Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

9 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



THE MICHTY HEALER! WORLD KNOWN AND WORLD TRIED. HOLLOWAVSjUMTMENT Its adoption in the most famous public hospitals, at home and abroad, and the voluntary testimonies of persons in all quarters of the globe, who have given it a fair trial, have established a world-wide reputation for this purifying and healing Ointment. It penetrates, with marvellous power, to the seat of an internal disease; and in all external disorders, its application has a ra- pidity and completeness of effect that resembles magic. piles and ristulas. Every form of these prevalent and stubborn disorders is era- dicated by the use of this emollient; warm fomentations should precede its application. It effects in a short time a certain. thorough, and permanent cure. Bad Legs, Old Sores, and Ulcers. Any of the above class of cases that have pertinaciously refused to yield to any other medicinal application, invariably succumb to this benign yet powerful Unguent. Eruptions on the Skin. Arising from the bad state of the blood, are eradicated, and a clear and transparent surface regained by the purifying and re- storative action of this Ointment. It will be found to cure any eruptions on the head or other parts of the body of children. No skin disease, whatever, common to any part of the world, can withstand the mighty power of this wonderful Ointment. Contracted and Stiff Joints. Extract of a Letter from Mr. Joseph Rogerson, of the Pottery Fields, Hunslet, near Leeds. "To Professor Holloway. s»r,—I suffered for months with a very bad knee, and tried every remedy likely to benefit me, but without success, the joint was quite stiff, and so swollen that I became seriously alarmed as to whether I should ever regain the use of it. However, by the use of your Ointment and Pills the swelling was soon completely reduced, and in two weeks was completely cured, and I was enabled to resume my work. Any one suffering from stiff and swollen joints should do as Mr. Rogers did-send for Holloway's Pills and Ointment. Establishment of PROFESSOR HOLLOWAY, 244, ri vti OT,A Bar,) London; also by all respectable Druggi. fnllnwi0'8 Medicines throughout the civilized »- There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N.B.—Directions for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each Pot. V STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWE [IN LIVERPOOL, ABERYSTWITH, & BRISTOL, Taking in Goods or Passengers for Pwllheli, Portmadoc, or Barmouth. THE Cambrian Steam Packet Company (limited) unless prevented by any unforeseen occurrence, will dispatch, with Goods and Passengers, their new and powerful Screw Steamer THE PLYSSLIMOX, Master, OR SOME OTHER SUITABLE VESSEL AS UNDER:— il Saturday, February 11 th, at 9 p.m., Leave LIVERPOOL for ABERYSTWITH, proceeding to BRISTOL. Saturday, February 18th, at 3 p.m., Leave BRISTOL for ABERYSTWITH proceeding ,to LIVERPOOL. Thursday, February 23rd, at 10 a.m., Leave LIVERPOOL for ABERYSTWITH, and calling at PORTMADOC, taking in Goods for PWIIHEU and BARMOUTH, and proceeding to BRISTOL. Wednesday, February IQih, at 9 p.m., Leave BRISTOL for ABERYSTWITH, proceeding to LIVERPOOL. N.B.—The Cambrian Steam Packet Company (limited) reserve to themselves the power of deliver- ing all Goods consigned to Parties residing within Two Miles of their Office at Aberystwith by their own Carters, as and when they think necessary. The Company are prepared to ship Goods for PWLLHELI and BARMOUTH, to PORTMADOC, but will not undertake to forward them beyond that port. The Company are prepared to call at HOLY- HEAD with or for Cargo, on due notice of any ship- ments being required being given to their Agents. Loading Berth at LIVERPOOL, West Side of Trafalgar Dock.