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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



ilalto fig Hucttom SMITHFIELD, ABERYSTWYTH. Monthly Sales of LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, &c. MR. G. T. SMITH begi respectfully to announce that he will hold Monthly Sales of Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pigs, Agricultural Implements, Carriages, &c., in the Smithfield, Aberystwyth, on the FIRST MONDAY IN EVERT MONTH, at Eleven o'clock at noon. Entries for the SALE ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd, respectfully requested. To be sent in a,t least a week previous to Sale, to be included in advertise- ments. .) 11 Terms per cent. on amount sold; and a smcull fixed entry fee for unsold lots, to meet expenses. Settlement on Thursday after sale. LODGE FARM, CROSSWoOD PARK, Within a short distance of the Trawscoed Station on the Manchester and Milford Railway. HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE OF FAT AND SURPLUS STORE STOCK. MR G. T. SMITH has been instructed by the Right Hon. the Earl of Lisburnc to Sell by Auction, on Tuesday, October the 21st, 1879 (instead of the date previously advertised), the following valuable and carefully-selected Fat and Surplus LIVE STOCK, Namely, 99 Shropshire and cross-bred weathers, fat for butchers 71 ditto ditto ewes ditto 43 ditto ditto lambs ditto 1 pure bred Shropshire down yearling ram 3 ditto ditto ram lambs 20 welsh ewes 6 ditto lambs 2 Ayrshire cows 1 ditto heifer 2Hereford heifers 5 calves ] brood sow TERNS :—A fortnight will be allowed for removal, by which time each lot muse be paid for, and Six- pence in the pound discount will be allowed upon all purchases above £5. Luncheon at one. Sale at two. 35, MARINE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. Extensive Sale of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other Effects, comprising the appointments of 13 TBedrooms, 2 Drawing and 2 Dining' Rooms, House- keeper's Room, Kitchen, Pantries, Scullery, &c., the property of MR DAVID DAVIES, who being about to retire from lodginghouse-keeping, has instructed MR G. T. SMITH to Sell the same by Auction on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st, October, 1879, at six o'clock in the evening of each day. Particulars in posters. Ten months' credit for sums above £ h on approved security. PEITHYLL, Near the Bow Street Station on the Cambrian Railway, and three miles from Aberystwyth. MR G. T. SMITH has been instructed by Color.ol Pryse, who is giving up cattle breeding-, to sell by auction, on Tuesday, the 4th day of November, 1879, the following very superior and valuable LIVE STOCK: 12 well-bred dairy cows, in milk and in calf. 1 pedigree shorthorn bull, three years old. 6 polled galloway yearling steers. 4 heifers 1 pure-bred shorthorn bull calf. 3 shorthorn heifer calves. 1 11 steer calf. 2 polled galloway steer calves. 5 „ heifer calves. 3 prime fat bullocks. 1 cow. 9 pure-bred young Shropshire down ewes. I 13 ewe lambs. 1 ram, 2 yenrs old. 1 four-year-old roan cart horse, of great power. 1 yearling stallion eart colt, by prize horse, Glasgow Laddie," dam by Bobbie Burns," of great promise. 1 hackney mare, "Beauty," rising four, by Cleveland," quiet to ride and drive. store pigs of superior breed. 