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Reasons for Extension.


Reasons for Extension. Sir Frederick Harrison said the branch had been little used hitherto, as there had been no development. The population was increasing now, especially in Prestatyn, and the deputation spoken of had represented strongly that a passenger service would be of advantage to the district. For that reason the directors decided that the line should be opened for passenger traffic, and so far it had given satisfaction. The extension now proposed would not have been undertaken if it had not been for the existence of the embankment made by the father of Lady McLaren, and for the fact that Sir Charles McLaren was interested in the development of the district and was very favourably disposed towards this extension. The receipts last week per train mile from the motor-car on the Dyserth branch came to Bid.. and the cost of working to 1/4id., so that there would be a considerable loss in the winter from the traffic. A large proportion of the passengers would be tourists. Sir Frederick was cross-examined by Mr Bromley as to the bridge which was asked for at Dyserth station. Mr Bromley suggested that a powerful company like the London and North-Western should not grudge an expendi- ture of J62,000 for the public safety, to which the witness replied that the advocate was addressing the gallery, and that the desire for a bridge was rather sentimental. It was quite unnecessary. But where the public safety was concerned his company never took cost into consideration. Mr H.|D. McLaren, M.P, gave cordial sup- port to the scheme on the ground that it would help the farmers by conveying coal and other supplies up to the Newmarket plateau, and by giving them and the cottagers an easy means of reaching Prestatyn and Rhyl with their supplies. Replying to Mr Bromley he said that he did not think that the proposed Mid-Flintshire Railway and this project com- peted with each other. If he thought this light railway would exclude the other and larger undertaking he would not support it. The Chairman That scheme is not before us. Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.

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