-Ditto at BRISTOL, Cumberland Basin. F ARES.-(Including Steward's Fees.) From Liverpool and Bristol to Aberystwith, Portmadoc, Aberayron, Aberdovey, Cardigan, or New Quay, JABIN, 13s. 6d. STEERAGE, 8S. From Liverpool to Holyhead, CABIN, 5S. STEERAGE, 3s. -Between either Aberystwith, Aberayron, Aber- dovey, Cardigan, New Quay, Portmadoc, or Holy- head, CABIN, 10S. STEERAGE,7s. N.B.-Excellent accommodation for Passengers, and a Stewardess on board. For Freights, and further Particulars, apply to the Agents, William Siddorns, Holyhead; E. T. Turner, 12, Quay Street, Bristol; William Price, sub-Agent, Barmouth; J. W. Pockett, Swansea; Griffith Williams, Aberayron; William Lloyd, Tanybryn, Aberdovey; Hugh Hughes, Amlwch; George G. Lewis, sub-Agent, Pwllheli; F. A. Tam- plin, Columbia Buildings, Brunswick Street, Liver- pool Bennett Williams, Harbour Office, Portmadoc;; the Managing Director, W. S. Crealock, at the Company's Head Offices, Parthenon Chambers, 14, Regent Street, London or to HENRY CULLIFORD, Aberystwith. m arntmtee & ^*J23 ironmonger, Bridge Street, Aberystwith, HAS just received an extensive Stock ofCHAiFF „ 1 CUTTERS, to work by hand and by water power. MRS. MORRIS, K Church Street, Aberystwith, EGS to inForm the Public that she still continues off w ° kinds of Ladies'and Gentlemen's left- Off WEATTING APPARI;L. The highest price given III ready cash. ABERYSTWITH. w; 8 BY MR. JOHN EVANS, AT THE WHITE HART INN, In the Town of Aberystwith, ON TUESDAY, THE 28th DAY OF FISBItlJilRir, 1S60, THE WHOLE OF THE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, CONSISTING of Four-post and other Bedsteads and Hangings; Dressing Tables and Wash-hand Stands; Looking-glasses; Chamber ware; Night Commode; Mattresses; Chests of Drawers; Cane- bottom Chairs large Mahogany Sideboards, one with carved back, &c.; a dozen Mahogany Hair-covered Chairs; Hair-covered Sofa; Mahogany Dining Table; Card ditto; Easy Chair; Rocking ditto; Pier Glasses; Child's Mahogany Swing Cot; a Guitar; Bookcase; Window Rollers and Blinds; Carpets; Drawing-room and Parlour Fenders and Fire-irons; Mahogany Hair-covered Settles; Deal Tables; Kitchen Chairs Arm ditto Dresser; Kitchen Fenders and Fire-irons, and other requisites. ALSO, A FIRST-RATE SLATE BAG-A-TELLE, By Thurston. Three Months Credit will be given on approved ^ecurity.—Sale to commence at 6 o' Clock p. M. Yn awr yn y Wasg, ac a gyhoeddir yn ddioed, CYFANSODDIADAU BUDDUGOL EISTEDDFOD LLANBEDR, 1859, YN cyriwys Awdl er eoffadwriaeth am y diweddar Barch. DANIEL EVANS, B.D. (Daniel Ddu) Pryddest er eoffadwriaeth am T. H. JONES, YSW., Neuaddfawr Pennillion i Filitia Sir Aberteifi Can i'r VYraig Rinweddol, Can i Gomed 1858 Englynion er coffadwriaeth am y diweddar D. D. DAviBs, Ysw., Meddyg, Llanbedr Tri Englyn i Dwr y Dderi; Cyfieithad i'r Gymraeg o "The Better Land," gan Mrs. Hemans Ton Gynulleidfaol, ar y Mesur Byr Cymreig hefyd, Traethodau ar Fferylliaeth Amaethyddol Hanes Llanbedr a'r Gymydogaeth; Gweniaith a Rhagrith, &c.' ABERYSTWYTH: ARGRAFFEDIG GAN D. JENKINS; AC I'W CAEL AR WERTH GAN WAHANOL LYFRWERTHWYR Y DYWYSOGAETH. ROYAL MAIL, COACH, & GENERAL POSTING ESTABIalESIMEWrT, atorsstbutf). E MARSHALL begs respectfully to announce » that the following well-appointed fast four- hourse COACHES continue to run, by which Pass- engers