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MERTHYR TYDFIL UNIO N. CONTRACT FOR SUPPLIES FOR THE WORK- HOUSE, MERTHYR, AND THE ABERDARE INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL. THE Guardians -desire TENDERS for the JL Supply of Sides of Beef, and Legs cut close to the rump. Mutton, Pork. Bacon (Stretford and Cumberland cut, and Bellies.) Bread, Flour (plain tie), Oatmeal (Irish). Potatoes. Coal, (in truck loads at yhe railway stations), Coke, Small Coal, and Firewood. Butter, and Cheese. Out-door Supplies, at Meifthyr, Dowlais, Hirwain, Aberdare, andiMountain Ash. Beef, and Mutton-^best quality. The Tenders, to be Mr Three Months only, viz,, June 26th, 1885, U September 29th, 1885, both inclusive. All goods to be delivered at the Workhouse, or at the Aberdaije Industrial School, at the option of the Guardians. Payments quarterly, but Bakers, Butchers, and Grocers may dragon account once in the middle of the quarter. Tenders to/ be sent in on or before sent in on FRIDAY, Jduio 19th, 1885, in the Forms to be had on application to the Master at the Workhouse, or at the Aberdare Industrial School, who will furnish all other particulars. Goods not in the above list can be seen in the forms of Tender. The Guardians do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. Tenders, unless received on FRIDAY, June 19th, at Six p.m., will not be Opened. By order, FRANK JAMES, Clerk. Iligh-street, Merthyr, 1st June, 1885' No goods to be supplied, or work done for the Workhouse or Industrial School without a written Order, signed by the Clerk. All accounts for the June quarter to be made up to June 22nd, and sent in to the Master by that day. V\7 ANTED, LADIES and f(V to take pleasant Worfe-^at their own homes 2s. to os. a day,easily made work sent by parcel Postjna, Canvassing.—Lorraine and Foi-r^sUuvtteSfin g s. THE LOCAL AGENT oftheLIBElU^ttf is requested to communicate Willi the Socrctary of the Un^gfanrt^E^scount Company, 58, I4^bard^ft»«tf^Condon, E.G. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. ON FRIDAY, June 19th, a CrlF.AB^iiiX- CURSION TRAIN for READING and LONDON will leave Merthyr 9.50 a.m., Abernant 10.0, Aberdare 10.7, Jnirwam 10.21, Glyn Neath 10.38, Kesolvon/lO.-lO, Mountain Ash 9.15, Quakers Yard Dowlais 8.55, Llan4alach 9.33, Ehymmey Junction 9.41, Tredlgar Junction 9-Of Crumlin 9.55, Ponty- pool/10.9, and Pon^pool Road 10.35 a.m., to return June 26th, For fares and^turn times see Special Bills. Jy^fRIERSON, General Manager. .r — TLir ns mnmr* nwr$ IHt UlHillsjlSi) ylLd, FOR DOMESTIC AND FASCY DYEEiG.. FAST & DUKAELE COLORS. Each Packet will Color from Cue to 2 cur Pounds. Anyone can use thein. Ask your Chghiist for our Sample Card, showing 27 Cù1cl'$ in Wool and Cotton Goods, and book of Directions or send us pennv stamp and we will send bv post. SUPtRiOS TO ALL OTHER DYE STUFFS Black, Brown, Navy Blue, Seal Brown, Cardinal, Bed, and other rich and dark colors so much de- sired bv all, bub hitherto not .obtainable of good quality. Greeu, Blue, Scarlet, Z.Iajanta, Olive Green, and 20 other best Colors. Dresses, Coats, Cloaks, "Wrappers ::q.o. a.1 viar-assts, can be colored over any color tlesired. Dresses, Ribbons, Ties, Fringes, or Anything .nade of Silk take the various dyeaf so quickly and beautifulIy ic is a pleasure),o use them. An the fashionable colors can bp had. To color Cottons, most of the djjts work well, while thoSpecial Cotton Colors, Blue, Yellow, Scarlet and Cardinal, arc r.e''ý al.41 vastly superior to all others. j Ribbons, Feathers, &.c. YovJ can make your old Ribbons ov Feathers lo^k like new, and color them to match that. nevf hat or dress. '5ZCiE SLIALL SIZE, 3d.LARGE SIZE, 6d. The DIAMOND PAINTS. Gold Paint, Silver Paint, Srb'ize Paist, Artist's 31ack, I" or Gilding. Silvering, c/'Bronzing Fancy BncbHs, •, Emblems. Motjpcs, Furniture, llor, :ehold OrAaments, Statuettes, ic., Repairing Gold Frames andv all other (Tiklet^^Vork. Chandeliers, Gas FixtVres, and Lamps Aiay be made fully equal to itew.Biid at an insignificant cost. Easily applied and dices in a rev.