Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

18 erthygl ar y dudalen hon


The Fifth of November.

Slight Misunderstanding.

Help Yourself.

A Witness.


A Witness. A lawyer for the defendant was trying to cross-examine a Swede who had been sub- poenaed by the other side as a witness in an accident case. Now Anderson, what do you do ?" asked the lawyer. Sank you, Aw am not vara well." I didn't ask you how is your health, but what do you do ?" Oh, yas Aw work." We know that, but what kind of work do you do ?" Puddy hard work it ees puddy hard work. Yes, but do you drive a cab or do you work on a railway, or handle a machine, or work in a factory ?" Oh, yas Aw work in fact'ry." Very good. What kind of a factory ?" It ees a very big factory." Your honour," said the lawyer, address- ing the Court, if this keeps on, I think we shall have an interpreter." Then he turned to the witness -1 Look here, Anderson, what do you do in that factory.-what do you make?" he asked. Oh, yas Aw un'erstan'; yo want to know vat Aw make 'n fact'ry, eh ?" Exactly. Now tell us what you make." I make five shillings a day." And the interpreter was called in to earn his salt.

"Hark, Hark."

Railway Lines.

Up to Date.

" Sweet and Low."

The Scorcher.

His Own Interest.


-'.-Sunday Services at Prestatyn.

Sunday Services at Meliden.

Sunday Services at Dyserth.