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Natal and the Imperial Government


Natal and the Imperial Government The incident which nearly resulted in th* resignation of the Natal Ministry last weel will enable sober-minded people to guagt fairly accurately how far we can count upon the loyalty of the Colonies. Here is a case it which Great Britain acted within he! undoubted rights—rights which, if she aban- doned, would place her in the dangerous position of being drawn into complications— and this action is resented by one of hei smallest dependencies. Natal availed herself of the assistance of the mother country, in men and money, to suppress a rebellion of the natives. A court martial condemned twelve of the insurrectionaries to death. This was notified to the Imperial Government without giving thuui the least information as to the reason why such a drastic measure was to be carried out in such haste. The home Government asked for a postponement of the sentence, pending the desired information, and the fat was in the fire." It is only a few years since Natal was the field in which the British Army were fighting stubbornly against a brave foe, to secure the ascendancy of men who then loudly pro- claimed they were Britons. These so-called Britons boasted then of their loyalty, and said their chief concern was to preserve) South Africa for the British Empire. But n >w. having secured for themselves that ascendancy, they say you must leave us entirely alum;, to do just as we please." Ay! even if that liberty should result in another great war, and the spending of another 25.0,0 )0,000 or more, of British sovereigns. England has had plenty of reason to guard ag dnst such men as Rhodes, Jameson, and the like filibusters, having too much sway and en- gaging in raids. They are the very men who are the first to turn their backs on the old country after they have gained their ends. In proof of this we have only to consider the actiou of the Jameson Government of Cape Colony, and the rand-owners who have joined the Natal Government, in crying "hands off" to the Imperial- Government. Imperialists indeed We know better to-day where to look for the little Englauders. 0

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