2 sows of black Berkshire breed, with litters of ten and thirteen respectively. A quantity of hurdles. Six moBths' credit will be given on purchases above X5 on approved security. Catalogues may be obtained of the Auctioneer, Aberystwyth. Luncheon at One a'clock, Sale at Two. WATERLOO HOUSE, 2G. MARINE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. Superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising feather beds, palliasses, spring beds, wool and flock mattresses, blankets, sheets, counterpanes, and a large variety of all kinds of chamber and table imen; mahogany, polished wood, and iron and brass half-tester and French bedsteads, cupboard ditto; mahogany, oak, and painted chests of drawers mahogany and painted dressing tables and washing stands, chumberware, looking glumes towel horses, commodes, Imeu press, bedside stands, and all other usual bedroom requisites- mahogany dining table with three extra leaves' library, Pembroke, and occasional taMes massive mahogany enclosed pedestal sideboard, with large olate-glass back, mahogany and hair chairs, easy ditto, cane and American ditto; suite in walnut and green rep, consisting of lounge, 2 easy and (j other chairs; gaseliers in ormolu and blue eramel, jardinieres and stands, pictures, pier -s, -tl classes, fenders, fireirons, coal scuttles, carpets, hearthrugs, mats and matting, floor cloth, hall clock hall table, massive iron hat and umbrella st^nd mangle, kitchen tables and chairs, sofa, knWcIeaning machine, filter, dressers, dish covers, cookii g utensils, china and glass, lamps Wedg. wood ware dinner, dessert, and tea and coffee ser- vices, Ac., the property of Mrs Jones who is relin- fishing lodging-house keeping, and has instructed M* G. T. SMI1H to Sell the same by Auction pa WEDNESDAY, November 5th, 18/9 and day. days, at six o'clock in the evening of each daT. Ten months, credit on all sums above £5 on ap- prove sectarity. SALES By AUCTION BY MR JOHN EVANS, AUCTIONEER, GOFYNACH.FAWR, KEW QUAY 1879.. Oelter 20 Im- 21 c-p. Blaencerdin-fawr, Capel Cynon—Stock Crop, Implements, &c., at 1 p.m. 28 Nantmeddal, Llanarth-Stock, Crop, Implements, &c., at 12 noon. „ Tircyducha, Aberayron—Stock, Crop, Implements, &c., at 1 p.m. „ Revelfach, near New Inn Gate-Stock, Crop, Implements, &c., at 1 p.m. BREWERY FOR SALE. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. TO be Sold by Auction, in September next,unless disposed of by Private Contract, of which notice will be given, the Aberclydan or Llanon 8-qr. Steam Brewery, with Offiees, two 8-qr. malthouses, two kilns, stable, three Cottages, yards, gardens, &c., and about two acres of meadow land.—Particulars of Mt D, Morgan, Llanon Brewery, via Aberystwyth, ] fit) ^urtiom CARDIGAN SHIRE. FREEHOLD FARMS IN THE PARISH OF LLANFIHANGEL YSTRAD FOR SALE. MR JOHN JONES has been instructed to Sell by Public Auction, at the Royal Oak Hotel, Lampeter, on Friday, the 24ih of October, 1879, at two o'clock in the afternoon (subject to such con- ditions as shall be then and there produced), the following valuable I FREEHOLD FARMS, in two Lots, viz. LOT 1.—All that messuage Farm and Lands, called CWMLLYDAN, (except a part thereof, containing 2a Ir 37p., which will be sold with I.ot 2). containing by admeasurement 106a Or 3]p, or thereabouts, now in the occupation of Mr John Davies. LOT 2.