and Parcels will be conveyed to all partslof the kingdom, and to London in 13 Hours! TO SHREWSBURY, T?R0 S9YAT, MAiL, EVERY'TNORHTNG-, M-.II &.ica., via Machynlleth, Llanbrynmair, Carno, Newtown, and Welshpool, arriving at the Lion Hotel, Shrews- bury, at 9 p.m., in time for the Mail Up Train to London, and Trains for Liverpool, Chester, and the North. Leaves Shrewsbury every day at 4 lo a.m., after the arrival of the Mail Trains from London and the North, passing through the same magnificent line of country, and arrives at Aberystwith at 2 p.m. -m- TO CARMARTHEN, The ROYAL MAIL, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 8 30 a.m., to Aberayron, and theLionHo- tel, Lampeter, arriving at the Ivy-Bush Hotel, Car- marthen, at 4 11 p.m., in time for the Express Train to Tenby the same evening, also for Trains to Swan- sea, Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester, and London. The Mail returns from Carmarthen on the alternate days at 8 15 a.m., and arrives in Aberystwith at 4 45 p.m. E. MARSHALL & Co., PROPRIETORS. 631" Posting in all its branches, on the shortest notice, at the above Hotel. ARMS km IUOMJ Iftogal lintel COACH OFFICE & GENERAL POSTING ESTABLISHMENT, aicrssttottfj. J1PORTANT NOTICEr^ THE Public is most respectfully informed that the GREYHOUND Four-horse COACH CONTINUES to leave the above Hotel every Tuesday, Thursday, add Saturday morning, at 7 30, via LLANIDLOES, NEWTOWN, and WELSHPOOL, and arrive in SHREWSBURY at 4 30 p.m. LIVERPOOL.. (per Rail) „ 7 20 „ MANCHESTER „ „ 7 45 „ BIRMINGHAM „ „ 7 35 „ LONDON. „ "930,, No change of Carriage between Shrewsbury and London. The" GREYHOUND" returns every Monday, Wed- nesday, and Friday, from the RAILWAY STATION, SHREWSBURY, at 11 15 a.m., or immediately on the arrival of Trains leaving the following places,-— LONDON at 6 15 a.m. MANCHESTER 6 45 „ LIVERPOOL 8 0 „ BIRMINGHAM 8 55 „ And arrives at ABERYSTWITH at 8 o'clock the same evening. A. P. DAVIES & Co., PROPRIETORS. The Proprietors of the above Coach beg to return thanks for past support, and to solicit the future fa- vours of their Friends and the Public. fHf" Posting in all its branches, on the shortest 9 notice, at the above Hotel. ABERYSTWITH. GEORGE CREEN, TRON and Brass Founder, Millwright, and Engineer, Agricultural Implement Maker, Manufacturer of Cooking Apparatus, Iron Hurdles, Gates, Tomb and other Railing. Repairs promptly attended to. Steam Engines and Water Wheels applied to Farm Machinery. THORLEY'S FOOD FOR CATTLE, AS USED IN HER MAJESTY'S STABLES, AND ALSO ON HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THE PRINCE CONSORT'S FARM, WINDSOR. IN making purchases of Compounded Cattle Foods — —other than "Thorley's"-it has been found that much disappointment has arisen. On the in- troduction to public notice of any new ingredient, many imitators are certain to spring up, particularly when the article is not a patent one, but happily for the reputation of Thorley's Food, no single in- stance is on record of a direct failure, when his instructions are fully and faithfully' carried out. It is not possible failure should ever ensue, excepting when the Food has been kept too long, or in a damp place, for the ingredients of which it is composed are so certain to bear out the truthful re- port of Dr. Hassall, the analysis of Dr. Apjohn and Professor Way, the merited testimonial of Dr. Brown, that no difficulty exists in strongly urging upon the attention of intending purchasers the ab- solute necessity of first satisfying themselves they are to be supplied with