-moments. f, SIZE/sd. LARGE SI?S, 6(1. v>rtTs & "R!ch7\R"DS"6x-' CO., j & 2, AUSTRALIAn AVENUE. LOiJilOi. E.C. W. WOODWARD & Bill Posters, Town Criers, pufi No. 23, IIIGII STREET, ABERDARE, BEG to inform the Publicarfa Tradesmec ia general that they Bent the Largest PORTING STATIONS in i«e District, and an ready to receive Orders/for Posting, &c., ir Aberdare, Aberaman, L*{rwain, Cwmdare, Cwm- amal^, and other pep^ of the District. N.B. "^Coa^facts made per (Quarter or Yearly. GENTS WANTED to^««rTT^rT^ /\t Machinery Oils^jiberal Commission —13fc,22. Post U^tCLiverpool. CRYSTAL PAL \C E.—H A JJDIi L'S Bl-C ENTEN ARY FESTIVAL Friday, June 19th GFZEAR FULL REMEXRSAL Monday „ 22nd MRSSUH. Wednesday ,, SELECTioN. f Friday, 26th I SUA KL IN EGYPT. S01,0 VOCALISTS M D\MB AL HANI MISS Atf.VI R MVftKIOT, M\[)\MH CLAitA SCLFR, an,1 M D AMii V A LLE til A MADAME PATEY and MADAME l'UFIiELLI- Mli. KlMVAKD LLOïll and Mil •JO'ti'l'H \)AA-. MK SVNTLBY, Mli. RAKRIMU'OX/ fOOTE, am M It. F. KISU. MR HRIDSOV and Sl,¡S¡.I FoLL Solo Organis' .■ MR. W TV H ES l\ Band and Clioru-i o!' the u-iial fjjjfa tie proportion?, numbering 4000 executants Organi t to Festival.- MR/A J. KYRi'. Condnctor: MR -AUftUST MANN'S. Tickets in Set" o' Numbered S^ats for th« Thrpe Hays of t the Fest'val, »Tid nir.o for sin^i-* Jjfiy now on guli at Crystal ll'alace, and IS, Vail Mall, SJn' I'i ices ot Sets, Three \Guineas, 'I'wo-a (1-a-half Guina#<. and Two Onin-as. Prices V)f Single Seats, Twenty-five/fhiriinys, One Guinea, and t'if- ten Shillings Rehearsal Tickets niso on sale. Cheques to wi rrade p.iyable to Crystal l'alace Comp inv, and to be elossed Consolidated Ufr.k." Po3t-ot!iee orders to be made payable at the G.P.O, Ji^ndon, to Mr lleiifehivr Russell, As- sisfeiut Manager. CriSta 1 Palace. Har.del Feaiival KDrnph- letTwith P an andJ/fl particulars of Seats, Prices, &r. tn be had aisatii on implication at either Crystal I'alaee or IS, I'all V-t A L L A N L I N li SHORTEST CCEAX PASSAGE TO A M E li 1 C A Composed of Twenty Firdt-class Roy -il i Steamers. SAILING DAYS—From Liverpool, t very TnesdBy and Thursday, to Canada, and every alternate Tuesday to Halifax and Baltimore, t/j'nvardino passengers on easy terms to all parj/of Canada and the United States. Surgeon and Stewardesses provided free for a classes of Passengers. I Passengers who secure t'icir ficijets btforo leaving heme are llHt at thc Hallway Station in Liverpool by an appointed Ag^nt of theCompay,n who takes charge of them lyatil they "0 on borda the Steamer. TheCaoadiao Government' grants ASSISTED PASSAGES by the ALLAN LIX E" to S Married Farm Labours and Female Duin. sic, r ykrvants. V For lutes oÍ E^i^ht or Pa.,g3Ue, ap-.Iy to L J LL.\N i»KoTii £ & Co., Alexandra liuiidings, p J\mes-street, vcrpool; or to JONES & Sow, AIWRDAKE TUFFB O ill CO1, A!.t.rd!)rp. f ATarge and Carefully Seleÿféd STOCK OF 6 C liA PS, Suitable for SCREEN. SCHAP ALliUMS, &c., is JJOW on Sale at the '^Aberdare Times'' Office, 31, 1.0 Coiiniercial Place, Aberdare. PENYDARREN PARK, MERTHYR. SATURDAY & TOMMY; June 20th & 22nd. A GRAND EVENING FETE! (By PAIN, of London and New York), WITH BRILLIANT ILLUMINATIONS OF THE GROUNDS I|Y THOUSANDS OF VARIEGATED LAMPS AND $CHINESE LANTERNS. Two First-class Bands WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE. A Magnificent display of FIREWORKS, Of which the principal items are:- The Falls of Niagara, The Mechanical Elephant, Monkey up a jStick. Great Fairy Fountain, Mammoth Balloons, &c. The whole conclixiing with the Great Naval Spectacle, THE BOMBARDMENT OF ALEXANDRIA, and Bouquef of 200 Rockets. Gates open each/Evening at Six o'clock. 6d. Admission. 6d Reservecll ground, 6d extra. A LATE TllAjN will run to Abernant after the Fireworks at 10.30 p.m., Saturday and Monday evemngg. NOTICE.—Mr Pain begs respectfully to inform the Public thaft he was in no way connected with the recen11 firework displays given at Mer- thyr and Abeft'dare, not having visited South Wales since September last. Acting Man/ger for Mr Pain.. Mr EDEN BLAIR.

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