—All that messuage Farm and Lands called NEUADDLYDAN. (togetherwitli part of Lot 1, con- taining 2a. Ir. 37p.) ccntaining in all 37a. Or. 2p. or tl.erc a I oris, now in the occupation of Mr Oliver Howells. The buildings on both Lots are new, conveniently arranged, and in excellent condition. The Farms consist of remarkably fertile Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land, well supplied with water, and presents to capitalists and others, sources of investment rarely to be met with. Further particulars may be obtained of Mr David Davies, Land Agent and Surveyor, Maesygaer, Llonyl yther Mr Dmid Lloyd, Solicitor, Lampeter; or the Auctioneer, at Coedlanaufawr, Llanybytlier. CRYG-GARN. PARISH OF LLANBADARN TREFEGLWYS. Important and unreserved sale of Milch Cows, Barren Cattle, Draught and Saddle Horses, Farm- ing Implements, Dairy Utensils, Furniture, &c. MR G. GRIFFITHS has been instructed to Sell by Public .Auction, at the above place, on Tuesday, the 28th day of October, 1879, the valuable live STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, DAIRY UTENSILS, FURNITURE, &c. Credit on Conditions. The Sale to commence at 12 o'clock p.m., precisely. Auctioneer's Offices-Aberayron and Lampeter, CRYNGOED, PARISrl OF LLANARTH. Very important and unreserved Sale of Horses, Milch Cows Yearlings, Calves, Brood Sows, Implements, Dairy Utensils. Furniture, &c., &e. MR G. GRIFFITHS will Sell by Public Auction, at the above place, on Saturday, the 18th of October, 1879, tl* 0 valuable LIVE STOCK. CROP, IM- PLEMEETS. DAIRY UTENSILS, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, &c., the property of Mr Thomas Davies, Llwynrheol, and others. Also a quantity of Cheese. ——— Cool ar Amodau.-I ddeclirea am 12 0'1' gloch yn gywir. Bydd y cyfan yn caeleugwerthuheb ymgadw. Auctioneer's OfPees—Aberayron and Lampeter. October 13th, 1879. HEN D R E, IN THE PARISH OF CILCENIN. Important sale of Stock, Crop, Farming, Implements, Dairy Utensils, &c. MR G. GRIFFITHS lias been instructed to Sell by Public Auction, at the above place, on Tuesday, October 21st, 1879, the CROl", LIVE STOCK, and other effects. Credit on Conditions. Sale to commence at Twelve o'clock sharp. IDOIDREMENT, NEAR LAMPETER. Very important sale of Superior Milch Cows, Horses, Carriages, Harness, Dairy Utensils, Furniture, &c. ME G. GRIFFITHS has been instructed by Mrs Lloyd Edwardes (who is leaving) to Sell by Public Auction, at the above place, on Wednesday, October 29th, 1879, the valuable LIVE STOCK, Carriages, Harness, Dairy Utensils, Furniture, &c. Also—1 Rick of well-harvested Meadow Hay. Credit on Conditions.—Sale to commence at one o'clock p.m. PENYFOEL, CYDBLWYF, NEAR NEW-QUAY. — Important and unreserved sale of live stock, crop, implements, dairy utensils, &c., &c. MR G. GRIFFITHS will sell by public auction at the above place, on Monday, the 20th of October, 1879, the valuable stock, crop, farming implements, dairy utensils, &c. Credit on Conditions.—The sale to commence at 1 o'clock p.m. CRIBYN, LLWYNDAFYDD. MR JOHN EVA is Swill Sell by Auction, at the above place, on Monday, October 20th, 1879, the STOCK. CROP, IMPLEMENTS, &c. Ciedit 011 Conditions. Sale to commence at 2p.m TVFlTFi RTAR U:E ROYAL AND UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. NOTICE.—The Steamers of HI is Line LA)<E the Lane Routes recommended by BY Lieut. Maury on both ilie Outward and Homeward Passages. LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK Forwarding Passengers to all parts of the United States and Canada. These well known magnificent. Steamers are appointed to sail weekly as under, tarrying Her Majesty's and the United States Mails. FROM LIVERPOOL, Tiritirtnic Thursday,23rd October. Adriatic Tuesday", 28th October. Gemanic Thursday, 6ih November. Baltic Tuesday, 11th November. Celtic Thursday, 20th November FROM NEW YORK. Adriatic Thursday, 9th October. Germanic Saturday, 18th October. Hiese splendid essels reduce tlie passage to the shortest possib.O time, and