Thcrlay'sFood; and secondly,, to secure a strict and honest administering- of it 1 Failure will thus become totally impossible, and condemnation only justly awarded to the produc- tion of those whose manufacturing ingredients differ so essentially from his. The Genuine Food can only be had in Cases, con- taining 448 Packages, each Package One Feed, with the signature of JOSEPH THORLEY, price 56s. per Case; and in Casks, containing the same quantity loose, with a measure enclosed, with his signature burnt thereon, price 50s. Carriage paid to any Station in the United Kingdom. Orders to be accompanied with a remittance.' Post Office Orders made payable to JOSEPH THORLEY, General Post Qffice, St. Martin's le-Grand. Offices-77, NEWGATE-STREET, LONDON. Manufactory and Steam Mills-CALEDONLIAN- ROAD. IMPORTANT TO every man who keeps a Horse, Cow, Sheep, or Pig. THORLEY'S FOOD FOR CATTLE, 77, NEWGATE STREET, LONDON. j Price 50,s. per Cask, containing 448 Feeds. Carriage paid to any Station. A Pamphlet Post-free on application. k C- MR. J. A. MURPHY, SURGEON DBWTIST, (From Derby,) mAY be consulted daily between the hours of iyjL 10 and 4, at No. i o, Marine Terrace. AterystiHth, Sept. 26, 1859. DAVID GRIFFITHS, CSrom, &c., Late of No. 7, Bridge Street, Aberystwith, BEGS to acquaint the Inhabitants of the Town and Neighbourhood that he has lately REMOVED To No. 4, New Street, NEARLY OPPOSITE THE POST-OFFICE, <1 Wherfe he hopes to be favoured with a continuance^ of that support which has hitherto been conferred^ upon him. to- Goods of the best quality at the least remunerative prices. PIANO-FORTE TUNING. MR. H. P.GTBROOKE, Rt&rlQ-FQEtTF. TUJIKP-RV 13, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWITH. London references, can be given if required. ENAMELLED gz"UELITIZ Morris ¡'late 11aorftø. To Builders & Others requiring above Goods. CHIMNEY Pieces of all prices and numerous Patterns,Wash-hand Tops, Hall and Fancy Ta- bles, Baths, &c. Also, Slates and Slate Slabs, and every article in Plain Slate; Cisterns, Troughs, Mangers, Skirtings, Milk and Whey Pans; Tomb and Head Stones, &c. Prices, §c., may be known on application (post paid) to Mr. T. S. Nicholls, Corris, near Machyn- lleth. SITUATION WANTED. A MARRIED MAN wishes to get, a situation as GROOM & COACHMAN. Three years' good Character. Apply-T. T., Mr. W. Owen, Grocer, 11, North Parade, Aberystwith. i" SCALE OF CHARGES FOR ADVERTISEMENTS IN THE ''Efcetgsttoitf) 0^)gerbn^ Six lines, and under. is. Od. More than Six, and not exceeding Nine lines Is. 6d. MorethanNine,and notexceedingTwelve do. 2s. Od. And so on in proportion. Across two columns, double the above. Illustrations, large lines, and dashes to be measured by depth, and charged according to the space they occupy—nine lines to the inch. Advertisements inserted for three months at a reduc- tion of one-fourth; and if continued for twelve months, half the above charges per week. 1L4r All Advertisements are requested to be sent in as early in the week as possible; and Correspondence for insertion must be forwarded before (Thursday. NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS. Communications, to obtain either insertion or notice, must be authenticated by the name and ad- dress of the writer. The name being required as a guarantee of good faith only, it will not, under any circumstaces whatever, be allowed to transpire without the consent of the party sending the com- munication. We are not responsible for the opinions expressed by correspondents.


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