necessary for the abatement of such nuisance at once, or the Board will execute such works and charge the owner with the cost thereof. IV. I beg to report that I have received the following plans to which I do not see any ob- jection, viz., 1st. From Evan Williams, grocer, Merthyr Yale, of a house and shop at Roberts- street, Roberts Town, Ynysybwl. 2nd. From Messrs Powell, grocers, of a stable to be erected in Woodland-street. 3rd. From Mr John John, of a kitchen to be erected at the back of No. 1, Glyngwyn-street, Miskin. 4th. From Messrs W. Jones and H. Ellis, of two villas to be erected at Aberffrwd, Caegarw.-I am, gentle- men, your obedient servant, S. O. HARPUR, Surveyor. Mountain Ash, June 1st, 1885. ASH DEPOT AT GRAIG QUARRY. Mr Little moved that the recommendotions of the Surveyor with regard to the ash depot be carried out. Lord Aberdare had behaved very handsomely when the Board were at a loss to find a suitable place. Mr Yeo seconded the motion and it was carried. NUISANCE IN PRYCE-STREET. Mr W. Little proposed, the Chairman second- ed, and it was agreed that the Clerk write a letter to the occupier and owner of the premises in the above street, that unless the necessary work required to abate the nuisance complained of by the Surveyor be carried out at once proceedings would be taken. BUILDING PLANS. The building plans were adopted. NEW RATE. An estimate of a new rate was presented by the rating committee, it being recommended that a rate of Is in the £ be made. This was calculated to produce X2166 5s. 6d. Mr Little proposed, Mr R. Evans seconded, and it was agreed, that the committee's recom- mendations be adopted. MEDICAL OFFICER'S QUARTERLY REPORT. The following was read — Gentlemen,—The returns of our registrars for our Urban .Sanitary District for the three months ending March, 1885, give the following particulars:— In the Aberdare district the births numbered 18 (12 males, 6 females.) The deaths for the same period were 8, and from the following causes: Cancer 1, bronchitis 1, inflammation of the lungs 1, convulsions I, childbirth 1, congestion of the brain 1, dropsy 1, accident 1; total 8. Corresponding quarter 188S, 8. The vaccinations for the three months were 14 (all under one year of age.) In the Llanwonno portion of the district the births were 122 (64 males, 58 females.) Corres- ponding quarter of 1884, 63 (30 males, 33 females.) The vaccinations for the three months were ]08 (all under one year.) The deaths in the Llanwonno portion of the district numbered b5 and from the following causes Bronchitis 11, pneumonia 7, phthisis 3, convulsions 8, heart disease 3, debility 3, premature birth 2, childbirth 1, hemephregia 2, whooping cough 1, kidney disease 1, peretonitis 2, cancer 1, abortion 1, syncope 1, chonic gastritis 1, natural causes 1, tubercular menin- gitis 1, senile decay 1, accidents with inquests 4 total, 55. The total number of deaths in the entire district was 63. This will give a death rate of 20-8 per 1000 per annum upon an estimated population of 12,000. The total number of births in the district for the quarter was 140 (76 males, 64 females), giving a birth-rate of 64-4 per 1000 per annum. Our death-rate for the past three months has been fairly satisfactory. fhe chief causes of deaths have been from disease of the chest and respiratory oigatis, which are always prevalent in the winter months. From zymotic disease only one death is recorded for the quarter. The whole district has been inspected, and several other inspections have been made. The slaughter-houses Vhave been examined and found clean.-I remain, gentlemen your obedient servant, E. PRICHARD EVANS. Medical Officer. Duffryn Ffrwd, June 1st, 1885. The Medical Officer in a subsequent report stated that since the last meeting of the Board one case only of typhoid fever had been reported to him-at No. 22, High-street. The usual precautions were taken to prevent its spreading. The Chairman thought they could congratu- late themselves upon a very fair report. COLLECTOR'S REPORT. The Collector reported that £127 18s Id re- mained uncollected of the last rate, which he hoped to receive during the next fortnight. PROPOSED NEW HOSPITAL. The Chairman said that Mr Davies, who had been deputed by the Local Government Board to make an inspection of the district some time ago, had referred to the question of providing hospital accommodation for the place. A place for ten or twelve beds he thought would be sufficient. He proposed that the surveyor be instructed to make enquiries and report as to a site and its cost, and that the clerk write to Lord Aberdare asking for the terms on which he would let a site for the pur- pose mentioned. This was seconded by Mr W. Little and carried. FINANCE. The finance committee's report showed an overdraft on the general account amounting to f329 13s 7d, while the sewerage account was in credit to the amount of JE222 6s 7d. The Board then separated.

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