afford to Passengers the highest degree ot' comlort hnherto attainable at sea. Average passage days in Summer, 9^ days in Winter, 2 rri TT'T 18 constructed in seven water-tight, compartments. I he »aloon, LADIES Boudoir, State Rooms, and Smoking Rooms aie amidships, and are luxuriously furnished and fitted Willi all modern conveniences: pianos, libraries, electric bells, bath-rooms, barber's shop, &c. c Saloon Passage, 15, 1^, AND 21 guineas; Return Tickets a reduced rates. The Steerage, accommodation is of the very highest charac- ter, the rooms are unusually spacious, well lighted ventilated and warmed, and passengers of this class will find their comfort carefully studied, and the provisioning unsurpassed Stewardesses in Steerage to,attend the Women and Children. Drafts issued on New York free of charge. For Freight or Passage apply to J 1), HUGHES, 1, Railway Terrace, Aberystwyth THOMAS COKBETT, Tailor and Draper, Llanidloes ISMAY, IMRIE, AND Co., 10, W ater-street, Liverpool, And 34, Leaden hall-street. LONDON, E.C. JOHN EDWARDS, BUTCHER, MARY STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Families supplied with the best quality of Butche Meat on the most moderate terms. PICKLJtD AND DRIED NEAT'S TONGUES ALWAYS IN STOCK. -= ^TRADESMEN'S AND OTHER MEMO A Randums. OBSERVER OFFICES, ABERYSTWYTH AJSX) ABEBAERON, UutJlíc Notice*. I UNDER THE PATRONAGE OF THE MOST HON. THE MARQUESS OF LONDONDERRY, K.P. NATIONAL SHEEP DOG TRIALS Will be held on the PARK, MACHYNLLETH, ON THUESDA1, OCTOBER 23, IS79. Apply for entry forms, &c., to JOSEPH EVANS, Hon. Treasurer. RICHARD JONES, Hon. Secretary. ABERYSTWYTH BURIAL BOARD. A GENERAL VESTRY of the ratepayers of the A town ard liberties of Aberystwyth will be held at the Vestry Room, in St. Michael s Church, on Friday, the ;Z,Uh day of October instant, at twelve o'clock at noon, for the purpose of appointing' three persons to the office of members of the liiirial Board for the said Town and Liberties, in the room of the Rev John Williams, and Messrs John Lees and Griffith Jones, three of the present members of the Burial Board, who retire by rotation, but who are eligible for re-election. in-r. Dated this 15th day of October,-S<9. A. J. HLGHES, Clerk to the said Burial Board. MONEY WANTED. THE Aberystwyth Public Baths Company require to borrow the sum of £ 1000 on security of the New Baths and other buildings erected by them in Newfoundland-street. Applications from persons willing to advance the amount, stating rate of interest required, to be sent at once to DAVID JONES, Secretary, 19, Baker-street. SUN LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY- LONDON.—ESTABLISHED 1810. Policies effected this year will participate in the next division of the Profits of the Society. J. G. PRIESTLEY, Actuary. AGENT— Aberjstwyth Mr A. J. Hughes. FIVE PER CENT. INTEREST, And the SECURITY OF MORTGAGES OF REAL ESTATE, is given by tlHI T) PISTOL AND CLIFTON PERMANENT JD BUILDING SOCIETY (Established 1B6'4, Incorporated 1874), Whieh, according to the PavliiiTiientary Returns, 1877," holds "s guiii antee a larger am0"lIt of prrfit midreserve in proportion to shareholders' capital THAX ANY OTHER SOCIETY OF TWICE ITS AGE IN THE KINGDOM (see Parliamentary Return aud Pamphlet on Bristol Building Societies "). LOANS without deduction (if the amount exceeds £100), repayable in 5 to 21 years, at rates lower than in most other societies, and covering all charges. Ths Bonus Return to Borrowers has loeen regularly Is. 6d. in the pound of the interest charged. Last Annual Report and Balance Sheet on application. C. H. LOW, Chairman. G. W. U'CAS, Deputy-Chairman. T. SHERWOOD SMITH, Secretary. Offices, No. 30, Clare-steeet, Bristol. Agent at ABERYSTWYTH—>lr. E. ELLIS, Auctioneer. < £ Irctioit abbrff.h"øø. MUNICIPAL ELECTION, 1879. TO THE BURGESSES Of the Town and Liberties of ABERYSTWYTH. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, At the solicitation of numerous and influential Burgesses, I have consented to offer myself for one of the vacant seats in the Town Council. For thirteen years I have been a heavy ratepayer of the Borough, and am deeply interested in the prosperity of the town, especially as a Watering- place, and, whether honoured with election or not, I shall at all times further, so far as in my power lies, the prosperity of the town as a first-class summer resort. If elected it shall be my earnest desire to keep down the rates as much as possible, compatible with the carrying out of necessary improvements. Our town is in excellent condition as regards the state of the streets, the footpaths being in splendid order the drainage is perfect, according to sanitary and engineering requirements; and the public lighting is on the whole satisfactory. The Public Library is a highly beneficial institution, and deserves more extended support. I would ad- vocate free admission to the Reading Room as well as the Library. b In the Shipping interest, I would advocate the maintenance of the Harbour in a state of safety. Speaking generally, I will devote attention to the welfare of the Commercial, Mining and Agricultural communities. If you honour me with your votes and confidence, it will be my earnest endeavour to promote your welfare. I remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, Terrace-road, Aberystwyth, THOMAS GARNER. October 13th, 1879. TO THE MUNICIPAL ELECTORS OF THE tTOIVN, BOROUGH, AND LIBERTIES OF ABERYSTWYTH. LADIES AUD GENTLEMEN, At the request of numerous ratepayers, I beg respectfully to offer myself as a candidate, at the forthcoming Municipal election, lor one of the vacant seats in the Council. Should you confer the favour of electing me as one of your Representatives, I shall, to the utmost of my ability, being wholly unfettered by any particular party or section, be able to represent you as an independent member. I hope to have the pleasure of waiting upon you before the election, when I shall be prepared to ex- press my views upon any question which is likely to be a subject for consideration by the Council in your interest. I have the honour to be, LADIES AND GENTEEMEN, Your obedient Servant, EDWARD HAMER. 2, Queen's Terrace, Aberystwyth, October 13, 1879. Justness# glirtrmsra* W. T. WILLIAMS, SYDENHAM HOUSE, 25, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, Begs respectfully to announce his return from London, where he has purchased a Choice Stock of the newest WINTER GOODS, WHICH ARE NOW ARRANGED READY FOR SALE. A large Assortment of Ladies' and Children's Jackets, Ulsters, and Fur-lined Cloaks. KIND PATRONAGE WILL GREATLY OBLIGE. JOHN JAMES, TEA, WINE, BEER, AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, LONDON AND PROVINCIAL STORES, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH AGENT FOR BASS & Co's. BURTON AND PALE ALE. G-UINNESS'S EXTRA DUBLIN STOUT, in Casks and Bottles. MARTELL'S BRANDY. HENNESSY'S do. KINAHAN'S WHISKY. DUNYILLE'S do. ALSO FOR W. AND A. GILBEY'S WINES AND SPRITS. The Wines of Portugal Light French Wines. Bottle. Doz. i Bottle. Doz. s. d. s. s- «• s- Castle A Port 5 years in wood 2 § 24 Castle A Claret 1 year m bottle 1 0 12 Castle B Port 8 years in wood 2 4 28 ^kret 1 year m bottle 1 o o Castle C Port Fruity 11 years in wood } 0 0 < 1 year in bottle 1 (> 18 Castle D Port Dry 11 years in wood ) -,as'e D Claret 1 year m bottle 2 0 24 j o i in Castle E Claret Old in bottle 2 6 30 Castle E Port Fruity lo years m wood 3 4 40 Ostle G Claret Old in bottle 3 G 42 Castle G Port Fruity 25 years in wood 4 0 4f> Castle I Red Burgundy 1 3 15 m, m. n 0 Castle 2 Red Ilurgundy 1 G 18 The Wines of Spain. Castle O lied Burgundy 2 0 24 Castle Spanish Sherry 2 years old 1 3 15 Castle ia Pale Sherry 3 years old ") Light French, German, and Hungarian Castle 2A Gold Sherry 3 years old >1 6 18 Wines. Castle 3ABrown Sherry. 3 years old I Castle A Santerno I. 1 3 15 Castle A Pale Sherry .4 years old] Castle B Sauterne 2 J 2i Cast e AA Gold Sherry 4 years old >1 10 22 Castle c Santorne 2 6 30 Castle B Brown Sherry 4 years old J Castle 1 Red Karlowitz Hungarian 16 18 Castle C Pale Sherry 6 years old 1 Castle 2 ged Karlowitz Hungarian 1 9 21 Castle CC Gold Sherry 6 years old )24 2S Sparkling French and German Wines. Castle G Dozen Pale Amontillado Sherry 8 years old 2 10 34 Dozen Half Castle I Bottle. Bottles. Bottles. Pale Amontillado Sherry 11 years old 3 G 42 s. d. s. s. d. Castle L Castle Saunier Silver Foil 2 1 25 14 6 Pale Amontillado Sherry 13 years old 4 0 48 Castle Saumer Gold Foil 2 6 30 17 0 CastleEGold Oloroso Sherry 8 years old 2 10 34 Spirits. CastleHGoldOlorosoSherry 11 years old 3 G 42 The strength is given with all the undermentioned CastleOGoldOlorosoSherry 13 j'ears old 4 0 4S j Spirits as a guide to actual value as well as consumption. Castle F Bottle. Doz Brown East India Sherry 8 years old 2 10 34 gi d. s. Brown East India Sherry 8 years old 2 10 34 s. d. s. Castle J Castle UP Unsweetened Gin, 33 under") Brown East India Sherry 11 years old 3 G 42 proof >2 0 24 Castle K Castle UP Sweetened Giw, 33 underproof) Brown East India Sherry 13 years old 4 0 48 Castle OE Unsweetened Gin, 17 underproof 2 5 29 Castle Proof Unsweetened Gin, proof 210 34 CastleOneManzanilla Sherry 4 years old 2 0 24 Castle M Maszanilla Sherry 7 years old 2 G 30 Castle UP Scotch Wiskey, 33 under proof 2 3 27 T I-I I T> I. Castle Proof Scotch Whiskev, proof 3 0 3G Marsalas, Spanish and French Ports, Castle UP Irish Whiskey, 33 under proof 2 3 27 Madeiras, and Sacramental Wines. 9as^e uv Irish Whiskey, 17 under proof 2 8 32 r> -tr-n-r. t m 01. o i i -» Castle Proof Irish Whiskey, proof 3 0 ofi CastleVP'Pale> Marsala Sherry 3 years old 4 16 Castle DO Irish Whiskey, very old, proof 3 3 39 CastleVMGold Marsala Sherry Syears old j •" J Castle D Pale Cognac, 33 under proof lr> q Castle A Pale Marsala Sherry 5 years old 7 j g Castle D Erown Cognac, 33 under proof J Castle A A Gold Marsala Sherry 5 years old > Castle E. Pale Cognac, 17 under proof 3 6 42 Castle F Pale Cognac, proof 4 0 48 Castle 1 Spanish Port 2 years old 1 3 15 Castle FO Pale Cognac, very old, proof 4 9 59 Castle 2 Spanish Port 3 years old 1 G 18 L'OR EXTRAIT bu VIN*, very old, proof 5 G GG Castle 3 Spanish Port 5 years old 1 9 21 Castle UP Pale Brandy, 33 under proof 2 3 27 Castle 4 Spanish Port 10 years old 110 22 Castle UV Pale Brandy 17 under proof 2 8 32 Castle Proof Pale Brandy, proof 3 0 3G Castle 1 Castle UP Jamaica Rum, 33 under proof 2 3 27 Roussillon (French Port) 2 years old 1 4 16 Castle UV Jamaica Rum, 17 under proof 2 8 32 Castle 2 Castle JO Jamaica Hum, very old, proof 3 3 39 Roussillon (French Port) 4 years old 1 8 20 Castle White Jam:, ica Hum, very old, proof 3 4 40 Castle 1 Hollands, 14 under proof 2 4 28 Castle Madeira 3 years old 2 1 25 JSILVERSTREAM#, 14 under proof 2 8 32 Castle Grand Madeira 5 years old 2 6 30 I The price includes bottles and package. P. & W. GORNALL, PLUMBERS, PAINTERS, GLAZIERS, GAS FITTERS, PAPER HANGERS, AND HOUSE DECORATORS, 2, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. A CHOICE ASSORTMENT OF ENGLISH AND FRENCH PAPER HANGINGS ALWAYS IN STOCK. PATTERNS AND PRICES SENT ON APPLICATION. COUNTRY ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. "WHEN YOU ASK FOR" Reekitt's Paris Blue "SEE THAT YQU GET Reckitt's Paris Blue Used in the PRINCE of WALF.S'S LAUNDRY. Reckitt's Paris Blue Used in the DUCHESS of EDINBURGH'S LAUNDRY. Reckitt's Paris Blue Is used by the Poor because it is Cheap, I and by the Rich because ot Its Beauty. Reckitt's Paris Blue Beware of Bad Imitations. See BECKITI'S NAME J on every Wrapper, Lampeter. WHOLESALE FLOUR, ETC., WAREHOUSE, COLLEGE STREET, LAMPETER, (One hundred yards from the Railway Station). JOHN GRIFFITHS, (FfosyflBn, son of Mr WM. GRIFFITHS, Olmarcli,) I>EGSto announce that he has just OPENED a y Wholesale Warehouse, at the above convenient place, for the Sale of FLOUR, INDIAN CORN,BAliLEf, OATS, BRAN OILCAKE, CHEESE, &c., &c. TURKS—ONE PBICE-CASH ONLY, Eburation. ARDWYN SCHOOL, ABERYSTWYTH Head Master—The Rev LLEWELYN EDWARDS, M.A., of Lincoln College, Oxford, and Graduate in Classical Honours. Second Master—J. F. TYE, Esq. Mr Tye has re- cency parsed the First Examination for the B.A. Degree in the University of London. Third Mast, r-L. PROSSER, Esq., C.M., M.R.C.P. Fourl h Master—T. JONES, Esq., A.A. For Boarders.from 40 to 45 guineas per aaaura, Day Scholars. 6 to 8 The Ardwyn School Scholarship Ilp for at the next examination of the University CoUcge of Wales. Also a .85 scholarship for the best boy who enters. ABERYSTWYTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL. FOUNDED IN 1812. EVEPY Boy in ihis School is examined a y ar by examiners not connected with teaching' staff. Six Exhibitions of £ 5 each are awarded yearly. Three of these will be competed for at the Schoolroom on Friday, the Stli day of August. Hill House College, HAVERFORDWEST. THE attention of Parents a»d Guardians earnestly directed to the above College for YOUNG LADIES, which has been established for more than sixty years, and is still cendrct^d i-z a thoroughly efficient manner. Modern improvements c are adopted and appreciated by the Principals, have resided for many years on the Continent,and accomplished linguists. Good princ ipies are care- fully instilled into the minds oi the pupils, who re- ceive a really cultivated education, capable of fitting them for any sphere of life. Hill House CoUege is situated in a most hvilthy neighbourhood, s, 'Veil miles from the sea. and ib ac- commodates fifty b arders it has exi onsive g/ aind» to the back. The climate being mild is well adapted for delicate girls. An annual Concert is held for the encouragement of music. References on application to Principal. GWELL DYSG XA GOLUD." LADIES' COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, L ABERYSTWYTH. Principal, MRS. E. MARIE JONES(F.C. Coll.,Glasgow). Pupils are prepared for the Local, the Civil Serviee, and the Tra ining Colleges Preliminary Examinations, History, Geography, and Literature Mrs. Jones. Arithmetic, English Grammar, and Analysis, by Rev. E. P. Jones, M.A. Latin, Bible History, and Domestic Economy —Mrs. E. Marie Jones. French, Italian, and Calisthenics — Signorin* Chambeand. -N Geologv. Botany, and Astronomy—Mrs. Jones. Music—Miss Turner and Signorina Chambeaud. Drawing, Painting. Book-keeping — Mrs. Jones. Elocution—Mrs E. M. Jones (late pupil of Harcourt Beatty, Professor of Elocution at Glasgow Uni- versity). A TRAINING CLASS FOR GOVERNESSES. CAEBLEON HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH. SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. PRINCIPAL,.—MISS THUBSHA W, Assisted by Masters, and Resident Foreign aDd English Governesses. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Local examinations. j For Terms, &c., apply to the Principal. 11. LAURA PLACE. ESTABLISHMENT FOR YuUNG LADIES, Conducted by Mrs. HAUPTMAUN & Miss MORRIS, who have had much experience in Tuition- I T he aim is to impart a solid and useful education, combined with the usual accomplishments. Particulars on application. BIU^NTA]K"OR~HALL, TOWYK PRINCIPAL .— MR. EDWIN JONES, M.R.C.P., Assisted by qualified RESIDENT MASTERS for Classics. English, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Music, &c. -——— 1 T) RYNARVOR HALL, commodious and well-fittefl, B has been specially erected for the accommoda- I tion and tuition of boarders. It is beautifully situated I in an eminently healthy locality, with extensive play- grounds, cricket field, and gardens attached, alto- gether making the finest and most desirable school premises in the Principality. Pupils are prepared for the various examinations connected with the universities and colleges, for the learned professions, banking and commercial pursuits. Classes are held in connection with the Science aiad Art Department, the examinations being held in May in each year. The school year consists of Three Terms. For Terms, &c., apply to the Principal. BRIGHTON HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH. PREPARATORY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG BOYS. LADY-PRINCIPAL—MRS. H. N. GRIMLEY. Assisted by resident Masters and Governesses. THE Third Term for 1S79 commenced on Tuesday, September 2ord. Pupils received at any time. Prospectuses on application. LAMPETER GRAMMAR SCHOOL. (Founded 1805.) Head Master—MR THOMAS H. WILLIAMS, B.A. (Oxon), Late Scholar ef Jesus College and Second Class Honours Moderations. THE aim ot the education given at this school will be such as to prepare young men for Matriculation at the Universities and Lampeter College also boys for the Oxford Local and Preliminary Examinations. Terms-6 guineas a year. 11 2 guineas a term. For further information apply to the Head Master I MUSIC AND THE FRENCH LAN- GUAGE. (ACQUIRED IN PARIS). PUPILS received bv MISS EVANS, 9, Pier Street Aberjstwyth—Terms ou application. PIANOFORTE LESSONS. rp j. CASHMORE givesi PRIVATE LESSONS JL • on the PIANO and HARMONILM. Terms on application at 34j BRIDGE STREET. THE ABERYSTWYTH COMMERCI AL & GRAMMAR SCHOOL. C, 0 IAl A CONDUCTED BY MR. THOMAS OWEN, C.M., (In lionours of the London University, and late Scholar ol the University College of Wales). PUPILS prepared for Commercial pursuits, ior Civil Service, for the learned Professions,?for the Universities, and for the various Training and Theological Colleges. Pa Special attrition paid to English and Commercial Training, at moderate charges. Terms, on application. 16, Queen-street, Aberystwyth. EYANS, PASTRY COOK, CONFECTIONER, I MARKET ST. MARKET ST. I Dinners, Teas & Coffee Pastry and Confectionery j at any hour. of every description. Wedding Breakfasts, Public and Private Dinner Parties supplied in the best style.